Ginny and Jacob


It was the middle of the afternoon and Jacob was pissed. The unrelenting sun beat down on his head and the moisture laden air made every breath a displeasing chore. His muscled torso was covered with beads of sweat that glistened on his dark skin and the hair on his chest and belly lay plastered against him. It was a typical summer day in the small town of Rayfills and Jacob was pissed.

But it wasn’t the heat that was pissing him off; nor was it the humidity. It was the fact that his young, easily excitable cock was hard as steel, straining against the insides of his briefs. The tent in his pants was noticeable, but he didn’t care. There was no one around to see him, anyway; especially not his girlfriend who put him in this state and then took off. Jacob hated a lot of things in the world- cheap beer, bad westerns, skinny bimbos- but he didn’t hate anything more than not having a well satisfied prick.

He lounged against the steps of the front porch of his grandparent’s little cottage. The power was out and it was unbearable inside. At least out here the breeze coming in from the ocean helped cool him, somewhat, though it did nothing to lessen the discomfort in his pants.

He sighed as the anger eventually faded out of him, even as the discomfort remained. Jacob could never be angry for too long with anyone but he was young and almost always horny. He wondered if he should just shuck his pants and go skinny-dipping; no one ever came to Rayfills and the beach near his grandparent’s place was almost always deserted.

A gust of wind stirred up the dust on the parched ground and a light layer of grit settled on Jacob’s skin. That decided him. He ran towards the open stretch of sand and quickly slipped out of his jeans and briefs. Splashing his way towards sea he plunged into the waves.

Ginny was having a bad day. And that was saying something, considering how cheerful and bubbly she always stayed. She could usually find the silver lining in any situation, no matter how bad. But not today. Today was simply a very bad day.

The young brunette had come to Rayfills to stay the summer with her uncle and aunt and- most importantly- with her hot cousin, Mavis.

Ginny was straight and loved cock- the bigger the better- but she had always felt a strong attraction to her cousin. Something about the petite blonde always got Ginny’s skin hot and her panties dripping. She often wondered why that was. Was it because of the taboo nature of the thing, or was she just so horny that men alone wouldn’t suffice? She doubted that it was the latter. She didn’t feel this about just any girl- only Mavis.

Every time Ginny thought about her firm, petite body she felt a wondrous tingling between her legs. She wanted nothing more than to pin Mavis to the bed and have her way with her. They were very good friends growing up, being only a few months apart, in age, and they had often shared a bed. Ginny had taken full advantage of the fact- coping a feel, every now and then, letting her hand accidentally brush against Mavis’s chest or legs. They had been to the beach together many times wearing bikinis and Ginny had adored watching her cousin’s mostly bare body.

But Mavis wasn’t here.

Ginny had been sorely disappointed to find out that Mavis had gone camping with her friends and wouldn’t be back for a few days. They’d still have most of the summer together, of course, but even waiting ankara escort those few days was torture for Ginny.

She was alone in the house because her Uncle and Aunt had to go away to see her aunt’s sister who had been in a minor accident. They had apologized profusely for leaving her alone like that, and had offered to take her along. But Ginny didn’t like hospitals. She always tried to be cautious not get injured badly enough to be sent to one. The very thought of those sterile green walls and the constant smell of medicine nauseated her.

And so it was that she was all alone in the little house with nothing to do. Her thoughts kept going to Mavis and what she might be doing with her friends even at that very moment. She tried playing with herself, sliding her hands over her supple breasts, but it just didn’t feel good. In the end horny young girl abandoned the pointless effort and went outside to sit by the rocks.

The house overlooked a little stretch of beach which was usually empty, most of the time. But not today. As Ginny made her way to the rocks she saw something that had her knees going weak and her cunt throbbing- a young, beautifully toned guy running nude over the sand, his huge, rigid cock pointing straight ahead.

Ginny had seen a lot of cocks in her short life- especially after she started college- but even from this distance she could easily make out that the young nudist was the biggest she had ever seen. She had a sudden crazy desire to have this stranger buried balls deep inside her.

Jacob felt the waves crashing over him and his body started to cool down. It was liberating to be bathing completely naked and he wished he could do this more often. The sun still beat down relentlessly, but here, among the waves, it wasn’t so bad.

But the problem still remained. Jacob’s seven thick inches were still hard and pointing straight out in front of him, under the water. He wondered if he should jerk off, right there, in the sea.

“How’s the water?”

Jacob whipped around and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. There standing at the edge of the water, the wavelets lapping at her feet, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, stood a goddess. The sun set her auburn hair ablaze with streaks of gold and her large firm breasts glistened, the nipples pointing out and up. The spray from the ocean set shimmering drops against her long tanned legs. Jacob wondered if he was seeing things- imagining this brunette beauty. Had the heat finally gotten to him?

“You okay?” Ginny shouted over the sound of the surf.

Jacob stammered out something incoherent and then shut up again, simply staring at this sensual creature standing in front of him.

“Mind if I join you?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, she slowly lowered the bikini bottoms, letting her pussy come into view, then slowly walked towards where Jacob stood in the water.

Jacob’s eyes nearly exploded in his head as he saw her downy snatch. His cock jerked underwater and he started feeling a little light-headed as the remaining blood in his body flowed down to his prick.

Ginny’s mind was awash with a plethora of emotions as she approached Jacob. It had taken a lot of guts for her to be doing something so wild. She wasn’t a prude in any sense of the word and had been with many guys, but she had always dated them first, known them and then gotten into bed with escort ankara them. Never like this. This felt wild, impulsive, and set her heart racing like it had never raced before.

As she got closer to the guy she noticed how cute he was. His eyes were a deep brown and his chest was covered with dark hair, now wet and stuck to his skin. She was breathless when she reached him, more from the feelings coursing through her than the effort of walking through the water. She looked him up and down and noticed his rod outlined under the surface of the sea. He was even bigger than it’d seemed and the thought of that massive organ penetrating her blew away any final reservations she had.

“Hey,” she said, looking up at his flabbergasted face, “I’m Ginny. Nice to meet you.”

She extended her hand as if to shake his, but slipped it under the surface and wrapped it around his dick. His sharp intake of breath mirrored hers as she felt the huge throbbing member in her small fist. She moved her thumb over the head and rubbed the tip of his piss-hole.

“Let’s go to the beach.”

She kept her hold on his member and pulled him along with her to the beach. There was a shaded cove where the sands were still cool and that his where she led him.

Jacob’s prick throbbed, keeping in time with the beating of his heart. He still wasn’t sure whether this was really happening or not. Maybe he was passed out in the water from a heat-stroke or something, though he seriously doubted that- the hand on his cock felt very real.

The goddess led him to a shaded cove and there she lay down on the sand, on her back. She pulled him on top of her, guiding his dick between her legs, but not letting it enter her pussy. Her lips found his and she kissed him lightly- and the harder, more feverishly. With only the slightest hesitation Jacob kissed back, and once their tongues entwined he decided he didn’t really care whether this was real or not. He was going to enjoy every moment of it.

He kissed her with fervor, exploring her mouth with his tongue .Her hand was roaming his muscled back, finally settling on his right butt-cheek. She squeezed it with her tiny fingers even as her other hand gently jerked his cock.

His own hand found its way to her firm breast and he played with her nipple, tweaking it between his fingers.

They eventually broke the kiss and his lips moved down her throat and collarbone to her chest. They captured one nipple as his hand kept playing with the other breast. He ran his tongue over her areola and then wrapped his lips around her tit, sucking it into his mouth. He felt her move his cock-head along her slit and felt her juices moisten his tip. He knew he wouldn’t last long once inside her- he was far too riled up. So he firmly took her wrist and moved it away from his cock.

She resisted and whined, but gave in, after a while. She let her hands fall to her sides, her body open to him, inviting him to do what he will, with her.

Ginny moaned as he felt his lips kiss down her tummy, his tongue waiting a moment to circle her navel and then dip in. He move down further and she realized where he was going. The realization drew another moan from her even before his tongue ran up the length of her slit. She felt her clit peak and desperately wanted him to play with it, but dared not say anything for fear of breaking the spell of the moment.

She gasped as ankara escort bayan he wrapped his lips around her clit and started to move his head back and forth. The sight of him with her little fuck-button between his lips, his head bobbing as if blowing her stiff little clit, drove her wild. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and the sensations that it was sending through her body was unbelievable.

She thrashed under his ministrations and started making animal noises. Her clit swelled between his lips and she knew she was going to cum any moment.

“Fuck me. Please! Put it inside me!”

Jacob heard her beg. The need in her voice fired him up and made him harder. He looked at her with lust-filled eyes, her pretty face filled with longing for his dick. He sat up and grabbed her hips. Pointing his cock at her slit he moved the length along it, the head pushing against her clit. She was writhing uncontrollably and Jacob knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her down for long.

Pointing his cock right at her entrance, he grabbed her hips and pulled him towards her, impaling her with dick.

The feeling of his dick being sucked in by her tight snatch was indescribable. He started pumping almost immediately, moving his hips back and forth, fucking her to her very core. The girl was out of control now, moaning and shaking, her eyes wild. He held on to her hips and kept pushing his rod deep inside her pussy, bottoming out with each stroke.

Ginny couldn’t believe the way this guy’s cock filled her. Her body was on fire, her cunt stretching with each stroke of his cock. Her mind was starting to fog over as her pleasure reached its peak, and then suddenly, she felt his thumb on her clit. And the dam broke.

Jacob heard her scream, saw her face contorting with pleasure as her pussy squeezed his cock with incredible force. She was cumming with her whole being and it was the sight of that unchecked pleasure that drove him over the edge. He came then, his cock spurting jets of hot creamy jizz deep in her womb.

Finally, completely spent, he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard.

“My name’s Jacob.”


A Word from the Authors:

X: A warm welcome to our readers…you have entered the sensual and very erotic world of X_and_Y, with me Xavier, the male half of this duo…

Y: And Yvaine, the very elegant female half…

X: We fervently hope you’ve enjoyed our story and have been left properly sated…

Y: No need to be so formal, brother, you do realize our reader is at the moment, very aroused, and is probably just wondering why the hell we’re talking to them ..

X: Actually, my dear sister, I think our reader has already, erm, ‘sated’ themselves, if you know what I mean…you really think they’d be waiting till the end of the story to reach for their-

Y: -ahem.. Sometimes I fap afterwards, but I know that not really a secret for you, is it?

X: No, it isn’t…not after that one time…anyway, I don’t see how the average person can hold off on it as long as you can…I mean, I’m going at it half-way into the stories…

Y: And that can be quite the nuisance, since whenever I’ve tried to use your laptop I get a distinct scent of arousal, just radiating off it…but anyway… enough ranting for now.. I really do hope our readers leave reviews and notes, because I know for a fact, that we’re going to be writing together regularly, and that we’re going to be cumming back, soon!

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