Subject: Going Hunting With Dad (Part 23) Happy Holidays….. Lets Enjoy We finished fishing once we all got some fish. Uncle Sergei was proud because he caught 3 of the biggest bass out of the three of us. Making sure we knew that he was the king. “See boys, now this is what we call fish!” as he raised him “Dad they are huge!” Vik said smiling “Just like my dick, right Bibi!” he said looking at me. “Viktors is almost like yours too Uncle Sergei” I said smiling “Yeah but who gave you that fist fuck!?” He said back too quickly. “You!” I said “Dad, mine is not like yours!” Vik said “Well, you have the Nemove gene boy!” he said putting the fish away. “Bibi def got the bog booty gene from his mom!” he said laughing “I do not!” I clapped back. “Really?” as he quickly grabbed my left butt cheek and assured me he was right again. We finally got back to the campsite. It was around 5 pm. I remember that my uncle was getting the fish ready for dinner. He pulled our a small knife and began to gut them and clean. Me and Vik were setting the fire and setting the table for us. “Lil fuckers….one of you get me a beer!!” He said as the sweat on his forehead dripped down his face. It was a hot evening. Right away my uncle took off his shirt and only was wearing his shorts. No underwear. I ran to the cooler and opened on for him. I walked up to him and I could see his cock moving as he cleaned the fish. It was swinging back and forth under his shorts. “Here uncle Sergei! It’s open” I said and set it on the table. “Hey, where are you going?” He said to me. I looked at him a bit confused as I stood there waiting for what he wanted. “Give my dick a kiss?” he said laughing. “What?”I said, confused. “Did I stutter? Suck my dick!” He said as he spread his legs as he stood by the table cleaning the fish. I moved closer to the table and I turned to Vik. “What? You need his permission?” He said with a frustrated look “No!” I said “Alright then bitch, start sucking!” He said I leaned down and I pulled down the front of his shorts and he was already super hard like always. I placed the tip in my mouth. I could taste the left over pee that he would leave under the skin. I don’t know why I loved the taste. The smell! I was obsessed with Uncles Scent. “Oh, yeah! Fuck , Vik if your mom would do this every time I wanted my dick to be serviced I wouldn’t be making this lil slut my whore” He said laughing. Viktor just looked at his dad and nodded his head as he finished the table. I was sucking my uncle as he finished the fish. The oil was already sizzling. I could hear it popping as I kept sucking him. My uncle then moved and left me on my knees as he placed three of the fishes inside the hot oil. His penis was bobbing up and down still izmit escort wet from my saliva. He came back to the table and began to season the others. “What are you waiting for?” he said as he stood for me to get it back in my mouth. “Ok!” I said as I grabbed it and began to enjoy my uncle’s cock. I was loving every moment of this camping trip. He kept moaning in pleasure as he cooked and gutted the fish. Viktor was not even phased by what I was doing to his Dad. He understood what I was there for and he never questioned his Dad. Uncle Sergei was in control. He moved again and left me on my knees . I placed my hands on my knees as I waited for him to return. “Give moan it. a plate Vik!” As he took out the crispy fish out the oil. Vik ran to him with a plate and he placed it on them. Vik put them on the table and my uncle came back to me. Right away I began to suck him again. He was moving his hip back and forth fucking my mouth. I was gagging as he would go deeper in some of his thrusts. “Vik, quick bring me a fish!” he said as he began to breathe hard. “Yes Dad!” As he ran with a plate with one fish on it. My uncle pulled out of my mouth and right away he grabbed his cock and began to jerk himself. “Fucccccckkkk aaahhhHH!” He moaned as he shot about 7 thick mils ropes all over the pate and fish. Some of it splashing on viks hand. “Ewwww dad!! You shot my hand!” he said grossed out. “Fuckkkkkk!” As he finished jerking off and now started to breathe slowly and laughing. “Clean it up Bibi!” He said as I went to Viks hand to lick the cum off . Then I went to my uncle’s cock to clean it up. “Good bitch! See now you have a full plate with some good dressing Bibi!” he said laughing as he again pulled out of my mouth and raised his shorts back up. “Let’s start eating!” He said to us. Vik held my plate in his hands as he looked at me all disgusted. I looked at him and looked down because I was embarrassed. “Let’s sit and eat fuckers!” Uncle said. I took the plate from Viks hands and I sat on the table. I saw the slime all over my fish. I picked it and I licked my fingers. Some of my uncles cum mixed with seasoning. It was actually very delicious. “How does it taste ?” Uncle asked me. “Its really good. ” I said as i sucked on my fingers and eating my fish. “Fuck, your making me hard again!” He said laughing. “See Vik, now this is what you want your bitch to do all the time. Enjoy your nut !” he said to Vik. “Dad, I hope my girl makes me feel what Bibi made me feel.” he said as he sipped his soda. “Fucker, once you tap that pussy i’m sure you will be fucking it all the time.” Uncle assured him. Listening to Vik tell my uncle that he loved how I made him feel good. I felt my tiny dick begin to chub up as I finished my fish. izmit otele gelen escort It was around 9 pm when we decided to go to sleep. I went into the tent to fix all of our sleeping bags, pillows and light. Then entered Vik as he got into the right side of the tent. Right away he inserted himself into the sleeping bag, My uncle then walked into the tent. As he walked in I began to get myself into my sleeping bag, “Hey, the fuck you doing? Get those shots off and get into mine. I don’t know why I looked at Vik. “Why the fuck you gotta look at Vik? Your my lil bitch!” He said as he zipped the tent. “Get naked and get your pussy in my bag.” he commanded. I right away got naked and slipped into his bag. “Mine!” He said to Vik I don’t know why he kept saying that. What did he see between me and Vik? Is he upset that I took his virginity? He took off his shirts and he was already hard. Right away I moved to the right side of the bag and he slipped on the left side of it. I felt his cock already wet and was leaving a streak of precum on my naked back as he slipped inside the bag. My tiny 10 yr old naked body was trapped inside my uncles sleeping bag. He right away turned me to face Vik. And he grabbed me by my stomach. and I felt his hand enter the bag as he grabbed his cock to aim it in my hole right away. “Vik! Look , this pussy is mine!” He said to vik as he turned to look at us. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” I felt my uncle slip inside of me in one pump. The bag began to move. As my uncle began to fuck me. “Tell me who you belong to?” Uncle asked me as he fucked me hard . I was looking right at Vik as his dad was again fucking me. “I belong to you ” I said moaning and looking into Viks eyes. “You hear that Vik!?” he said to him. I was getting fucked so hard. I began to sweat inside the sleeping bag. The freshness of the night was nonexistent now. Vik was looking at us fuck. “You like this dick don’t you lil bitch!” He said breathing hard. “Yes!!” I moaned “Thats right! Your Dad will be proud of how much nut you will be taking boy!” he said fucking me. “mmmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned “Dad, can Vik suck my dick? ” I heard Vik ask. “Get the fuck away!” You wait til im done with this whore!” He said “I want to suck you Vik!” I said moaning. “Shut the fuck up Bibi!” he said to me as he shoved it so deep repeatedly “AhhhhhhH!” I yelled in pleasure yet pain. I looked at Vik and he was looking at us. “Turn around !” He said to Vik to stop looking at us. Vik turned around upset and covered his ears. “You’re my lil bitch!” he said as he breathed heavily and fucking me so good. “Yes Uncle Sergei!” I moaned ” Imma nut again in this sweet pussy!” he moaned “Yes!!” I said as I felt his arms hold me tighter. “Mmmmm gölcük escort mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!” I felt his squirts again shooting inside of me. I loved the feeling his cock would grow inside me and she shit his nut insdie me. It was a turn on. I was smiling . “You like that feeling do you, pussy!?” he asked me as he finished cumming. “Mhmmmm” I moaned. “Mmmmmmm fuck, what a good pussy you have. Now I can sleep so good. Just let it sit inside you til i get soft Bibi” as he left his cock inside. I wiggled my butt on him to make sure his cum dripped all of it in my tight hole. I felt him kiss my ear and then turned my head. My lips alighed to his and then he started to tongue kiss me. He never really does that. This night he was biting and sucking my lips . I heard Vik turn towards us . And my Uncle took his tongue out and then looked at Vik and smiled. He shoved his tongue back inside my mouth. I swear I felt his cock getting thicker inside again. I was feeling my uncle move his hips again. AGAIN!!!! He was kissing me and he began to fuck me again. I was so sore but his kiss was making me move my butt towards him too. letting him fuck me one more time. He was speed fucking me. His breathing turned me on again and I was pushing back on his cock too. “AHHHHHHHHH…Imma nut one more time bitch! Ahhhhhhh MMmmmmm Mmmmmmm MMMMMMMM!M!!” he began to jerk inside me again “MMMMMMMMMMM! ouch !” I felt him rip me even deeper I know Viktor was looking at us. I Turned towards him and I saw his sleeping nag moving too. He was masturbabating himself as he saw us. “Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm” Viktor began to cum himself too. He shot his load inside of his bag, “You liked watching your Dad fuck this pussy?” he asked Vik I felt his cock stop jerking . And he was kissing my neck again. My kips felt sore too from his bites and sucking. I felt his cock slowly getting soft. I turned to Vik and he was just looking at us. I stayed still until I felt his cock slip out of my hole finally. He held me close and I felt him breathe easy. “Good pussy!” He whispered and dozed off. I stayed still looking at Vik and he was looking at me. My uncle fell asleep right away. I couldn’t understand how someone can fall asleep that quick. I smiled at Vik. He looked at me and I saw his sleeping bag was moving. I looked down to see him doing something inside . He then looked at me and slipped his hand out of his sleeping bag . I noticed it was all glossy and wet. He stretched his hand towards me the smell and I realized it was all full of cum. Vik was feeding me his nut. “Clean it up!” He whispered. I opened my mouth and started to lick it all off as my uncle slept holding me. I was so turned on. Vik was smiling at me. I finished licking it all up and he then put it back inside his bag and whispered “Goodnight Bibi!” “Goodnight Viktor!” as I smiled licking my lips. To be continued. Thanks so much for everyone’s request to continue my Going Hunting With Dad Series. Please Donate To Nifty to keep these stories coming. Bibi

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