Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 40


Looking over at Jodie, Miss White could see that she, in turn, was looking at the strap-on sitting on the coffee table. She had the itch, obviously, and since she had been good that day, Miss White decided to indulge her.

After snapping the harness into place Miss White took a seat on the couch and invited Jodie to straddle her. Jodie didn’t need to be asked twice; she hopped up and knelt with her legs on either side of Miss White’s, pressing her pussy lips against the tip of the dildo.

Taking a deep breath, Jodie sank onto the thick mushroom head, then paused for a few seconds; took a couple more inches, then paused again; then sat all the way down onto the formidable phallus. She braced herself against Miss White and rotated her hips a little, savoring the feeling of complete fullness. For a while Jodie moved up and down slowly on the shaft; then Miss White took hold of her hips and began to give it to her faster and harder.

Sasha, meanwhile, had been mirroring Miss White’s actions once again, donning her strap-on and positioning Sofia on her lap. As she was penetrated, Sofia had a far-away look in her eyes. In fact she was thinking of her boyfriend back home; she missed him from time to time. When she came to America she’d never imagined that she would end up in a den of lesbian iniquity like Alpha Beta Delta, and though she was certainly enjoying exploring these new aspects of her sexuality with the Sisters, just for a moment she imagined that it was Giorgio’s cock plunging into her.

Sofia’s reverie was interrupted by Jodie, who began to emit a high-pitched keening sound as she approached orgasm. She moved rapidly up and down on Miss White’s lap, boobs bouncing wildly and glasses hanging askew. Feeling suddenly competitive, Sasha tightened her grip on Sofia’s ass and began to grind into the Italian girl’s pussy with all her strength. Sofia soon forgot about home, and about Giorgio, and about everything except the gigantic climax she could feel coming.

By the time Miss White and Sasha were done with them, Jodie and Sofia were barely able to walk. But it was getting late, so Miss White helped Jodie up the stairs, and Sasha did likewise with Sofia. Before long the house was quiet, another decadent day finally at its end.

* * *

There was a flurry of action at Kristin’s house Friday morning, starting with the Santinis showing up for breakfast bright and early. Jim Thompson and Carl Santini were on their way to a town about an hour away for a football game; they would be gone for the rest of the weekend. Everybody in both families knew that this was just an excuse for them to spend a couple days drinking beer, but no one begrudged them the indulgence.

Kristin’s mom Carol and Mrs. Santini, Lina, always got an early start on Black Friday. By 8 AM all four adults were gone and Kristin and Jenny Ankara escort had the house to themselves. When they had finished their coffee Kristin took Jenny by the hand and led her to the living room.

Kristin removed Jenny’s robe, then her own, and they had a nice morning 69 right there on the living room couch. Afterward they lay naked together under a blanket, savoring the peace and stillness.

But Kristin’s mind had been working and before long she had their next adventure all planned out. Untangling herself from Jenny, she went to the hall closet and got out the matching long black overcoats she and her mother had bought a few years previously. These were fancy items that didn’t see much daily use; they still looked brand new. Standing Jenny up, Kristin held open her mother’s coat and helped Jenny into it.

At first Jenny felt a bit weird being naked inside Carol’s coat, but she decided to think of it as a fun, naughty little indiscretion that didn’t hurt anybody. Kristin draped her own coat over her shoulders and disappeared upstairs for a minute; when she returned the coat was fully buttoned and belted, and she was smiling impishly in anticipation of the fun to come.

Kristin took hold of Jenny’s arm and steered her down the block to Nicola’s. Kristin knew where to find the hide-a-key if she needed it, but the front door was unlocked. She felt no qualms whatsoever about walking into the Santinis’ home as if it were her own; she’d been doing so for as long as she could remember.

They crept upstairs to Nicola’s bedroom, where she was still fast asleep, laying on her back with one arm draped over her head. Kristin and Jenny removed the belts of their coats and each gently took hold of one of Nicola’s wrists. Before she was awake enough to know what was happening, both of Nicola’s arms were tied to the head of her bed.

As it dawned on Nicola what was transpiring, her nipples sprang to life and her pussy began to lubricate. Kristin rummaged through Nicola’s closet until she found two leather belts, which she and Jenny used to bind Nicola’s ankles to the foot of the bed. Nicola struggled a little, just for show; in truth was she was completely on board with whatever Kristin had in mind for her.

“Morning,” said Kristin.

Nicola looked at Kristin, over at Jenny, back at Kristin. “Um, good morning.”

“Hungry?” asked Kristin.

Nicola smirked. “I could eat.”

Kristin nodded to Jenny, who unbuttoned her coat and let it fall open to reveal her naked body. Nicola bit her lip; she knew what was coming, or at least what she hoped was coming. Jenny slipped out of the coat and hung it up carefully, wondering if she’d left behind any pubic hair or pussy juice.

Jenny had enough experience now to know how to put on a show for her mistress. Facing Nicola — but with her eyes on Kristin Ankara escort bayan — she cupped her breasts, then ran a hand down through her pubic fur and between her legs. She was quite wet down there; she coated one finger and brought it to her mouth.

Nicola licked her lips. She was ready right now, but there was nothing she could do about it, tied as she was. She would just have to wait.

Jenny moistened the finger again, then offered it to Kristin, who sucked it with lip-smacking gusto. Nicola whimpered, and Kristin leaned over and whispered something to Jenny, who nodded.

Moving to the bed, Jenny bent over and kissed Nicola on the mouth. Nicola could taste a little girl juice on Jenny’s lips, and she explored Jenny’s mouth with her tongue looking for more.

Jenny broke the kiss and stood dangling her tits over Nicola’s face, just out of reach. She rather enjoyed being in this position of power over the girl who had been so snotty to her the day before. But her nipples were throbbing, eager for attention, so she gradually lowered her chest down to Nicola’s mouth.

Jenny let Nicola suckle on her boobs for a good long time before she began to trail the rest of her body up along Nicola’s mouth. At last Jenny took up a position straddling Nicola’s head and braced herself against the headboard as Nicola’s tongue wiggled up into her pussy.

With her face buried in Jenny’s crotch, Nicola never knew that Kristin had been wearing a strap-on under her coat until she felt it pushing into her. She gasped and started to beg for mercy; the massive cock was too much, it was more than she could take. But her pleas were smothered by Jenny’s cunt and before long she had started to relax, the initial pain turning to pleasure as Kristin stroked skillfully in and out.

Once Nicola had been well and thoroughly fucked, Jenny asked if she could be next. Seeing how eager she was, Kristin decided to mess with her a little. “I dunno, Jen, I’m feeling kind of tired,” she said. Disappointed, Jenny looked at her with a pleading little pout. Kristin grinned. “Well, what will you do for me?”

“Anything,” answered Jenny. “What do you want?” They both laughed at that, because they knew perfectly well that Jenny always did whatever Kristin wanted anyway. But it was a fun game to play.

“Go grab me some ice cream,” said Kristin, and when Jenny left the room she looked over at Nicola, who was still tied hand and foot to the bed.

“I take it all back,” said Nicola.

“Hmm?” said Kristin. She had been contemplating her next move, envisioning that she would jam the juice-coated strap-on into Nicola’s mouth, make her suck it for a while, then pull out. Then she would unharness and make Nicola eat her cunt… in her mind’s eye all this unfolded in a split second, and she was unprepared for conversation. Escort Ankara “You take what now?”

“Every bad thing I thought about Jenny. I take it all back. She’s amazing.”

Kristin was both pleased and annoyed. “I know that,” she said. Flashing back to Thanksgiving dinner, she was irritated by Nicola’s bitchiness all over again and felt the urge to give her another spanking. But looking into Nicola’s big blue eyes, Kristin could tell that she was sincerely repentant, and decided to let it go. She reached over and untied the belt holding Nicola’s right hand, which would allow her to free herself, though she didn’t seem in any particular hurry to do so.

Jenny, meanwhile, went down the stairs and stood for a moment on the landing, basking in the warm sunlight streaming in through the house’s eastward-facing window. Then she realized that she was standing there naked in full view of the whole neighborhood, though at the moment no one was around. The thought of being seen there gave her a delightful little tingle all over.

Finally Jenny turned toward the kitchen but as she was approaching the door, Lina Santini came walking out carrying a bottle of white zinfandel. Jenny blushed beet red and tried to cover herself, one hand across her chest and another over her crotch. She felt like she should say something, try to explain herself, but no words came out; all she could do was stutter, “Um… I… err…”

Lina raised her hand to say stop. “It’s OK, honey. Really. Sorry for surprising you.” She met Jenny’s eyes, and there was something in that look that Jenny found immediately calming, and also a little arousing. “It was beyond crazy at the mall, so Carol and I decided to have some fun at home instead. Carry on,” she said, and headed for the front door. She opened it and left, but not before looking back to watch Jenny walk into the kitchen. As the door closed she was shaking her head and muttering to herself.

Back upstairs, Jenny handed Kristin the half-full pint of Ben & Jerry’s she’d found and a spoon, opting not to mention her awkward moment with Nicola’s mom. She still felt a little self-conscious, but the need in her pussy was even worse than it had been before, so she decided to do just what Lina had said: carry on. As Kristin sat down and dug into the ice cream, Jenny mounted her and started bouncing up and down on her strap-on.

After having a few bites Kristin fed one to Jenny. Seeing Nicola on her knees with her mouth open, Kristin gave her one too, then dabbed a little bit onto Jenny’s clit and had her lick it off.

Jenny came hard, screaming so loudly that she wondered, afterwards, whether Carol and Lina might have heard her two doors down. “Jeez, Jenny,” said Kristin, digging a finger into her ear. “I think I’m deaf in this ear now.”

As she climbed out of Kristin’s lap Jenny blushed again, though not quite as hard as she had when running into Lina Santini while naked. Kristin took off the strap-on, spread her legs wide, and slowly and methodically polished off the rest of the pint as Jenny and Nicola licked her pussy.

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