Getting to Know Her Ch. 03


Ch. 03: Sweet Sex


This is the third (of four) in this series. Certainly reading the first two parts of this series would help in understanding this part, although this one can stand on its own for a number of reasons. Some might find it useful to also read my first and second stories “Getting into her pants” and “Nobody knew” which provide some additional back story to this series.

This story is very different from the others and falls into the category of Fetish rather than cross-dressing. There won’t really be any of that in this story. It is, I think, an important part of my longer saga however which is why I have included it in the series.

For those who haven’t read my prior writing here’s the background. My wife and I enjoy a relationship where I sometimes dress-up as Stacy, my female persona and my wife’s occasional girlfriend. I found that I enjoyed these sessions and began dressing up on my own as well.

After much practice, I finally summoned up the courage to go out in public alone dressed as Stacy. This was soon followed by an outing with my wife. Eventually, we decided to try strap-on sex, which didn’t go so well and led to my wife and I choosing a separation.


At the end of our last episode….

The final night we “had a talk” during which she confided in me that while she was away she had ‘made a friend’ and had strap-on sex with ‘a real woman.’ She said she liked it and needed time to explore the ‘true lesbian’ side of her sexuality. She emphasized that she still loved me, but wanted to understand this part of her sexuality and hoped I could accept that.

Somehow I wasn’t surprised by this and while I felt a range of emotions from anger, to loss, to resignation, I managed to accept her comments for what they were. She was searching for something within her sexuality, much as I was, and while I didn’t like it, I knew where she was coming from.

In response I shared with her how I had been spending my time to which she said she was ‘not surprised.’ After some further discussion, which I would have described as pretty reserved given our respective revelations, we decided to separate until her project ended which was slated to run about six more months. We agreed that during that time we could each see who we wanted and do what we wanted, but at the end we agreed to make a stay together /stay apart decision.

Again, I’m sure no one wants to read all the specifics. Suffice to say, some unfortunate things were said and there were a lot of tears that night as she packed to go. I felt like we parted as friends, but was deeply uncertain if we would remain lovers despite our love for one another.

* * * *

For the next couple of weeks I was pretty down and don’t recollect doing a whole lot, either as Stacy or as myself. I focused on my work and put a little more energy into exercising (which seemed to make me feel better) and gradually my mood began to brighten. I returned to casual dressing at home, but never really got fully made up as Stacy and I didn’t go out.

About four weeks into our split, I was at a bar after work with several co-workers (most of whom knew of my separation, but not the specifics). We had been there awhile and I had downed a few rounds when a woman tapped my shoulder and introduced herself to me.

Her name was Debbie and she had actually worked with my wife many years ago, which is why she had recognized me. She was a little older than me, but plenty attractive, with shoulder length blonde hair cut in a pert business-woman style, a pleasant face and average figure. She was tall for a woman at about 5′ 7″ and that evening she was also apparently out after work dressed in black tailored pants, low heel shoes and a pale blue button front blouse.

Naturally she asked after my wife and I explained that she was doing great and all the professional details, but also dropped in the fact that we were currently apart. She of course said she was ‘sorry to hear that’ but the conversation quickly took a turn from two old acquaintances doing a quick social check-up to a guy and a girl chatting each other up. The evening ended with an exchange of phone numbers.

I can say for sure I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know if I wanted to date. I didn’t know if I wanted to get back with my wife. I didn’t erzincan escort know if I just wanted to spend my time alone as Stacy and see where that took me. In the end, I decided it didn’t pay to close off any options so I called Debbie and we went out.

The first few dates went pretty well and were fairly normal nights out. We ate, we drank, we talked and got to know each other. Debbie was fun to be with, and a little bit flirty, which I suppose was flattering to me given where my head was at. It felt good to be back in the mix, and I was glad things were going well even if I didn’t know where they were going.

After the third date we ended up back at her condo and we both got a little drunk. There was a little kissing and a little touching. At one point, she was sprawled out on a chair barely able to sit up and she said, “I really like kinky sex. Do you like kinky sex?”

“Yeah, I like it. What do you like.”

“I like lots of oral. Do you like lots of oral?”

“I’m into that.”

“I like to get a little messy too, use whip cream and chocolate and peanut butter and stuff. Have you ever done that? Do you like kinky sex?”

She babbled on like that for a little longer before she either passed out or fell asleep and though I stayed at her place that night, nothing more happened.

On the fourth date things heated up. We had gone out for dinner and had listened to a good local band over a few drinks. Afterwards, she invited me back to her condo where we got into a bottle of wine. We stared kissing a little and soon progressed to a little touching and rubbing. Our inhibitions were both lowered by the alcohol and I decided I’d follow Debbie’s lead and see where things went.

She broke our kiss and excused herself for a few minutes. When she came back she said,

“As you probably can tell, I’m feeling a little tipsy and a little horny tonight but I want to ask you a question before we go any further.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“How do you feel about a little kinkiness?”

I was thinking she didn’t remember last week, or didn’t know if I remembered last week so I responded, “I’m pretty open minded, what are you thinking about.”

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing, but I really get off on using food as part of sex.”

“Yeah, you kinda mentioned that last week, although you were a little messed up. I’m willing to follow where you lead…What are you thinking?”

“Good, follow me back to the bedroom,” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

Her bedroom was fairly typical, with one exception, her bed was covered with a fitted plastic sheet and the pillows were similarly covered in plastic. She directed me to sit on the edge of the bed and told me to start getting my shirt and shoes off. She quickly pulled her dress off over her head and was soon kneeling in front of me in nothing but her bra and panties.

“You’re such a good sport to try this. Let me get your pants off and see what we have to work with.”

“Not bad, not bad at all” she said as she released my already rock hard unit from my drawers. “Now lean back all the way and let me get busy…you’re gonna love this I just know it.”

I followed her instructions and I could soon feel her hands softly stroking my hardness.

Occasionally I could feel her lips or her tongue as well. It wasn’t a hard tease, it was more like she was testing out how sensitive I was. Like she was trying to tell what made me respond and where my arousal points were.

After maybe five minutes of that she stopped and I could sense she was fumbling around for something, but from my angle I couldn’t see what.

“Stay still,” she said. “Lay back and close your eyes and let me take care of your surprise.”

I again did as she said. I had never really confided my submissive nature, but maybe she sensed it. At any rate, I didn’t mind following her orders and was somewhat aroused by it.

The next thing I knew I could smell the distinct aroma of peanut butter and seconds later I could feel both of her hands pulling diligently at my cock, thoroughly coating my rod with the soft sticky spread.

“Mmmm, how does that feel baby….Do you like that? Open your eyes now.”

I did and was greeted with the sight of Debbie, fully naked now, standing in front of erzurum escort me, her peanut butter coated hands pulling on my cock one after the other like she was reeling in a rope.

Actually fully naked isn’t quite right, she had some peanut butter smeared on her pointy nipples and it looked like a little was smeared near the top of her pussy, as though she couldn’t resist giving herself a little rub with her messy hands.

“You’re all sticky and messy sweetheart, we’re gonna need to get you cleaned up.”

With that she kneeled down and took about half my shaft into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling all around the soft underside of my cock lapping up the peanut-butter while she gave gentle suction on the head and bobbed her lips up and down. I’ve had a few blow-jobs over the years, but none had ever felt quite like this.

She continued like that for a few more minutes and she was really into it. Her licking and sucking were much more enthusiastic than I’d ever experienced before. It was almost like one of those porn movies where the women just go crazy on the men. It felt amazing and of course I made the appropriate encouraging noises.

Just when I felt like I was getting pretty close, she stopped and looked up at me with a huge grin. She had an excited and mischievous look in her eyes. Most of her lipstick had long since been rubbed off and there was a pale brown drool of peanut butter and saliva coated all around her mouth in its place. It was an amazingly slutty look.

After catching my eye and blowing me a kiss, she looked down again. Next thing I knew, she was climbing up on the bed and was positioning herself to straddle me into a 69. She had rubbed a bunch of peanut butter all over her snatch and it looked like she had more on her hands.

As her sweet smelling gash descended toward me she said, “Your turn now. Clean me up lover. I want you to get every last bit.”

Having little choice in the matter I dove straight in. Hoping to match her previous enthusiasm, I aggressively lapped at her sweet and sticky labia and clit and furiously stabbed my tongue at her opening smearing her juices, my saliva and the creamy spread all around her folds. I was partly enthused to be involved in a new experience, but I was also eager to impress Debbie with my skills, so I tried everything I knew and more.

The combination of smells, tastes and textures was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The feeling was all the more intense because Debbie was once again sucking firmly on my cock and rubbing her slippery, sticky fingers up and down my shaft.

She was so active and so aggressive, once even sliding a slimy digit into my anus that I could hardly concentrate between feeling the amazing pleasures she was giving me and trying to feast on the erotic buffet of flavors and sounds and smells right before my eyes.

After a few more minutes of intense action she started moaning, “Ohh yes, ohh right there, keep going right there….and cum for me. Cum for me. I want to taste your cream.”

I did as I was told concentrating on rubbing, kissing and sucking her clit right near the top where she wanted it. I was already close to the edge and told her so, which provoked one last intense burst of licking on her part.

All at once I began to shoot my load and she responded my clamping her lips tight around my shaft taking a full mouthful of my seed. No sooner did I stop spewing than she spun herself around and immediately planted her lips on mine. Taking charge of the kiss, her tongue forced apart my lips and we were soon sharing my load.

The kinkiness of the kiss is hard to describe. Our lips, tongues and faces were soon covered with a thin film of her juices, my cum, saliva and peanut butter. I had never really shared cum in a kiss before and the textures and flavors were much different than I would have guessed. I didn’t really think about the details, I went with the eroticism of the moment and focused on the giving and receiving of pleasure.

The amazing kiss went on and on as we spread our kisses to other pleasure zones. Breasts, necks, ear lobes whatever part was in front of me I kissed it and Debbie did the same. Whenever either of us slowed down the other seemed to pick up the pace and keep things going with gentle kiss, licks and pecks esat escort before once again our tongues were entwined once more.

A couple times along the way Debbie climaxed, once by her own hand and once by mine. Her juices flowed freely and we would both occasionally bring up fresh fingers full of her fluid to spread around each others lips or suck from each others fingers. Eventually we dozed off entwined in our sticky, cummy, peanut-buttery mess.

Hours later we woke up and shared an intimate shower together. Afterwards, I helped her clean up the mess we had made. I now understood the importance of the plastic sheets and pillow cases and why Debbie had made such a point of tossing our discarded clothes into a corner rather than just letting them fall as they may.

We repeated that scene and other similar ones over the following several weeks. Debbie was a creative lover and had a real flair for kinky oral sex most of which involved sticky foods and sweets in some way or another. While some ideas worked better than others, the intense erotic nature of the play was hard to deny. Apart from the peanut butter, my three favorite were these:

Altoids – This one has made the rounds, but it’s sexy and intense. I sucked an Altoid and would go down on her, she would do the same and go down on me. The intense peppermint flavors on our sensitive erotic zones produced a warm, buzzy, tingly sensation that is almost impossible to describe (just try it). To make things a little sloppier, Debbie liked to keep a bottle of chocolate sauce handy to squirt on a finger or a nipple. It changed the game from just peppermints to something more like a peppermint patty.

Fruits of the vine and more – One time, Debbie teased me by dipping her toes into a glass of chardonnay and asking me to suck the wine off of her toes and stockings. I discovered that I had a much stronger than expected foot fetish and she discovered that having a tongue between her toes was quite an erotic turn on. The game started with her in stockings and part of the fun involved was a slow striptease. Along the way we introduced some additional fruits into the fun. She used a part of a banana much the same way as she used peanut butter as an aid in stroking and sucking my cock. A few slices of kiwi fruit made a tasty sticky mess of her breasts and were a special treat to be rubbed on and licked from her folds.

Chocolate kisses – Debbie cooked me a romantic dinner at her house and we had special chocolate kisses for desert. Before the start of dinner she had slipped a Hershey’s kiss into her snatch which became a sticky chocolate mess over the course of dinner. She started by fishing the remaining piece out, which we shared in an intimate tongue kiss. Next, she hiked up her skirt and discarded her sticky, chocolately and wet panties and I did a quick clean-up right at the table. From there we headed to the bedroom where we employed a little peanut butter and a little chocolate, much as described at the beginning, in our own special version of a Reece’s cup.

Sex with Debbie was always an adventure and we enjoyed a very intense, very sex filled six week affair. Unfortunately, as people, we had our differences and at some point we both sorta knew that as fun as it was, we weren’t going to build a relationship around getting drunk and having fun with food. In all our intimacy, we never actually had intercourse. It was always oral sex of every type imaginable.

In our time together, I never let on to Debbie about my Stacy side. I sorta let that part of me take a back seat and I found it nice to know that I wasn’t so addicted or attached to that part of me that I couldn’t enjoy other pleasures. That said, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my time fully dressed out in my favorite feminine outfits, fully made-up and hair just so.

As I look back at my fling with Debbie it was an amazing eye opener and a reminder about how spontaneous and fun lovemaking could be. It was a far different approach to sex than my wife and I had shared and it seemed to carry a lot less emotional baggage. Really it was just sex, it wasn’t “love” or “love making” and all those terms might entail. It was just simply very casual.

A part of me still feels like I ‘cheated’ on my wife although I know full well she was having adventures of her own. I definitely have a better appreciation of the idea that there can be casual sex that doesn’t really change how you feel about someone you love. To that extent, I have mixed emotions. The one thing I know for sure is that whenever I smell peanut butter I get a smile on my face.

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