Going South Ch. 03

Legs Open

Boston was everything I had expected it to be. No, I lie, Boston was so much more than I had expected, simply because I had a wonderful companion who had brightened my life so much that I was seeing things in a whole new light, and seeing things I might otherwise have missed. What was more, I was having the most incredible sex I had ever had in my life, and for the first time ever, it gave me as much, if not more, enjoyment to give Sue sexual satisfaction, as to receive it myself. I suppose that what I’m trying to say is that I’m smitten with the girl.

From the first day, we devised a system of making sightseeing more interesting, by making love in the most interesting places, the USS Constitution, Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, Old South Meeting House, and several other area museums, to name but a few. Quite a lot of ingenuity was involved, but somehow we managed it and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

What a joy it was to wake up every morning with Sue in my arms, snoring quietly into my neck, her sweet body pressing against me, doing nothing to decrease my regular morning hard-on, a hard-on that usually ended up deep inside her, to begin each day with mutual joy, and a mingling of fluids. How maid service must have hated us!

At the end of the week, we left Boston and drove to New York City, to stay at a boutique hotel on Times Square. New York was Sue’s bailiwick, her home, so for our one week’s stay here I was in her hands, and how I loved being in her hands.

As we encountered heavy traffic virtually all the way to New York, hardly surprising, I did keep my hand on Sue’s leg, but did nothing to distract her from her driving. The result of this self-enforced celibacy was that by the time we got to Times Square, found somewhere to park the car and checked into our hotel, we were both twitching with desire, but in spite of our need, in spite of our excitement, we lay on our bed, overlooking the hustle and bustle of Times Square, but removed from its noise by triple glazed windows, and kissed softly and gently, our eyes feeding on each other’s faces.

It was almost frightening how fond we were becoming of each other, indeed how fond we had become of each other. I felt I had known this little girl all my life, she knew what I was thinking, I knew what she was thinking. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, which went well with her night-black hair, while mine were more of a greenish blue, which complemented my red-gold hair. In all modesty we were a very good-looking pair.

Her nose was straight, of medium length, her lips wide, red, plump, and eminently kissable. So beautiful was she, it was hardly surprising that I was totally smitten with her. Just looking at her caused my cock to immediately leap to attention.

Lying next to her now, looking at her beautiful face, had already caused that to happen and as I was beginning to feel uncomfortable due to the constriction of my cock in my jeans. My discomfort must have shown in my face, as Sue giggled, reached down and unfastened my belt, unzipped me and finally undid the top button. I exhaled, comfortable at last, and Sue’s hand slid under the waistband of my underpants and grasped my straining, rigid shaft.

“My!” she giggled again. “Guess what I’ve found, I wonder what we could use it for! I think I should take a closer look at it, to see what I can figure out.”

With that, she flipped round, pulled off my jeans and underpants, leaving my long cock twitching against my stomach.

“Now that looks interesting, something like a big lollipop. I wonder what it tastes like!”

Her lips closed over the head, caressed it with her tongue, sending jolts of sensation through my body. Damn that felt good!

“Ritchie, I think it’s starting to leak, what should I do?”

I grasped her small body, undressed her in record time, and lowered her onto my waiting cock until she had engulfed my whole member and I was deep inside her.

I fell back onto the bed, Sue on top of me. “This is what we should do.” I gasped. “I ataşehir escort bayan love it when you blow me, but I want us to share this, I want you to feel me inside you, to feel the pleasure as I fuck you, to join me in screaming as we cum and I fill you full of my seed. Does that suit you. sweet Sue?

“It suits me, it suits me.” she gasped, moving, driving her cunt down onto my cock, again and again and again, until my leaking cock became a gushing cock as I filled her with my seed, she climaxed and we both screamed at the joy of it.

“Welcome to New York.” she giggled, once we had stopped panting. “You’re going to love my city, Ritchie-Rich, and I’m going to love showing it to you. I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t I call my best friend and have her meet us tonight at a bar we love just up on Broadway. She’s an absolute hoot, and I think you’ll like her. I know she’ll like you, who couldn’t after all!”

“Will she mind if I slip you one right there at the bar?” I asked, a big smile on my face.

“Hell, she’ll probably want to join in.” giggled Sue.

“I like your friend already!” I exclaimed, imagining all manner of fascinating possibilities.

Sue reached out, picked up her phone and dialed a number. She was still lying on my chest, my cock was still buried deep inside her. Such had been the extent of my excitement that I was still hard, still fully engorged. I made it twitch. She gasped. “Hey stop that!” she giggled. “I’m making an important call here. Hello, Jenny? Sue here. I’m back in town for a while. Would you like to meet for a drink this evening? I’ve got a friend with me.”

At this point, I made my cock twitch again, not once, but three times. This time Sue moaned. And slapped me, lightly.

“What? No, I’m fine, Jenny, but someone here is being a pain. How? Never you mind, he’s a nuisance, but a dear nuisance.”

I twitched again, but this time just continued twitching, it felt so good.

Sue moaned again, more loudly this time. “Jenny, I’ve got to go, or is that cum? Seven thirty tonight alright? Usual place? Bye, honey, it’s great to talk to you again. Kisses.”

“Kisses?” I laughed. “Kisses?”?

“Yes kisses, girlfriends say that. And what did you think you were doing? I was trying to have a serious conversation and you were trying to distract me. You WERE distracting me. Well, I’m off the phone, what are you going to do about it?”

“I thought I’d go and have a shower.” I replied innocently. “Like to join me?”

“Ooh, I hate you, you monster!” said Sue, and then realized what she’d said. “No, Ritchie, I don’t hate you, I shouldn’t have said that. I lo..” caught herself, corrected herself. “like you too much. But you can be frustrating!”

“Frustrating? But I’ve just fucked your brains out, and I thought you liked it. By the way, what was that l-word you just used? I didn’t quite catch it.”

Sue blushed, brightly. “I said like, you idiot. That’s what I said.”

I kissed her lips, kissed her face, kissed her eyes, very softly, very gently. “I know you did, sweetheart. I was just joshing you.” and twitched again. And again.

“Oh you devil, you have no idea how wonderful that feels!” she gasped.

“Yes I do.” I grunted back as I began to move under her, allowing my cock to slide in and out of her, very deliberately, very slowly. “I want to watch your face as I move in and out of you, I want to hear your moans as your excitement grows, I want to watch your eyes as they go glassy as your climax approaches, I want you to come with me, screaming, clutching my cock with your cunt muscles as I pump you full of my seed. I’ve known you for such a short time, my dear Sue, but I want to know all about you, how you look, how you sound, everything. You’ve become very special to me.”

As I spoke, I was moving faster and faster. I did see her face change as I slid in and out of her, I did hear her moan and whimper, I did see her eyes go glassy as her orgasm approached, we did both scream as we came, her escort kadıköy cunt muscles squeezing my cock, sucking my cum out of my balls. I did fill her full of my seed, and we loved every moment of it.

We panted, oh how we panted, until our breathing returned to near normal. I felt her little breasts and diamond-hard nipples boring into my chest, she felt magnificent, but this time I did soften, I did slide out of her, I did feel the gush of our come flowing out over my cock and balls, and it was still wonderful.

When she could speak, Sue whispered in my ear. “I didn’t.”

“Didn’t what?”

“Didn’t say I like you.”

“You don’t like me?

I got a punch in the ribs. “I love you.”

“You love me?”

“Yes, you fool, I love you!”

“But I’ve known I love you for days. What took you so long?”

“You’ve known for days? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was afraid you might not love me.”

“But I adore you, Ritchie, I have from the moment I met you.”

“I guess my crystal ball must have been on holiday. You’re gorgeous, Sue, and adorable, and lovely, and wonderful, and you hold my heart in your hands. Please be gentle with it.”

“It’s safe with me my darling, and I know that mine’s safe with you, you wonderful man.”?

“If I weren’t exhausted, I’d make love to you, but I can’t. Can I have a raincheck? Please? Pretty please?”

“You can have a book of rain checks, a case of rain checks.” Sue giggled. “But your stamina’s not very good, is it!.”?

I lifted her onto the bed, laid her on her face, and very gently,slapped the wet cheeks of her bottom.

“You beast, you beast!” gasped Sue between gusts of laughter. “You’re abusing your woman. It’s such a pity I enjoy being spanked. But perhaps I shouldn’t have told you that!”

“I would never abuse the woman I love.” I assured her. “Or any woman, but especially you.” and began to kiss the beautiful, white cheeks of Sue’s bottom. Yes, it was wet, but so what, she still tasted like only my love could taste. I parted her cheeks, kissed deep inside, found her puckered hole and slipped my tongue into it then, with a final slap, I rolled her over onto her back and grinned down at her.

“Well? she asked, sounding miffed. “You’re going to stop there? That’s beyond the bounds of cruelty!”

“Wait until I can do something about it a bit later. That’s your rain check. Now, tell me about the friend we’re meeting this evening.”

Sue cuddled up next to me. “Jenny’s twenty-one, much taller than me, probably only a couple of inches shorter than you, I think. Very tall for a girl, with long red hair and freckles to match. She’s got tits that make mine look like pimples and is horny all the time, and I mean all the time. I’m going to have to put you on a leash tonight.” She said this with a big smile, which told me that she was only joking. Pity!

“I think.” I said, looking down into Sue’s sweet face. “I think that we deserve a special meal tonight. We’ve got a lot to celebrate, just one thing, actually, but it’s enormous. I’ve met the woman, literally, of my dreams, and even though I didn’t expect it, I’m deliriously happy, and am still shaking my head that such a beautiful woman could love me back.” I was crying with joy, my tears splashing on Sue’s face, mixing with hers, which were also running freely. “So do you have any suggestions, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” she snuffled, “Churrascaria Platforma, a Brazilian restaurant where meat is the thing, lots of meat, plates full of meat. You need to get your strength back, back in your meat, so it sounds perfect to me.” She giggled.

“In my meat, indeed! Done. Now can we shower? Come and shower with me, I’ll get you squeaky clean.”

We showered, slowly, it must be admitted, dressed in our finery, though Sue was much finer than was I, she was as pretty as a picture, and my heart nearly stopped, so great was my love for her.

The restaurant, on West 49th Street, was a revelation, the food incredible and never-ending. bostancı escort No bargain, it must be admitted, but that wasn’t the point. We were celebrating.

By the time we left we were stuffed. With food! The bar was fortunately very close so, filled with magnificent meat, we waddled to it, found a free table and sat comfortably. We ordered beers from the waitress, as we figured that that would probably go best with our supper.

We’d just been served, when there was a screech. “SUSIE!” and an absolutely stunning red-haired girl, a tall, red-haired girl, literally dashed across the floor and gathered Sue in her arms. A veritable red-haired hurricane! When she released Sue, gasping for breath, she rounded on me, gave me a slow once over, then a twice over, and hugged me as she had hugged Sue. “So you’re the boyfriend. I approve.”

We sat, Jenny ordered her drink, also beer, and the two girls began to chat, twenty to the dozen. I had the pleasure of sitting back and looking at two beautiful women, one with black hair, the other with red. They chatted, I looked, time passed, beer was consumed. We must have sat there for about three hours altogether, chatting and drinking. I was fully included in the conversation, and we must have chatted about everything under the sun. We were all good talkers, with knowledge of a lot of subjects, and while the conversation might not have been quite scintillating, it was fascinating.

We got on well, as if we’d known each other for ever. When we decided to leave the bar, none of us was feeling any pain, so much so that Sue whispered in my ear “Would you be terribly upset if Jenny came home with us? She’s in no shape to take the subway, and she lives too far out to take a cab. Please? She can sleep on the floor if you feel strongly.”

“She doesn’t need to sleep on the floor, you, silly, the bed’s plenty big enough for three. I wasn’t counting on a threesome tonight, but hey!” I added, laughing.

“You know,” giggled Sue in my ear. “Jenny’s the only person in the whole world I wouldn’t mind if you slept with. As long as I was there too, of course! So tonight, you sleep in the middle.”

I looked at her with amazement, leaned forward and kissed her softly. “You’re an incredible woman and I sure as hell don’t deserve you. But I love you so much.”

We explained our idea to Jenny, who was very receptive, wove our way back to the hotel and finally made it back to our room.

“Problem.” giggled Jenny. “I don’t have any PJ’s.”

I looked at Sue, we both giggled and she replied “That’s funny, nor do we. I guess whoever climbs in bed first gets to watch the other two. One, two, three, go!”

Clothes flew as we all raced each other to get in bed first. After we’d relieved ourselves, of course. I won that race by a long cock and was on the bed watching the two girls as they came towards me. My God, Sue wasn’t kidding, Jenny’s tits were enormous, not top-heavy enormous, just enormous. Sue’s were, as she had said, like pimples in comparison, but such beautiful pimples and oh how I loved them.

The girls lay on either side of me, cuddled into me. They felt so good. I think I was beginning to doze off, good food and good beer will do that to you, when I felt a hand on my cock, followed by a second, one from each side, stroking me, caressing me. I felt myself harden, growing to my full length. Jenny got up, they had obviously discussed this in the bathroom, straddled me, facing me, and lowered herself onto my rigid cock. I had just filled my hands with her glorious breasts, and was kneading them, when Sue straddled my head and lowered her wet and juicy cunt onto my face, balancing herself by grasping the headboard.

Our three-way fuck was magnificent, lasted longer then we had expected, probably not surprising after the drink we’d had, but ended with three enormous climaxes. We all screamed, though mine was muffled by the soft, sweet folds of Sue’s cunt, Sue covered my face with her come, Jenny sprayed my cock with her cum and I pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into her cunt.

We collapsed, panting, gasping for breath, cuddling, caressing, until we relaxed totally, kissed each other goodnight, with special kisses for my sweetheart, and faded off into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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