Getting His Attention


(All characters are over 18.)
Thanks Tiamo15 for the help.


Carl could feel the cold water running down his back as it slipped in the space between his scarf and his toboggan hat. He didn’t have to look around to see who threw the snowball. Still, just to be sure he turned.


The second one hit him right in the nose. It was a good thing it was soft. As he cleared his face, he heard her sexy voice apologizing.

“I’m sorry, Carl,” she said.

Carl was too occupied with clearing his line of sight to get weak in the knees like he usually did when she spoke. Amy was one of the hottest girls in school. It seemed like every guy wanted to date her or get close to her. Yet, she had proven to be selective about not only the guys, but the girls she chose to hang out with. Carl had known her since their Eighth grade year when she moved from Colorado to the Seattle suburb they both now call home. Carl had been one of her acquaintances for that long.

Too many times, a football player would try to hit on Amy and as many times, Amy would answer back that she was taken. This usually led to Carl having to play her advocate because he seemed to be the one the jocks always went to in order to find her suitor. Every time he would say that she never told him and every time, he would almost get beat up over it before he reminded the wannabe suitor that if he knew, he would surely tell. Amy had led to many close calls with getting his butt kicked, but one cute smile from her made the possible inconvenience worth it.

As Carl finally cleared his face, Amy was looking in it almost expectantly. Carl looked back at her.

“What?” Carl asked.

“Are you okay?” she asked. Carl could feel his knees want to give.

“I’m good, Sweetheart. That was a good throw.” Carl kicked himself in the head for calling her Sweetheart. Amy began to laugh.

“Thank you for forgiving me. We need to get together soon before we graduate. Did you get accepted to U-dub?”

“I haven’t heard back yet,” Carl answered as they both started walking to the front door. It was a rare Seattle snowstorm and the roads were cleared enough for the students to return to school. As they walked into the building, Carl was feeling a bit better. As they edged near class, Amy’s attention seemed to waver a bit. Carl looked and could see she was about to cry.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her.

“I haven’t heard back from PLU yet. I hope they accept me. They have a really great Communications program and it’s not as crowded.” Carl remembered some of the cards Amy would give him for different holidays and the graphics on them. She was definitely the artsy type even if she was a stunning hottie.

“They better,” Carl said. “They would be foolish not to.” Carl tried to smile at her and it worked. Soon, her killer smile was back out. She gave him a peck on the cheek before walking into class. Carl was on cloud nine as he walked into his home room.

During the day, Carl would check his smart phone for updates from all the colleges he applied to. Carl had good grades and applied to most of the colleges in the Puget Sound area. His preference was the University of Washington or U-dub as the locals call it. Most of his fellow classmates already heard back and he was hopeful he would soon since they mostly applied at the same time. It was during his fourth period Chemistry class that he saw the email. It was also at that moment that he heard a familiar cry for help.

He quickly rushed over to where Amy was standing. She accidently poured the water into the acid. As he assisted in helping her clean up, he felt the eyes of the whole class on him. Carl hated being the center of attention, but with Amy around it was unavoidable. Soon, the mess was cleaned and the eyes of the class turned back to their beakers. Carl looked at Amy and again she looked down.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She looked at him before whispering.

“I didn’t get in. PLU said they didn’t want me.” It was then that Carl felt Amy’s arms around his neck. He did the first thing that came naturally to him which was hugging her around her slender middle. Amy’s hair was up in a pony tail and her eyes sparkled a bit as Carl looked at her. He then unwrapped her from his arms before the teacher came over. Amy looked at him.

“Can you güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri meet me after school? I think I need a ride home. Besides, I need to show you the character I put together for WoW. “

“No problem,” Carl said. Carl went back to his station still feeling some eyes on him. He didn’t like that feeling, but he did like the fact he would get to spend time with Amy.

A few hours later, Carl was rolling his car up near the front of the school. Amy saw it and waved him down. As she slid into the seat, Carl noticed that Amy switched from the sweatpants she wore earlier to a pair of black leggings. He thought that maybe she was getting warmer as he pulled out of the parking lot. As they drove towards her house, Amy was still kind of quiet. Carl decided to let her be for the moment so that he didn’t say anything wrong. When they reached her house, Carl was about to look at her when she spoke up.

“Carl, can I make you some hot chocolate to make up for the snowball? ” Carl turned off the car and started to get out. He watched as Amy started walking up her walkway. The leggings were tight around her ass as she bent over to put down her backpack before unlocking the door. Carl smiled a bit before following her inside.

Amy put the backpack down beside the stairs. She then unwrapped her jacket and placed it on the coat rack before unwrapping her scarf as well. She then looked at Carl expectantly. Carl finally realized what she wanted prior to removing his hat and jacket. Amy carefully hung them up before looking at Carl. Then she beckoned him to follow as she walked towards her kitchen.

“Where’s your mom at?” Carl asked.

“She’s at the Y,” Amy answered. “She has been doing yoga more often, so she’s usually there until Dad picks her up on the way home. We have a few hours to relax.”

Carl was uncomfortable as Amy grabbed the tea pot and filled it with water prior to putting it on the stove. As she turned, Carl saw the sweater she was wearing and how it hugged her extra tightly. He swallowed hard before he saw a chair and sat at the table. Amy walked over to the pantry closet nearby and opened the door. Carl saw her collection of board games and smiled. He remembered her talking about how her and her parents would often play board games when they were bored. He decided to play it cool and see what Amy was thinking. Amy then turned to him.

“Wait a second. Did I show you my new co splay for Comic on?”

Carl looked at her with question marks in his eyes. Amy then smiled and ran away from him, running up the stairs. When Carl was ready to stand up and follow, he heard her tell him to stay there and don’t move. Carl knew better than to move from that spot. He was getting thirsty though and had the urge to use the facilities. He looked around near the kitchen and spotted the bathroom. He slid in there quickly and unzipped his pants to allow himself relief.

After using the bathroom, he looked in the mirror at his face. Carl was not an ugly guy. He saw his glasses and how they framed his eyes. He also saw the look of panic on his face just because he had no clue what Amy was doing at the moment. It was then he heard her yelling that she was almost ready. He calmly went back to the kitchen table. He looked towards the front door as he heard her softly pad down the stairs.

When Amy appeared, Carl was more than surprised. Amy, the sexy student he’d known since Eighth grade looked more like Alice from Wonderland. Her black hair was hidden under a blonde wig. She wore this blue dress that seemed three times bigger than she was. As he looked, Amy had the biggest grin on her face.

“What do you think?”

Carl could not get his jaw off the floor. Amy looked at him questioningly. He then found the words to speak.

“You look fantastic, simply wonderful.”

Amy smiled.

“I thought you might like it. I can’t wait to show it off. It’s like going down the rabbit hole. ”

Her dark brown eyes seem to flicker when she said that. It was then he saw her eyes staring at him. He looked at where she was staring to see it was at his pants. At this point, Carl started to feel a little more like a piece of meat versus a friend.

“Um…Amy…um….did you want me to leave?” he asked, secretly hoping the answer was no. Her answer was an emphatic no. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri then smiled again.

“I have one more co splay to show you. Can you hang out til then?” Carl nodded his head. Amy ran back up the stairs again. Carl was breathing a little heavier at that moment. He had feelings for Amy. He had definite lust for Amy. He never had the ability to capitalize on them however due to his own shyness. As she changed outfits upstairs, he thought about what to do. These thoughts were interrupted by Amy’s voice.

“Carl, could you come upstairs?”

He tried to remain poised. He really did. He took the stairs two steps at a time until he was up on the same level. He looked around until he saw a glimpse of her. He moved slowly, like he was entranced before he saw her. Amy stood there wearing a Lolita style wig. She wore a schoolgirl outfit, red tartan to be more precise. Her hair was in pigtails and she had the red lipstick on. Her white blouse had the top four buttons undone. As Carl gawked at her, Amy’s brown eyes shimmered again.

“What do you think?” she asked, already seeing the effect her outfit had on Carl’s face. He was stunned. It was then Amy did something Carl never dreamed of. Amy drew near, took her hands and placed them on either side of Carl’s head, then pressed her lips against his. It was soft, sweet, everything Carl had every dreamed of except it was real. Carl opened his eyes and looked into Amy’s. Amy looked at him, expecting something.

Carl then closed his eyes again and leaned in for another kiss. Amy pressed her lips on his again. There was no sound at all at that moment except the sound of Carl’s heartbeat in his ear. The second kiss was better than the first. Carl’s hands then encircled Amy, landing on the small of her back. Amy exhaled, knowing her mission was accomplished. As they kissed again, Amy slid her hand behind his head to press it harder against her lips before her tongue slid into his mouth. Carl was surprised since he had never had his tongue in a woman’s mouth before. The kiss was gentle before Carl could feel Amy’s need.

They moved over to the bed where they started to kiss again. Carl then moved his lips towards her cheek and then down her jaw line to her neck. This was rewarded with a soft moan from Amy. Carl began to kiss there more before he felt Amy’s hands press his head against her more.

She whispered, “Yes….” Carl then paused for a moment to look at Amy.

“Amy, I don’t want to screw up our….” His words were interrupted by another kiss from Amy.

“Carl, if I didn’t want to be with you, do you think I would have let you in the house?”

The moment was interrupted by the whistle of the tea kettle. Quickly, Carl jumped up and ran downstairs to pull the kettle off the stove and turn it off. He thought to himself how much a mood killer that was before he ran back up the stairs. Amy was giggling when he returned.

“We almost screwed up, didn’t we?” she asked. Carl was dejected before Amy continued.

“I mean, what excuse would I give my parents for burning the house down because I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. ”

Carl was shocked again before he started to kiss Amy, a little more directly at this point. They found themselves on the bed, Carl on top kissing Amy before Amy started clawing at Carl’s top. Carl perceived the hint and started to pull on his sweatshirt before he became self conscious. Amy slid her hands under his shirt and t-shirt to find his bare skin and started to rub her finger tips along his chest hair. Feeling bold, he threw off his sweatshirt and t-shirt and started to kiss her back. Amy then started to move her fingers towards her own top before Carl started to unbutton from the bottom up.

Carl’s fingers were agile along her buttons. She wondered for a moment why so until she heard Carl whisper how he didn’t want to mess up her outfit. She smiled. Once the vest of the costume was opened, he saw there were three blouse buttons remaining. A moment later, he was treated to her soft skin that he leaned down and started to kiss. As he opened the right side of her blouse, he was treated to her large brown areolas and her stiffened nipple already begging to be kissed. Carl started sliding his tongue over it as Amy moaned.

It took only a moment before Carl slid over to güvenilir bahis şirketleri the other side and repeated the motions. Amy started to thrash a bit before her hand found the back of Carl’s head once again. Carl started kissing down her body until he reached the skirt of her costume. As he lifted the skirt, Amy felt bashful for the moment. Carl then proceeded to lean back up and kiss her lips again. Amy took his hand and slid it under her skirt for him as they kissed. Carl felt the heat from her as his hand touched her underwear. Amy then pressed his hand against her as she started moving her hips under his touch, moaning into his mouth. It wasn’t long until Amy froze, her body rocked with climax with Carl’s hand still on the outside of her panties. As she opened her eyes, she saw Carl and smiled.

“Okay, that was nice,” she whispered. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure. Was that….”

“Yeah, sweetie. I just had an orgasm with you kissing me. Just so you know, you are the first to see that.”

Carl was stunned yet again. Then Amy kissed him deeply again.

“Ready for the next level, Gamer Boy?”

“Do I need a cheat code?” he answered sarcastically.

“No, but you do need some help.” With that, she reached down and undid his jeans. As she slowly unzipped them, Carl could feel himself harder than he had ever been. A quick slide down his legs and his boxers were in view showing the tell tale sign that he was aroused. As her hand slid under his boxers, he tensed up before she looked up at him.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, sweetie,” she whispered as his cock was in her gentle grasp. She looked at it, studying it almost like a present. She then slowly ran her tongue over the head. Carl moaned immediately as she slowly slid her tongue up and down the length of it. She then looked at him.

“I am a first timer doing this also. So please do not try to make me do more than I can.” She slowly opened her lips and took the head between them, pausing almost painstakingly. Carl was doing his best to keep his hips on the bed. It was then he had an idea.

“Amy could you…your legs…I mean…” he stammered.

Amy repositioned herself so that her hips were right above Carl’s face. As Carl began to kiss the outside of her underwear, he could see the underwear were hi cuts. He then slid his tongue around the gusset and started to lick the skin underneath. He could feel Amy moan on his cock as he licked her. There were a few moments of this cohesive pleasing of each other as Carl started to feel an explosion brewing in his loins.

“Amy,” he moaned. “I’m gonna…”

Amy began to use her hands to jack Carl off. He could feel his explosion on his legs and he was relieved to not have surprised Amy with it. He then felt little butterfly kisses along his shaft as Amy started to lick him again. It wasn’t long before Amy had Carl’s shaft ready for more. Amy climbed off of Carl and bid him to climb on top of her. As Carl began to do so, he saw that her shirt was still on. He deftly put it to the side. By then, Amy’s wig was starting to detach and Carl carefully put it to the side as well. He took off the netting that kept her gorgeous black hair in place and then it was fanned along the bed. Amy looked up at him before he spoke.

“I’m making love to my fantasy, to my girlfriend,” he said almost romantically before he kissed her again. As he started to slide his cock up inside her, Amy reached down and ripped her panties so that they wouldn’t get in the way. She then grabbed his cock and started to pull him in.

“Gentle please,” she whispered.

Carl started to enter her until he felt a wall blocking him. He looked at her. She bit her lower lip, and then nodded her head. Carl then slid in again and felt the wall break. Amy responded with a wail as he slid into her. After a moment, she opened her eyes and smiled before whispering that she wanted more. He started with slow strokes as she cooed happily. They were inseparable for a bit, him fucking her as her legs grabbed him. It wasn’t long until Carl found himself at that moment again. He looked down at Amy whose legs seem to push him in deeper before his explosion again. As he descended from his high, she looked at him and smiled. He slid out of her and noticed the blood on the bed. He started to worry, but Amy pressed her index finger to his lips and smiled.

“This is my gift to you, Boyfriend,” she said as she kissed him again. “Besides, sheets can be washed. “

“But why…” he started to ask before Amy spoke.

“Because I love you silly. You always look at me as a friend instead of a piece of ass. Sometimes, we geeky girls like geeky boys.”

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