Getting Lucky

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We were lucky. We lived in the country and had lots of freedom. There was very little crime in our small town and, as teenagers, we were pretty much allowed to do whatever we wanted; nobody worried about us very much.

We had moved to the area when I was still in High School. I made friends quickly. My friends and I spent most of our time outdoors doing everything young guys should be doing. We fished the lakes and streams, hunted in the fall, camped out, rode dirt bikes, and generally had a blast.

Yeah, we knew that girls existed and we had certainly gone on dates and gotten as far as we could whenever we had the opportunity. But, it wasn’t our first priority. We’d certainly noticed that the girls had changed drastically in the last few years. But we’d been so preoccupied doing guy stuff that we’d somehow missed most of the girl’s transformations. It seemed like they’d grown tits and developed figures just about over night. One day, toward the end of High School, the girls were suddenly wearing short skirts and tight fitting tops that were often low cut.

How had I missed this, I thought? Then, just as unexpectedly, during the last half of our senior year, girls and sex had become a major topic of conversation. Yeah, we’d dated some, gotten a feel here, maybe a finger or two in a pussy, occasionally, but nothing of major significance. A couple of my buddies had graduated the year before and had gotten laid a couple times, but we were all still pretty naïve and inexperienced.

The summer after the year of “the magazines & movies” was cooler than normal and it seemed like it would never warm up and turn into “summer”. We were out of high-school and gradually developing into young men. We started meeting down by an old abandoned gravel pit in the evenings. We’d make a fire, fish for catfish, and hang-out. Mostly it was just guys but occasionally a couple of girls would come by. After a couple of weeks, it became known as sort of a secret hang-out for a select few around the area. Remember, this was the rural west. There were no “boogey men”, there was no crime, and my mom was busy raising my two young siblings, more or less on her own. We were free to roam around pretty much as we pleased. And, by in large, we stayed out of trouble.

We were young and nobody really drank much – it just wasn’t a thing that my group of friends did or even cared about. But, occasionally somebody (usually my buddy Gary) would snitch some vodka or a few beers from his Dad’s substantial stash, and we’d get a little buzzed while we sat by the fire and talked. Having alcohol was infrequent and when we did have some, there usually wasn’t much to go around!

One night, a few of us were at the gravel pit when Gary showed up with his girlfriend (Debbie) and another chick named Nadeen, and an older guy named Bobby. They had beer, hard alcohol, and sodas (for mixer). Everyone sat around the fire, drinking what we wanted and starting to get buzzed. As I’d said, it was very unusual for any of us to drink, so it didn’t take much for us all to start feeling it.

Nadeen had finished High School a year before us, and she had developed significantly, and in all the right places! She had big tits and liked to show them off. But, that was about as good as things had gotten for her. She had wild blonde hair that was thick and always looked like she’d just stepped out of a wind-storm. She also had a minor problem with acne. It wasn’t terrible, but when combined with her crazy hair, a couple of crooked teeth, and a kind of big ass, she just was not very attractive.

Bobby was a lot older than us and had dropped out of High School years before. He was kind of a looser all the way around. He didn’t seem to have any friends his own age, and had started hanging out with Gary and coming down to the gravel pit once in awhile. He acted like a tough guy and, compared to us, I guess he seemed pretty tough; he even had a scruffy little beard and he had a real tattoo. But, he’d stopped growing at about 5′ 7″ and maybe 140lbs – so he was only a tough guy around younger guys.

Bobby always liked to brag about the chicks he’d been with. He liked to talk about how he’d feel them up and how different girl’s tit’s felt. He told us about sticking his fingers in their pants and getting “stinky fingers” and he told us about making girls give him blow-jobs. Strangely, none of the girls Bobby talked about seemed to live anywhere nearby and we all doubted if these girls really existed – even we knew he was a looser and none of the local girls would have anything to do with him.

Still, he seemed to know more than we did and the topic of sex was of great interest to us. On this night, he told one of these stories in front of Debbie and Nadeen and, honestly, it was pretty embarrassing to hear him say these things in front of the girls. If any of you remember the re-runs of the old TV sit-com “Leave it to Beaver”, Bobby would have been Eddie Haskell. He was a punk and a looser and a weasel.

After an hour or so of drinking, talking, and making crude canlı bahis şirketleri jokes, Gary and Debbie slipped off into the bushes and started making out. We could see them just on the edge of the fire light. Gary had told me that he’d managed to get his hands inside Debbie’s pants pretty often and she’d jacked his bare cock a few times. He was certain he was going to fuck her before the summer was over – but, up until then all he’d gotten off her was feeling her tits and once in a while he’d manage to stick his fingers in her pussy. Bobby had been looking at Nadeen all night. She had on thick, dark red lipstick, heavy blue eye-shadow to match her eyes, and all of us had noticed that she was wearing a tight fitting shirt that was unbuttoned a couple of buttons further than it should have been. Her cleavage was very apparent!

So Bobby, being the crude jerk that he was, began talking about a chick he’d been with a few days before. He told us how she’d dressed in a tight sweater that was cut low. He told us how she’d let him kiss her, and stick his tongue in her mouth, and feel her titties. All this time we were all listening with some interest – but it was just another “Bobby” story about some chick nobody had ever met. He started complaining about how she wouldn’t let him “really get at her” and every time he got his hand in her pants she’d pull away and, finally, she left him sitting there, on the ground, alone, with a hard-on. I looked over at Nadeen. She was looking straight at him and seemed to be mesmerized, with her eyes transfixed on Bobby.

After Bobby made his last comment about how he hated a “prick tease ” and said “don’t you hate it when a chick lets you get that far then she won’t put out?” We all sort of nodded our heads, like we’d been there many times. Then Nadeen just blurted out, “I’d let a man do anything he wanted to me”. No shit! That’s exactly what she said! We were all kind of buzzed, but I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. So, thinking she was just trying to act tough for Bobby, I said “anything – like A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G?” – expecting her to back down. But instead, she just looked me right in the eye and said “anything” in a very convincing voice.

At that point, I think every single person sitting by the fire took a big drink at the same exact time. Then, it got quiet. All 4 guys stared at Nadeen and her big tits. As I stared at her, I tried to imagine what “anything” meant, exactly. Remember, I could imagine a LOT! Finally, Bobby said “well Nadeen, why don’t you take your shirt off and show us what you’ve got?” I figured that would be the end of that – he’d called her bluff. She hesitated and Bobby said “Well, you said you’d do anything…” And, to our amazement she slowly started to unbutton her blouse.

When it was fully unbuttoned she stopped, Bobby said “don’t stop there, take it off”. By now our attention was riveted on Nadeen and nobody was saying anything. We were waiting for our first good, in-person look at a pair of naked tits. I still expected her to laugh and button her shirt up quickly. Instead, she took a big, long drink of her rum and coke, looked straight at Bobby, and pulled her shirt off. I guess Bobby sensed that he was in control and told her “all of it, don’t stop now, show us what you’ve got”. Without hesitating, he stood up and walked over toward her. She pulled her bra strap off one shoulder, then the other, and before we knew what to do, she spun her bra around, undid the clasp, and let her tits fall out!

By now, Bobby was standing next to her. He reached down, felt her tits, looked up at the rest of us and made some wise-ass comment about how full they were. But Nadeen didn’t seem to care. After he’d felt her up for a while she looked up at him and said “well?”

Bobby looked confused but gathered his composure and, in a smart assed tone, said to her “you still going to do anything a man tells you to do?” None of us moved an inch as our eyes darted from her tits to her face and back to her tits.

At that point, Nadeen said “what is it you want me to do?” We could tell Bobby was more than a little stunned. Here was this chick who’d pulled her top off and was calling his bluff, in front of all of his friends.

Bobby took a quick drink, looked up at us with the creepiest smile I’d ever seen, and said “watch and learn boys.” I’ll never forget those words as long as I live. He grabbed her hand and told her to get up. Then he walked her over to the old picnic table, about 6 feet from the fire. He leaned her against the table, grabbed hold of her right tit and started rubbing it pretty hard. At the same time he started tongue kissing her while he grabbed her head and held her face against his.

They were kind of behind me and I couldn’t see very well, so I stood up and at the same time, so did Rick and one of the other guys. We walked closer and watched as they made out and Bobby felt her tits and squeezed her nipples. A few times he pinched her nipples pretty hard and she’d squeal and pull back, but she never stopped him. In fact, Nadeen canlı kaçak iddaa was INTO IT! She was making noises that I’d never heard a girl make, in person. Then she opened her mouth wide and it looked like Bobby was trying to stick his tongue down her throat. I could feel myself getting a hard-on so I took a big drink of my rum and coke, smiled at my buddy Rick, and watched the show. They made out like that for a few minutes and finally, I guess Bobby decided he needed to see how far he could push this.

He stood up straight and Nadeen was still leaning against the table looking up at him, her face and lips wet with slobber, her dark red lipstick smeared, and I remember seeing some lipstick on her front teeth. Bobby stepped to the side and told her “sit on the bench.” Nadeen didn’t hesitate. She scooted over and sat on the low bench, with her head just about crotch level with Bobby. I still hadn’t put two and two together. Her enormous tits had mesmerized me. She was looking into his eyes and smiling when Bobby suddenly undid his pants, pulled them down to his thighs, and his hard cock stuck straight out at her face.

Nadeen jumped back a little, stared at his cock for a second or two, then looked back into his eyes, but now she had a very serious look on her face. We could see that Bobby was nervous and even I could tell he was unsure what to do next. But, everyone was staring at him and it was time for him to shut up or put up. He looked at Nadeen and said “are you still going to do whatever a man tells you to do?”

She looked at his cock, then back up at him, a slutty little grin crept across her face and she said “I told you I would.”

Without wasting a second, Bobby stepped forward, pushed his cock against her lips and told her “suck on it, take it in your mouth.” At first Nadeen opened her mouth and sort of sucked on the tip a little. In looking back, at first I was sure she’d never done anything like that before and thought she didn’t know what to do. But, she’d gone too far and it looked like she was prepared to do whatever she had to do – I figured that she was tired of not being popular, and at that moment I realized that this was probably her plan for becoming a “popular girl.”

Bobby squared himself up in front of her, grabbed a handful of hair, and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. I stood there, watching her tits bounce up and down in the firelight. Nadeen began sucking his cock harder and taking it deeper into her mouth with every stroke. Suddenly, she looked straight at me, moaned loudly, released his cock, licked it a couple of times and then sucked it back in her mouth. I almost came in my pants, right then and there.

Bobby wasn’t talking any more – he was just making lots of moaning noises. The harder and faster he pumped his cock into her mouth, the more Nadeen started to moan and suck back – she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, let out a low guttural moan, and suddenly she looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. I looked at Rick and we both smiled at each other and laughed a little devious laugh.

Nadeen sucked Bobby’s smallish dick all the way down her throat and just held it there. Then Bobby made a loud moan, pulled her face hard against his crotch, his hips started jerking. He lurched his hips forward, moaned, and shot a load of cum right into her throat. She choked and pulled back gasped a little. White cum began to run out the corner of Nadeen’s mouth. She tried to pull away, but he had hold of her hair with both hands and he just held her there for a couple more seconds, still shaking and moaning. Suddenly, she pulled free and cum shot up across her mouth and onto her nose and across her eye. Nadeen bent back down and began sucking his cock for all she was worth, while we just stared at the whole scene.

Bobby let go of her hair, but Nadeen kept moaning and sucking his dick in and out of her mouth. We could see cum building up around her lips and running down her chin, but she kept sucking. When he finally pulled out of her mouth and stepped away, Nadeen spit some of his cum out, swallowed hard, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Bobby stood there with his dick getting limp and made some lame comment about her being a good cocksucker.

We didn’t know what she was going to do after getting a mouthful of cum in front of a bunch of guys. We just stared at her in the firelight. I could see cum on the side of her face, her chin, down her neck and on her tits! Nadeen looked up sheepishly and said something we couldn’t understand. Rick and I were still standing very close to her. She looked over at Rick and reached her hand out toward him, he stepped up and began fumbling with his pants. Finally he got his pants down and they dropped past his knees. Rick was a small guy and his little dick was sticking straight up in the air as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to his cock. I knew Rick had probably never even touched a bare boob before, so this surprised me. I guessed he was just trying to mimic Bobby.

Nadeen canlı kaçak bahis just started sucking him and for some reason, I stepped up to her and began feeling her tits while she was blowing him. Here we were, out by the gravel pit, in flickering firelight watching this girl, just out of high school, giving out blow jobs by the fire. I think it took Rick about 15 seconds before he shot his load – when he came, his body jerked and it squirted over her shoulder, with some of it getting in her wild hair. I remember watching her as she grabbed hold of his twitching and jerking cock, with cum still spurting out of it, and she turned away and jacked it frantically. When he was done, she sucked on him for a few more seconds and Rick just stood there, like he was frozen in time!

She looked at me with a half-smile, reached her hand out and I stepped up. She was pulling at my pants but there was no snap, so I started fumbling around, trying to get the buttons on my 501’s undone. But, I couldn’t concentrate and I kept looking at this half naked girl, sitting on a bench in front of me, cum on her face, knowing she was waiting for me to pull my dick out so she could suck on it. I couldn’t concentrate and had great trouble getting my buttons undone.

At that moment, Jim stepped up. He already had his dick out and he just sort of stepped up and took my place. Jim and I were good friends, we played baseball together – but he was ready and wasn’t going to miss the opportunity, so he stepped up, pushed his hard cock up to her lips and she bent down, sucked it in her mouth, and went at it!

Jim was a year or so older than me and he did what the other guys had done. He grabbed hold of her hair and started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth. He got so wound up he started telling her “suck my cock – you said you’d do anything – suck my cock, suck it!” While he did that he pulled her hair and roughly pushed her down on his cock and started thrusting very hard. She’d stopped for a second and, in a deep, guttural hiss she’d say things intermittently like “fuck” and “make me suck it”, ” make me do it”… She had an intense look on her face as she almost begged him to make her do what she was doing. Jim grabbed her hair, pulled her face up tight against his groin and moaned loudly.

Just then, she pulled away from his cock, looked him right in the eye and in a defiant voice said “make me do it” – “make me suck you off.” Jim sort of froze and for a moment, she looked kind of embarrassed. Then Jim reached out, grabbed her hair and almost yelled “suck me off” – he pulled her face to his cock, she started sucking his dick and he kept saying “suck me off – suck me off.” And she’d moan and suck him harder and harder. It only took Jim a few seconds and he started jerking and swearing as he filled her mouth with cum. She had her arms around his waist and had pulled him tight against her and just sucked harder while she made strange rasping noises.

The whole scene hadn’t lasted more than a minute or two but it was so raunchy and dirty I’m sure there was cum dribbling out the end of my dick. She quickly wiped her lips with her hand, sat back on the bench and looked up at me. Her lipstick smeared and her chin and tits were glistening with cum, she smiled an embarrassed little smile. I guess for a moment she came back to earth and she was suddenly aware of what she’d been doing. She looked a little uncomfortable, like she didn’t know what to do next.

To me, at that moment, it was clear that she liked what she was doing. But, even at my young and inexperienced age, I somehow instinctively knew that she’d done this before. More importantly, something in her demeanor told me that she liked to feel like we were making her do something nasty. I was frozen with uncertainty and before I could decide what to do or get to her, Bobby grabbed her by the hand and led her off, out into the field, right to the edge of the firelight. We could see him pulling her pants off and watched as he climbed on top of her and started fucking her.

That was all we got that night – after a few minutes, as Bobby fucked Nadeen, we got up and stared at the two of them, then we walked off toward home, talking about what had just happened. As we walked, I realized I’d missed my chance. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want Jim or Rick to tease me. But, I’d frozen up, got confused, and missed my only chance to have a girl blow me. After I got home the remorse turned to anger. How could I have missed my only chance? I was sure that after her performance she’d be embarrassed and we’d never see her again and who knew how long it would be until I got another chance to make a girl suck me off.

A few nights later I was down by the gravel pit, fishing alone. I heard a noise, looked up the trail and eventually could see that it was Nadeen. I was suddenly excited but had no way of knowing what to expect. She said she’d “been wondering where we were.” Nadeen sat by the fire and produced a small bottle of what turned out to be tequila. She offered me a drink. It was obvious that she’d been drinking, so I took a small sip, but didn’t like it and passed it back to her. It was clear that she was a little buzzed already. She started talking about the other night and I thought she was going to apologize or blame it on the booze.

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