Getting Yet Some More of the Boss


After so many encounters at work in such a short period of time, Jodi and Bryan’s affair was heating up. Jodi was to the point that just seeing Bryan or being around him for any amount of time made her very wet. A look or a glance would lead to thoughts of their hot times together and led both of them to want more. This time, it was Bryan who contrived a way for them to get together in the store.

The store was having regional company soon, and there was some extra work that needed to be done around the store. Bryan was going to come in to work about an hour earlier than usual for the opening manager, and he shared this information with Jodi.

“We would have the whole store to ourselves for at least an hour, if not more. I can make sure the cameras are not recording and we can be free to do whatever we want, when we want.” Bryan whispered this in her ear the day before he planned to be there early. They were standing in an aisle, both of them pretending to work while thinking of the possibilities.

“I’m so wet right now. I wish I could feel your cock inside me. I don’t think I can wait til tomorrow morning.”

“You’re going to have to, but trust me, it will be worth the wait.” He squeezed her ass as he walked away. Jodi’s knees nearly buckled with the thought of a good hour’s worth of fucking Bryan with no interruptions or chances of being caught.

When Jodi got home from work that day, she went straight for her bedroom and opened the dresser drawer. She pulled out her vibrator and hopped onto the bed. She peeled off her soaked panties and immediately began fucking herself with the vibrator. It didn’t take long for the sexual tension built up from her thoughts of Bryan to explode into a hard orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Bryan!” She screamed as her vibrator brought her to her climax. She couldn’t wait to special forces worlds toughest test izle have the real thing. But she knew that she wouldn’t sleep much thinking about how her morning would be starting.

Jodi awoke way before her alarm went off. She had been having a nice dream about Bryan and just decided to get up. Maybe if she got to the store earlier than the agreed upon time, they might have more time to enjoy each other’s company. She almost jumped in to her clothes, skipping underwear and bra, and ran to her car.

When Jodi arrived at the store, a good thirty minutes before Bryan had said to be there, she found him already there, waiting for her.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who’s eager this morning,” she said as she went over to his car.

He got out of his car and pulled her close.

“Someone’s not wearing underwear,” he said, grabbing her ass and pulling her close. “Very nice.”

They walked up to the store and entered. After turning off the alarms and locking the doors once again, he led her down the main aisle to the furniture department.

“Wait here. I’m going to make sure the cameras aren’t recording.”

Bryan went off to the security office and left Jodi sitting on the display futon. She had already lost what little inhibitions she had left, and stripped down, ready for Bryan when he returned. Who cares if the cameras were recording. The security guy was kind of cute anyway.

Bryan came back over to the futon. Jodi had opened it up and was laying on it, just waiting for him. He quickly stripped off his clothes and joined her on the futon. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back, their tongues twisting together, her breasts smashing against his chest. squid game izle Their legs entwined as they continued with their kiss, rolling over til Jodi was beneath him. He broke the kiss and moved to kiss and nibble on her neck. Jodi sighed and shivered when he hit the spot on her neck. Goose bumps raised on her skin and her pussy got even wetter as he continued to nuzzle her neck.

Slowly, Bryan left a trail of kisses down her neck and onto her breasts. He took her right nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. She moaned, loving the feel of his mouth on her skin. He sucked the nipple into his mouth even further, flicking his tongue over the now hardened nub. His other hand was massaging and pulling at her other breast, tweaking the nipple. Jodi arched her back and moaned deeply, entwining her hands in his hair, pushing her breast into his mouth even more. Bryan switched to her other breast, giving that nipple the same treatment. Jodi writhed beneath him, grinding her pelvis into him, trapping his hard cock between their bodies.

She reached down and began massaging his cock, slowly jacking him with her hand while he continued sucking on her nipples. He lifted off her chest and moved back to kiss her deeply again. She let go of his cock and wrapped her arms around him, sucking on his tongue like a tiny cock, feeling his cock harden even more as she teased him this way. She grabbed his cock and guided it toward her wet opening. He slid in with ease, feeling right at home after so many times with her.

Bryan began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of Jodi’s pussy, still keeping her locked in the kiss. He broke the kiss and leaned back, spreading her legs wide so he could watch his cock go in and out of her pussy. He placed his thumb on her clit and began tapping it in time star trek picard izle with his thrusts. Jodi’s hips were moving up to meet each of his thrusts and when he began teasing her clit she started to cry out, almost involuntarily. Bryan picked up his pace, wanting to give her more orgasms than he had before. He fucked her hard now, his thumb rubbing her clit furiously now. Jodi was moaning constantly now and Bryan could tell she was close.

“Cum for me. Scream my name.”

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck me Bryan. I’m going to cum!” And with that, she screamed his name over and over and writhed beneath her, in one of her hardest orgasms yet. Bryan slowed down his pace, afraid the feeling of her pussy squeezing his cock might make him cum too soon. Jodi came down from her orgasm and Bryan stopped almost all movement.

“Let’s move around a bit.”

He pulled out of her and flipped her over on all fours. They both moaned at the feeling of the new angle as he entered her. He grabbed her hips and began pounding her pussy. She buried her face in the cushion and screamed out once more, having one small orgasm after another.

“Oh, God, Jodi, your pussy feels so good. You’re going to make me cum!”

Jodi leaned up from the cushion and began meeting his thrusts.

“Cum for me, but I want to taste it this time.”

That was all Bryan needed to hear. The thought of cumming in her hot mouth was too much. He pulled out and she flipped around, placing her mouth on his cock. He moaned loudly as he came, and she swallowed every drop of his cum. When his orgasm subsided, she licked her lips and looked up at him.

“Now that was definitely a nice breakfast.”

They both smiled and lay there for a while, catching their breath. The sound of the front doorbell roused them both. They quickly got dressed and Jodi headed over to her department to pretend like she had been working, while Bryan went to answer the door.

And from behind one of the other counters, someone else went back to work after seeing one hell of a show.


The real Bryan suggested bringing a third party in…..any thoughts on who that should be?

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