Going Away Present Pt. 02

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On waking, realizing that the night before had not been a dream, as the smell of sex was almost overpowering, so I slipped on my boxers and went to the bathroom and had a shower, after which I went downstairs and made some coffee.

I sat at the breakfast bar drinking when the door opened and Sue walked in, wearing a cropped ‘T’ shirt and a pair of brief but baggy shorts. I made her a coffee and she sat on the stool next to me. Her breasts were pushing her top away from her body and her nipples making peaks in the soft material, her shorts slid up as she sat and the crouch was forming a very delectable camel toe.

I could not help but stare, that was a problem as my cock was soon standing proud, and I was still only wearing boxer shorts. Sue noticed my erection and smiled saying that last nights activities had not seemed to have taken any eagerness away, she gave me a kiss, which made my cock even harder, but it didn’t go any further, instead, she looked directly into my eyes and asked if I would do her a big favour and fuck her husband, as she would love to see Bob impaled on my cock and see him being abused. I was taken aback, I said that Bob’s cock the night before had been my first and I had no experience of man to man love. But thinking about it though became a very exciting thought, when I told her this she said that she would love to help me, she kissed me again, saying that we will have some fun later that day.

It was then that the back door opened and in walked a pair of legs, long, shapely and reaching a tight shapely bum encased in a pair of tight denim shorts, above this was a pair of tits captured in a black T shirt and to finish this off, a head of long blonde curly hair surrounding a beautiful face punctuated by a pair of blue eyes as deep as any ocean. It was Sam, Bob and Sue’s 18 year old daughter.

I had not seen Sam for about 3 years, she immediately run over to me and cuddled me, I was still in my boxers and still with a stiff cock, and as she crushed me in her arms, my cock pushed hard into her belly, she giggled, and into my ear whispered that she could do a lot with that if I let her.

Sue asked what she was doing at home, Sam said that she was having a long weekend away from college and was staying with one of her old school friends, and wouldn’t be bothering Bob or Sue (I was quite disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing more of Sam but it meant that the promised fun could carry on).

While aksaray escort Sam had a coffee with us she asked if she had disturbed something naughty as she found it quite arousing seeing her mother and I were hardly dressed. Sue protested our innocence but you could see that Sam didn’t believe it. Sam stood to leave and hugged her mother, I am sure that Sam’s hand fondled Sue’s bum, Sue quickly pulled away and gently slapped her, Sam came up to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on my lips whilst pushing her body hard against me, her legs parting slightly, my thigh rubbed against her crouch, my hard on reacted immediately, she giggled, turned winked at her mum and went out of the back door.

Bob came into the kitchen and was better dressed than both me and his wife, he had jeans and shirt on, he looked at us and said that we should get more clothes on just in case someone came to the door.

As soon as we had dressed and had some breakfast, Sue told Bob what she had asked me to do. Bob flushed slightly and said that it would fulfill one of his greatest fantasies, as he had always hoped that it would be me that took his cherry. All the time I had known Bob little did I know that I had been his fantasy.

The three of us spent the rest of the morning just lazing around trying to ignore what had happened and what was going to happen but all the time an incredible sexy atmosphere was building. At about 11am Bob said we should all go out for a pub lunch which he hoped would cool our ardours for a while, as he would not be able to last long without a break and wanted to be ready for a long session that evening, we all agreed.

Bob and I stayed in our jeans and shirts but Sue changed into a floral skirt with a white cotton blouse buttoned at the front and heeled sandals, the skirt was just above the knee, under her blouse you could see that she was bra-less. The pub was walking distance and the three of us arm in arm made our way there. It was quiet in the pub and chose a table in a cubicle at the back of the bar. Sue said she would get the drinks in, we had all decided that a bottle of lager each would be enough, as Sue walked away from us she flicked the back of her skirt up, showing that not only was she bra-less she was knicker-less, her pert bum was on show to any who were looking her way. Whilst returning to our table she rubbed the cold wet bottles against her tits and aksaray escort bayan her erect nipples showed through the quite damp material, two lads sitting at a table nearer the bar almost choked on their beers.

When she got back to our table she insisted on sitting between Bob and myself, as she squeezed between me and the table I could not help but slip my hand up her skirt where I found a very wet, warm pussy, that for a fleeting moment my fingers slid along its lips, she squealed and sat down pinning my hand between the seat and her bum, I tried to pull my hand away but all I succeeded in was parting her bum cheeks leaving my fingers hard against her puckered arse, she wriggled and I found the first joint of my forefinger gently entering her. she sighed and Bob realised that he was missing out, as her skirt had been pulled up to her hips his hand went down to her pussy she opened her legs more and at the same time slid towards the edge of the seat so that we could get better access, now getting lubricated by her pussy juices my finger eased up her until it reached my knuckle at this point she clenched her bum and my finger was squeezed quite firmly, two of Bob’s fingers were now slowly pushing their way into her sopping pussy but she grabbed his hand and ground his fingers hard up her pussy.

I immediately felt his fingers rub against mine through Sue’s arse, she screamed as she ground her arse harder against my finger, all of the pub’s customers stopped and looked over to us, Sue smiled and apologised saying she had just spilled her drink down her, little did they know.

We decided that food could wait and we would leave, it had been a good excuse about Sue spilling her drink as her skirt had a very large wet patch, of her juices, which was clinging to her thighs which I thought was very sexy. We almost ran back to the house, at the door Sue ran upstairs calling for us to join her, she was already on the bed legs wide apart when I reached their bedroom, she called to me to get my gear off and fuck her in front of Bob, who was I to argue? I laid between her thighs and without any messing slid my very hard and willing cock up between her pussy lips and through into a wonderfully wet and warm cunt which squeezed my eager cock, she urged me to fuck her has hard as I could, so I slammed into her pussy as hard and as fast as I could and within seconds her cunt gripped my cock so hard I started escort aksaray to cum but not before Sue cried out shuddered and her juices flooded soaking both of us, I followed very quickly and it seemed that I was shooting pints of cum into her wet cunt, we collapsed into each other and lay there panting.

It seemed like hours that we lay there, I had forgotten all about Bob, and when I looked he was standing smiling with his great cock standing out hard and proud, I slowly pulled out of Sue, my cock now softening dribbled cum on her belly and thighs, I could also see that her pussy was leaking a mixture of her clear juices and my creamy cum, she lay legs open and told Bob to clean up his mates mess with his tongue. Bob needed no coaxing her went down on her so eagerly first lapping up my cum from her belly and thighs then burying his head between those thighs and greedily drinking down the mix oozing from her cunt.

While he was licking away I looked at his cock and decided I needed to taste it again, I laid on the bed my head at Bob’s cock my cock near Bob’s mouth and Sue’s pussy, Bob turned his hips towards me so I had good access to his cock. This time with no hesitation I licked his very hard, hot cock and wet it with saliva moving down to his balls I sucked his scrotum and took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it quite hard, I felt him squirm so I let it go and moved up so his helmet was touching my lips and I licked it like a lolly and was rewarded with a drop of precum oozing from his little slot, not wasting any thing I lapped it up like a cat, tasting slightly salty and metallic, I quite liked it, wanting more I took his cock into my mouth starting to suck it.

I took it further into my mouth increasing the suction at the same time, In no time I was taking his whole length into mouth so that his helmet was brushing my throat, at this stage Bob took over and started to fuck my mouth quite hard and the head of his cock was actually going down my throat, it felt good to be out of control, and without gagging I pulled his hips into my face and took his cock so far in that his scrotum was brushing my lips, it didn’t last long as Bob’s cock pulled back it started to twitch and he filled my mouth with his creamy cum, he pulled his cock from my cum filled mouth it rested on my face I could feel the remnants of his ejaculation run down my cheek, he turned and immediately started to clean my face with his tongue and the put his mouth over mine and started to lick out of my mouth his cum that I hadn’t already swallowed, the first time I had ever kissed another man!!

Again the three of us were shattered, so we had a shower and went to our own beds for an hour or two, it was still only 2pm!!

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