Getting Ready for Work ch1


Getting Ready for Work ch1Ch1″I’m so ready to get off,” I thought to myself as I was winding down my day at work. Anyone who is a supervisor will tell you that people can get on your fucking nerves. The day had started off well, I woke up dick rock hard as usual. For a guy quickly approaching forty , I was pretty proud of this. My sex drive was through the roof. I rolled over and gently started rubbing my soundly sleeping wife’s nipples. I had learned over the years that if you hit them real lightly back and forth they get really hard really fast. I don’t know why I did it to myself, because I knew I didn’t have time to fuck before I had to get up. So now I’m brick hard, she’s sleep, and I got to get up. So I sit up, dick pointed toward the ceiling, and let my feet hit the floor to get my day started. I stand up and walk my naked ass to the shower, trying canlı bahis to wake up. I turn the water on, hot but not to hot, hoping it would soothe my morning wood and help me focus on the day ahead rather than my raging erection. I force my dick downward, and after a few seconds, my morning piss starts flowing. Pissing on hard feels amazing, for you ladies who have never experienced it. After a few seconds I’m done and I climb into the shower. The shower helped me to calm me down a little, and now with only a semi-hard on I walk back to the bedroom to get dressed. As I enter the bedroom I turn on the lamp instead of the bedroom light so I don’t wake my soundly sleeping wife. While making my way to the closet I notice my wife’s pink painted toes peeping out from under the covers. I stop and take it in as my cock starts to stiffen back to where it was before bahis siteleri I got out the bed. “FUCK”. I think to myself. See having a foot fetish is a gift and a curse. If you don’t have it, you don’t understand. So now I’m torn between taking my ass to work or worshiping my wife’s feet for a few minutes. They were freshly painted. She keeps them done because she knows I like it, and I know she didn’t shower before she went to bed. When it comes to foot fetishes there are so many degrees and levels. Some people simply like to to look, some are into arches, some toes, some soles, and some even the smell. Me, I’m all the above and then some. So with me knowing she didn’t shower before bed, i was so curious as to how they smell and taste. I quickly remember that yesterday she was wearing Toms with no socks. “FUCK”. As my thoughts progressed, I knew I bahis şirketleri was going to be late for work.I leaned over and stuck my nose between hey toes and the ball of her foot. As I inhaled, pre-cum leaked from my dick to the floor. u*********sly she pulled her foot back under the cover, but I was too far gone after the first hit. She was laying in a fetal position, and I climbed into the bed with my head at the foot of the bed next to her feet. We are now in a yen/yang position, but she is facing away from me, with my dick pulsating against her ass. I make myself comfortable and pull both her feet directly into my face. She had been to the gym that day so they smelled stronger than usual. I could feel the pre cum leak all over my wife’s ass, as I took in the beautiful aroma. At this point I had accepted the fact that I was going to be late for work, quickly texted my counterpart and told him I had a flat and would be there shortly. He hit me back and told me to take my time, and work was covered….To be continued…@h20comments and feedback welcome!!! I’m new to this!!!

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