Girlfriend gives old friend a nice surprise and me


Girlfriend gives old friend a nice surprise and meA couple of months back my girlfriend, Janina, wanted to go to London for a weekend and so to save money I looked up my old friend Sam so we can stay with him. When we got there we went out for some drinks with Sam, who flirted with Janina like crazy, really getting a good atmosphere going. After a few hours of flirting and sipping cocktails we decided to go back to the flat and open some wine, with the intention of talking and listening to music into the early hours.After a little walk back to Sam’s we got up to the flat and started listening to music and drinking wine. Sam and i got tired of the music so we turned on the TV and started flicking through the adult channels. He stopped on a channel where a lovely blond woman was massaging her very huge breasts…and the he commented that he has never seen such a lovely pair, to which I countered that he had obviously never seen Janina topless. Sam has a laugh and says that he has never seen Janina’s breasts, but wouldn’t mind if he did! He looked hungrily at Janina’s body and said that he wouldn’t mind seeing all of it! I had to laugh and then said ‘she probably wouldn’t mind if he did either!’ Sam said he really would like to see Janina’s tits. I suggested that he should take a look if he wanted to.Sam slowly put his hand on her arm (which was lying across her chest) and gently lifted it so that it didnt cover her tits, he then started to unbutton her shirt, but after just two buttons she opened her eyes and said ‘What are you doing Sam? Do you two think I have been asleep and didn’t hear what you were talking about?’Sam had a laugh and pointed out that he was just looking to see if he had seen such wonderful breasts before – pointing at me and saying that I told him they were the most beautiful…Janina laughed and sat with a real naughty look on her face. Sam sat next to her clearly eyeing her cleavage which was more visible with the top buttons undone. Sam could only say ‘wow you have got great tits Janina’ making her smile. So I went over and started kissing her, and then with one hand started to unbutton the rest of her shirt buttons. As we continued kissing Sam came over and took both sides of hiltonbet yeni giriş her shirt which was hanging open and gently slipped the sides down her arms and effortlessly took her shirt off. He then ran his hand down her neck and over the top of her chest a couple of times, building up the courage to run his hand over her bra…he put his hand over her bra and on her stomach. Janina stopped kissing me and looked at him, and after a little pause he leaned in and kissed her. They soon relaxed and Janina started slipping her tongue into his mouth and the intensity of the kissing increased. He slipped his hand into her bra and started squeezing her breast.I am on for this and ran my hands over her body squeezing her other breast and running a finger over her inner thighs and gently over the middle of her legs. I can feel that she was warm and moist through her panties and this excited me even more…She then turned back to kissing me and I reached around her back and slowly undid her bra, Sam seeing that removes her bra. I run my fingers over her clit and Sam was reaching around and massaging her breasts. It doesnt take long for him to start kissing and licking her nipples. She really enjoyed the feeling of two tongues on her body.This went on for a little while, Sam and I alternating between kissing her on the mouth and kissing her nipples. Then Janina got up and so did I, we turned and faced Sam who was taking off his shirt whilst all the time staring at her huge tits. I started to unzip her skirt, but Sam moved over and said he would like Janina to pull your skirt up instead of taking it off. Being a good girl Janina started raising her skirt over her hips and up onto her lower stomach. Sam asked her to turn around and so she did a slow 360. He slipped off his trousers and his cock was bulging right at her. Janina then started sliding her panties down her legs and stood there naked.I’m totally fucking hot now and start quickly taking off my clothes, but she stopped me from taking off my shorts. Instead she slipped her hand down my shorts taking my cock in hand. Then she slid my shorts down and came to be kneeling in front of me. Sam also gets his cock out, but with a quick hiltonbet giriş smile Janina starts to suck the end of my penis and man I groan. Sam comes over and starts squeezing her massive tits while she sucks my cock.Before I can come Janina stops sucking me off and gets up – looking at Sam she says lets go to the bed room. When we got there she climbed on the bed looking dirty as fuck. Sam then couldnt wait anymore and so he spread her legs and got in between then, he puts his head between her legs and starts licking her – really its about 30 seconds before Janina is cumming in his face. Sam then gets up and pulls Janinas legs wider, he’s got a good cock on him and so he wanted to make a good entrance. He pushes Janinas long legs over his forearms and started rubbing the end of his penis up and down between her lips. Janina was so hot and excited! After just a few seconds of massaging her pussy with his penis the tip started making its way into place. He then starts his work, pushing back and forth, slowly at first trying to get his cock head inside her pussy. The head of his penis slipping deeper inside her. Then he started moving more quickly and sretched her legs more until the head of his penis entered her. Fuck she gave a good moan! I’m rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard now, Janina really likes that and occassionally I give her nipples a little bite…she’s being so naughty! Then Sam drives the shaft of his penis deeper inside her, lots of groaning now and the real fucking begins. Janina is getting a pounding but she still grabs my cock and thrashes it wildly. Sam pulled her legs up over his shoulders and started pile driving Janina so that she was screaming with joy – and then to my amazement Sam slipped his cock out of her pussy and started trying to get his cock into her ass! We’d only done anal once before, but here she was ready to give it up to a guy she had met a few hours ago! Sam was having some difficulty getting his cock head in her ass, so I grabbed some moisturiser off the bedside table and chucked it to him which he slapped on her anus. Now the groaning that happened before was nothing compared to the moaning which started now. Sam started working hiltonbet güvenilirmi his cock in the pile driver position down into Janinas ass, man it made her eyes water but she kept saying ‘carry on carry on’. Eventually he got his helmet in and then drove his cock up to his balls into her ass. I got onto the bed and held her ankles over her head and Sam started thrusting, slowly at first, but once Janinas ass had got used to his cock he started pounding her. What a screamer! It really was fucking amazing.After 5 minutes of some quite serious pounding Sam pulled his cock out of her ass and asked me to let go of her legs. He then kneeled over her, cock to her face and started asking her to suck him off. To my amazement she opened her mouth a little bit and let him slide his cock into her little mouth. She never had ass to mouth before! I was thinking what the fuck? Anyway I was way too horny to worry about that, watching Sam face fuck Janina. Sliding his cock head to the back of her mouth, which she couldnt take too well!But she didnt have to wait long as Sam lasted a few minutes before putting his cock on her chin and spraying her face and hair with his huge load. It looked like she had three guys come on her face. Sam then wiped his cock over her face covering his cock in his goo before easing his cock back into her mouth and asking her to suck more. Then he pulled out leaving her mouth full of his cum, which she swallowed – like she always does! Janina is a really good German girl!But she wasnt finished there, I was ready to blow my load from the spectacle I’d just watched. So I changed places with Sam and started to give her a face fucking of my own, which Janina really likes. I was so worked up I pushed my cock into her mouth up to my balls, which lead to more eye watering but she was still pushing my ass forward! Man she is a great girl!Then with my sperm getting ready to explode I pulled out and gave her another massive facial, all over her mouth and nose…she looked drenched in sperm. Not conent with letting her have only one load I used my cock to push my cum into her mouth and once it was full she swallowed the lot. Fucking awesome.We saved on a hotel and had a great session too, Sam got really lucky because not only did he get a great fuck in the night – Janina let him creampie her in the morning, before me! Made his weekend! Now we are just wondering if we should find a couple more friends for next time we are in London???Any suggestions welcome!

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