Good times with the Fam .ch 1


Good times with the Fam .ch 1This story is pure ficton.Chapter 1My name is Jake and I have the perfect family. I’m 41 and my wife Heather is 42. I am around 5’10 good shape for my age and have a nice 8.5c thick cock. My wife is still in great shape around 130 pounds and is 5’5. She has long dark hair a nice ass, 36d tits and shaved pussy as well. Our daughter Sara is sixteen and smokign hot! She is 5’1 and is around 110. She has a sexy body and has nice perky tits about 34c shaved little pussy nice round bubble ass. Our son Mike who is 18 looks just like is dad with a 7.5c cock. We have always been pretty close but last summber we got even closer. Heather and Mike were at the store.I was sitting out at the pool having a beer getting some sun when my daughter came out in a sexy little pink two peice. She came up to me and sat on my lap and gave me a big hug and kiss and she put her ass right on my cock and started to wiggle a little. “are you going to go swimming with me daddy?””no sweetie I don’t feel like swimming today.”, Sara “ok”I watched her walk over to the pool and jump in. When she came up out of the water I could feel my cock starting to twitch and get hard. The longer I watched the harder I got. I had to get up and go into the house to stroke my cock.”where are you going daddy?””I need to go in for a bit I’m getting to hot out here”I go into my room and get on my computer and bring up so nasty porn and pull my cock out and start to stroke it. After about 15 minutes I can feel my cock getting ready to explode when I heard my door open. I jumped up out of my chair with my cock in my hand trying to find something to cover myself up with.”what betist giriş are you doing dad?””ummm, nothing, nothing. what are you doing in here?””well, i was done swimming and I was walking to my room to get changed and I heard moans comming from your room.””I was ummm not doing anything just…””what are you watching daddy? are you watching porn on your computer?””yes i was honey sorry I didn’t not mean to have you catch me”Sara walks over to the computer where the video is still playing of a dad and daughter fucking. I can feel my cock starting to get hard again seeing her bend over the chair looking at the porn on the compter.”Dad why are you watching this, and why is she calling him daddy while he fucks her?””well sara, there roleplaying”She starts to walk over to me and puts her hand on my cock.”what are you doing sara i’m your dad?””well, its obvious that I turn you on. I’ve seen you staring at me and sniffing my dirty panties when your doing laundry. Why do you think I wear the close that I do and wiggled my ass on your cock earlier?””but, hunny we shouldn’t do this”Sara moves my hand off the towel thats around my cock and starts so get down on her knees and slowly starts to stroke her daddies cock.”ummm, mmmmm hunny that feels so good””you want to fuck your daughters slutty mouth daddy? I’ve been wanting yoru cock for so long daddy. Everytime my boyfriend fucks me I think of you.”She licks up and down my shaft teasing me and licking my balls with my cock resting on her face. She takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck on it. putting it all the way in the back of her throat gagging on my cock. I grab the betist yeni giriş back of her head and start to fuck her youg slutty mouth.”oooohhhh yeaaa thats it sara suck daddies cock baby, mmmmm that feels so good”She grabs my ass as I fuck her mouth with drool running down her chin dripping down onto her tits. slurping up and down on daddies hard throbbing cock. She takes my cock out of her mouth and stands up. and shoves her tounge down my throat.”does daddy like his little girls slutty mouth?” she ask me”oh yes daddy does lets go over to the bed sweetie and you can keep sucking daddies cock.”I lay back on the bed and she starts to sucks on my cock again and I bring my legs back.”Ohhhhhhhh fuck yea baby suck daddies cock fuck yea mmmmmmmm…I want you to lick daddies and and slide a finger in it for daddy””like this dad?”She slides her touge up and down my ass sucking on my ass sliding a finger deep into my ass as she takes my cock back into her mouth.”oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes babby that feels so good. fuckign suck daddys cock sara you nasty little slut mmmmmmm.” Pull my cock out of her mouth and lay her back on the bed. and take her bakink bottoms off and slide my tounge up and down her wet fuckign pussy.”oooohhhhh dadddddy yessss lick my fucking pussy mmmmm yes suck your daughters nasty clit!!!!””mmmm sara your pussy taste so fucking good mmmmm””ohhh daddy i’m going to cum in your mouth mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss aahhhhh I’m cumming yyyyeesss ooohhh fuuuck!!!!!!!”I take my daughters cum in my mouth and go back up and put my tounge in her mouth letting her taste her own pussy as I slide my cock deep into her betist güvenilirmi pussy.”mmmmmmmm yesssss daddy fuck me fuck your sluttty daughter ohhhh yeaaa thats ittt right there!! oooooooo fuck I’m cumming again ohhh yess daddy fuck me fuck me harder, ohhh yes hardder daddy harrder!!!Feeling my nasty little girl cumm all over my cock felt so good I had to pull out after she got done cumming so I didn’t blow my load in her wet pussy.”ohh baby your pussy feels so good on daddies cock, daddy wants you to bend over for me and spread your young little ass apart for me to play with””ok daddy”I lean forward and slitck her little ass hole and get back up and slide my cock into her little ass”oooo daddy that feel so good mmmm fuck my little asshole daddy yes fuck it!!!””ohh yes baby your ass feels so good on daddys cock out yes mmmmm”Slide my cock in and out of her ass pulling her hari and slapping her ass, leaning fowrad playing with her tits. I put her on her back and put my cock back into her ass and fuck her as hard as I can. kissing her suckign on her tits and bitting her neck.”ohh fuck hunny daddy is going to fucking cummmm, where do you wants dadies load you want it in your little ass hunny””no daddy I want to taste your cummmm. Oh yes fuck my ass daddy and cum in my mouth ohh yes tthats it daddy cum for me daddy cumm on your daughters face and in her mouth let me taste it.””oohhhhh fuckkkkk” I cralw up to her and straddle her face and put my cock in her mouth. “ohhh yesssssss mmmmmmm take my cum baby” as I pull out of her mouth and shoot load aftger load on her face and in her mouth.”oh fuck hunny that was so good. My baby girl looks soo good with daddies cum all over her face.” I lean forward and kiss her and lick my cum off of her face and spit it in her mouth tasting my cum on her.There will be at least 3 more chapters if you guys like then leave me a bunch of comments and let me know what you think.

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