Golden Shoes


As always I message you on the way home to let you know that I am I0 minutes away. Shortly after sending the text, I see that you are calling me on FaceTime. I’m intrigued as you don’t normally call on FaceTime and I’m almost worried something is wrong or you have hit this accidentally.

I answer and hear you say,

“I want you when you get home.”

I look at the screen on my phone to see your body; the sight almost making me steer off the road!

I can see you (as though you have a head cam on). You are looking down your body and you are lying on the bed. You are wearing your gold slutty stilettos. I’ve named them your CFMPs – it is an unwritten rule that you only wear them when you want me to fuck you and you can’t remove them until I have. Additionally you’re wearing nude FF stockings and your silk black knickers and garter. My shaft starts to uncoil as I watch one hand tugging on your piercing in your nipple, making it hard and swollen and the other is gently stroking on the outside of your silk black knickers. You are gently teasing your pussy.

As I watch I let out a groan of satisfaction and without thinking say,

“You dirty little slut, what are you going to do for me?”

“I’m your dirty little slut. Just watch but get here soon. You reply.

With that I see you raise your fingertips to your lips and then you tickle your pink nipple and pinch it firmly, moaning as you do. Your other hand you also raise to your lips and with hindsight I know why. You trail it down over your pierced nipple and stomach, eventually disappearing into your knickers. I see you raise your leg and spread them wider as your fingers explore inside your panties and, me being me, I admire your gold stilettos as you wank your pussy firmly.

Your hand disappears further into your knickers and It makes me wonder whether you are gently circling your bum hole? I imagine it to be the case; my shaft growing firmer in anticipation of getting home.

I take in the sight of your firm and pert breasts and erect nipples in the foreground, down your soft sleek stomach to your skimpy knickers and your gorgeous longlegs in stockings. I can see the stilettos clearly as your legs bend in excitement.

I want you.

As I watch you on the screen I say,

“I want to fuck you.”

You don’t answer; you just start to provocatively remove your black silk knickers gently down your wide spread legs. You then drop them to the side and again start gently pinching your nipples teasingly. one of your hands again trails down stroking your belly and you once again start fingering your clit but it is out of view. I can only see your fingers moving as they circle and massage and again you squirm in delight.

I pull up in the drive and say,

“I’m home.”

As I sit in the car watching you, I gently stroke my thick hard cock through my jeans, relishing the sight I have of you yet again and looking forward to entering the bedroom. I come through the front door and as you hear me I can see you on the screen sitting up and positioning yourself, sat on the side of the bed with your legs spread wide. I can see you continue to finger your pussy and raise your fingers to your lips and lick them suggestively.

As I enter the bedroom our eyes meet; you bite your lip and in front of me massage your breasts holding your nipple between your finger and thumb rolling it. Your other hand gently strokes your pussy lips with the tip of your finger as you play with yourself provocatively.

I quickly undress and as my thick hard shaft springs free from my boxers, I slowly stroke it attempting to tease you. I can see you watching as I stroke my shaft, exposing my swollen glistening knob. I am already dribbling cum and I see you lick your lips in anticipation. You stand up from the bed and kneel with your legs spread wide beckoning me towards you with your sparkly eyes. As I approach, I grab the back of your head firmly, as your eyes continue to look into mine. You cup my throbbing balls in one hand, my thick shaft in the other and start to wank me in your soft palm. Still ataşehir escort bayan looking me in the eye as I massage the back of your head and toy with your ear.

As you stroke my thick hard shaft, you tease the sensitive soft skin of my knob. I gasp in delight as you gently stroke and massage my hot balls. Still looking me in the eye, you stick your tongue out and finally lick my knob like a lolly pop and circle it until you finally take it fully between your lips.

You cup my balls massaging them, as well as licking them. You gently wank my shaft with your other hand and lubricate it as you suck me deep into your mouth. You work my cock firmly with your mouth; sucking, licking and your own saliva’ as well as my pre-cum, makes me very wet. As you suck me, our combined juices are dribbling down your chin and onto your boobs, which you rub in. You continue looking me in the eye. Your hair is ruffled and the combined look is such a turn on – a “take me to bed you stud” look, arousing me further.

Occasionally you drop a hand and tease your pussy. I can’t see this fully but know it is what you are doing, again arousing me further. I love seeing you looking at me, my juices dribbling down your chin and you know it; you emphasise it.

You pull my cock from your mouth, gasping and stand. As you do you kiss me passionately and I reciprocate, tasting my own juices, as well as sharing the dribble on your face.

You move backwards in your heels and stockings and sit on the edge of the bed before swinging your legs round onto the sheets. You hang your head over the edge of the bed, with your knees bent up. You’re watching me as you again caress your nipples before stroking your wet pussy with both hands. I move forward and ease my cock deep into your throat and start to massage your breasts firmly, watching you finger your pussy as I fuck your mouth, standing at the edge of the bed. You alternate between sucking my thick hard shaft deep and sucking my balls while wanking my shaft with one hand. At all times, at least one of your hands is fingering your wet glistening pussy. It is now so wet I can hear your fingering.

I’ve never wanted you more.

As I slide my thick cock between your dribbling lips fucking your mouth I say,

“I’ve never wanted you more, I love watching your fingers working your clit and disappearing into your tight swollen pussy and how wet your hand is.

Let me taste it – I want to suck your love juice from your fingers.” I demand.

You raise your hand to my open mouth and watch as I lick and suck; the feeling of me sucking on your fingers is erotic to you and you play with your hard nipple as you watch.

“Put your fingers back in your pussy – I want to hear how wet you are”

You oblige and finger yourself, enjoying the sound of your own wet cunt and the effect it has on me. This makes me thrust harder and deeper into your mouth, turning you on further and making you gag slightly.

“I love watching both my cock between your soft lips and your fingers in your hot cunt and hearing you slurp on my shaft, you’re such a slut. My slut.”

“I want to cum over your delicious body”

“Oooohhh, yes please” you respond.

With that I withdraw my cock from your mouth and firmly wank my cock. It is so wet and slippery and sounds it as I stroke it. You take my balls in your mouth and suck and tease them with your tongue, all the while teasing your nipples, massaging your clit or deep fingering your pussy. You love how it turns me on and match the quickening strokes of me wanking my cock.

I’m beginning to feel my cum building and strings of pre-cum are starting to escape. This excites you.

“I want you to cum too my Delicious slut – together”

You moan as you feel your own orgasm building and start to quiver. I sense this and pinch your nipple as I wank my hard cock frantically and you finger your tight wet cunt hard and deep equally so.

Your sucking my balls hard.

“I’m cumming…”

You moan as my cum shoots hard against your breasts and down your stomach escort kadıköy towards your soaked navel, as you succumb to your orgasm, squirting all over your hand and onto the bed sheets.

I stand back relishing the sight: You’re collapsed, shaking as your orgasm takes over.

As I enjoy the view, I say,

“I’m not finished with you yet; I need to fuck you hard like the slut you are – you won’t be able to walk when I’m finished with you.”

You sit up slightly, looking round. Your hair looks so sexily ruffled, and you bite your lip smiling with your grey eyes twinkle. As you lightly mop up my cum with a finger and taste it, looking at me you say

“I’ll never ask you to stop”

You smile wickedly as our eyes meet fully.

I approach the bed; you move onto all fours and take my shoulder in a hand and we embrace. You’ve smeared more of my cum on your hands and you raise them to my lips, inserting your cum covered fingers in my mouth. I suck them, then we kiss passionately as my hands explore and travel your body; back of your neck, pulling you into my kiss, caressing your hot breasts and brushing your hard nipple, stroking your hip, fondling your creamy peaches and fingering your bum hole teasingly. Trailing my fingers along your glistening soaked snatch as our arousal again starts to build.

You’re still wearing your gold shoes; your stocking tops on your inner thighs are drenched with your juices. Your hair is all ruffled, adding to the icing on the cake of your “take me to bed” grey eyes. Your legs look so stroke-able in you FF stockings. You look so slutty, but also deliciously sexy.

I don’t just want to take you to bed; I so want to fuck you hard.

I push you back into the bed and as you bounce down you look back cheekily at me, staring me in the eyes. Your hands stroking your inner thighs of your wide open legs to entice me into exploring your swollen glistening cunt. Your pussy lips encouragingly parted and ready for more attention.

Before kneeling between your stockinged leg, I pick up the gold 6 inch vibrator stood up on the bedside cabinet. It matches your gold shoes, and only comes out to play with them. I check to see that it will buzz into action effectively, as we both again find eye contact. You bite your lip in anticipation.

I bend down between your long legs stroking your inner thighs, firmly aroused by the feel of your damp stockings and the slipperiness of your creamy hot inner thighs. My tongue tip swirls over your swollen clit and you gasp, throwing your head back and grabbing my head with both hands. My tongue spreads your pussy lips wider as I firmly lick down them and finish curling my tongue teasingly over your wet bum hole. My fingers tease along your bum cheeks beyond, as the vibrator buzzes into action.

I tease your anus with the tip circling as it becomes wet with your juices. I firmly edge the tip into your bum hole, but only an inch or so. You push your bum against it, easing it slightly further into you but I withdraw it. I continue to tease you like this while my tongue toys with your hard clit. I lap up your love juice and finally slide the vibrator between your bum cheeks so your lying on it, and the tip is just buzzing at your anus.

Your moaning and squirming with the attention of my tongue and vibrator but I now insert one finger gently into your eager pussy circling the sponginess of your g-spot lightly at first but with increasing pressure.

This is joined by a second finger and my rhythm increases.

My tongue is firmly rasping your clit. You’ve only one hand controlling my head as the other is now once again tugging your ring piecing on your left nipple. You’re starting to squirm and your breathing has quickened.

Your riding my fingers as I push one of your legs back and start to gently circle the back of your knee. This quickens your breathing and your pussy has tightened on my fingers as you start to shake and spasm. My fingers work hard and fast, firmly massaging your g-spot. I suck on your clit and tease it between my tongue and teeth.

I bostancı escort can hardly hold you as you thrash and I try to gently stroke the back of your knee.

Your spasming and moaning,

“Oh god, I can’t hold it any longer.”

As you start to spasm and writhe in ecstasy, you squirt into my mouth.

I continue fucking your cunt hard as you shake and as your orgasm subsides you collapse in my arms, I ease off.

I once again kneel back and savour the view of you orgasming.

You look so slutty and sexy; I just want to finish you off and fuck you hard.

You again look at me with your grey sultry eyes and say,

“I’ll never ask you to stop.”

As you recover, you again sit up, moving like a tiger, you stroke your hands up my chest and taking my head in both your hands, you kiss me passionately. I can still taste my cum as our tongues once again explore each other’s mouths. You bite my lip and cheekily look me in the eye.

I pull away and get off the bed picking up the vibrator that’s still buzzing. I turn it off and stand at the edge of the bed with my thick shaft protruding in front of me and gently stroke it. You’re watching and I can tell from your eyes, and the way your fingers are caressing your hips, stomach and legs, that you you want to be fucked.

“I want to fuck you so hard, you slut.” I say.

Without saying a word, you move to the edge of the bed in front of me, turning and placing your creamy white bum cheeks just in front of my throbbing cock. You look back at me with those “come fuck me eyes” encouraging me to slide a finger initially, then two, into your tight pussy. You gasp as my fingers probe deep and again, massage your g spot. I withdraw them and you immediately look round, as if disappointed. I then slide my soaked fingers into your wet bum hole, deeper than you’ve been probed all night. You push back on my fingers, emphasising you’re not going to ask me to stop. You’re moaning as my fingers fuck your bum harder and faster. You are writhing your bum onto my fingers and riding them, delightedly. I can see the satisfaction on your face as I once again withdraw.

You again look round, intrigued as to what I’m going to do next. The vibrator buzzes into action as I slide it firstly deep into your pussy making you moan and grind against me and then I withdraw it to the head before sliding it up a few inches and thrust it to the hilt, into your anus. You scream and gasp breathlessly. A little surprised, but your arousal is at its highest and all parts of your body are sensitive. Anything could throw you over your crest. I finally slide my thick, hard cock deep into your cunt.

Again,you scream and gasp as I slide both the vibrator in your bum and my cock, back to the hilt. I love seeing both your bum and pussy lips sucking against me and the vibrator as I withdraw and then thrust hard back into you. Your starting to almost cry in ecstasy, stretched in both holes.

I continue quickening my pace, the vibrator buzzing inside you. Your face is flat against the bed, one of your hands is pinching your nipple roughly and the other is massaging your aching clit. Your body is starting to shake as I fuck you hard.

…and harder.

Your shaking and spasming as you cry in total ecstasy. You are impaled and riding both shafts as you’re body once again collapses shaking and spasming, quivering. Your tears dripping down your cheek merged with your make up.

I pull the vibrator from your bum and as you are spasming, fuck you deep and hard, feeling my own orgasm building. As you lie, not able to support your own body, I roughly fuck your cunt and come deep inside you. Spurt after spurt, hitting your pussy deep inside.

You are gasping and breathless, as I withdraw. You’re like a baby collapsed on the spot with your bum in the air. As I withdraw I can barely stand myself, catching my breath as I watch your fucked body.

My cum is dribbling from your swollen gaping pussy. I scoop up some of my cum on the tip of my fingers, raising it to your mouth. You lap them in delighted ecstasy.

You look totally fucked, almost ruined.

You hardly move and I hear you say, between gasps,

“I’ll never ask you to stop.”

You’re eyes twinkle through your running make up as you smile contentedly once again with full eye contact together.

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