Giant Teen and Size Queen Ch. 02


The party was still raging on outside Allie’s bedroom. We grabbed a few towels from Allie’s closet to cover the cum-soaked bed, and then both lay down on it together. My enormous body took up over half the space and Allie’s tiny body snuggled up next to me. We pulled brand-new covers over naked bodies as Allie stroked my massive bicep. Her arm wasn’t long enough to reach much past that. Only our heads stuck out from underneath the covers.

Suddenly the door to her bedroom flew open, and a man walked in. He was about 6’2 and muscular–relative to a normal person that is. I noted that Allie certainly had a type. He quickly spotted Allie. “Finally,” he growled, “I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“David, what are you doing here?” asked Allie.

“I’ll assume my invitation just got lost in the mail.” David replied.

“Nobody uses mail anymore,” Allie shot back, “I just didn’t want you here.”

“Who’s this?” I asked timidly.

“He’s no one,” said Allie quickly.

“I’m her boyfriend,” said David.

“Ex-boyfriend,” Allie quickly corrected. “You know it’s creepy that you’re a senior in college and you’re still hitting on high school girls.”

“You’re an adult,” he said, “And you’re hooking up with this fresh-faced little boy. I bet I’ve got a bigger cock”

“No you don’t,” said Allie, smiling for the first time since David entered the room.

“Also, I’m technically an adult,” I interrupted, “My face just looks young.”

“Get out of bed,” David growled at Allie, ignoring me, “Let’s get back to the party slut.” He stepped closer to Allie.

I felt Allie grip my bicep more tightly as she cuddled closer to me. “I’m not your slut,” Allie said angrily, ankara escort “I’m James’s little slut now.” Under the covers, Allie reached her foot all the way over to my deflated penis and start rubbing the tip. I felt blood rush to it as it started to reinflate. “James can do whatever he wants to me.”

“Allie, that’s nice and I love y–uh what you’re doing but is this really the time?” I asked.

“What are you doing?” yelled David suddenly noticing the movement under the covers.

Allie started rubbing my penis more vigorously. “James is more of a man than you,” she said. “And not just where it counts.” I sensed her breathing faster. “You know tonight, he made me cum without even touching me.” Her breaths were short and quick. David was just staring at her in surprise. “And then like a hundred more times.” David scowled. Allie smiled, and then moaned, “And he’s about to do it again.”

She let out a squeak, squeezed her eyes shut, and shuddered. Then she giggled, “You’ve never done that.”

David let out a roar and then slapped her in the face. I’ve never been in a fight. In fact, I’ve never even seen violence besides on TV. And when you’re my size, you never need to learn how to defend yourself. I know I should have done something different, but I just froze. Allie instead smiled almost maliciously, “Don’t damage another man’s property, David.”

David roared again and wound up his fist. That’s when I finally snapped into action, catching his fist in my own. The difference in sizes was obvious, my hand closed entirely around his own. But I guess when you’re that angry, you miss the obvious.

“Maybe you should just calm down,” I said, releasing his hand.

“Yeah, escort ankara James, defend your little slut. Defend your property you giant, sexy, beautiful man.”

David roared once again and launched himself at me. Out of instinct, I put my hands up to block him and swatted him out of the air. I felt some of his bones crack from the impact. He hit the wall and fell to the floor. He slumped over, face up but still clearly breathing.

“God that’s so fucking hot,” said Allie.

“Shouldn’t we get him to a hospital?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure, in a little while,” Allie said. “But first he’s gotta watch this.” Allie threw the covers off of both of us revealing, among other things, my giant penis with Allie’s foot still rubbing it. One hand was holding my bicep, her other was rubbing her clit. “I’m so ready, I’m so fucking ready,” she yelled. “Grab me and use my body.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I picked her up again with one hand and fitted her onto my penis. The tip slid in much more easily than the first time.

“Ohhhh, yeahhhh,” moaned Allie. I met no resistance as I pulled her down even more until I finally bumped against her cervix again. She started twitching and moaning, “It’s…like…I’m…finally…whole…again.”

David looked up at us with a horrified expression on his face. Finally, Allie opened her eyes enough to see where I was looking. She returned David’s glance with disdain. “You’ve never made it this far inside me. And look just how much is left.”

I continued moving her body up and down my shaft using my one hand, until finally I felt the orgasm start. Once again, I pasted her insides as she screamed with pleasure.

“Ooooooh, sooooo ankara escort bayan fullllll” she moaned. For a moment I thought I saw her abdomen inflate but it might have just been all the twitching. Suddenly, she stopped screaming, twitching, and spasming. And her head rolled back. She had passed out from the pleasure.

“Allie?” I shouted, concerned. “Oh my god,” I pulled my still, spasming penis from her. Cum sprayed out of her vagina and coated the wall. My penis was still cumming, covering her whole body, and occasionally splashing against the opposite wall. I shook her again gently and cradled her body with both hands to my chest as cum continued to spray from her vagina. Suddenly, she came to, and started twitching again.

“Allie are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah” she said. Cum was pouring out of her vagina.

“God damn,” she said as I gently put her back down on the bed. “You can really cum.” She pushed herself out of bed, her legs still wobbling from the continuous orgasm. “Hold on big boy, I gotta do something.” She walked, crab-legged, over to where David lay, leaving a trail of cum as she walked. Then she squatted over him, letting my cum pour out. She covered him from his head to his crotch in my semen. She paid special attention to his crotch and his face, leaving the largest piles of thick cum there. Finally the waterfall of cum slowed to a steady drip. David coughed and spat some of my semen out of his mouth.

She crab-walked back to the bed and lay on top of me, face up. She mashed her breasts together and brought them up to her mouth. She started lapping my cum off them and moaning.

I ran my giant hand down her side, squeezing her breast as my fingers passed over it. Finally I broke the silence, “Sorry about your bed–I mean your room.”

Allie looked around and giggled. There was a layer of cum on almost everything.

“It’s not a party if things don’t get a little messy,” she said.

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