Good neighbor


Good neighborSteve came over as my mom packed for her trip. She gave him instructions on what she wanted for me while she was gone. Take it easy, he said. This isn’t the first time I watched him while you were gone. Smiling she said I’m sorry. I can’t help it. Steve and I went to his house. I put my things in the guest room and came back out front. I like staying at his house. He likes playing video games with me. We played a few games before eating dinner. After playing a couple more games I took my shower and went to bed. I woke up thirsty after a couple hours, and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Heading up front I heard the telivision. Walking into the room, I stopped in my tracks. A movie like I had never seen before was on. A guy and woman were on the bed kissing. Both naked. He had his hand between her legs and she was playing with his dick. Steve jumped bakırköy escort when I asked what kind of movie it was. I thought you were in bed, he finally said. What kind of movie is that, I asked. Well, he said. It’s hard to explain. Reaching out his hand, he said to come over and watch some. Sitting on his lap, I laid back against him. As he put his arms around me, he told me what was going on. I started feeling funny as I watched it. My breathing quickened, heart beat faster and I felt something tingling in me. After a few minutes Steve asked, what do you think. I said, it’s kinda weird. Chuckling he said, I guess it is. But I see you’re enjoying it. Looking back, I asked what he meant. Moving his hand down, he cupped his fingers around my stiff dick. My heart nearly stopped. Don’t tell my mom, I said quickly. Hugging me he said beşiktaş escort don’t worry about it. We’d both be in trouble. As we watched the movie Steve squeezed my dick softly and rubbed my chest. I sat nervous as he did it. As he moved his hand on my chest, he worked it under my shirt. It felt strange as he moved up using his finger tips. I was breathing harder as he reached my chest. Steve whispered, why don’t you take this off, pulling at my shirt. As in a trance from the movie and his touch, I pulled my shirt off. The cool air made my nipples stand. As Steve circled each nipple, he moved his hand up and down my dick. The weird feeling continued to grow deep in me. I flinched when he pinched my nipple. It felt more like a shock than pain. Slowly moving his hand over me, he reached my other nipple and pinched it. It felt like the shock beylikdüzü escort went to my brain. My whole body went limp as he touched me. I had a feeling inside me that I had to pee soon. My head was spinning and I closed my eyes. My heart beat faster as I felt his hands move to the waistband of my pajama pants. Can you take these off, he said softly. I pushed myself up as Steve slid them down and off me. Laying back against him, Steve pushing my legs apart. What a nice dick, he said. I was so nervous I couldn’t speak. I lay watching him as he moved his hands over me. Wrapping his fingers around my dick, he moved down and up slowly. The urge to pee built up as he stroked me and massaged my balls. I have to go to the bathroom, I said. No lay back and relax, he said. The urge was becoming unbearable. Suddenly my dick started throbbing. Steve squeezed my balls and moved his hand faster on my dick. I began to shake as liquid shot out of my dick. More came out every time my dick throbbed. Hugging me, Steve asked how I liked it. All I could do was smile. Wiping me clean he said, I think you should stay in my room for now on. I could barely walk as we went to his room

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