Girlfriend Turned Slutty


Here is a series of stories based on my wife and I having sexual experiences which include other males. We have met men online and these are the experiences that took place along the way from us dating up to today; we are now husband and wife. I will take a movie (everything we have ever done has a video (over 50) and watching these I tell the stories you are about to read.


Chapter One – we meet.

I am going through a divorce and living in an apartment trying to find that special someone in the near future. In the interim I am seeking a super sex charged release after months and months of no sex with my soon to be ex-wife. So I join an online swinger site and put up a profile to see if I can get any takers for my sexual exploration.

Being a white male with an affinity for black women I search the people in the nearby area and within a month or so I receive back a message from a five foot 36DD chested ebony princess that weighs 130 pounds. Through the email exchanges and phone conversations that follow she tells me that she is the daughter of a preacher and raised with religion as a first priority. Perplexed, I asked why she would be on a swinger site later in our newly budding relationship and everything clicked. She was a virgin until she was 24 years old and wanted to sew her wild oats so to speak, but I digress.

The weekend we were supposed to meet I called to ensure she was in fact coming and she agreed. My goal was to cook her fresh Mahi Mahi with my homemade Alfredo sauce and see if my magic would work. So the day gets here and I get a call that she is on her way but cannot find my apartment in the maze around the facility. Talking her through she manages to pull up and park in front of my second story apartment where I am looking out the sliding glass door and down to the sidewalk she is walking towards. Wearing a one piece black dress that clung to her body I watched her navigate to the sidewalk and up the steps thinking to myself this woman is HOT!

She knocks on the door and I open and say hello.

She says “Hi!”

All the while I am just standing there staring at her in disbelief that this is happening and she is that amazingly built with a nice mocha skin tone, short hair and a voice you want to absorb.

After a couple seconds she of just standing there oblivious to what I am doing “Can I come in now?” brings me back to reality.

“Sure, sure! Sorry about that.” My head was doing a thousand laps at the Indy 500 as I let her into the apartment and pull out a stool to the bar where her plate is sitting atop the counter top.

“Please have a seat and tell me what you think of the meal. It is Mahi Mahi with my Afredo sauce atop angel hair pasta and Brussel sprouts.”

She smiles and sits on the stool and thanks me for the generous meal she is about to eat.

I stood on the other side of the bar just smiling at her and taking in the wonderful sights that have been gracious enough to come my way.

“Wow this is really good. Did you make all this from scratch?”

“Yeah, my buddy and I chartered a boat and brought back 75 pounds of King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi each so I thought that would be a nice dinner for you.”

“Thanks Bill it was worth the trip already” she states as she enjoys another mouthful.

I walk over to the stereo and put on some music while we have small talk and when I come back over to the bar I stand at the edge where she is seated and just smile at her.

She looks up from the plate and smiles back while I appreciate her straight short deep black hair.

“May I touch your hair? It looks so nice.”

She gives me a little smile and says “Sure, but don’t mess it up.” And laughs out loud.

The evening is going very well and after her dinner I had Frank Sinatra on the stereo and asked her to dance.

She agreed and we are having a few drinks and slow dancing.

Being 6 feet tall her head is much lower than mine and she is a very petite woman but those large breasts are pressed into my chest making me feel a response downstairs. A few songs later and several drinks later I am holding her and looking into her eyes. “I want you so bad right now, I am sorry if this is abrupt but you are a beautiful woman Lisa.”

She puts her hands on my pockets of my shorts and motions her hands up and down in a bit of dismay like she is confused. “I haven’t figured you out yet. I am not sure if this is what I want to do right now and not sure we should rush into this. What if it isn’t to your liking and you never call me again or send me an email?”

Staring into her eyes “I will call you every day, send you emails and even fax you at the hospital if that is what you need to know this will not be a wasted opportunity. In several hours you have me in a trance that I cannot seem to get out of and just want more of you right now.”

She still is unsure and asks to use the restroom.

Pointing down the hall “First door on the left” and she walks away.

I open my bag and pop two Viagra to make sure I knock this out of the park by adding to my already screaming güvenilir bahis boner.

As the door opens she emerges and finds her way back into my arms in the living room.

Giving her a deep kiss while we are pressed together I can feel her begin to melt as our tongues start to play double Dutch in each other’s mouths. I bend down and pick her up under her knees and under her back.

Slightly startled at first she looks up at me with a smile and I carry her down the hallway to the bedroom.

After I slide her dress up over her head I see her breasts fully exposed and the large areolas with tightening nipples through the now fading summer sun shining through the bedroom window. I begin to suck the now diamond hard nipples while she pulls me in from the back of my head with both hands. Seconds later we are on the bed naked and starting to frolic.

With her on her back I work my way from her nipples down to her belly and then to her cleanly shaven love hole.

The first gentle lick she tenses up a bit and soon thereafter starts to relax while spreading her legs and moving my left hand up to her nipple.

I start to pinch the nipple while continuing to spread her lips, expose her swollen clit and lick like it is the last pussy I will ever taste. I feel her bucking and writhing into my face and her mound pressing against my nose as she nears orgasm.

Sucking and licking her clit I finger her sloppy hole and she starts to speed up the motions from her pelvis.

Seconds later I feel two hands on the back of my head and she holds me into her now pulsing pussy with every moan there is a clamping on my two fingers with her juicy channel.

She slows the motion to a complete halt while I am still licking papaya tasting juice from her soaked box.

Squirming from the extra sensitive clit I am darting my tongue over I move up close to her and start to kiss her.

Pulling her on top of me she starts to ride me while I hold the two large treasures on her chest and play with her nipples; sucking one and pinching the other and repeating with the opposite boobie.

All six plus inches of me is effortlessly going in and out of her as I feel the juices start to run down my balls.

We switch positions and I get her on all fours for a good pounding. Lining up behind her I give her one stroke to the base of the shaft.

She is moaning and pushing back into me as I am giving her everything I have.

Suddenly everything feels different now. Better. Warmer. Silkier than before.

When I look down from the dim light the master bedroom bathroom provides I see the condom is broken. The head of my cock pushed straight up through it.

“Well it has a hole in it now so if you have anything I have it now and vice versa.”

She looks back in disbelief as I hold the rubber up for her to see what has happened.

Viagra has given me hours of pussy time but this was unexpected. I toss the rubber on the floor and start pounding again.

We have been at it so long the pussy is much drier than it was when we started.

Many strokes later the orgasm of my life appears as I withdrawal and spray the most cum I have ever seen all over the back of her head and back.

We both collapse on the bed next to each other and pull each other tight.

“I have to go so I can be at work tomorrow on time.”

“Baby you can’t leave me now after all this. Sleep with me tonight and I will get you up anytime you like. I too have to work tomorrow and will be up 6AM sharp if that gives you enough time?”

Reluctantly she agrees and we both fall asleep in minutes.

The alarm is ringing as I awaken and find my new lucky charm beside me.

I give her a nice kiss and jump into the show as she gets dressed, which didn’t take long since she only had a dress on.

We make our way out the door and she starts to walk down the steps.

“I feel like a new born deer that can barely walk.”

“I have leg tightening too sweetheart, that was some mad lovemaking for sure.”

Laughing we head to the parking lot and exchange kisses as we depart.

Chapter Two – All my prayers have been answered

Weeks turn to months and eventually she moves into my apartment instead of driving 45 minutes every night and every morning. Nice conversations and the start of something amazing is what we both feel daily. That new love where you fuck every few hours and cannot get enough of a great thing. During the course of making love in many instances I would bring up to her that I would love to see her with other men. Especially if they could take her ass; I love the bum and her is incredible so I am eager to share this with another person. It was such a turn on talking about these things while I am on top of her and we were knocking on heaven’s door.

“I would love to see you with a guy or two, which would be amazing.”

She smiles and replies “Well maybe that will work out in our future!” to my delight.

“When we met online I was looking for swing partner as you already know but certainly not disappointed in türkçe bahis how this all worked out for us.”

Both laughing I clean the spunk from her tummy.

“How would that all work?” she asks looking perplexed.

“Well I could go online to the site we met each other and try to drum up males and you could reply to messages you are still getting with your account as well.”

She nods and pulls out her laptop as we peruse the messages she has with many eager men.

All the large cock pictures they have sent her is giving me another love staff while we read the messages.

It becomes clear that after weeks of messaging that no other males want me present or give the lame line “On the first time we are together I want you alone but after that your husband can join or watch.”

Months go by and neither of us have really had any success in getting a third man until we happen to find a local guy that is willing to come over.

I am on a chat messenger with him and talk through all the details that I will be there with camera in hand. He acknowledges and says he isn’t camera shy so we decide to move forward and have him come over.

We are waiting in the bedroom when the doorbell rings and both look at each other like wow this is going to happen.

Lisa walks to the living room and I to the front door and greet our new friend.

Some small talk later we eventually find ourselves in the bedroom naked and on the bed.

I am lying beside her when our new found friend starts to play with her large tits and kiss her.

Something seems a miss here. Like not something he is enjoying or wanting to do!? Trying to wrap my head around this I give him a condom and he affixes it to his member.

I hold her legs above her head while I am straddling her face and she is licking my balls waiting to see him enter her. She is wet and he is covered so I am going to see my long awaited moment of joy.

As he is trying to enter her his dick goes limp. So limp that he cannot push it inside her soaking wet hole.

Climbing off of her we look at each other like WTF?! I then slide down beside her while he is still between her legs and feel a hand on my ass cheeks.

He starts rubbing my ass and his erection is surfacing again.

We stare at each other in amazement finally figuring out why he is losing his boner.

“I usually don’t have these problems” he says laughing and smiling trying to curb the environment that is developing.

We both just smirk and tell him that there is always next time.

“Sorry about that.”

“No big deal.” We say as I start to escort him to the door while he is grabbing his clothes and getting dressed.

When I return Lisa is smiling from ear to ear.

“What is so funny babes?”

“You know why he couldn’t get hard for me right?”

“I have a sneaking suspicion” as I laugh.

“There was something wrong from the start” Lisa starts. “Things just seemed out of place”

“I concur my dear I concur. If he couldn’t get hard on with you then I have no faith at all in him is where I am.”

“He wanted YOU not me!” she blurts out laughing at this new unforeseen development in our trials.

Back to the drawing board.

My lease is about to expire on the apartment and Lisa and I are buying a house nearby. The house we selected was a nice duplex with a decent yard and at the end of a dead end street so there isn’t much traffic. Me flying all over the globe for work and the move has set us back in terms of seeking the ideal partner for her.

Months later we are back in the swing of things post move and trying to get a handle on how this should work. Pre-screening the males has become my job to ensure they have a dick bigger than mine and are not camera shy. Knowing I will be in the room and may participate or just watch and film is illustrated to every guy we try to meet.

After a trip home from the east coast one week I get home and we start to exchange conversations about what she found and what I found during our down time throughout the week. Since we cancelled her account and only use mine she would tell me folks that would seem interesting and I would do my job of seeing if they were a suitable candidate.

Opening my laptop and trying to get this evening in high gear I stumble across a guy that has given us his handle for an online messenger.

Lying in bed next to each other I start to show her what was said between us in the emails and the messages back and forth. Seemingly a decent person I start a chat session with this guy and he lives very close to us.

“Honey, I may have a great guy for us tonight!”

“Tonight!” she exclaims. “I don’t think that I feel up to this tonight babe.”

“Well he wants to know if he should head here or head home; he is at a coffee shop nearby.”

“Honey I don’t know…this is all of a sudden and I am not really prepared for this right now.”

“What if we do what we were talking about before? You wear a blindfold and don’t have to interact with him and I will tie your hands up so it is purely güvenilir bahis siteleri what he wants to do with you and that is it.”

“You are so spoiled! OK fine I will do this for you but remember no bum.”

I couldn’t agree with her quickly enough and typed it out to him that we are on and he should come right over.

He agrees of course and says he will be here in about 30 minutes.

We exchanged many pics before and his cock is very thick and every bit of seven inches so I am ecstatic to say the least. Is this finally the moment I have been waiting for?

I quickly grab the camera and put it on the tripod by the bed and hook up the charger.

“How do you want to be on the bed sweetie?”

“I think that I lay under the covers already naked and you tie my hands on the top of the headboard while I am wearing the blindfold.”

“If that works for you it will work for me!”

Lisa strips down and climbs under the comforter while I go through the closet trying to find neck ties I don’t mind destroying to tie her up and blindfold her with. Racing against the clock I manage to tie her hands and get one around her eyes to block her view and make sure it doesn’t come off.

He should be her any second and I start the camera so as not to miss a single moment of what should be the greatest 3some ever imagined to me.

Using the master bedroom restroom I am in the middle of a piss when the doorbell rings.

The camera focused on Lisa; she smiles while the gold and black tie covers her eyes and her hands still bound.

Running downstairs I meet the guy I have been talking to and explain to him that she is waiting upstairs with her hands tied and wearing a blindfold.

He smiles and agrees to follow me upstairs for my queen to take a strange dick. As he enters the room you can see his eyes focused on the body under the cover. He moves to the bed and starts to rub her titties under the comforter.

I walk over and remove the cover so the camera can pick up this entire scene with no interruption of view.

Jay begins to suck her hardening nipples and rub her mound gently with one hand and giving tender caress to the other fun bag. He then spreads her legs a bit so he can rub her honey hole and let his fingers dance inside her waiting pussy.

You can tell that he is excited as he gets from his knees on the bed to the floor so he can remove his shorts but still has one hand affixed to her shaven mound. With one hand he slides down his shorts and boxers and out pops the thickest dick I have ever seen in real life. It pops out from under the waistband of his boxers and bounces a bit when he decides to get back onto the bed on his knees beside Lisa. It looks even better in person than it did in the pics.

Pinching her nipples and making her areolas scrunch up around the nipples he starts to finger her hole. Massaging her tits he inches closer to her and is up against her right side.

While he is working her tits over my dick is so drippy with pre-cum I can feel the wetness in my boxers.

Jay then straddles her chest and she can feel the head of a new cock against her lips.

She starts to stick her tongue out and lick the head while grabbing the cock with the foot or two the ties allow for her movement from the headboard. Both hands tied together she puts both of them on the sides his rock hard member and starts sucking like a champ.

He is fucking her mouth and continuing to squeeze her big hangers but every so many seconds he would withdrawal from her mouth.

Her reaction was opening her mouth to receive it again and the process would start over.

Finally one time he held out for a few seconds which confused her since she cannot see what is happening and she smiles not knowing to suck again or if the dick was ever coming back.

He dismounts and grabs a condom I provided for him from the string packet of six and rolls it on. Grabbing her knees he spreads them and moves up between her legs. Rubbing the head of his thick member on her clit several times up and down he then lowers the head an inch and pushes into her sweet cunt.

“AHHHH!” Lisa lets out a moan having never felt a man this big until now.

The penetration depth and the stretching of her hole has her constantly moaning as he plunges deeper and harder with every stroke.

I am so excited I cannot help myself and take my dick in my hand; watching another man make my girl moan has given me a pleasure I never knew. My pre-cum providing enough lube to stroke my brick hard penis I watch in amazement to the pleasure my wife is receiving.

Slowing his motion in and out of Lisa he begins to rub her very swollen clit to further add to her moans.

As Jay speeds up the rhythm she starts letting out a huge moan as an orgasm is exploding all over his schwanse. He starts to pull all the way out to the head and rub her already stimulated clit making Lisa squirm on the bed.

Giving her single strokes from tip to balls making her twat swallow the entire man meat in one go, she is back to letting out sounds all over again but sounds I never heard before. Her pussy was getting really worked over hard and good with a massive member which furthered my desires and made me tingle all over like my entire body just hit its funny bone.

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