GFS Bestfriend pt.2


GFS Bestfriend pt.2The next day, the three of them ate breakfast together that Liz made. Liz was wearing cutoff jean shorts that made her long, smooth legs completely exposed. He tried not to stare, for his girlfriend was watching him, having no idea that he was fucking the shit out of her friend just hours earlier. Having no idea that her friend was walking around with Danny’s cum swimming around in her at that very moment.He still got semi hard, with what glimpses he caught of this goddess. Just how her ass wiggled when she walked, how long and smooth her legs were, how sexy her thighs were, just seeing her bare feet walk across the floor. Just looking at her gorgeous dark eyes when she talked. He wished they were alone.When Liz went to start on the dishes, he stole a glance at her amazing ass wiggling as she washed. Her shorts barely covered the bottom of her ass, completely exposing her thighs.He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Charmaine say she wanted to walk to the store and pickup some things. She asked if he wanted to come. Of course, he said “no” (he wanted to cum not come!). She was suspicious of leaving him here with Liz, having no idea that he’s already fucked her, and would gladly do so again. But, she left. Danny felt she’d be at least 15 minutes, probably more.He watched her walk down the street before rushing into the kitchen. He approached Liz, eyes on her ass as she continued to wash the dishes, oblivious to the hardon she’d created. He slipped a hand around her leg to her crotch, his other hand around her torso to her breast, pulling himself close to her.”Hey! What are you doing?” she asked, surprised. She was a little hung over, but memories of the night before combined with the feelings his hand gave her pussy, his caresses of her breast, as well as feeling his hardon pressed against her ass, made her instantly horny. Her vagina moistened as he rubbed it over her shorts, and he could feel her nipple harden in his other hand. He kissed her neck through strands of her hair as he rubbed her crotch.”Ohhh. Suddenly I’m very horny!” she said, arching her head back so more of her neck would be asyabahis yeni giriş exposed for him. He kissed over her chin and she turned her head so their lips could meet. Their lips smacked repeatedly, each slightly sneaking their tongue into the other’s mouth. Neither had good breath going, but neither cared at this point. They were breathing heavily as he undid her button and fly. He slid his hand into her panties – cotton this time. His hand slid over Liz’s pubic hair to her slit, where he found it very wet. He tickled her clitoris.”Ohhhhhhh…” she breathed, breaking the kiss. He ran his finger down her wet slit as his other hand squeezed her tit over her white T-shirt. Her jean shorts began to slide down and Danny backed up a little so they would. They dropped right to the floor, exposing Liz’s skimpy white cotton panties. She didn’t even notice. Her eyes were closed, her shorts were around her ankles, and her slit was being manipulated. He dipped a finger into her warm treasure.”Ohhh ya.” she whispered, writhing against his hand. He pulled his finger out of her, knowing that he had to hurry. Pussy on fire, gasping for breath, Liz braced herself against the cupboard as Danny sunk to his knees behind her. He had a closeup view of Liz’s ass. His dream view. He could stare all day at her gorgeous ass, barely covered by the white triangle of her tiny panties.He kissed her right asscheek, just below the panties. He kissed her other cheek. He pushed her panties to the side, exposing the crack of her ass, but also the swollen lips of her beautiful pussy. He kissed her right beside the crack of her ass, kissing his way down along the crack, approaching her treasure. Again he could smell her arousal. He loved the smell of Liz’s pussy!! His tongue snaked out and licked at her pink lips, causing her to gasp, tasting her juices. He slid his tongue into her twat, licking inside her.”Ohhh God..” she moaned.Charmaine was just walking into the store, having no idea that at that instant her boyfriend’s face was buried in her best friend’s ass, licking at her helpless cunt! Liz was rubbing her ass in Danny’s asyabahis giriş face, needing more of his tongue in her. Just then, he stopped, knowing he may only have 7 or 8 minutes left – 10 tops!He stood up behind her, pulling out his cock. Liz felt it against her asscheek and tingles surged from her pussy. Cock in one hand, he began to push her panties down off her ass with the other. Liz grabbed the other side and helped him push them down, exposing her sexy ass and helpless pussy. Panties now down to her knees, Liz bent over a little further, hands grabbing the side of the counter at the sink, giving herself to him. Staring at her ass, he ran the mushroom head of his dick down the crack of her ass, exciting both of them. When it reached her horny slit, he rubbed it up and down, coating it with her warm juices. Placing at her entrance, Danny pushed forward.Warmth slowly embraced his penis as he slid it inside Liz’s vagina in one stroke.”Ohhhh fuck!” she cried excitedly as she felt instantly filled up by his hot member. He looked down at his groin pressed against her bare ass, holding his cock far inside her. She was pushing her ass against him hard, trying to get as much of him in her as she could. He grabbed the sides of her amazing bum and began to fuck her, slowly at first but gathering speed. He watched his wet dick pull out of her pussy and jam back in, pulling pink lips out at first, and pushing them back in. He watched her asscheeks shake with each impact. He took in every second of this piece of heaven.He began to slap against her, fucking her harder. ‘slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap’ went the impact of his groin against her ass.”Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh…God! Unh! Unh!..Unh!” Liz moaned, orgasm rising. He slid his hands up her shirt where she was braless. He grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed passionately as he fucked her from behind.Charmaine had just left the store parking lot and was on her way, no clue that her boyfriend was screwing her so-called friend Liz from behind with all his might at that very second.”Oh God!..Keep going I’m gonna asyabahis güvenilirmi cum… Oh! Oh! Unh! Ohhhhhhh……” Liz cried. ‘slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap’ “UNHHHH! UNHHHH! OHHHHHH!” she yelled, cumming. Her pussy was convulsing as Danny rammed violently in and out of it. He pulled out of her, and spun the helpless girl around.Liz climbed up on the counter beside the sink, stepping out of her shorts. He pulled her panties down off her knees, leaving them dangling around her ankle. He knew he only had about 3 or 4 minutes. Actually he had 3 it turned out. Liz raised her feet in the air, legs spread wide around him as he stepped up to her. She eagerly grabbed his cock in her experienced hand and brought it to the entrance to her vagina. He slid into her instantly.”OHHH yes!” she moaned, smiling. Their lips found each other and they kissed passionately as he slowly slid in and out of her. He loved feeling Liz’s tongue inside his mouth as he fucked her on the counter, his girlfriend 2 minutes away. He broke the kiss and began to fuck her harder, jamming his rampant hard on into her for all he’s worth.”Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans were loud and could be heard throughout the house as he approached orgasm.Charmaine was walking by the neighbour’s house when her boyfriend slid his penis all the way into Liz’s vagina and came. Load after load shot inside Liz as Danny had a huge orgasm. His lips found hers and they kissed as more cum shot into her.Charmaine walked up the walkway to the front door as the last of her boyfriends cum trickled into her friend’s hungry pussy. Liz and Danny kissed some more, lips smacking, her cunt full of his seed.Just then, they heard the front door open. Danny pulled his semi hard dick out of Liz’s vagina with a slurp and pulled his pants and underwear up, running into the dining room. Liz scrambled off the counter, pulling her panties up her legs and grabbing her shorts. She pulled them up her legs and had them done up just as Charmaine entered the kitchen.Danny was reading the paper in the dining room, his face and his cock smelled like Liz’s pussy. Liz talked innocently with her friend. Charmaine having no idea that the woman she was talking to was letting Charmaine’s boyfriend blow his load inside her pussy just SECONDS earlier.Danny managed to avoid kissing his girlfriend until he could wash the smell of Liz’s wonderful cunt off his face.

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