Girls night in pt 2


Girls night in pt 2It’s been almost 3 weeks since me and Jade had our lesbian experience, we haven’t spoken much since. I was worried did I do something wrong? Or was it just simply she was busy? Anyway I managed to phone her and we arranged to meet again to go out for a meal, everything seemed normal on the phone so I assumed everything was ok. I could never forget are lesbian experience it felt so right, she was coming over at 6.00 straight from her collage the meal wasn’t until 8.00. It was the beginning of summer break so we planned to go out shopping for the weekend before saying goodbye as she leaves to visit her parents for the summer. I quickly tidied up but wished the time would go faster as I desperately wanted to know if what we did before is leading anywhere relationship wise or if it was just a one off. I did fancy Jade and wanted a relationship with her question was did she? I planned to ask her at dinner, just as I straightened up the cushions on the chair so I herd the door open. Jade entered she was dressed in a casual red dress, she smiled flicking back her hair from her face and resting her bag down on the chair she then said “Hi, I’ve missed you” putting her arms around me, I hugged her back and said “you to its been so long” Jade replied “I know sorry but I have been finishing collage work along with packing for the summer and ordering train tickets. “ I hope you grandbetting yeni giriş “didn’t think I was avoiding you” I laughed gently and replied “sort of I wasn’t sure if last time I did something wrong” I was glad Jade asked and we were being honest I felt that I should ask her now about a relationship rather than later. Jade lifted up my hand and said “hay you were perfect and you have taught me a lot about myself” I had to ask her “Jade. I was thinking it felt right what we did last time and I thought well maybe we should be more then friends?” Jade took a step back and her face lit up “you serious I …” before she even ended her sentence she lunged towards me and kissed my lips. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was, again I felt jades lips press firmly against mine and could taste her red cherry lip gloss I was very turned on! The phone began to ring, we continued kissing, grinding our bodies against each other the machine answered a deep male voice spoke “hello this is a message for miss Hannah Wilts, its Tom from the downtown restraint we do apologise but we have overbooked your reservation and I’m afraid we will have to cancel. But if you wish to book another date we will make sure you have a complimentary drink on us and a discount with your meal. Me and jade stopped kissing, “dam I was going to shower before we went out, do you mind if I quickly grandbetting giriş have one now?” Jade said. I replied “of course I don’t mind. I have some stakes and chips in the freezer so I will put them in the oven and then get changed into my Pjs we can just stay in” Jade said you sure “I feel bad not helping” I laughed and said “just go and have your shower” Jade picked up her wash bag, she turned to walk as I kissed her on the cheek and gently slapped her bum. She smiled and walked into the bathroom. I finished putting the stake and chips in the oven; I was humming to myself and got changed into my light nylon Pjs and then remembered I had not put any towels in the bathroom for Jade, I quickly got one for my room and headed to the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar I knocked and said “ Jade I have a towel here for when you are finished” Jade replied “ ok can you put it on the side for me next to my clothes” I slowly pushed the bathroom door open and saw behind the steamy shower door the back of jades wet body. Her hair had been flatted against her back by the water. I then saw a mixture of soap and water flow down her back freely, sliding over her perfect peachy bum and down her legs. I walked slowly in and placed the towel on the side along with her clothes; Jade opened the shower door and grabbed my arm pulling me into the shower with my Pjs on! We grandbetting güvenilirmi began to kiss once more as my hands shot all over Jades slippery wet boobs and body, she raised her leg around my thighs pressing me against the shower glass, my Pjs had stuck to my skin and my frilly orange pants had been forced down by Jades leg, as we began to make out. I kept kissing / licking Jade around the lips, I saw her put some shower gel on her hands, she dropped the bottle on the floor and I felt her press her hands on my bum before massaging in the shower gel, she stroked my back as I began to kiss her neck moving towards her chest. My mouth wrapped around her boobs as I began to suck her nipples, I moved my hand down her body and with two fingers I rubbed her fanny teasing her by sticking one finger in. I then reached out of the shower to the sink and picked up my tooth brush I moved it down to her fanny and slid it up and down as she pressed my head against her chest and began to moan. She took her hand off my head and got her tooth brush which was on the towel she put it in-between my legs and began to rub me with it before putting inside me. I stopped sucking her boobs and we began kissing again.Sliding our toothbrushes in and out of each other we both came almost at the same time after we had finished having our orgasm I withdrew my toothbrush from Jade and put it in my mouth removing the cum. Jade did the same with hers, I turned off the shower and we stood out hot and wet jade helped me to take off my soaked Pj top. We shared a towel and dried each other off kissing and touching in-between, we then got dressed and went to the living room to have dinner and watch TV.

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