Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!! Ch. 03


Jasmine clutched the brush tightly up near its neck as she put the final scattered strokes into the evergreen forest – a lush but subdued backdrop to a fantastical portrayal of fire-breathing dragons and serpents. She added an acrylic veneer to smooth the backdrop. She leaned back and took a long drag from her twiddle stick as Coltrane’s piano, blasting through her large speaker in her small studio, descended into a mournful diminuendo.

She sat herself down and leaned back in a bean-bag chair, laying her head back, stroking her black, tightly-curled hair back from her forehead, her beautiful coffee-colored skin blending around full, pouting lips with large, full eyes decorated by glorious eye lashes. Wearing a sweatshirt and tight leotard, the sensuous curves of her long legs were nestled underneath the tight-fitting garment – she stretched her legs out, stroking her thigh up and down with one hand.

A local gallery was displaying a few of Jasmine’s more ambitious designs in the following week, and she had been working day and night to finish her last couple of paintings before the show, living on ramen noodles, Kentucky bourbon, and reefers. Amid her bohemian vibe, she snatched a glance at her smart-watch, that and her phone being the reach of the modern world she couldn’t escape. Ever since a high school career marred by drug binges and years of training at the Rhode Island Institute of Design where she supported her tuition by working nights as a waitress and dancer at a Warwick strip club, Jasmine had always yearned for a life of art, of music, and of literature that grappled ferociously with the cut-and-dried techno-yuppiness of many of her age-group. She was still proud, however, that she’d managed to avoid Twitter and Facebook, but knew she’d surrender to those too eventually. Although artsy, Jasmine had a cute little-girl streak in her that wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard her friend the tattoo artist tried to hide it with his masterpieces on her exquisite arms.

Her grumbling belly was happy when the knock came at the door. She smiled and rushed up to open it and thrust herself into her boyfriends’ embrace.

“Hey, honey-doll, you productive today, my girl?” Stuart kissed her gently on the lips and stroked her arms, letting her reach up for a longer, deeper kiss. Jasmine’s mother was black and her father was Jewish, but from her mixed-race household she launched herself into the world of black culture, every one of her several boyfriends over the years being taller, black men who – coincidentally – tended to be in the computers/IT profession – useful friends to fix her all-too-often computer mishaps.

“Not a bad day at all, sweetie,” she grasped his hand and they headed out onto the street to find some dinner. “I’m almost done with this painting, and that larger sea-creature one I was showing you the other day takes only a bit more work, should be a day.”

“Awesome, can’t wait for your show, you’ll be so pretty showing off your pieces – gotta help you pick some stylish, demure, yet sexy outfit for that!!” he laughed out loud and she giggled as she gave Stuart another kiss.

They relaxed at a bar over beers and then had a quiet dinner in another local dive bar. At the end of dinner, he suggested they take a trip out to a local movie premier the next night.

“But Stuart, remember? I told you I’d be busy tomorrow night. You coming this time, baby? Please!!”

Stuart sat rigidly back in his chair, his smile slowly evaporating from his face. Jasmine wore a frown, knowing what he was about to say. “Jasmine, dear, I’ve told you how I feel about all that stuff you still do,”

“That ‘stuff’ is something I’ve been doing for years, you know that. We have fun, it’s a release!”

“C’mon,” he chuckled, “I told you I’d get you an XBox or something! For your ‘release'” he grinned as he gave her the air-quotes. “It’s just, like-“

“I know what I’m doing, babe, you know I’m good-“

“Just ankara escort not safe! I don’t wanna get a call from one of these loony lady friends of yours telling me you got hurt!! You really could.”

“I know I could, dear, we all know we could get hurt – but that’s part of the rush it gives me! That’s why it’s so exciting and empowering!”

“And then you’re all – like – like-“

“Kissing each other?” she smiled at him with a flirtatious wink, “kissing each other … and stuff?!”

“Precisely, it’s not normal!”

“You had your homo moments too, dear, I know that. And Stuart, we don’t live in Victorian England, lots of people do this stuff, have all sorts of desires and games they play! The unlucky ones just get to play in their mind-“

“Where it’s safe and no one get’s hurt.”

“But it’s not real. This is real. That’s why it’s so awesome. And you know I want you to see me at it, how many times have you ducked out.”

“I went that one time and saw those other girl friends of your-“

“Those weren’t my friends!! I told you I hate them. They’re not very good anyway.”

“I don’t care good or bad, I just don’t like it and-“

“Would you go if I told you it would turn me on?! To have you there, seeing me all dressed up for the show?! Sweetie, you’d like it, I promise you, you’d like my outfit a lot this time! You’d love it!”

Stuart studied his hands on the table, groaned, but smiled a bit. “Probably would, but would hate it once that bell rang.”

Jasmine and Stuart sipped their after-dinner drinks and ice cream while watching sitcoms in his apartment before heading to bed early. Jas tried to unload her finest charms in bed to entice him to come watch her the next evening, but Stuart held firm. This would have to be her scene alone, without his support. She was disappointed, but defiant.

After a long day back in the studio, interrupted by two long walks around the nearby park to clear her head while sipping a mocha latte and listening to grunge rock, Jasmine ate a small snack of nuts and headed to the arena.

Her counterpart across the ring this evening would be Jen, a tall, thin brunette with wide smile, long, dark-brown hair, pale, freckled complexion, and the most marvelous, tight, bubble-butt Jasmine had ever seen. They greeted each other with a smile and hug in the parking lot – Jen had been Jasmine’s classmate at RISDE, before giving up on a job designing backgrounds for webpages and embracing her passion for dance, now working as a dancer and main choreographer for a northeast university dance troupe. Jen had arrived at the arena wearing her tightest of mini-skirts and a tank-top which spent its energy nestling her breasts up and out for their viewer’s delight. Jasmine, after her long day in the studio, welcomed her school-friend wearing torn jean-shorts and a ragged blue sweatshirt.

A half-hour later, the crowd erupted. Jasmine made her way in toward the ring, black sheer hose up to her waist with no panties, revealing her naked bush and ass underneath, and above? She lifted her breasts up for the crowd so they could cheer her topless form. She smiled and waved, jumping up into the ring, rolling under the lowest rope, jumping up to shout and wave to the onlookers.

Jen chose a more flirtatious look, prancing in toward the ring in a white lace bra, short red-plaid kilt-skirt (no panties, in proper kilt fashion), her long white legs naked flowing gorgeously down into knee-high black leather boots.

The girls greeted each other happily in the center of the ring, collapsing into a long, deep french kiss and tight hug before standing hand-in-hand to wave to the cheering crowd.

Jen leaned over to kiss Jasmine gently on the cheek, whispering into her ear, “Love you, babe, hope you enjoy this, I know I will.”

Jasmine kissed her back, “Great to see you, I can’t wait – I’m going to beat your fuckin ass so bad, you’ve never had the escort ankara shit beaten out of you like I’m going to right now. Gonna break you!”

The two broke apart and quickly collided in the mid-ring, grappling arms until Jen managed to grasp a fistful of Jasmine’s tightly-curled hair to pull her into a strong side-headlock, twisting sidewards and up and down violently to wrench the squeeze tighter, drawing muffled squeals from the trapped topless girl. Jas tried in vain to kick her opponent with her stockinged legs.

With her head still trapped, Jasmine wrapped her arms from behind around Jen’s thin waist, pulling her skirt up as she took a strong hold, trying to lift the girl up off the mat. She screamed, trying and trying.

“No!! No!!” Jen now let out a high-pitched shriek of her own as Jasmine, still in the painful headlock, pulled the kilted girl up in the air, Jen kicking in frustration and fear as Jasmine collapsed backward, slamming Jen hard and painfully to the mat on her head. The tight headlock instantly released as Jen rolled back and forth on the mat in pain. Jasmine rolled out of her friend’s reach and struggled to get back to her feet, shaking the cobwebs out of her head. As Jas moved behind Jen to grab her off the floor by the hair, the brunette’s long legs flung upward, a hard boot to Jasmine’s face.

“You think you can get around me, yo little cunt?!” Jen hissed as she spun herself around to grab Jasmine by the face, clawing at her eyes and nose and mouth, working the pretty girl’s face as she caught her own breath. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,” Jen growled through gritted teeth as she squeezed harder on Jasmine’s eyes and nose, “you fuckin bitch! Now you scream!!”

Jasmine was yanked to her feet and instantly felt Jen’s hard knee smash between her legs, huge pussy pain drawing tears, Jen waiting not a second before twisting Jasmine’s left arm over her head, putting pressure on the tight arm bar.

“NO!! Jen!! Please!! Let me go!”

Jen wrung her friend’s arm up and down savagely, holding the tightly twisted arm with one hand around the wrist while slapping Jasmine’s naked breasts with the other. “No,” Jen pursed her lips, shaking her head as Jasmine looked at her friend with tearful, pleading eyes. “No, sweetheart, you’ll take it-“


“Yes, you can take more. I’ll give you more. I’m loving breaking your arm, darling,” she sneered as she swung Jasmine’s tortured wrist above her head to pull the arm into a second twist, Jasmine now fondling and patting her own breasts with her free hand to distract herself from the pain, half-bent over as Jen pulled her agonized arm up behind her back. Jasmine screamed and cried.

“I’ll lick you out! Now! I lick you!”

“And finger me!” Jen shouted back, wringing the arm up and down, “you lick AND finger me or I break your fucking arm, you bitch whore!!”

“Yes!! Yes!!”

Jen instantly let Jasmine out of her grasp, patting her now kneeling friend on the head and kissing her lightly on the forehead as the poor topless girl cried and rubbed her sore arm. Jen let her sob for a moment and then stood in front of Jasmine, spread her long legs apart, and lifted her skirt up, unfurling her daintily-trimmed bush. “I welcome your tongue, Jas,” Jen smiled as Jasmine rose up to embrace her pussy with her open mouth, licking at first gently and then with wilder and wilder strokes as Jen screamed in delight. “Yes!! Lick me! More! Deeper! Fondle me!” and indeed she gasped as Jasmine’s tongue fondled her clit, spreading her labial folds with her fingers and finally penetrating with two of her longest finger-thrusts.”

“I lick you, I softly finger you now,” she kissed Jen’s wet pussy again and again, “and soon I’ll own this pussy-“

“No! Don’t stop!!”

“I’ll bite it and torture it with my fingers-“

“No you won’t-!!”

“and spread you wide and pound it!!”

“Just lick me out!!”

Jasmine dazzled ankara escort bayan Jen’s clit once more with a tongue-lashing until the brunette cummed, and then pulled back, sitting on her knees, panting, breathing hard.

“Thank you for letting me go, for not breaking my arm, babe.”

Jen pulled her skirt back up, without pause, quickly grasped the kneeling Jasmine by the hair, and closed-fist punched her in the face over and over and over again until Jen was again a weeping mess on the mat. As the beaten girl slowly dragged herself back up onto her hands and knees, Jen flung herself off the ropes to deliver a hard drop-kick to her face.

Jasmine lay there senseless, her large, naked, sweating breasts heaving up and down as she gasped for air, aimlessly kicking her tightly-stockinged gorgeous legs back and forth to keep her mind working

Jen stood up, wiped her hands together, and smiled to the crowd. “I think she’s done!! You think she’s done?! Do I let her go?!?! Tell me!!” Jen ran to the turnbuckle and climbed up to the second rope, raising her arms in victory and waving.

She was so ecstatic she didn’t hear the gasp from the crowd as Jasmine had pulled herself up to her feet behind her and violently pulled Jen backward off the ropes, slamming her back into the mat.

Jasmine knew her chance was a small one to be seized and without any sense of fanciness or fanfare jumped down on top of her sexy schoolgirl-clad friend, grabbed her hair, and delivered one hard punch after another to her screaming face. “Fuck you, cunt! I wreck you now!!” Jasmine screamed at the top of her lungs as she flipped Jen prone and began yanking her poor arms up behind her. Jen’s full breasts seemed to want to jump out of her white bra as Jasmine yanked her head and neck up and back into a camel clutch.”

Jen groaned in agony as Jasmine proceeded to pound her knees into her back, torturing the poor girl until she was forced to kneel and raise her arms in a begging pose. “Mercy! Please.Jasmine! Mercy! I can’t-!”

“I don’t know the meaning of that word, cunt-ass bitch,” Jasmine hissed as she pulled Jen up by a strong two-handed face-claw. Ripping Jen’s lace bra off from the front, she spun around to choke her from the back with the bra strap, Jen waving her hands out in desperation as the air was cut off. “Fuckin whore!” Jasmine growled, ripping her friend’s skirt off and instantly reaching down to violently yank Jen’s ankles back out from under her, sending the poor boots-only clad broad smashing face-first into the match. Jen kicked and screamed as Jasmine struggled to pull off her tight leather boots and proceed to twist her left ankle in all sorts of unnatural directions, finally flipping her over to drop the leg down, savagely hyperextending her knee.

Jen waved and cried and begged as Jasmine gritted her teeth, pouring more force into the painful leg twist. “No!! No!! NO JASMINE! NO!! It won’t! I can’t!!”

Jen pulled herself up by her elbows, sitting up with her back against the turnbuckle as Jasmine continued to work the leg and drop punishing knee slams into her crotch. Jasmine quickly thrust her arm into Jen’s midsection, grabbing a tight fistful of Jen’s pussy, slowly lifting her wretchedly up onto her feet by a pube-pull. Jen screamed and cried and begged, Jasmine finally ramming three of her fingers up Jen’s vag, pushing up hard to make the momentary pleasure evaporate into pain!!

“Please!! I can’t!! MERCY!! Submit! I SUBMITTTTTTTT!!”

Jasmine gave her opponent’s snatch an extra finger-thrust and knee jab for good measure and then pulled back, weakly smiling, happy to still be wearing her dark pantyhose while smiling at her naked, sobbing victim.

Jasmine was certainly still sore herself as she staggered forward and gave Jen a long, deep French kiss, rubbing her naked, sweating snatch, now gently, until it produced a different sort of wetness. Jen moaned, curbing her tears as she kissed Jasmine back, fondling her opponents breasts and lowering her head to suck on one nipple, then the next.

Jasmine and Jen held hands to slowly, weakly walk out of the arena together and collapse onto a locker-room bed arm-in-arm …

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