Perhaps my breasts are too small, I don’t know, but try as I might, Nick has always ignored me. One day we were both going to the market and Nick offered me a ride.

“I have a spare helmet,” he said. I jumped at the opportunity. I went inside and put on some warm clothes. Perhaps, I wondered, a new chapter was about to open.

I sat behind Nick on his Goldwing. With a flick of the key it rumbled and we were away. I wrapped my arms around him and held on. Soon we were cruising and I was thinking. I’d noticed how wide apart my legs were. Nick’s must be too! The road was flat and there was no traffic as he’d chosen a short cut through a forest. It was a beautiful, quiet Sunday. I reached around Nick and hugged him.

“You ok?” he shouted to me.

“Ok!” I shouted back, “Cold hands though.”

“Put them inside my coat!” he shouted back. It was the most he’d ever said to me. Somehow I managed to get them inside his shirt too. I felt his bare chest. He didn’t object so I kept them there, the feel of his skin was beautiful. I slid my hands up and down.

“Do I dare?”I thought to myself.

“Yes, I do,” I answered. I slid my hands up and found his nipples. They were small and hard, the way mine once were. I teased them as we rode on. Neither of us spoke.

It didn’t take long for another question to form.

“Do I dare?” I asked again.

“Yes I do,” I said to myself. I let go of his nipples and caressed his chest with wandering hands. Hands that wandered down his belly, found his belt and pulled it to release. They found the button and quickly undid it. Then the zip and I was surprised as to how easy it all was. I splayed the top of his jeans and pushed my fingers under elastic, enough to lift it and my other hand found its way in. Two hands, one fondled his balls and the other stroked his cock.

He continued to ride, both hands on the handle bars. I was encouraged. I stroked him to erection. His cock pulsed as it squinted at the sun, a big cock that was difficult for my small hands to hold. I leaned up against him, pushed my breasts into him, they’re not that small, and continued to stroke. I found a rhythm as my hand glided on his soft skin. My other hand was also busy; it had pulled his balls out from the confines of his underpants and rolled them gently, felt their weight and tested them like ripe fruit.

Nick continued to ride; his hands remained on the handlebars as I teased his balls and stroked his cock. Time was important. I had to hurry. I extended the length of the stroke. I made it firmer and faster.

Soon there were indications. His balls traveled to the top of their sack. His cock seemed firmer and it throbbed. I stroked enthusiastically as the signs became more obvious. Then there was another sign. His hips moved. I was encouraged. I stroked, firmer, faster and longer and suddenly his hips moved forward.

I let go of his balls that 90s show izle and got ready to catch. One stroke, two strokes, three- his hips left the saddle, his cock started to pulse and suddenly it shot its stuff into my hand. I continued to pump as he continued to shoot and as I caught it the wind licked it from me and threw it onto his riding coat. Soon there was just a dribble and I collected it, as much as I could and brought my hand around to taste it.

“Cloves? Citrus?” I wasn’t sure, the wind does that I guess.

I could see the market ahead so I tucked him back in, pulled the zip up, buckled his belt and wiped up what I could find of his juice.

“What a pity I can’t ride” I thought, “Perhaps Nick would like to be my passenger.” At the market we wandered and looked at the stalls. The market was a disappointment. Not a word was said. We had a drink, my shout, because I wanted his fluids topped up. Soon, we walked back to the Goldwing.

Silence is consent isn’t it? Cloves or citrus; I hoped to find out.

At a stately clip we rumbled through the forest and this time, I didn’t ask myself the question. Instead I attacked his belt and zip, he hadn’t bothered to do up the button. With the top of his pants open again, my hands soon contained his cock. It was flaccid and the skin was silky smooth.

I fondled and teased the soft, warm flesh as my breasts rested and bounced on his back. Slowly his cock stiffened and rose, after a time it was thick, hard and erect. I wanted to see it, kiss it, swallow it, take it into me and milk it in so many ways. I stroked it.

The Goldwing slowed, he changed gear and in the lower gear it slowed more as the motor lowered its pitch. I wondered whether we were stopping. Should I be pumping him, or should I tuck him away and pretend nothing had happened? I was caught and did neither. I held his cock as his leg went out. We slowed to a stop and he put his foot on the ground, dismounted and flicked the stand into place. The motor was still running.

He got back on the Goldwing, facing me, with his pants relaxed further down his thighs. His cock was on display, its purple head on a long, thick shaft twitched, a beautiful soldier pumped up in its battle fatigues.

He lifted my arms, pulled my sweater over my head and threw it on the road verge. My helmet came off and rolled on the ground. His hand went down the front of my shirt; the buttons popped and flew in all directions. I looked at his face. His eyes were on what he was doing, and saw the halves of my shirt which seemed lost without their connection. He pulled and the shirt tore, it quickly joined my sweater on the ground.

I felt a little self conscious, on the back of his Goldwing, dressed in my bra. I shouldn’t have. He reached around behind me and I felt him pull. Then he pulled at the straps over my shoulders, the 1619 project izle like he was picking fruit and the cool air flooded round my breasts as they slumped into their unsupported positions. He picked them up with his hands and with his thumbs flicked my nipples. It hurt a little as the rigid erections bent and then resumed their shapes. I saw him look at my nipples and feel them with his fingers. Then he squeezed my breasts and made me wriggle with the ache. He dropped them and I saw his cock again, it stood to attention as its one eye looked at me. Proud and erect it twitched in my honor.

I wasn’t sure, should I have worn my jeans? Their fabric was so much stronger. His hands took the waist and pulled. The soft fabric ripped, down around the crutch as I watched. Then at my back he did the same and my pants were quickly in two halves. He pulled them and let them drop. My panties offered no resistance, I lifted as he pulled them away and threw them onto the pile.

His hand went down to touch me, he ran his fingers down, over my clit and into the wetness. His fingers jiggled with the vibrations of the Goldwing as it gurgled. He was rough as he shoved his fingers inside. I lay back on the long Goldwing seat and it was a lot more comfortable as, supported on my elbows, I watched.

His fingers played with me, pulled my labia and he watched them shrink back into position when he let them go. He found my clit and took it between his fingers and squeezed. I yelped and he let go. For the first time he looked at me, naked on his motorbike apart from my pants that had descended, in halves, down my legs like tattered leggings as they hung off me and hid my shoes.

Carefully he shuffled forward on the Goldwing. Like me he was obviously worried it might fall over. I lifted my legs around him so if it did fall my legs wouldn’t be crushed. He leaned forward and kissed my breasts, they rippled in time with the idling motor. Slowly, with his arms either side of me he hefted his body closer to me. I reached down and holding his cock I aimed it as he came forward and pushed into me.

As fucks go, I guess it wasn’t the greatest. It was slow and tentative as he worried about his Goldwing and worked his cock in and out. I would have liked it if he’d looked at me but something in the distance behind me seemed to occupy his attention. The bike rocked on its stand and the motor surged, which added vibrations as he fucked, slowly and deliberately. It was beautiful to be filled so deeply with the gentle rock of his cock and the extra movement caused by Goldwing’s throaty idle.

My legs were beginning to ache but the movement of his cock was too delicious for me to rest them. My cunt was wet, swollen and very sensitive. It was a happy recipient of the measured thrusts of his cock. With each thrust it seemed to add to the sensitivity the 7 lives of lea izle and an ache that was difficult to describe.

Our balance on the bike seemed to be secure, enough for him to move his hand; he touched my breasts and gave each nipple a firm tug. It made the ache stronger as my nipples screamed with the pain. Then he put his hand between my legs and ran his fingers along my slit. He pulled my labia, one after the other and then his fingers picked up the flesh around my clit and squeezed.

With a jolt I suddenly orgasmed, a powerful hip raising, scream inducing orgasm that nearly broke his cock off inside me as he moved to keep up. He shouted, but I didn’t hear, my orgasm concentrated me so much I wasn’t aware of anything but the action around it. His cock fell out of me and I sat up as he sat upright. I saw his cock, glistening with my fluids, huge and throbbing. I wanted it back inside me fast and I reached to trap it.

The moment I grabbed it, his cock began to pump out its goo, I watched as it shot my cunt, the warmth was beautiful as it soaked into my creases. Another shot as his goo splashed my hand and I felt the smooth silk of it. He moved, he desperately struggled, with one foot on the ground, the bike was off balance and threatened to fall as he struggled to hold it up. His breaths were deep and his cock was wrenched away from me to stand, unbent, and aimed up his belly. I watched as his cock disgorged another shot that wet his coat in a crazy pattern.

He gave a push to balance the bike and spun around as he dismounted, his boot grazed my tits. One of my legs went to the ground and I stood. He suddenly pushed and the bike was back on its stand as I watched a shot of cum land on the bike’s seat. He stood before me, sweat dripped down his face as I grabbed his cock and tried to squeeze out the last, a taste.

I put my head down to suck up his cock, bobbed my head twice and I felt a dribble of cum enter my mouth. Cloves? Perhaps. I swished it round my mouth. Does musk have a taste? If it does, that’s it. I turned around for some reason, suddenly self conscious about my nakedness.

Panicked, I saw the car, not far behind us. I could see faces inside and knew they were looking at us, at me. I wanted to go, and as though on command, but probably because he was self conscious too, he was on the bike. He gave the throttle a twist and we were away. I clung to him as the wind, cold on my body, cooled the warm emissions. My hair streamed behind me as the wind took it, my last vestige of propriety. I would have liked my clothes. I checked with my hand, as I reached around him, to discover his pants were still open, his cock was still out. He was lucky it had the grace to shrink.

We were soon going fast. The cold stung as we moved. I leaned against him for his warmth and was able to look over his shoulder. One hundred and seventy kilometers an hour, or was that the revs. It was fast, I knew that. I turned to look behind. We had escaped them. We turned down a side road and were safe. We stopped. With the motor still running he took off his coat and gave it to me. I was so grateful. Silently he looked at me, then he gave the throttle a twist and we were away as I held on and pulled his coat into place.

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