Going to New Lengths


Harriet began rubbing Charlie’s dick in earnest now, and as it grew, thickening and hardening, so did her sense of satisfaction. Her eyes found Charlie’s as he opened them momentarily, as if not quite able to believe such pleasure could be real. He was lying back, breathing heavy, ragged gasps, and she could smell the musky scent of his body as she fervently pumped his cock. It swelled further, parting her fingers as with a life of its own. The veins bulged and bunched beneath her digits, but she wasn’t satisfied yet – she wanted bigger than this.

And to think it had looked so ordinary to start with! When they had got back to her apartment, scarcely able to reach the door through the assault of kissing and hands running over each other, she had certainly been turned on. Her hand had felt his cock stiffen in his trousers, and after practically shredding most of his suit removing it, she had seen her prize. To her appraising eye it definitely seemed an adequate dick, even a little thicker than average, but now as she felt him thrust out yet another delicious inch into her mouth, she could scarcely control her passion, let alone her quivering hips slumped before him.

Seeing his penis she had reached for it, but not before his big hands were each holding a handful of her breasts. Even now he would give the occasional tug on her thick, darkening nipples and she would gasp more. Wherever he had touched had set her skin aflame, and every hair on her head stood up with the electric feeling coursing through her. Now… her loins were moistened beyond all reasoning, and all other sensory input had faded, all incorporated into her body’s singular goal of getting well and truly fucked… But she wanted to hold out for a little longer for now because she knew it would be all the better once she began. The anticipation wracked her. He had caressed, bit, nipped, and kissed, absolutely insatiable, it was as if he was all over her at once, making her completely his.

Yet now he could scarcely move, overcome as he was with the pleasure she was exerting unto him. The sense of power she felt, mastering this wild beast, ataşehir escort bayan or rather both wild beasts at this point she considered as the iron pole between her fingers galvanised itself with titanium. This thing would snap her in two… and she could hardly wait any longer. While he had been pleasuring her, she had moaned so loudly that she had to grab a pillow and bite down for fear of her neighbours hearing, but that soon fell away as her vocal cords, much like the rest of her, ceased working except as to function as a pleasure machine, and her breath came in loud, untamed, raw gasps, solely it seemed for the purpose of turning him on further. Yet at some point, as he had been lowering himself to start eating her out, she felt something within her lash out; a primal spirit, and she shoved him on to his back and seized his cock.

It had actually begun as being somewhat slow and comparatively gentle, yet now she’d have been liable to throttle any man not so buried in infatuation. She had rubbed and stroked, increasing in speed and hardness, and he had begun to fall back, no longer able to hold himself up, his hands idly grasping at nothing but for the moments where instinct drove him to find a nipple, yanking as if to drive her on, his masterful and willing love slave. She wanted him, wanted it, and she wanted to make sure it was ready for some serious pounding. Her ministrations had continued, harder and harder, and to her surprise she noticed he showed little sign of slowing in his growth. She could hardly fathom where this sheer amount of cock was coming from, but she didn’t ultimately care as long as there was more of it. Her arm, then arms as she grasped with both hands, tired, and she knew what to do for the final move, to make his monster as wet as her throbbing pussy. Parting her lips wide, she shoved as much as would go in, and sucked and sucked for all she was worth. She saw his hips began to buck slightly, though he tried to hold them back, and she laboured on as more and more of his manhood expanded into her mouth. Her efforts proved fruitful, and his moans could only confirm what escort kadıköy she felt and tasted… It was time.

As she released him from her lips, it was like he had known already, for she found that almost immediately there he was on top of her, his arms forcing her lovely, thick thighs apart and plunging his enormous, thick dick into her cleft.

Then… a small part of the world exploded. She was ripped from her senses in a hurricane of absolute ecstasy. He was so big! So fucking big! He thrust and pushed into her, again and again, piledriving, ramming, forcing himself into her inside! She moaned again as he ravished her, she couldn’t help it, and she no longer had the capacity to care. His palms gripped her round ass and pulled her towards him, and she felt more shaft driving into her cunt. It was like a volcanic eruption but backwards! He did not speak. His lips slightly apart over his teeth, he grunted and worked, his goal now homogenous with hers. He fucked her, harder and harder, faster and faster, and she urged him on, calling his name and begging him to just continue and not stop. He was pushing and pushing, forcing more of himself into her, unable to comprehend nor care whether she was physically capable of taking any more… but rest assured she was. She felt her pussy, every nerve of it, being spread by this behemoth, despite how tightly her kegal muscles clung to it, drawing him in further and further – taking. And then she felt it, his pelvis hit hers, and realised that somehow she had done it, she had taken this leviathan into her in its entirety, and it only stimulated and inflamed her ecstasy further.

The sex had reached a new level of intensity. She was gasping and moaning, counterthrusting against the massive lance that continued to penetrate her again and again. A pleasure, a pressure, was building inside her, and she found herself gripping the bed instead of him now, for there was little she could do to make this adamantine hammering any harder. All there was was her and he, his eyes looking straight into hers, and somewhere in the background and all around, them fucking. bostancı escort Time was all fast and slow at the same time, dense and featherlike as her hips bucked once again in rhythm to his plunging core. His efforts only grew more fervent and feral, and she felt a further swelling from within him. He was embedded into her, and she into him, and suddenly a sense of knowing gripped her. She pulled him, harder and further than before, towards her, towards her drooling, hungry twat, and kissed him deeply, her tongue working his mouth as she finally came, hard, fast, unending, divine, as she was pulverised and made anew by wave after wave of indescribable rapture and release.

Yet this was then toppled by a second, more intense feeling as he exploded inside her, filling her up with his hot seed, and she was overpowered – possessed, by a torrent of heightening orgasm. She felt as if she couldn’t take it, could not stand for it to continue, or even worse for it to end. Her every thought, her very existence, was obliterated and all that was left was the union between their bodies. Only one intelligible phrase could escape her lips: “Oh Charlie!”. And still he came on, his still-rigid cock filling her up, on and on, until she felt it leak out and stain her thighs. The orgasm had not yet petered out, and once again spontaneity overtook her.

Removing herself from the gargantuan mast, she quickly sat astride him and placed it firmly between her tits, examining at his gobsmacked expression as she, with a sultry grin, began to pump and rub his shaft with her pillowy breasts, and suck on his rod with her mouth. This must have been too much for him, because before a minute had elapsed he had cum again, fully into her mouth. She would have said she was startled by the sheer amount from the second barrage of jets if she were not so keenly conscious of the Brobdingnagian scale of this pecker, so it came as little surprise that her deep swallows could not keep up. This bout was shorter, and after making sure she milked the very last drop she stood and turned, licking off the last of his semen that had spurted on to her face, and began to make her way back to the bed, ready snuggle up beside him.

However, the hard, eager expression, and the harder, more eager thing that were there to meet her had other plans. She felt herself involuntarily grow wet again, and her nipples puckered…

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