God is a Woman

Allie Sin

“We are in a relationship, aren’t we?” Natasha asked Tamara who was sitting across the table from her. They were in a fancy Thai restaurant. Tamara’s hand stopped midway to her mouth. She looked up and Natasha, smiled teasingly, “I wouldn’t say that.” Natasha smiled back knowingly and a little apologetically. “But we are,” she insisted. “We are together all the time.” Tamara simply raised her eyebrows and said, “No…and you know it.”

Natasha and Tamara worked in the same office. Both were Instructional Designers in a leading e-learning company. While Natasha was at least one year older in the company, Tamara had joined a few months back at a much higher designation. In her brief period there, Tamara had been put in-charge of their biggest name client who was on the verge of leaving. Not only had she succeeded in retaining the client but had turned them around to from being just the biggest name in the company’s kitty but also their biggest revenue client. She was considered the rockstar of the organisation now, drawing equal parts of awe and envy. Not that Tamara particularly cared about either – happy to just do what she had to do, to the best of her abilities.

Tamara was regarded as snobbish and unapproachable by most of her colleagues. That didn’t bother Tamara either. She got along with all members of the team she worked with – and good working relationships was what was important to her. She wasn’t particular about winning popularity contests or making a ton of friends. She knew that there would eventually be some people with whom she’d end up hanging out once in a while.

Then, in a rare training session for Instructional Designers that she attended, Tamara saw Natasha. Petite, at 5’2″, Natasha was all curves, laughter and smiles. She looked like Scarlett Johansson, but more beautiful, with full lips. Her large eyes were the colour of the deepest red wine and her shiny hair of the same deep, deep red was cut in a bob. She sparkled the room, open, friendly and surrounded by people. Tamara had a visceral reaction to her. Abandoning her usual policy of keeping to herself, Tamara put herself out to know Natasha.

When Tamara first started seeking her for short breaks within the work day, Natasha didn’t know how to handle it. Though she hadn’t worked with Tamara directly, she had heard enough about her celebrity status within the organisation and about her standoffishness, to be slightly intimidated. Also, Tamara was older. Nine years older than Tamara’s twenty-eight. And she seemed to be really intense. So Natasha ensured that the called a couple of other friends on each break. She started noticing Tamara more and more in these interactions. Tall and lithe, Tamara insisted she was overweight, but it didn’t show at all. Tamara walked with a spring in her step with a confidence that made it seem she owned the world. Her dark brown eyes were like molten chocolate and wavy dark hair framed her face ending just under her shoulders. She saw that Tamara didn’t particularly care about the other people who were with them, but was always polite. Plus she had quick wit and a wicked sense of humour – sarcastic sometimes and always wildly funny.


Coffee? Natasha’s message had popped up on Tamara’s screen in the intra-office messaging system, one afternoon. While always eager to spend time with Natasha, Tamara didn’t want to waste any more time with the groupies that Natasha got along.

Group hug?

No. Just you and me.

See you in five.

And that was how they started spending time by themselves.

Soon Natasha found herself not wanting to be with anyone else on any break. She found herself constantly thinking of Tamara. She’d not enjoyed anyone as much as she did Tamara. Conversation between them flowed and laughter bubbled. They started having lunch together. Confidences came tumbling out. Natasha confided in Tamara about her divorce. Her various affairs. And her current situation where she was involved with one guy but found herself more attracted to another guy who was pursuing her.

Tamara, not one to play games, had already told Natasha that she was gay and wildly attracted to her. Natasha didn’t know how to deal with this dimension of her growing friendship with Tamara. It made her uncomfortable because she was as straight as they come. Had always been involved with one (or more) guys since she was sixteen – but she just couldn’t keep away from Tamara. She was irresistibly drawn to her. Tamara to her credit, flirted with Natasha, openly spoke about her interest but always laced it all with humour to keep it light.

They began spending more and more time together. They spent at least a couple of evenings after office together. Sleepovers crept into the interaction.

…and that brought them to the current dinner. Tamara was scheduled to leave for an onsite client visit the next day. While it was a given to Natasha that she’d be with Tamara right up to the time she entered the airport, Tamara confessed to having packing angst. It was heart-stoppingly cute Ankara escort to Natasha that someone who personified confidence had this strange Achilles Heel. She knew she just had to pack for Tamara…right after this dinner.


Tamara’s week-long onsite became four weeks. First one week got extended at the client she had gone to consult. Then, she had to go visit another client. The four weeks were torturous to Natasha. True, Tamara called her multiple times every day and they talked for hours across international time zones and at international call rates…but Natasha felt adrift. She felt she’d lost her anchor in life.

But Tamara was coming back tonight…and Natasha was beside herself. She couldn’t stay in her skin, as she waited for the day to pass and she could go to the airport and finally see Tamara again.

And then it was time. Natasha stood at the airport practically hopping from one foot to another. At last, she could see Tamara in a distance. She bounced in place as Tamara came closer…finally running the last ten feet to throw her arms around Tamara and squeeze her tight. Tamara hugged her right back placing a soft kiss on the top of her head. Natasha laughed in sheer delight…they were back!

Natasha realised that she had never felt such strong emotion, as she felt for Tamara, ever in her life. But it was an emotion she couldn’t name.


“Why aren’t you coming?” Natasha pouted.

“Please. Spending two days with the whole instructional design team is not my thing,” Sasha said.

They were talking about the team picnic planned for the weekend. While it wasn’t mandatory, it was a good professional move to make and go for the picnic to bond with the team – and everyone was excited and buzzing about it. Tamara was the only one who’d said “no” without giving any reason, making any excuse or qualifying the refusal in any way.

“I’ll be there.”

“You’ll be bonding with all the others. And anyway you enjoy these gregarious outings. I’m an introvert, you know…this is just not my thing.”

“Please…please come.”

Tamara couldn’t resist the entreaty in Natasha’s speaking eyes and added her name to the confirmed list the next day.


Long hours of people being hearty and trying to be funny had taken its toll on Tamara. She couldn’t stand the facetiousness of it all. Thankfully, Natasha had stuck to her side most of the day making it bearable. But since they were in a group, they had to participate or just be present with the group so there was minimal one-on-one time that they had together.

As the last activity of the day, an outdoor showing of an action flick had been organised. Tamara chose to sit behind the crowd under a tree leaning back against the trunk grateful that her notoriety ensured that no one tried to come and sit with her.

No one but Natasha.

Tamara had left Natasha with a group of her usual crowd when she wandered away from the herd. Fifteen minutes into the movie she saw Natasha walking towards her.

“Hey,” she said, settling close beside Tamara, handing her a chilled beer.

“Hey yourself…and thanks,” Tamara smiled back.

Natasha leaned into Tamara, “Fun?” she asked her eyes dancing.

Tamara sipped the beer and nodded, “Lots. Cheers to team picnics,” she said with irony clinking their pint bottles.

“Tiger,” Natasha said teasingly, giggling. She called Tamara a solitary animal and taken to calling her names of various names of known solitary animals. ‘Tiger’ was her favourite because she found Tamara as strong and graceful as a tiger.

Tamara grinned back and sipped her beer. She felt peaceful – now that Natasha was with her and they were fairly isolated from the other. Natasha took her hand, intertwined their fingers and held their hands in her lap.

Sipping their beers, they watched the world being saved by people with abnormal powers. Beer was not something Tamara chose in the rare times that she drank. She seemed to have dunk it too fast because by the time she reached the last couple of sips of the pint, she started feeling the effects. She looked at Natasha. Natasha felt Tamara’s eyes on her, looked back at her, smiled and snuggled a little closer, taking a small sip of her beer and turning back to the movie gently running her thumb on the back of Tamara’s hand.

Tamara raised their joined hands and kissed the back of Natasha’s hand. Natasha stilled, but didn’t take away her hand or move away. She just tightened her fingers around Tamara’s.

Tamara couldn’t stop herself. She unwound their fingers and slowly kissed each of Natasha’s fingertips. Returning to the first to lick each of them softly. Bolts darted through Natasha, starting at her fingertips and ending in a wildly fluttering back and stomach.

Tamara nibbled each fingertip and Natasha felt butterflies dancing in her insides. Nervous and excited butterflies. But she couldn’t take her hand away if her life depended on it.

Then Tamara took her forefinger Ankara escort bayan entirely in her mouth slowly pulling it out, licking the entire length. Natasha bit back her moan as she felt heat collect between her legs.

Tamara kissed each tip again and brought Natasha’s hand back to her lap, squeezing it once and taking her hand away. “I should go,” Tamara said unevenly.

Natasha watched Tamara as she walked towards the circle of tents that was their accommodation. Each tent was for two people and it was understood by everyone that Natasha and Tamara would be staying together as everyone paired off with their friends, and their friendship had not gone exactly unnoticed.

Natasha couldn’t even begin to understand what just happened to her. She was thrumming as she watched Tamara. She closed her palm with her forefinger in the middle. Hugging it. She abandoned her beer barely drunk pint as the movie ended.


Bonfire to end the night was the popular choice with the group. There was a lot of drinking. Someone had scored a boom box and now there was loud music and people were beginning to dance badly, if enthusiastically.

Natasha couldn’t engage. She refused all drinks after her abandoned beer. Her head was already a mess and she didn’t want to cloud it any further.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Tamara kissing her hand and each time she thought about Tamara licking and nibbling her fingertips, the butterflies in her stomach danced another tango. She couldn’t imagine going back into that tent with Tamara inside…and there was nothing she wanted to do more. Finally, when everybody except her was high and dancing, she went into their tent.

In the light cast by the dancing flames outside she could see Tamara lying on her side facing the wall of the tent. Her arm was flung out under her head, one long leg folded. She had changed into her night clothes of short, short aquamarine silk shorts and a short white cotton t-shirt. Natasha knew that Tamara didn’t wear a bra at night and the thought made her mouth go dry. She was apparently fast asleep. Natasha quietly walked to her bed on the opposite side. She pulled out her bag and changed into her own sleepwear of a nightshirt that fell to her mid-thigh.

She lay in her bed facing Tamara, her eyes caressing the back and drinking in the strength…the tightness in her stomach and between her legs increasing every second.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She got up, stood a second, came to a decision and removed her bra before walking up to Tamara’s bed and lying down behind her – spooning her. She slipped an arm around Tamara’s waist and pressed herself close relishing the feel of Tamara against her.

Tamara woke up, turned her head around and saw Natasha in her bed. “Hey?” she said turning to lie on her back, question evident in her tone and face.

Natasha moved her head to Tamara’s shoulder and automatically Tamara stretched her hand under Natasha’s head.

Natasha leaned in and nuzzled Tamara’s neck, placing a soft kiss just under her jaw.

“Are you sure?” Tamara asked softly. Natasha raised her head and looked down at Tamara. Her luminous eyes now deep with desire in the light cast by the dancing glow of the firelight. In response, Natasha, lowered her mouth to Tamara’s.

Natasha kissed Tamara deeply. Tamara was too stunned to react. As Natasha kissed her with skilled precision, Tamara moaned. Fireworks burst in her head and her body shivered even as it heated up.

She moved out of the kiss. “Are you…?”

Natasha didn’t let her finish her question. Raising her head a little, she looked at Tamara, her eyes dark with wanting. “I’m not drunk. At. All. And I am sure.”

That was all the encouragement that Tamara needed. Tamara raised her head to meet Natasha’s lips, placing a feather light kiss on the lips that had driven her crazy for weeks now. Then another.

She placed a hand behind Natasha’s head tunnelling her fingers into the soft hair as she lay back down bringing Natasha with her and kissing her lips softly, but firmly.

Natasha’s arm went over Tamara’s waist and she deepened the kiss. Tamara moved her outstretched arm to wrap it around Natasha’s waist and she ran her tongue over Natasha’s lips asking for entry. Natasha’s insides turned jelly at the warm contact and she opened her mouth.

Tamara sucked Natasha’s bottom lip and Natasha saw white pushing her tongue into Tamara’s mouth with sudden urgency. Tamara welcomed her in as she tangled her tongue with Natasha’s questing one.

Natasha moved and her breasts crushed against Tamara’s drawing out twin moans from both of them. Tamara caressed Natasha’s back and Natasha broke out of the kiss, gasping for air. Since when had kissing done this to her? Ever? And she had done a fair amount of kissing in her life. More than a fair amount of kissing, to be honest.

“You’re okay?” Tamara asked gently. Unable to speak, Natasha nodded.

Tamara kissed Natasha’s jawline and Escort Ankara then sucked at the spot just below her ear. Natasha gasped as desire coursed to her coming to rest in her centre with a throbbing. She began undulating, not knowing what she wanted. Except that she did.

“I’m not sure, I know what to do,” Natasha whispered.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Tamara whispered back, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

Natasha dove into the kiss, now kissing Tamara with a kind of urgent ferocity.

Tamara moved her hand from Natasha’s back to her neck, scratching it with sensuous lightness, hearing Natasha’s sharp intake of breath.

She glided her hand down to the side of Natasha’s hip softly caressing the side before sliding it up. Her thumb scraped the side of Natasha’s breast and Natasha gasped aloud, pressing into Tamara.

Tamara realised that Natasha wasn’t wearing a bra. She knew that Natasha always wore her bra at night and knowing that this was a deliberate move on Natasha’s part sent heat down her veins.

Tamara turned them around so that Natasha now lay on her back and Tamara hovered over her. She kissed down Natasha’s neck and across her collarbone, bringing her hand up to cup and caress Natasha’s breast. Natasha bit her lip and flung her head to a side at the sensation and her nipple hardened in immediate response. Tamara squeezed the breast gently and Natasha’s hips rose in automatic response. “More,” she breathed.

Tamara brought her hand down to the hem of Natasha’s t-shirt and slid in. Natasha pulled up her t-shirt bunching it under her chin. Tamara ran her fingers up Natasha’s thigh and stomach before returning to her breast and caressing it. Skin touching soft skin. Natasha was on fire. “Tamara…” softly, pushing Tamara’s head town towards the other breast begging for attention. Tamara kissed the hardened nipple and it puckered in response. She licked the pointed tit and then continued licking expanding circles around it till she took the whole breast into her mouth and started sucking it. Natasha was making soft sounds, tossing her head on the pillow, her hands grasping the pillow hard on both sides, her hips rising up and down, searching for purchase desperately.

Tamara tweaked Natasha’s nipple with her fingers, twirled it slightly and then pulled it gently. Natasha gasped, sat up, pulled her nightshirt over her head, threw it away and lay back down, clutching Tamara’s shoulders tight.

Tamara turned the attention of her mouth to the other breast and raked her nails lightly down Natasha’s abdomen to her thighs. She ran her fingers up and down Natasha’s thighs with a feather touch and Natasha’s thighs tensed. Natasha was not in control of her body in any way anymore. She was dry humping air at a furious pace.

Tamara moved her hand to part Natasha’s legs a little further apart and ran up her fingers along her inner thighs. Tremors ran through Natasha as her thighs quivered and her hips began uncontrollably rolling and rising. Her eyes shut tight, Natasha felt she was exploding into a million stars.

Tamara slid her hand inside Natasha’s panty and Natasha cried out softly bringing down her hand from Tamara’s shoulder to cover her hand and push it harder onto her pubis, her hips going wild.

Natasha rubbed Tamara’s palm against her cunt and Tamara felt Natasha’s wet oozing out and covering her hand making her almost come herself, without having been touched at all.

Tamara slid a finger between Natasha’s lower lips gently running her finger up the delicious wet length. Natasha bucked at the touch drawing in a loud breath. Tamara ran her finger up the same path one more time… “Inside,” Natasha groaned hoarsely…”please.”

Tamara knew that Natasha would not be able to hold on any longer, so she slid one finger in. Natasha nearly levitated off the bed when Tamara finally entered her and gripped Tamara’s wrist and shoulder tight.

Slowly Tamara eased her finger out before sliding it back inside. Natasha’s hands left Tamara as she grabbed the pillow from under her head and bit it hard to keep from crying out loud.

Tamara raised her head from Natasha’s breast and slid up. “Hold onto me,” she whispered. Natasha threw the pillow aside and buried her head into the crook of Tamara’s neck, clutching the back of her head with one hand, wrapping the other around her shoulders. Tamara slid her finger out of Natasha one more time. This time she added a second finger when she went back in and Natasha cried out into Tamara’s neck.

Tamara speeded up the pace slightly and by the next thrust, Natasha was spasming. One more thrust, and Natasha bit down Tamara’s shoulder hard and went rigid, tightening her cunt around Tamara’s fingers and her clutching Tamara’s hair hard. Tamara brought up her thumb to roll Natasha’s clit in gentle circles as she brought her down.

Natasha slowly came to, to see Tamara’s face just above hers, fingers still inside and thumb rolling her gently to ease her back. Natasha looked at Tamara with languorous eyes, every limb heavy with torpor. She reach up her hand languidly to cup Tamara’s face, as Tamara drew her fingers out and held Natasha’s waist. Her mind still blank, Natasha heard the song playing outside floating in.

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