Good roommat fuck continues


Good roommat fuck continuesDaryl was still sleeping, with his cock lodge deep in my anal cavity, and snoring gently. I carefully rolled to my side, Daryl gripped me in his sleep and grind in to my butt softly as we moved.I reached back between or bodies and took hold of Daryl’s semi rigid penis, holding on to his cock I eased forward and felt his cock plop out of my anus. I stood slowly and got my robe and slipped my feet in my shower shoes. I eased out the door and made my way down the hall to the shower.When I got into the shower I was enjoying the feel of the warm water cascading down my body. I turned to see Eric standing looking at me with his cock in his hand. I thought to myself [I can’t possibly fuck Eric again, my butt is still sore and I haven’t washed all of Daryl’s cum out of me.]Eric came over and got under the same shower head as I was and begin 1xbet yeni giriş to wash my back while we faced each other. Eric whispered ‘I gotta fuck that ass one more time,’ I looked at Eric and said ‘baby I’m still sore from the last time let me suck you off instead.’Eric said nothing, he just touched my shoulder and led me to me knees. I sucked greedily on Eric’s hardening penis till he was rock hard and moaning fiercely. Eric was gently cradling my head in his hands and was fucking my face gently, Eric picked up the pace and soon flooded my mouth with copious amounts of his baby making fluid.I pulled Eric’s cock from my lips and started to rise, Eric held me down by pushing on the top of my head. His cock still rigid and pointing directly into my face I kissed/sucked the head a little more. Eric pulled his cock from my lips and moved behind 1xbet giriş me pushing me roughly so that I was on my hands and knees.Before I could challenge Eric, he was between my buttocks sliding his rigid cock into my anal cavity. Gripping my hips with both hands Eric rode my bent body like it was a fuck toy. For about twenty minutes Eric plowed into my butt till he shot another load of baby spunk into my rectum.Hearing voices in the hall Eric quickly pulled from my butt and scampered to the opposite end of the showers and got under the first shower head I just had enough time to barely stand up when two more guys came into the shower. I had to keep my back turned cause my butt was dripping the baby making juices from the multiple fucks I had just endured.Eric quickly finished showering and exited the shower room, the other two guys was showering 1xbet güvenilirmi and making small talk among them selves. I could not help but noticed that both of them were well hung. I finished showering and dried off wrapping the towel around my waist, I left my legs wet just in case some more fluid would seep from my anal opening.Back in my dorm room Daryl was just waking up when I came through the door, as I walked over to my closet Daryl came up behind me and slipped his huge rigid cock into my rectum. I cried out as Daryl reached around and pinched both my nipples between his fore fingers and thumbs. ‘Daryl, please baby not again I just showered,’ Daryl kissed the back of my neck and whispered ‘I like clean pussy when I wake up.’I bent slightly at the waist and held on to the closet door and wall while Daryl fucked me one more time, I was so glad when he came quickly and held me for just a little while, after he pulled from my butt he slapped my buttocks and said ‘I’m going to shower, want to come.’I said ‘no I’ll wait,’ I didn’t want to be seen showering again right after I had just showered.

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