gloryhole fun


gloryhole funit was on a nasty october day didnt work becuse the wether was bad had nothing to do so i decided to hit this one out of the way adultbook store i knew was feeling good that day and i knew the gloryhole there was always going i was there for about 10 minutes when i said hell i need marsbahis güvenilirmi it lol went on got on my knees and put my fingure true the hole to see if i could get anything i started to suck the one that came true the hole was sucking good and hard he shot fast marsbahis yeni giriş was very disapointed as after he left was just sitting there i got up to go figureing no play when i opened the door i seen 4 guys standing there all with there cocks out i looked at them marsbahis giriş and just got on my knees the first one had about a 9 inch cock hard as hell he just walked up grabed the back of my head and ramed it in my mouth pulling it all the way out slapping me in the face calling me a cock sucking fag then haveing me suck him more his freinds pulled my ass up and toke turns fucking my ass gods did it hurt so good ad they didnt even use lube but i was in coc heven lol when it was all said and done i had cum dripping down my face and down my thighs i was very well used

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