Going to be a good year

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Going to be a good yearTo say that it’s been a hell of a month would be an understatement. My divorce had been finalized on a Wednesday and the following Sunday morning while watching the news in my small apartment came the story on how the winning powerball number had been picked at the store just down the street. I pulled my ticket out of my wallet and son of a bitch, it was mine. It wasn’t the largest of jackpots but when all was said and done I had just over seventy-five million in the bank, a new Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard, and a cell phone number known only to select family and friends. A small but fully loaded and provisioned RV was sitting outside as I settled my lease with a check and a handshake from the landlord before hitting the road heading south. I’d dreamed of following the NASCAR circuit for a whole season and I was on my way. That was two days ago. Tonight the RV is parked outside a little redneck bar just north of Atlanta. I’d decided that I’d driven enough for the day and was ready for a cold one, or three. The place was a shithole, bad lighting, dingy walls and stinks of stale cigarettes and beer. The dozen or so customers were obviously all locals and regulars. On the plus side, the beer was cold and there were a couple of dartboards with people who actually played. I’d just wrapped up a game of 501 when this k** came in, jeans too tight, a muscle shirt and carrying his dart case like it was a shiny new pistol. I’d seen the type before and rarely were they as good as they thought they were. Following him through the door was a very cute blonde with what looked to be a very nice set of tits struggling to spill free of her halter top. Her cut off jeans were what I referred to as deaf man shorts, so tight that you could read her lips.The bartender handed each of them a draft and after spotting me he headed straight to the dart boards while she just shook her head and took a seat at a nearby table. I could tell by his look that he had spotted fresh meat and he was going to show me how they played darts down here in Georgia. I already didn’t like him. “Ya shoot?”I looked him in the eye and answered, “a little.”The old boy in the dirty old Budweiser hat whom I’d just beat smiled at me with a slight nod. He knew what was up.We played a few games of cricket, we was about as good as I’d thought, not nearly as good as he did though. I easily kept the games close but after winning the first game letting him win the next two came the inevitable. “How about we make this more interesting?” I agreed and we each put our money down on the table, as we did I made sure that he saw the stack of bills in my wallet and the trap was baited. Old “bud hat”, just smiled at me and motioned a couple of other guys over to watch the fun. Evidently, my opponent had a bit of a reputation and the other regulars were okay with some payback.I kept him in the games that followed and it didn’t take long before his debt was up to $200. The good old boys watching were enjoying it, but the blonde was getting more and more pissed off with every loss. “Let’s call it a night”, I offered, “I believe that you owe me two hundred.”The blonde got up and grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out the back door of the bar. He returned a moment later looking very pissed off, “One more game, double or nothing.””I don’t think so”, I answered, “In fact, I’m beginning to doubt that you have my two hundred, let alone four.” I picked up my darts and started to load them back in my case.The hick walked over to his girls purse and took out a bank envelope from which he produced four one hundred dollar bills. He tossed the empty envelope onto the table before slamming the money down in front of me, “I said one more game.” He stared down at me menacingly.Not one to be intimidated by some drunk hayseed I stood up and told him to put his woman’s money back and to go sit down.”Fuck you yankee, I said that we’re going to play one more game.”About that time his girlfriend or wife, hell maybe even sister came back into the bar. Her puffy eyes showed that she’d been crying and the red mark on her cheek told me why. “Alright kocaeli escort asshole, here’s the deal”, I said, getting right into his face, “We’ll play one more game. If you win you keep your rent money, but if I win you can still keep your money but I get the blonde for an hour in my camper out back.”The bar got silent, it was like a scene out of old western when the sheriff walks in to confront the local outlaws. There was a vein popping out of his forehead as he stared at me and instinctively my hand went to my side where the 380 was concealed. “Take it or leave it, boy.””You better win this game Jimmy”, I heard a soft voice behind us say in the sweetest southern accent.”Closest to the bull, you first”, I hissed between clenched teeth, I was pissed.He grabbed a dart and took to the line. His dart landed just inside the single bull. When he turned I could see some of the cockiness return, it didn’t last long. My shot was dead center in the double bull.I’ve been playing darts in various leagues and even some state championships since I was old enough to go to the bar. My first round saw three triple twenties, closing them and scoring 120 points.Still thinking that he had a chance he got up and threw three single 19s. I answered by closing the 19s, 18’s and 17’s in order.By now he was scared and the whole bar was glued to what was becoming a very short game.He shot four 16s, putting some points on the board.I closed my 16s and 15s before sinking a single bull.By now his confidence was shattered and everybody knew that he had lost the game. He managed to hit a bull, a 15 and a 12.I shouldn’t have done it, to be honest I should have let him win, but I turned to the boy and held up all three of my darts and told him to “pick one”, with a grin on my face. He pointed to the middle dart before I turned and sank it into the double bull. I retrieved my dart and put it into my case with the other two, gulped down the last of my beer and then grabbed the money off of the table. Without a word to him I brushed past and handed the cash to the blonde. “I’ll be waiting outside.””Awh hell no, you ain’t fuckin’ my girl”, I heard the hick say as I turned around. In his hand I spotted a wicked looking buck knife.Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one to spot the drawn blade, bud-hat and his friends, miller-hat and Earnhardt-hat had him by the shoulders, forcing him into his chair and forcing the knife from his hand. “We don’t welch on bets here, ya’ll be nice to miss Cindy here an’ leave Jimmy to us”, Earnhardt-hat assured me with a largely toothless grin.I pulled out my wallet and handed the the old woman behind the bar two hundred bucks. “Keep fifty for yourself and make sure these three gentlemen don’t go thirsty”, I instructed pointing to the hat brothers.I collected my darts from the table and extended a hand to the nervous looking blonde. I led her out of the bar with a grin directed at Jimmy, and out to my waiting RV. Now, as I said before, it wasn’t a big RV, mostly a kitchenette, shower and a bedroom just large enough for a queen sized bed.. Once inside I grabbed a couple of beers from the small refrigerator and handed her one before going around closing the blinds and the privacy curtain. Coming back to her I extended my hand again, “by the way, my name is Tom and I’m sorry that you got dragged into this.””It ain’t no big thing”, she replied, “besides, it was kinda cool to see someone hand Jimmy his ass back like that.” She stood up and untied the knot that was holding her top together. Her perfect tits broke free of their confinement and jutted out proudly at me. The milky white globes were beautifully contrasted by the rest of her well tanned skin. “We might as well get this over with”, she said kneeling topless between my legs.I pulled off my shirt and undid my belt. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of the .380, but I quickly unclipped the holster and dropped it into a drawer beside the small sofa before pulling down my jeans and underwear. Her eyes grew even wider as my cock was revealed. I may not have a porn stars prick but at seven inches izmit escort and thick enough that my hand could barely wrap around it, she was impressed. Not wasting any time she grabbed my rod in one of her soft hands and directed the head to between her wet lips. Her stiff nipples tickled the hair on my thighs as her warm wet mouth engulfed my prick and soon I could feel the tip of her nose parting my pubes. Oh my fucking god, she swallowed my thick rod like an anaconda with a little bunny rabbit, no trace of a gag reflex as she bobbed that sweet mouth along the entire length of my shaft. She sucked and licked my cock like a pro and I knew that I wouldn’t last long in her talented mouth.With some reluctance I looked down into those deep blue eyes and pulled her up off of my cock, I wanted this to last a while. I positioned her on my lap so that I could get my mouth on those heavy pale jugs. Teasingly I licked and lightly nibbled on her fleshy globes, saving her firm puffy nipples for last. She cooed softly as I teased her lovely breasts and pulled my head in harder when I finally sucked one of those beautiful young nipples into my mouth. Without moving my mouth from those glorious funbags I maneuvered her onto her back on the couch and swiftly had her shorts unbuttoned. I stripped those off of her leaving her in just her silky pink thong. I kissed my way down her belly until I had almost reached the waist band of those skimpy little panties. “Stop”, I heard her say as she grabbed my head, “honey, as much as I’d love to see what you can do with that tongue of yours, y’all don’t want to be eating that this week.”Looking down at her pink covered mound I noticed the tell tale string hanging out from the side.”Damnit! I was so looking forward to fucking you.” I didn’t even try to hide my disappointment as I ran my finger across the outline of her slit, her slit that I wasn’t going to get to fuck.”Sorry darling, but you can still fuck me, just not in my pussy. She twisted on the couch and reaching into her purse on the floor. She handed me a small tube of KY. “I was going to let Jimmy have my ass tonight, but since he fucked up you get to be my first if you want it.”I answered by pulling off that pretty pink thong and pushing her knees up against her chest. She had a pretty little pussy, her downy brown pubes were trimmed into a neat landing strip and just the tip of her hood poked through her puffy outer lips. Damn that pussy would have looked so nice with my dick in it, I thought eyeing the offensive little string again. Below the furrow of her cunt I spotted the consolation prize, her puckered little rosebud winked at me and I bent in to give it a kiss. I licked her asshole, much to her delight, while rubbing a dollop of lube onto my prick. I’d actually lost a bit of my erection when I’d realized that she was on the rag, but now, knowing that I was going to tap that ass I was once again hard as steel. Kneeling between her tanned thighs I pulled her ass to the edge of the couch and squirted a glob of lube onto her virgin asshole. I used my finger to spread it around the hole and then pushed some inside. She jumped a little as my finger pushed into her tight shitter. I slowly fingered her asshole until I felt her relax and then pressed another finger into her incredibly tight hole. “Fuck”, she hissed through clenched teeth and her face scrunched up and my second finger stretched her virgin hole, but after a moment I could see her relax again.”You okay”, I asked as I again slowly pumped my fingers into her.”Yeah.””You ready for the real thing”, I followed up with, this time I pulled my greasy fingers free and placed the head of my cock against her entrance.She nodded nervously and bit her lip as I pushed against her puckered hole.Watching her face I saw her wince as I pushed passed her ring and into her hot canal. God damn she was tight as I pushed inch by inch into her ass. Once I was buried to the hilt I let her adjust for a moment before fucking her slowly. The silky walls of her ass gripped my cock like a vice as I pumped it into bodrum escort her. “Oh fuck”, she grunted, “your cock feels so big in my ass.”Reaching down I took the hood of her prominent clit between my finger and thumb and fiddled with it as I stroked my cock into her hot little asshole. A few minutes of this had her writhing and moaning loudly as she began to cum. A glistening sheen of sweat coated her nubile young body as her tummy clenched and incredibly her tight sphincter gripped my shaft even harder. “Uhgh, uhgh, oh fuck me, fuck my ass with that big prick”, she screamed loud enough that I was sure that any audience we had outside the RV could plainly hear. A muted “damnit man”, followed by a round of laughter told me that we did indeed have a few voyeurs. I rode out her orgasm and flipped her over face down on the couch with her knees on the carpeted floor of the camper. Her gaping hole offered little resistance as I slammed my throbbing prick back inside. This time I drove into her with strong piston like strokes. The tinkling of the beer glasses in the cabinet of the small kitchenette let me know that the motor home was now probably rocking in time with my pounding prick. Good, I thought, let the locals know that I was tearing this ass up, even better was the knowledge that none of them would let that little bastard Jimmy live it down.Cindy by now had her fingers between her legs playing with her clit as I fucked her hard, I knew because I could feel my balls slapping against them with each stroke. “Hell yeah dude, fuck her hard”, I heard a deep southern accent yell from outside the RV. I wasn’t sure that she heard until she added breathlessly, “Y’all heard the man, fuck my ass with your big cock!”I grabbed her bucking hips and kicked it into overdrive. The load clapping of flesh on flesh echoed in the camper. I could tell that she was close, but I couldn’t hold back anymore. My balls grew tight and I could feel the impending eruption working its way up my shaft. Two more punishing strokes and my orgasm doubled me over onto her sweaty back. I hadn’t cum like that in years, hell maybe decades. My whole body shook as I pumped load after load of my spunk into her gut.The sensation of my powerful spray must have drove her over the edge because suddenly her ass muscles were milking the seed from my nuts and she screamed, “oh fuck, fill my ass baby, fill me up good!”We stayed like that for a few minutes while we caught our breath, her d****d over the edge of the couch like a rag doll and me right on top of her, my cock withering in her asshole until finally it popped out. Eventually I had to get up off of her. Getting up I and washed off my greasy cock. I pulled on my underwear and jeans before grabbing two beers from the fridge while she dressed. I popped the tops on both and handed her one.We drank our beers in silence and I finished getting dressed. I pulled five hundreds out of my wallet and handed them to her, “This isn’t payment, it’s a gift.”She nodded and tucked the bills into her bra.”Buy something nice for yourself”, I instructed, “don’t use it for bills and certainly not on Jimmy.”She nodded again, “Thank you.”We finished our beers and I led her to the camper door. As soon as I opened it there stood her asshole boyfriend.”I’m gonna fuckin …”, he started but never got the chance to continue when like a flash one pretty little leg swept passed me and connected between his legs with her cute camo Nike’s. The force of her kick lifted the dude off the step and deposited his ass onto the parking lot. She kicked him again as she walked back to the bar. The assembled rednecks in the parking lot all let out a sympathetic groan of pain. Hell, I even felt a little bad for the guy.Staring at her ass I could see a growing wet spot where my load was leaking out.”Why’d you do that baby”, he whined.”It ain’t like you’re gonna need it tonight”, she called back, “after what he just did to my asshole just now that little dick of yours would barely touch the sides.”That brought out a new round of groans and laughter from the crowd, which I took as my cue to get out of there. I locked the camper door behind me and climbed into the driver’s seat. As I looked back at the old neon sign of the bar receding in my rear view mirror I had to smile and think to myself, “I can’t wait for the Atlanta race.”Let me know if we should continue to follow Tom’s adventures following the NASCAR season.

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