Golf Lessons with Daddies Friend

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Golf Lessons with Daddies Friend”OMIGOD! I’ve never felt this befoooore!” I moaned with my face buried in the cool silk sheets covering the massive bed I found myself being fucked on. I was being drilled by a much older man’s stunningly large cock at the culmination of an amazing day. My name is Makkaila and this is how I became an adult.It was late July and I had just graduated high school a few weeks prior. I was the class Valedictorian, captain of the golf team and yearbook editor. My perky 34 C boobs and tight, fit little bum were always covered with clothes from the Banana Republic. I never had a blonde hair out of place and my nails and makeup were always impeccably done. If they were writing the part of “over-achieving white girl” for a teen movie I’d be it. I had, in fact, achieved the goal I’d been striving for since I was very young – I had gotten into an Ivy League school and started in a month.I had never really had time for a boyfriend. I mean I HAD a boyfriend, but it was just for show. We made appearances together, went to events such as prom together, but we were never in love or all that serious. We fooled around a few times, him fingering me, me giving him a blow job. He occasionally tried to go down on me but was so bad at it I made him stop, it was like a dog licking something off the floor. Just super uncomfortable.We did have sex a couple of times. I lost my virginity to him on an aforementioned prom night and another time on his birthday. It was like inexperienced sex is like, quick and all over the place. His penis wasn’t overly big so it didn’t hurt too much the first time and I’ll admit it did feel nice to feel the stiffness inside of me. This girl’s best friend, the handle of my hairbrush, was how I learned to pleasure myself.My parents had planned a big family vacation at a lake resort as the last thing we do before I went off to school. They had rented a lake house at a beautiful mountain ski resort. I had learned that there was an ulterior motive to the choice of location. The club pro at the golf course was my father’s friend from college and he wanted me to take a couple lessons from him. My dad’s plan for me is that I walk onto the golf team when I get to school. Just going to an Ivy League school isn’t enough I guess.We arrive at the resort on a beautiful sunny day. I step out on the back deck of the house we had rented and the blue water was breathtaking. “Hey, Duffy!” my dad yelled to a man standing on a deck three houses down from us. “What a stupid name,” I thought. rize escort It was dad’s friend from college, the club pro. He came over and greeted us. He was a little over six feet tall and fit. It struck me how perfectly tan he was which was in contrast with his pearly white smile and salt and pepper hair. He was my father’s age, in his 50’s. He seemed like a nice enough guy. We made plans to play a round tomorrow in the morning and he bid as adieu.Morning shortly came. I got dressed, a pair of little khaki shorts and a tight little polo shirt. I may have taken a little too long doing my makeup. My father was in the living room impatiently watching the news. “I’m hungry, hurry it up!” he barked at me. “Oh settle down, we’re on vacation,” my mother posited. We head out to a big breakfast at the resort’s restaurant. Little did I know what was in store for me today.My mother heads out for a day at the spa while my dad and myself go to the golf course to meet Duffy for our round. When we enter the clubhouse we immediately see Duffy, he’s leaning over the front desk chatting with the smiling girl that’s working there. We all greet each other. “Are you going to show me a thing or two about golf?” Duffy teases me. I just nod and smile, not totally sure what to think of him yet. My dad receives a phone call and quickly turns away from us.”Really!? FUCK!!” he bellows not caring that he’s in public.”Well I have to go deal with this, dammit. It looks like you two are on your own,” he whines to us. Something bad must have happened back at the office. “Great,” I thought. Now I have to spend the next three hours with this guy I don’t know.As we walk to the tees for the first hole Duffy nonchalantly dribbles a golf ball on his 9 iron. “Harvard, huh” he quizzes me. “Ya I’m excited,” I reply. “It’s going to be hard to get onto that golf team. Hopefully I can show you a thing or two,” he says with a wry smile. As he sets up to take his tee shot I stand to the side watching him. He winds up and uncoils his body to drive the ball 250 yards right up the middle of the fairway. I had became aware that I was checking him out when his sinewy muscles swung his club. “I’m pretty good at this,” he cockily tells me.The first few holes went by uneventfully. We bantered back and forth and got a little more comfortable with one another. He soon informs me that he thinks he sees something in my swing. He stands behind me, placing his hands on mine and moves them slightly, swinging his body with mine. sakarya escort His arms felt so strong around me and the faint smell of his manly cologne was so pleasing. I was beginning to be very attracted to him.When placing my next tee I bend over slowly without bending my legs. My little shorts riding up and showing just the bottom of my buns. “I can’t believe I’m acting like this,” I think to myself. He noticed what I was doing because when we got on the cart he rubbed my leg and told me I was doing a good job. I responded by moving my leg closer to him. His hand moved further up my thigh, his fingertips brushing against my pussy. “Oh!” I let out a little gasp. “I want to show you something,” he says as he pulls the cart next to a maintenance shed.We go into the shed and he walks me next to a stool and quickly pulls my shorts and thong down around my ankles and pushes me onto the edge. He gets down on his knees and starts kissing the inside of my thigh. “Keep going,” I encourage him. He plunges his tongue deep into my young pussy and lets out a satisfied little noise. I know he’s tasting my juices because I’m positively dripping at this moment. The next thing I know it feels as if my clit is being sucked from my body and at the same time his tongue flicking every part of it all at once. I look down to see his salt and pepper covered head moving vigorously between my legs.”Oh no!” I gasp as I begin to shake and shiver. Waves of orgasm take over my body as he continues to suckle on my clit. When I finish he looks up at me with my creamy white juices running down his chin. It’s all over the edge of the stool too. It took him all of about three minutes to make me cum harder than I ever have before.With our newfound closeness we quickly get through the rest of the round and head back to the club house where my dad is waiting for us. “So how did she do,” my dad asks his old friend. “She was fantastic,” Duffy says with a smile. “I have some clients to meet with now, but later tonight she can stop by my place and I can show her some videos;” he tells my dad. “Well that’s great, you’re a great teacher,” my father says without knowing the irony.I breeze through the day positively glowing after the amazing orgasm I received from the tongue of a much older man. I fantasize over what the night has in store for me. I spent what must have been an eternity in the shower making sure to clean down there extra well as I don’t know what Duffy has in store for me.When the time comes I nervously escort bayan walk the three houses down and ring the doorbell. He answers the door in shorts and a t-shirt. “Come on in Makkaila,” he says as I walk through the door. He closes it behind me and pushes me against the wall and we begin to kiss, his strong hands caressing my body, squeezing my firm tits. I kiss him back vigorously and place my hands around his waist, slowly moving down his ass. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” I whisper. He takes me by the hand and leads me into the bedroom.I sit on the edge of the bed as he stands in front of me and removes his shirt. I cannot believe how in shape a man of this age is. He’s incredibly toned. I reach out and undo his zipper and fly and slowly pull his pants down. His big, shaved, semi-erect cock unfurled out in front of me, inches from my face. The faint smell of his penis filled my nostrils and made my wet pussy sopping. I reach out and touch it, moving it around in my hand admiring it. I summon the courage and place the head of his big member in my mouth as he lets out a little moan. I slowly begin sucking him, taking it further in my mouth with each bob of my head. Feeling his cock get rock hard in my mouth was amazing.He then stands me up, quickly undressing me. “You are so beautiful,” he tells me. He turns me around and pushes me onto the bed, placing me on my hands and knees. I feel his strong hands spread my ass cheeks apart and the next thing I know his face is buried between them. “Oh my god, I think he just sniffed my ass, that’s so hot;” I thought to myself. All of the sudden his tongue is deep inside my ass flicking around. An amazing sensation I’d never felt before but always thought about. After a few minutes of him feasting on my tight butthole he stands up and slaps my pussy with his cock.”Are you ready for this sweety?” he asks me as he slowly starts sliding his cock into my 18 year old pussy. “Yess, I need it,” I hiss at him. The length and girth of his cock is filling me up like I’ve never been before. His hands on my hips pulling me into him, balls slapping against my clit. I lose control of my body and have my first ogasm as he continues to rail my pussy. He makes me cum over and over again, his powerful cock owning my body. “Come inside me,” I beg him.”Are you sure, honey?” “I’m on the pill,” I lied.As I begin my last earth shattering orgasm he thrusts deep into me and lets out a loud groan as I feel his warm cum fill my pleasured young pussy. We both collapse into the bed and I rest my head on his sweaty chest. With the smell of sex heavy in the air we lay there contentedly. “You’re still here for what, another five days? Tell your dad I can teach you every thing you need to know about golf;” Duffy said as we both started laughing.

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