Giving her a good soaking

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Giving her a good soakingIt had taken long enough to organize, but it was worth it. Finally she was there, lying on her back, her white thong already darkening where it pressed against her wet, ready pussy. But we weren’t here for pussy. No, the 6 of us, footballing mates from a Sunday league side, were here to fulfill a fantasy – hers and ours – that centered on her tits and our cum. And now, as she lay in front of us, coyly looking each of us in the eye, running her tongue over her lips, we couldn’t wait.”Oh boys,” she said, breathlessly. “I do hope you’ve been saving it all up for me.””Fuck” said Reg, our goalie. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hardening cock. “Fuck.” He was talking to himself, hypnotized by the sight of her gorgeous 38 D tits, naked ready and waiting as she lay on her back. His hand moved to his member, stiffening by the second.She pulled on her nipples and gave a gasp. “Oh!! It was a genuine noise of shock and pleasure rolled into one. She pulled again, and then slapped each tit hard enough to make herself moan. She closed her eyes, lost in her own world. In a few moments were all there with her. And with Reg. Trousers around our ankles, cocks in hands, lost in concentration as we gazed on her display. She had the most incredible tits – smooth skin, large, firm nipples, pendik escort a combination of size and softness that made you want to kiss, suck and tease them. Or – like she was doing now – to grab and pummel and knead them. Once again she grabbed a tit hard and with the other hand slapped it, really hard, so that she winced and then smiled and gasped, panting now at the excitement. Her eyes had a wild look.Jeff, our centre back, was panting too, his heavy hard cock in his hand, pre cum dripping off the end. The vein in the side was pulsing. The end was engorged, almost purple, he was so excited. Each of our cocks was the same, but Jeff was the closed to cumming, you could tell from the way his breathing had shallowed, and from the glassy look in his eyes. It was almost like he was having a religious experience.She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, like she was willing it to cum for her. She pulled hard on her nipples, but at the same time was almost ignoring them. She was completely intent on his hand sliding up and down his shaft and the other hand cupping his balls.Then he let out a long, low moan. He knew it was coming. He dropped to his knees. At the same time, she gave her tits an extra hard slap and cried out in that weird mixture of agony and ecstasy. Then he came.”Came” doesn’t really cover it.Jeff escort pendik had been edging for a week he’d told us, over beer in the pub before hand. Preparing himself, he’d said. Making sure he made the most of the moment. Making sure she got a good load.She did that.I swear his cock actually jumped in his hand, like a weapon, as it spurted, the first shot falling onto her belly, then the rest reaching further, spraying his heavy load of hot, white, salty cum over her tits. Considering he was shaking, his aim was pretty good. He managed six good hard spurts of semen, soaking her tits, before he started to slow down. The final few spurts didn’t reach her tits, but still left a good pool of white cum on her smooth, tanned belly.For a moment I stopped wanking in awe. She had slipped her hand inside her thong and as he came, she had frantically rubbed her clit until she came too.Then she brought her hands up to her cum covered tits, took a fingerful and put it into her mouth, sucking noisily.”Mmmmm ….,” she said in her sluttiest possible tone. “Tasty. Good boy, Jeff.”That was enough.We all set about wanking even harder, but the sight of Jeff’s cum and her sluttiness pushed us over and one by one, panting, moaning, we unloaded our balls, shooting our loads with greater or lesser accuracy until her tits were pendik escort bayan drenched in a sticky covering of warm, hot, salty white cum. Finally, only I was left, my hand moving slowly up and down my shaft, my balls tight underneath, ready to explode. She looked at me in the eye, archly, lips parted, fingers frigging her soaking pussy, panting. And she nodded.That nod did it. It was both an order and an acceptance of the inevitable all at once.I closed my eyes, breathed in, and let go.Fuck. I’d never thought that I could produce so much cum. It must have been the edging, and the sight of her tits in reality, rather than on a computer screen. It was enough to make me completely lose it.My cock was something like a firehose of cum, shooting it over her in a series of long, heavy spurts. I could feel my balls contracting with each spurt, pushing the loads of cum out, my back arching, my body convulsing. Again and again I shot, spraying her with my cum. Over both tits it went, and onto her shoulders and chin and onto her lips. Each shot was accompanied by a deep grunt. When it finally stopped, she was writhing in another orgasm, using one hand to press a cum-covered tit to her mouth, the other to desperately rub her clit.Then her orgasm ebbed away. She looked at us all surrounding her, panting, emptied, sated. She looked us each in the eye, a smile flickering on her lips. “Thank you, boys,” she panted, breathily. And she gave a deep-throated moan of intense satisfaction as the aftershock of her orgasm ran through her.

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