Gorgeous Indian Chechi Nandhini fed me her excess

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Gorgeous Indian Chechi Nandhini fed me her excessNandhini Chechi fed me her excess breast milk and surrendered her pussy to my 8” cock.Dear friends, this is Rajesh presently working in Bangalore in an MNC and I would like to share my past experiences with you people. I am a 38 years old horny man with a slightly big cock of 8 inches and satisfied many girls and Aunties from past 20 years. Any unsatisfied girls, Ladies and widows can feel free to chat with me on ……………lovesexaddiction@gmail.com The incident happened when I was 18 years old and studying PUC in Bangalore, when a new Malayali neighbours occupied the vacant house next to our home. They were a small family of husband, wife and a small k** of 18 months. The Malayali wife ( Nandhini) became very close with my Mom and she use to come often to speak with my Mom and she was a sex Bomb in spite of being 34 years old and she resembled Reshma the Malayali porn actress with a figure of 36D-26-38 and I should say she had a good sized breasts as she was still breastfeeding her Baby.I came to know that her hubby Sajjan Nair was having a small scale industry and was a tiny man aged about 40 years. I heard Nandhini telling my Mom in our home that after 8 years of marriage she had a baby now and she was still breastfeeding it. Whenever Nandhini was in house she used to say just hello to me and used to continue her conversation with my Mom and never indulged in any sort of chat with me and completely ignoring my presence.I had seen Nandhini breastfeeding her baby sitting on our sofa in the living room, but she was careful enough to cover her breasts modestly with her saree pallu. Whenever I saw her breastfeeding in our living room, I used to run to my room and jerk off my cock visualizing her milk filled breasts, but never had the chance to see her boobs.On Saturday morning around 11.00 AM, I was watching porn on my laptop and was jerking my 8 inch cock hardly. I had forgot to close my bedroom windows as the room was very warm and was jerking my cock using the DND masturbator which I had borrowed from my friend. I usually take about 2 to 3 hours of jerking and watching porn to reach climax and to release my cum. I was really horny watching Gang Bang orgy movie and accidently my eyes went to the windows and was shocked to the neighbour’s windows open and I could see Nandhini breast feeding her baby and staring at my window and watching me masturbating. I knew that I was caught red handed by her and immediately rushed to the attached bathroom out of fear. I tried jerking my cock to cum for 5 minutes but was not successful, then I heard my Mom calling me to come out and she was saying that Nandhini Chechi had asked me to go to her house. I knew that Nandhini was calling me to scold me for my behaviour, and to avoid any confrontation with my Mom I went to Nandhini’s house wearing a shorts somehow covering my still erect cock inside the briefs and shorts and was thinking how to apologise to her.When I rang the door bell Nandhini opened the door and allowed me to the living room and I could see her baby was sleeping in the adjoining room and I knew that her Hubby will be in the factory at this time. She was wearing a Blue saree and was looking gorgeous as she had taken bath and she was glowing. My heart was pounding as I followed her in the living room. “Do you know what you were doing in your room, Rajesh.” She told me as I stood in the middle of the room staring at the flooring having no face to look into her eyes and to confront her.”Sit down, Rajesh…How long are you going to stand and I need to talk to you on some serious matter with you” she said as I looked around uncomfortably. “I am very sorry, Chechi” I replied. “I really need to talk to you, look don’t be nervous and treat me as your friend and be comfortable because I have a lot of things to talk about with you today” Nandhini said.”I want you to understand something” she continued “I am really happy to have you as my neighbour and you are son of my Aunty whom I treat her as my elder sister, but the way you are seeing me when I am in your house chatting with your Mom is not in good manners. I hope you understand my point, Rajesh”Suddenly, I was feeling really bad about myself peeping at her whenever she was breastfeeding her c***d and ogling at her at her HOT body in the saree especially her midriff between the Saree and blouse region.”There is something else I need to talk to you about though” she said … now my heart really sank, my face became flush and I felt like I was about to throw up. “I noticed a couple of times you were hungrily watching me feed the baby, and today you were touching your penis and masturbating in your room and say my name loudly, may be you were very horny and thinking of me and my body”I was very much afraid now on hearing Nandhini and thought that she might complain about this to my Mom and create a scene in the home for me.But Nandhini smiled back at me and said “It is the age of yours to do that but………, Rajesh”. “Please Chechi, don’t tell my mom about this, I beg you, I should have not done that and I am really sorry about that” I pleaded with her.At that point, I was completely blank out of fear of my parents and couldn’t even respond to her properly . All I could say was,” I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I’m really, really sorry … “ and to my surprise Nandhini just smiled back and was watching me with a mischievous smile on her lips. “I am sorry, I’m really sorry, chechi” was all I could repeat.“Do you want to drink my milk now, Rajesh” Nandhini asked me with smile on her face and it was my turn to get dumbstruck and just nodded my head in a big NO as no words were able to come out of my mouthNandhini looked at me and smiled. “Are you serious so then why you were peeping at me while I was breastfeeding the baby, Come on, do you want a taste it because some men love it, some hate it like my Hubby”I didn’t know what to answer to her invitation because I thought she might be joking with me and maybe she will scold me for my behaviour later. But I was not in a stage to understand her real intentions whether she was playing with me or was she really offering me her milk.Nandhini came and sat on the sofa corner and dropped her pallu and Oh.God……she was wearing only the blouse and the top hook of the blouse was hoohed and the rest of hooks were free and her milky big boobs were hanging from the bottom of the blouse like mangoes. I had an instant desire to pluck them now and eat those ripe mangoes and to suck the sweet nectar from them. It looked like she was breastfeeding her baby baring her top as she was alone in the house and invited me. I was taken aback by her direct invitation by exposing herself to me and I couldn’t figure out her real intentions, had she called me to scold me for my behaviour me or was she giving me an direct invitation.. Oh, GOD…..We men can never understand women.Nandhini removed the remaining top hook of the blouse and removing it from her shoulders threw the blouse on the floor. And then Nandhini pressed her left breast nipple with her right hand and put a couple drops of milk on her left fingers and said “Here, come on Rajesh, taste my milk” I shed my inhabitations sat on the sofa closer to her and licked the droplets off her finger. “Wow, that’s really sweet tasting, Chechi” I said. “Hmmm……… It tastes pretty good to me””Oh, God, I can’t believe I’m doing this” said Nandhini and continued “Do you want to drink my milk from my breasts directly, as the baby couldn’t empty my milk. It is really heavy and painful to carry such a load of milk, saw you masturbating in your room calling out my name. I thought you would be interested to drink my milk, so I sent a word to your Mom asking you to come over”.I needed no other invitation and I eagerly leaned over and took her Pinkish nipple into my mouth. The feeling of the nipple alone was sensational. It was thick and meaty feeling at least half an inch long and I started to suck it into my mouth trying to extract milk from it.”No Rajesh, get more of the breast inside your mouth, not just the nipple” Nandhini said as I opened my mouth and sucked in some more. “Ohhhh,……yyyyeeeess……….. That’s it, Baby”, canlı bahis she mumbled as I felt the milk start to flow. I sucked in and messaged her nipple with my tongue. Sucking in the warm and sweet fluid and swallowing it down my throat. “Thank you, Rajesh for helping me out” She said as she started to stroke my hair. “Are you okay with the milk flow, Rajesh?” Nandhini asked. I started to pull away to reply to her, when she said, “Oh, please, just keep sucking…..it’s paining a lot from the morning and want to unload as soon as possible all my milk into your mouth, Baby” I could feel Nandhini’s breathing getting faster and heavier as I sucked more on her milk and was feasting on her nipples like a hungry dog. Her heart was racing and she seemed to be holding back some moans and groans. I had been awkwardly leaning over to get the right angle on Nandhini’s tit. I readjusted and got myself lying on my hip bracing myself up with my left elbow.I then took my free hand and rested it on Nandhini’s hip, somewhat innocently massaging her naked stomach above her saree and sliding my hand toward her ass. She let out some more moans of approval and I wrapped my other hand around her back as she showed signs of approval by pressing my face closer to her bosom.I had been getting hard again since Nandhini’s direct invite to drink her milk and I knew she was very horny by her small moans. When Nandhini suggested that I breast feed, I had to cross my legs to hide my hard-on in my shorts. As soon as Nandhini actually put her breast in my mouth, I felt like I was about to cum. I literally had to keep myself from brushing against the couch too much in order to keep from spilling a load in my shorts.I already had removed my T-shirt and Nandhini’s hands moved from caressing my head to my shoulders. With each suck of my mouth and every stoke of my hand across her hips, Nandhini responded in kind across my shoulders and back. As Nandhini’s hands moved across my back toward my chest, I began pushing the loose cloth of her saree up to expose her legs and thighs. Nandhini began to play with my nipples as I slid a hand under her saree, feeling the thrill of bare skin of her fleshy thighs my heart raced. Nandhini continued moaning and started to talk out load to me. “That’s it……… sweetheart, suck on me. Suck that milk out, Ohhhh that feels wonderful, you are a great sucker, My Baby” she said.”Do you like sucking on my milky tits, Baby” Nandhini asked. I responded with a nod and she said, “Good, I knew you would and that is the reason I called you to help me and do you want me to take care of your cock which is throbbing for attention in your shorts which I can see Rajesh” . I rolled my eyes up to and nodded enthusiastically. Nandhini then reached down and slipped a hand under the elastic of my shorts. “Ohhh ….God, you are so hard and big, aren’t you, Rajesh” Nandhini softly circled her hand around my cock inside my shorts, gently stroking it. “Is this what you have been thinking about when you always see me breastfeed the baby, and you still have the hard on without Cumming yet after masturbating for a long time” Nandhini asked. I mumbled yes and shook my head. “I’ve been thinking about this too,” she said. “It’s been driving me crazy seeing you outside my bedroom window in your house with your shirt off while I’m stuck in this house all day. I’ve been wet for a week just thinking about how I could get such a hard cock into my wet pussy as my Hubby has lost interest in having sex with me” “Is this how you do it to satisfy your selves when you are alone in your room and was just doing the same when I open the widow to see you jerking” Nandhini said as she stroked my cock, pushing my shorts and underwear down. “Were you thinking about fucking me when you were jerking and calling my name loudly?” Nandhini asked.”Mmmmmph, yes. Chechi” I replied in a hurried tone. “You wanted to fuck a real woman like me, didn’t you?” Nandhini teased me. “You know I could show you all the things that your internet porn don’t show you.” “Yes Chechi, I want to learn everything from you about sex”, I said as I came up for some air. Nandhini reached down and kissed me on my mouth, we began probing each other’s mouths with our tongues . After a couple minutes of kissing, she said, “Oh, God, my husband and I hardly ever kiss anymore and you are a RAW kisser and I like your roughness” Nandhini started nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck. She was still stroking my cock with her hands and I was back to breast feeding on the other breast. In a throaty voice, Nandhini asked me if I liked her Panties “Mmmmm, yessss…….” I mumbled. She spread her legs open and put my hand between them. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. Her panties were completely soaked with her juices. As she guided my hand, I suddenly realized she was wearing crotch less panties. I slipped a finger between opening and her mounds and realized she was clean shaven as well. I began sliding a finger up and down her slick slit and she moaned with approval. As I continued to breast feed, she pushed my hand down hard against her slit. I had been teasing her, not pushing a finger in and just gently bumping her clit on the upstrokes. She seemed to have a little “mini” orgasm as she grabbed my hand and pressed down. When she released me, she asked, “Do you want to learn how to eat a woman and give her orgasms, Baby?””Ohhhhhh……Yes Chechi, I’ve always wanted to do that” I said as I slid off the couch onto the floor in front of her. “Just go slowly, remember, this isn’t a race for you to cum in a hurry, Take your own time” she told me as I put my hands on her thighs and started to spread her legs. “Breath in the aroma of my pussy, kiss my thighs and work your way in slowly” she instructed me.”That’s it, now just kiss all around … Ohhhh..babyyy….. that’s it,………..you are a quick learner” She said as I ran my tongue down her thigh to the edge of her slit. I could feel the heat coming off her as I kissed across the wet stains of her panties. I also began to take in the aroma. I’d gotten the tiniest taste as my tongue brushed across Nandhini’s panties. The taste was nothing strong, slightly salty, but again, nothing unpleasant and I really enjoyed it. I continued to run my tongue across her panties, kissing her inner thighs and trying to get a look at her pussy. I was trying to figure out where her clit was, when Nandhini said “Run your tongue up and down the slit, but just put enough pressure to feel it, Don’t try and lick the skin off, be very gentle with your tongue as it very delicate.” As I complied, she continued,” That’s it, ohhhhhh……….aaaaaaaahhhhhh…….It is very nice, up and down slowly, let your tongue separate the folds … Ohhhh God, that’s it, ……..don’t stop.”Nandhini was running her fingers through my hairs and had her neck bent back staring at the ceiling. “Let your tongue explore every fold, just concentrate on the lips for now, Ohhh……… Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…………that’s right, My Baby” When I let my tongue explore between her slit a little, the folds opened up and the taste changed. I began to find that the taste was a bit like licking a 9 volt battery, there was a slight tang to it and I began to appreciate where Nandhini enjoyed my licking by how she tensed up and moaned. I was starting to feel like the panties where in the way and began to probe my tongue under the fabric. “Oh God, take the fucking panties off” Nandhini said as my tongue ran around beneath them. I pulled the panties off along with the saree and petticoat too and tossed them on the floor. Now my horny Nandhini Chechi was totally naked underneath me and was looking like a sex Goddess to me in her birthday attire.Down underneath lay my girl of my dreams in nude and I was feeling myself like a warrior who is about to invade a fortress with his might sword………….MY 8 INCH COCK.Nandhini spread her legs even wider and I took a good look at her fleshy nude body as I started to move back in for more. Nandhini legs were spread wide, one leg on the sofa arm, the other resting against the coffee table. Her heavy breasts were dangling out and it was a sight to watch her moaning in lust and pleasure.She had bahis siteleri shaved her pussy except for a little patch right at the top in a small triangle like the porn stars and I wondered at her creativity. I ran my tongue across her pussy and enjoyed the sensation of the smooth skin giving way to a little razor stubble beside her slit. “I shaved especially for you today to show you my pussy” Nandhini said. “I saw you peeping into my room from your house, I was tempted to give you a good show from my room, but I thought this would be a better surprise, so I called up your Mom and asked her to send you here.” Nandhini explained as I let my tongue explore some more. “Ohh,….Yes……. right there……Baby” Nandhini said as I slid my tongue down to the base of her slit. “Lick me right there, above my asshole” As I did this, I felt a rush of warm liquid stream out from her love hole. Nandhini grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face down into her. “Ohhhhh, lick my clit”, she said as she let out a shutter, pulling my head up to the top of her slit. I ran my tongue all around and then found the spot where she jumped as I hit it. “Yes, Ohhh ………slowly, that’s it, … oh……… God………………. I haven’t been eaten like this in years” Nandhini said. “Oh God, don’t stop that, keep on sucking my Godamn PUSSY” Nandhini screamed as I made little circles around the little bump that was her clit. “Suck on it gently, Now, Baby” Nandhini said as she ran her hands across my hair again. I sucked in the bits of skin and what I figured was her clit. “MMmmm…..yes………yes………yes” Nandhini moaned as I did this. I was working across the folds of skin inside my mouth with my tongue, and started to press my head down on me with her hands again. I began to recognize the difference in texture between the smooth clit and the slightly rougher hood. As I sucked it all in my mouth, I probed her clit with the end of my tongue. Nandhini let out a scream as she came. She was pulling my face into her pussy wildly as I felt another rush of liquid from her pussy. This time, the orgasm was very huge. Nandhini kept on screaming.” Yes, …..Yes,…….. Yes………Rajesh…Rajesh………Rajesh”. Screaming out my name and thrashing her legs around. When I thought she was done, she began to grunt, “Oh, God, another, another another one … oh yes, don’t stop sucking,………… keep going … ….keep going, suck it, lick me, make me cum again … nowwwwwwwahhhhhh.” After that one, she relaxed her hands from the death grip she had on me and gently pulled me up toward her. I slid up her body, feeling the wetness between her legs slide across my chest, then my belly. Nandhini reached down and pushed on my shorts “Take them off quickly NOW” she ordered. As I did so, she grabbed my cock and put it at the entrance to her pussy. “I need you inside me, NOW” she said and I tried to fight back the urge to cum. “Just put it in, I’m about to cum again” Nandhini said as I felt my cock slip into her in one quick motion. “Oh God .yes …………yes,” Nandhini said” I wanted to suck on you first and make this last, but I can’t wait. Just fuck me now quickly … I’m Cumming … Oh God……. yessssssssss,…… you are making me cum again. Don’t move, just hold it in DEEP INSIDE” She said as she widened her legs up next to her head and grabbed my ass to pull me in deeper inside her Cumming pussy. “I’m coming too, chechi” I said as I felt my cock start to twitch deep inside her. “Shoot it…shoot your load into me, fill up my pussy with your HOT cum, sweetie” Nandhini said as she ground her hips against me and started to let out another scream. “yyyyeeeessss”, she said, “Now,…. now,…….. please…………, cum inside me NOW” From the moment Nandhini put my cock up against her wet pussy there was no way I was going to hold off and without hardly a stroke, I began to unload my cum inside her wet pussy. Nandhini grabbed my face and kissed me. “Oh, God yes, that’s good, You are a DARLING” she said as she showered me with kisses. “Just stay right there, I’m going to cum again” she said. Again, I felt her tense up, and her whole body gripped me as she had another screaming orgasm. This time, I could actually feel her pussy milking my cock as she came. I told her about it as it happened and she said “I don’t usually come this hard, or this many times, but the whole situation was my ultimate fantasy and you made me cum multiple times. THANK YOU,MY LOVE””Your fantasy?” I asked as I was lying on the couch inside her enjoying the afterglow of love making. She twisted her body and we wiggled into position so we were lying on the couch, me still inside her, still on top of her. “Yes”, she said.” After all our talk earlier, haven’t I convinced you that women like me need sex too!” “Yea, but …” I replied”I had thought of seducing an 18 year old virgin and getting him to fuck like my perfect lover has always been my fantasy!” she said. “Two months ago, I almost had my young nephew living with us in this position. The stupid boy started acting like a big stud and ruined the whole thing though. He wasn’t a virgin and thought he was going to show me all about how to have sex. As soon as he started kissing me and grabbing at me, he cummed and I stopped it and kicked him out of my home and my life””Wow, that’s amazing” I told her. “You know, now that you mention it, I remember him talking to me about some woman, but with that damn Malayalam accent of his, I never figured out who and what he was bragging about. Funnier now that I know it wasn’t even true!””But you were WAY more than I bargained for” Nandhini said. “I figured I could get you interested by feeding you my breast milk. But breast feeding and your way of sucking my pussy … wow, that was too much for me……….HONESTLY………….I loved it very much, Thank you”We were both laughing and giggling a bit and Nandhini then said, “wait a second, are you still hard inside me, Baby?” “Well, yes Chechi, I guess so,” I responded. Nandhini just got this BIG smile on her face and started to make happy little groaning and moaning noises. With that encouragement, I started to slide in and out of her pussy again. “That’s it, just go slowly, no rush, let’s enjoy it fully this time” Nandhini said. Well, if what had happened before wasn’t enjoyable, I didn’t know what to think. Nandhini and I began to kiss again, I sucked on her nipples, getting a little milk each time, but not the flow I had experienced earlier. As Nandhini’s breathing increased pace and pitch, I tried to match her with my thrusts. “That’s it, you don’t need to pull out too far” she said,” just press down deep on the … yes, like that, ooohhhhhhhh…… ……….Goooooooddd……………You are a GOOD FUCKER” Nandhini pulled her legs up high again and started to cum. “More, fuck me baby, fuck me lover” she said. “That’s it, keep pushing it in deeper, ohhh……. yesss,……. that’s right, I’m almost there” I kept at it, starting to feel myself getting closer to the point of no return. “Chechi, I’m going to cum again” I said as she was still pulling me in and grinding her hips back against me harder and harder now. “Go ahead, Shoot your cum again and fill my pussy up to its brim and I’m right behind you to cum myself again” Nandhini said “Don’t hold back, just let it out, I want to feel your HOT cum inside me” With that, I went over the edge. As soon as I drove my cock in the last time before Cumming, Nandhini started to cum as well. “Yes, shoot it, shoot it..NOW” she screamed as she came right behind me. I was starting to pull out, thinking that was it, when Nandhini said “No, NO. I almost never cum only once” And with that she started to grind up against me again. She pulled a leg up across my back and said. “Oh, there it is, right there, keep going, don’t stop AND KEEP PUMPING MY PUSSY and it was barren for a lot of time. Let it get drenched with your cum ” Another orgasm and then Nandhini said, “Oh wait, you STILL aren’t soft, are you?” “Ummm, I guess not,” I replied. Nandhini replied, “Oh God, this is great. You are a real STUD, My MAN” Nandhini pulled me to her side, and started wiggling her hips so she could get on top. I popped out of her and she let bahis şirketleri out a moan when my cock slid out of her moist pussy. She grabbed my cock again and slipped it into her pussy. Riding on top of me she said “Now you are going to see what it’s like to REALLY get fucked by a woman”. Nandhini broke into a BIG grin and started grinding her hips against me. Nandhini ‘s breasts were jumping up and down as she kept grinding on my cock whole body above her. “My God, you look so beautiful and you have a great body like the porn stars and you can give them inferiority complex if you ever acted in a porn movie ” I said and Nandhini just smiled back at me.Nandhini grabbed the arm of the sofa with one hand and the back of it with the other and started slide herself back and forth against me, impaling my cock deeper into her on every stroke and said “Oh my God, You are SO hard, Baby…and you are just 18 now, I can’t believe myself the way you are getting your cock erected so soon after Cumming twice,” She started to have another orgasm. “your cock is hitting me just perfectly to my base” she cried as she leaned forward, grunting, “Ohhhhh, right there,… …………..right there,………….. right there” I reached up and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth and with that she let out another scream. Still panting and somehow wanting to fuck me with more vigour she said “How long do you think you can keep it up, Rajesh?” “I don’t know,” I replied back, “I can jerk off for hours at a time to a good porn movie.” Nandhini was now bouncing on top, her breasts were swaying back and forth, then up and down. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. “Am I as hot as the women in that porn?” Pat asked.”You are much better and hotter, Chechi” I replied “Oh ……yess, ……….Mmmmfff, ………….Mmmfff’” Nandhini said still fucking away. “I’m going to show you how you can fuck very tenderly and softly, and then later, hard and fast, all the while pleasing your partner by constantly changing the mood” Nandhini was now bouncing wildly, letting out a guttural moan every time she hit her bottom on top of me.”Does it bother you that I’m talking while we are fucking” Nandhini asked me with concern .”Oh. No Chechi, I love what you are saying” I responded. “Talk back to me in dirty words, tell me how much you like this” Nandhini begged.I had never had sex, let alone been asked to “talk dirty” before. But what the hell, I figured. I had been fantasizing about this kind of thing for so long, I really should be able to pull it off, right? “Fuck me Nandhini , that’s it, keep fucking your little neighbour” I said. Nandhini let out a groan as I said it and started to move her hips faster now and I knew I was on the right track.”Do you like your neighbour boy’s cock inside your pussy, Nandhini?” I asked “Mmmm, ……Yessss………I loved when you called me by my name instead of Chechi” she said.”It feels good to have a fresh young cock like mine inside you doesn’t it, Nandhini ?” She continued to moan and groan and continued to say ‘ yes.yes.yes”. “Am I your little boy toy now Nandhini and will call me back whenever your pussy is hungry for cock instead of waiting for your useless Hubby?” I asked her teasingly. “Yes, you are my little boy toy, I’m going to teach you how to service me and fuck like no other 18 year old and my hubby is useless as you said” Nandhini answered as her pace quickened with every breath. “I’m going to fuck you day and night if you allow me to and also we should be careful about your Mom also , she should not feel suspicious about us ,” she said.”Whenever my hubby is away from home in his fucking factory, you are going to be my hot stud lover. If you are really lucky, you will be the first 18 year old that doesn’t have to brag, you can keep this to yourself and know that you are getting a lot more than your stupid college friends””Whenever you want me and my cock, all you need to do is call, I will running to you, Nandhini ” I said. “You are the hottest woman I have ever seen and I want you to teach me everything about sex”Nandhini leaned back as she was riding my cock and started to caress my balls “You have great balls, they are a lot bigger than most of the men I have seen, did you know that?” As Nandhini continued to caress them, she started banging faster and faster again, “Put that young cock in me, that’s right, fill my hole completely” she said. “Fuck your nasty and horny neighbour, that’s it, fucks the woman that every other old man on the block wants” As she said that, she started to cum again, I could feel the hot liquid slowly covering my balls. “Oh…… Nandhini , I can feel your cum juices running across my balls.” Much to my surprise, Nandhini pulled herself off me at the moment I said that and started licking my cum drenched balls. “Mmmmm”, she said, “I love that. I love the feel of a man’s balls and cock in my mouth. The skin feels so different than any other part of a man’s body” she said. Nandhini started to suck on my cock in earnest. “Mmmm ……you have the perfect sized cock for my big pussy,” she said as she slid her tongue up and down the backside of my cock. Nandhini swung herself around into a 69. “Do you like this, Baby?” she asked as I started to lick her moist clit. She sucked on my cock some more while grinding her pussy into my face. I could hardly breathe, but Nandhini was on fire with lust. “more,.. more” was all she kept saying while I licked her clit. “Lick my ass”, she begged. I slid my tongue down as she sat up a bit to give me the right angle. That’s it, lick it, Ohhhh ……..OOOohhh………….GOD…………..yessss!” and again, Nandhini had another orgasm.After 5 more minutes of wonderful cock sucking, Nandhini said “I WANT you to fuck me again, do you want to try it doggie style?”Oh,………. God ……….yes, yes, yes,…………Anything you say, Nandhini ” I replied. Nandhini then turned around on the couch and pushed her ass up in the air. “Come on, FUCK ME NOW!” she said, twisting her head back to look at me. “Do you like my ass?” Nandhini had a nice round ass, it really did look good from this angle and I tried to tell her so. She was bucking back against me and the baby fat on her ass was bouncing around. I grabbed her hips and started to pull her into me. “That’s right, fuck me, pull me in, get your cock in deeper” Nandhini encouraged me like this with every move I tried. Sometimes saying “No, don’t act like a little teenager, do it like a MAN, fuck your slutty housewife neighbour”As I grabbed around Nandhini’s belly, I could feel the fleshy stomach and it reminded me that I’m fucking my neighbour Malayali Lady who is old enough to be my Mom” “Fuck your neighbour mommy” Nandhini said,” cum again, cum again, Baby!”I had actually already come one other time in-between, but didn’t want to admit not holding out, this time I let Nandhini have it. “I’m Cumming. Oh God, I’m Cumming Nandhini , this feels so good” and Nandhini raised her ass up just a little higher and pushed back right as I buried myself as deep as I could. “Oh my God, I can feel the spurts hitting the walls of my pussy” Nandhini screamed as she too came.We both collapsed in a pile. Nandhini rolled over and took me into her arms kissing me. “Are you ok with this?” she asked. “What Ok, it was fantastic, You really showed me HEAVEN Today and this day I can’t forget all my life, because you are my first woman and teacher who taught me all the wonderful secrets of SEX” I replied, “My God, this is the most incredible thing any guy could want”. Nandhini just smiled back at me and said,” I’m so glad to hear that, I really think this is going to be a wonderful relationship between us”.”Oh my God, your cock is still hard, I can’t believe it” Nandhini said and we heard the baby crying from the the bedroom as it was awake.And the story continues………..Friends, hope you enjoyed my story, please mail me with your comments at…… …………………………………………………………… lovesexaddiction@gmail.com. Any unsatisfied girls , ladies and widows can come to hangouts to chat with me freely and tell me about their sexual desires which I may spice up by giving them Gyan I have learnt with different ladies. I would be interested to meet any unsatisfied ladies for satisfying their sexual urges and this arrangement will be very confidential from my side.See you soon with the next part of the story, until then, Bye.

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