Going Native


I’m from another human race, not from this solar system at all, expendable cannon fodder in my race’s war of conquest. The rest of my team crashlanded here, and called for help. No one came.

I saw how other people on you world were like, and I wanted to live just like them. My kind were just born in chambers, raised in classes, then sent to fight and die. So, I decided to escape.

I sailed far, far to the west on a steam-ship to a free land where I could learn to be what I wanted. Everyone had a right to be free. A concept at first I couldn’t even understand, but gradually accepted.

I found ways to be useful, to earn my way, to make friends, buy a house.

But then I noticed beautiful, beautiful creatures among the people I had learned to get to know. They were called, “women”. Very shy, I learned to get to know one.

I learned to be friends with her. To do her favors. To be part of her family’s holidays.

Then one day, she visits me at my house. I open the door, to see her crying. She tells me, that she loves me, that I’ve been nothing but a decent person to her and she wants me for life.

I tell her, “I don’t understand what she’s talking about, I just do what’s right.”

This frustrates her. “I wish I could just SHOW you.”

I invite her in for tea. Then, I tell her I have a horrible truth she must know first. That I am not from this world. That where I come from, there are no women.

She asks, in horror, “how do you make babies, then?”

I say, “I’ve seen those in my travels on your world. They’re cute. We don’t have anything like that. We’re cultured, to about ‘yea high'” (I raise my hand four feet), and then we go to classes and train to fight.”

She stares at me. “You’ve never been in LOVE then?”

I shrug. “What’s that? I can live here, free as myself, but I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. It feels good to not always be under someone’s command, to have free time, to think my own thoughts.”

She makes a shy smile. “I think I can show you what love is.”

I frown. “Do I really want to know? What’s the price?”

She says, “I WANT you to know. And the price is just this… share this with no one else but me. Be loyal to me, first and always. Care for the little one that will be both yours and mine.”

My eyes widen. “Yours… and mine?”

She raises her face, and smiles at me. “This is why we would rather die than be slaves like your kind has made you.”

My jaw drops. “You… can create people like us?”

She hugs me. “Not like you at all. Unique. Completely different. That’s why God made people like me. You’re a man. I’m a woman. Let me show you what a woman can do to create new life.”

She steps back, and unbuttons her dress and petticoat, and steps out of her shes. She has a chest that looks very large, and very soft.

Her waist flares out from her hips. I notice some hair between her legs.

I stare at the large canlı bahis şirketleri growths on her chest. “What are those?” I ask in awed wonder.

“Breasts,” she says. “They feed the little ones. All women have them. But they’re very sensitive, and I want to feel you touch them.”

I gingerly touch one. She closes her eyes and makes a sigh of contentment. “I’ve waited so long to be touched like that.”

I hold them both in my hands, marveling in their softness and warmth. “Has anyone touched you like that?”

Her expression becomes serious. “Never. I wanted to wait for the right man to marry.”

I am confused by the word. “What is ‘marry’?”

She grins. “To live together for life. For me to touch no man but you. For you to touch no woman but me. For us to raise the little ones we can create together, until they became men and women like us.”

Something inside me feels very happy about the kind of life she wants me to share with her.

A portion of me responds. I am very uncomfortable inside my pants now. The gulp I make could easily be heard by her.

She looks concerned. “What’s that matter?”

I grimace. “I think I’m in pain. Something really hurts where I usually go pee.”

She pouts. “Oh, you poor dear. We need to make you more comfortable.” She loosens my belt, and draws my pants down. She gestures for me to step out of my shoes, then my socks. I’m naked from the waist down.

What I urinate with is now sticking straight out. The air is even tickling it. Then, she gently touches it, and holds it in her hand. I shiver all over from the feeling.

Then, her fingers gently reach to touch underneath, to a pocket of flesh I wear below.

A droplet of something clear appears at the tip. She touches the drop. It feels sticky but smooth. “This is what you have to put into my body to make a little one.”

My jaw drops. “The sticky stuff?”

She approaches me. “Yes,” she says, and then touches my lips with hers. She smells fragrant, like flower blossoms. Her lips are so soft against mine, like she is a flower herself.

She unbuttons my shirt, and removes it. Then, she approaches me, and holds me in her arms. Her breasts feel so perfect against my chest. My hands feel her smooth bottom as I hold her close to me. I return her kiss.

She murmurs in my ear. “You have to put ALL of it inside me, if you want a life time of happiness with me, and a little one of your own, and live as a free man. As MY man.”

I’ve never known anyone like this wonderful person before in my life. I had been her friend for a while, listening to her happiness, her joys, her secrets, and her private humiliations. I was always there to help her. Now I felt like I was about to be rewarded.

I run my fingers through her dark hair, stare into her melting brown eyes. “What must I do?” I ask.

She grins, and leads me to my own small cot. There she lays down upon it, and spreads her canlı kaçak iddaa legs. Between then, I see something utterly different… utterly beyond my experience… utterly alien.

I am astonished. She smells like a flower. Her lips feels like flowers when I kiss them. Is it any wonder then, that her very body is built around a flower?

The flower between her legs even smells like a flower, with a unique and overpowering scent. Desire to do something overwhelms me. I want most of all to kiss it, in reverence to the wonderful person she is. And so, I do.

I taste her flower. It’s sweet, and spicy, and musky.. There’s a little bud in the center, at the very top. I touch that with my tongue. The moment I do, she screams, “YES!!” She holds my head gently in her lap. “MORE! MORE! OH GOD! MORE!”

So, not only do I touch her bud with my tongue, but I also lick her petals. Hot nectar seems to be flowing from the very center of her body. It’s not an unpleasant taste at all.. just.. different.

I stick my tongue deep inside the center of her flower. Her legs squeeze my the sides of my head as her hips rock against my mouth. Then she inhales and screams incoherently. I don’t stop. She continues screaming. Eventually she is worn out. Her legs and her arms relax as and her hands and feet touch the floor, as there is no room on the surplus army cot to support them.

She takes a hand and pulls me towards her so she can speak to me. Her face is joyful and tears are in her eyes. “That was tremendous!” She said.

“What happened?” I asked. Her reaction even scared me a little.

She touches my face with my hand. “It’s God’s reward to women for making babies.”

I clasp my hand over my mouth, embarrassed. “Is that all it takes to make a baby?”

She shakes her head. “No, silly. There’s just one more thing. Lie down on the floor.”

Mystified, I obey her. I lay on the hardwood floor on my room, with my legs close together. My urination organ is now hurting very much, but it is now free in the air, and another drop of sticky stuff has dropped from it onto the wood.

With my free hand, I touch the floor by my side. It’s slippery. I didn’t know I could make this.

“I love you,” my girl says. “Do you love me?”

“I’d kill for you,” I said. “I’d die for you.”

She approaches me from the side, and then squats, with her hips hovering over mine. “Will you protect the little one we’re about to make? Promise me?”

I nod. “I love you.” I say to her, now becoming comfortable with the word.

“Watch this,” she says. She takes my quivering organ, places it against the center of her flower, and slowly squats down. Her face grimaces in pain. “OH!”

I gaze up at her in alarm. “Are you hurt?”

“It only happens,” she said, “for a woman’s first time doing this. I broke the protective seal inside myself. Just for you. Only for you.”

Her face is no longer in pain. She closes her canlı kaçak bahis eyes, and hums in happiness as she lowers herself down further on me. Her flower in the core of her body slowly is consuming the most private part of my own.

I love her. I love what she is doing to me. It feels like a miracle. It feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Then, I feel a sudden twinge of rage to know that had I remained a slave soldier I would never have known this. I will never go back to them. I will kill them if they try to take me back.

I will especially kill anyone who tries to hurt any of the people of my new world, ESPECIALLY the person whose body I was now deep inside.

These thoughts only take a moment. Her hips are now flush against mine, and she is slowly rocking hers against me in ever so gently, soft motions. Each one makes me feel like there is a pressure building up in side me.

“Something strange is happening to me!” I panic.

She leans forward to kiss me again, and now her breasts are pressing against my chest, caressing my torso, just as the flower inside her hips is gently caressing my central part.

She holds me close in her arms. “It’s all right,” she says softly. “A part of you is about to come from you to join with something inside me. I will grow it in my body for nine months. Then, you will see a true miracle happen. Life, from your body and mine. A boy like you or a girl like me. Either way, it will be SO beautiful.”

She places her fingers against my mouth “Hush. Let it happen. Don’t protect yourself from the feeling. It’s God’s own miracle for you.”

She gently rocks back and forth against me. I stare deep into her brown eyes. I can feel the pressure building gradually. “Oh, God!” she exclaims. “You’re so BIG! I want your child! Let it happen. Put your come inside me.”

My own voice starts to quiver as a moan deep from my lungs escapes my lips. The feeling of something wonderful is slowly overpowering me.

I’m right at it’s very doorstep. I know that if I slip out, it will be a disaster, so I wrap my hands against her butt to make sure I stay inside her.

My body starts to shudder, and goes out of control. My eyes shut, and my back arches. My world goes away aside from her flower, which surrounds and pulses around me with its sticky wetness.. and then, something from deep in my body pulses into the flower. I SCREAM! Each time her flower swallows the life I am giving, my back arches and I cry out yet again.

It’s only for a very short time, but it feels like an eternity. I am glad it is not an eternity, though. My sanity could not bear it if it was. I have nothing left to give to her. I lay back against the wood floor, exhausted, collapsed, catch my breath. “So, I gave you a child?” I asked.

She kisses me deeply. Then I could feel the breath from her lips against mine as she says, “Yes, you most certainly did. It felt like Heaven. Oh God, that was SO wonderful!”

“Then I have one last question for you.” I reply.

She kisses me again. “Just what is that?”

“Dearest one,” I said, “what is this ‘God’?”

She laughs. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ll teach you all I know about Him.”

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