Getting DP’d by father/son

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Getting DP’d by father/sonOk. So I’ve learned something. Home Depot is always full of horny men. It’s always my go-to in my town when I want to find a guy to fuck. There’s something about power tools and a girl with no bra on in a white t-shirt and almost see through grey leggings that make men want to fuck. Ok so maybe it’s not actually the power tools. Point is, I’ve learned exactly how to find a man at Home Depot and bring him home and fuck him every single time I’ve gone to the store. And it happens a lot.I have a whole process when it comes to my Home Depot trips. I will use my nipple pumps for an hour prior and get my nipples big and hard and I’ll slip O-rings ( which I get at home depot, lol) on them so they stay big and hard. My tits are wildly large for my body frame so they already stick out in a crowd so my nipples are right in your face. A bra? yeah forget that…I wear the thinnest white t-shirt I have to my nipples are practically in your mouth saying “suck me” from a mile away. I also edge myself for an hour or so. Why? I cum. A LOT. like A LOT A LOT. SO I get myself as wet as possible…knowing with my clit so aroused I’ll keep dripping cum for hours. The grey leggings? not only do they accentuate the outline of my swollen clit and pussy but they get wet….went enough for you to see I’m so turned on that I could just cum right then and there.I then go to Home illegal bahis Depot and wander the isles…I eye fuck many men, some who look away….the ones who end up following me are the ones I speak to. I’ll bend over in front of them so they can see the cum coming through my leggings…I’ll even tweak my nipple to provoke them. Often times the man will ask me if we should go somewhere private, sometimes they are too shy to say anything. But this one time ( at band camp lol) a man was bold enough to look at me and say:”You’re a filthy slut aren’t you?”I smiled at him…I mean, I am and I was clearly trying to fuck him so I said “Did my wet pussy give it away?”He laughed.”How much?” he said.”As much cum as you can make.” I retorted”What if I asked you to take me and my son. At the same time.”My jaw fell open…open into a smile.”Only if you promise I cum double.”His eyes opened wide like he couldn’t believe what I was saying. All of a sudden a younger guy appeared at the end of the isle.”Dad, I got the light bulbs!”We both looked at him and he motioned for him to come over to us.”I have enough condoms for at least 3 rounds with the two of you,” I said.The father smiled, the son looked shocked.At that point we had all forgotten why we were there. The son and dad threw their items to the ground and followed me as I walked out to the parking lot.”Which one is yours?” I ask, looking illegal bahis siteleri at the carsThe dad pointed to a larger suburban with tinted windows. I promtly walked over to it and waited for the father to unlock the doors. We all got in and I began to strip off my clothes. Dad looked at his son and immedtaly started to kiss my mouth…he was sloppy and seemed unformtable…almost as if he hadn’t been with a woman in years. The son though, he went right in for my tits. His tongue traced circles around my nipples…knowing just how much pressue to bite on my tits with…I couldn’t help but push the dad off me. I then took off my leggings while both men struggled to get undressed. The son was first, his cock was fucking enormous and so hard it looked like it would explode.I leaned over and had to swallow the son’s cock whole.It was so perfect and huge and I knew he wanted it so much mroe than his dad. In the meantime, in his naked glory dad began to lick my pussy…slowly from the back to the front, tonguing my asshole every so gently…”Which one of you wants my pussy?” I askedBoth men looked at each other,,,”I’ve never had anal,” said the son.Instinctively the men change places and I crawled onto the dad’s lap. Slowly I lowered my pussy onto the head of his cock. He moaned and seemed so happy I could have sworn it was his first time. The son got behind me canlı bahis siteleri and seemed nervous. He kept spitting on his hand and rubbing his cock.”You won’t hurt me baby….just give me your cock in my ass,” I said.He looked at his dad, who nodded to do as I said. I suddenly felt his massive cock slide into my asshole and I screamed. I’ve been DP’d before by 1. not by a father and son and 2. my ass rarely meets a chock as big as this guys. Both men moaned and began thrusting in me. Dad busted his cum inside me quite quickly…”I don’t remember the last time I fucked a cunt so tight!” he exclaimed as reason for cumming so quickly.The son, however, was freakier than I thought. He reached down and finger my pussy while fucking my ass and actually licked his dad’s cum off his fingers.”I taste so much better,” he exclaimed. He ended up shoving his finger in my mouth and said when he came he wanted me to tell him which tasted better. A few for thrusts and he pulled out and came on my face.”So Slut, who was better?” the son asked.”You.” I said emphatically. ANd he did.”Your mother is going to freak out that we’ve been gone so long,” the dad said.”Tell her I fell in a ditch,” the son said. The father kissed me and got dressed. The son stayed to fuck my ass at least 3 more times that night. in the morning when he left he told me…”I’ll always love you but I’ll never tell a soul.” He winked at me, slapped my ass and left.The fun part is this was 3 years ago. Since then the son has come to visit me weekly. The dad comes once a month. Neither know the other one is still fucking me. It makes me wet just thinking about it.

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