GF colleague cums on her nylon soles, (footjob,sto

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GF colleague cums on her nylon soles, (footjob,stoThis is a true story that happened about 2 years ago. I have a real nylon foot fetish and love nothing more than worshipping my girlfriends soles covered in sheer nylon and then covering them in cum! I am very lucky that my girlfriend gets involved with my fetish as she had never heard of it before she was with me. My GF Sarah has gorgeous size 6 feet usually with red painted toes. She works in an office environment so has to wear trousers or a dress with heels and always wears tights or knee high nylon pop socks. It is always amazing taking her heels off when she gets home from work, the mixture of heat and smell of leather and nylon is amazing.Anyway back to the story, as mentioned she had no idea to this fetish until I made her aware of it. One day she came home from work and I was giving her a foot massage. Totally out of the blue she asked if I thought my fetish of nylon feet was popular. I said that there is some stuff on the internet but I’ve never talked to my mates about it like other things so it can’t be that common. Why I asked? She then went on to explain that a new chap had starting in the office in her team and she had noticed he was paying a lot of attention to her feet. She was certain he was into feet as she had been a bit naughty and teased him with dangling her heels which everytime she did it he would look. She said it was quite exciting having that much control. Her telling me this was driving me wild and I needed to know more. Apparently his name was Dean and he was 41 years old, my girlfriend was 27 at the time so he was older than her. She showed me a picture of him on Facebook and he seemed a very smartly presented person who looks after himself. Now im not into any of this cuckold stuff and knew Sarah would never do anything like that but I was interested to see how far she could go with her feet as long as she was ok with that. We talked about it and she agreed that it could be fun and a challenge. We agreed that she would see if he would worship her feet and if it came to it she would let him cum on her nylon feet but nothing else. I didn’t really see this as cheating and I knew I could trust Sarah for it to go no further. It was really turning me on the thought of another man getting pleasure from my GF nylon feet. A couple bursa escort of weeks went by and she said she would not try anything until the time was right and said it would have to be in a sort of public environment as she didn’t want to give him the wrong idea by going to his or a hotel as it was just about the feet. She came home one day excited and told me that on Thursday she was going to be slightly late home as she had got to go through some stuff with Dean for a meeting next week. She had booked a meeting room for them at 5.30 and said as long as I was ok with it she was going to confront Dean and see what his reaction was. I was very excited but also dubious about how things could go but gave her the go ahead. Wednesday night she spent the whole evening pampering her feet ready the following day. I woke in the morning a watched Sarah get ready, she had decided to wear a suit today as she thought a dress could be too revealing if things got carried away later. Her toes were freshly painted bright red and she covered her feet in very low denier sheer toe barely black knee high pop socks. These particular ones were so soft I could only last seconds once she touched my shaft with them. She then popped her soles into some patent black high heels that made her feet smell amazing with the mixture of sweat, nylon and leather. She asked me again if I was ok with today and then left for I’m afraid the next part of the story is what I was told from Sarah as I wasn’t there. She said that all day she had been teasing Dean by dangling and popping her foot in and out of her shoes. She said that Dean was making it that obvious looking but obviously didn’t want to miss out. Later in the afternoon she said Dean came over to ask if she was still ok for the meeting later on. Sarah said she pushed things a little bit further and said “yes as long as I can still walk my feet are killing me in these heels today”. To her surprise Dean awnered straight away “I’ll have to give you a foot massage if it’s that bad”. Sarah said she was shocked and said she just smiled and dean walked off. Sarah said it was at this moment that she realised something may happen this afternoon. 5.30 soon came round and it had been a sweltering day being the middle of July. Sarah said she walked to the meeting room and met bursa escort bayan Dean there as he was coming from a different part of the building. The meeting room was on a floor that was only normally used for board meetings and with most people finishing at 5.00pm she knew they wouldn’t get disturbed if Dean did end up kissing her feet. They got into the meeting and started getting through the plan, the whole time she said Dean was taking sneak peaks down at her heels. They were getting near to the end of what they needed to do and Sarah thought it’s now or never. She asked Dean outright if he meant what he said earlier as her boyfriend normally gives her a foot massage but she didn’t think she could wait that long. She said Deans face looked like all his Christmas and birthday’s had come at once. He causally said sure and moved his chair back and knelt in front of her. Sarah couldn’t believe this was happening but as she loved a massage she turned on her chair and presented her nylon feet in heels to him. Dean removed her left shoe and started giving her a massage. She said the cool air on her nylon sole felt amazing as he caressed her sole. She could see he was getting excited by the tent that was erecting in his suit trousers. That was when she gave him the green light and said she knew he was into feet and she wanted him to Have some fun with hers. As soon as she said this he lifted her hot nylon sole to his face and began kissing it. He then removed the other heel and went to town with that foot. Sarah said this went on for about 15 minutes and said it was very pleasant having someone appreciate a part of her body that much. I wish I could give more detail but I wasn’t there. What Dean asked next took her by surprise though she said. He asked if he could cum on her soles. Although I had agreed this could happen she never thought it would get this far. She could see how excited he was and was also concerned with how time had gone on and how lucky they were no one had come in. This is is how she put it to me anyway, she said she thought if he came that would be the end and they could finish up. She agreed and said she rolled up her suit trousers slightly exposing her calf’s and knelt on the office chair. She said she made sure she faced the door in case someone walked in they couldn’t escort bursa see what was going on behind her. I can only imagine the view Dean had of my beautiful GF’s sheer nylon soles placed there ready for him to have his way with them. Again just in case someone came into the room Dean only undid his flys to expose his cock to Sarah’s soles. Sarah said she felt the head of his cock touch her toes first and then slowly worked it way up her sole. She said it was weird having another cock touch her soles but she could feel the heat from his shaft through the nylon. Dean was starting to get short breathed so she knew what was on its way. Sarah looked over her shoulder for a look on progress and one couldn’t believe the size of Deans Cock. It wasn’t so much the length, she reckoned about 9inch but how thick it looked and also angry she said. The other thing was the amount of pre cum that was on her sole. She said it looked like he had cum already. She said he then grabbed her right foot and starting kissing her toes and let out a groan. Sarah said she turned over to see him pumping steam after stream of hot cum on her left sole. She said it felt really warm and was really white and gooey in texture. Also a good job she had rolled her trousers up or they would have been covered. Apparently they then quickly cleaned up with Sarah putting her feet straight back in her heels without cleaning any cum off. She got straight In the car and drove home. This was where I had been patiently waiting for her return to see how things went. When she came through the door I could tell something had happened as she looked that turned on. She took my hand and went straight up stairs and lay on the bed. Before I could ask anything she said to take her right heel off and kiss her foot. I started worshipping her right foot and forgot how smooth these barely black knee highs were. I was getting really turned on and about to ask how she got on today when I spotted a glisten of something just above her heel around her ankle. I knew straight away what that was and asked if I could remove her other heel. As I removed the heel I couldn’t believe my eyes. The amount of cum that was on her sole was staggering. It was such a turn on seeing another mans load on Sarah’s sole that I didnt last long and cum onto her other sole. Afterwards we sat down and she told me the above which I have shared with you. Nothing else happened with Dean and she no longe works at that company but there are a couple more instances that happened after this event that it kicked off…

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