Subject: Gotta Love The Boys HOLA PEEPS!! Rainy afternoon here in Cape Town…so I grabbed my laptop and started playing with some ideas I’ve had recently…and THIS is what I came up with. As always, my email is liciousryan@ Please enjoy xx Stay safe, Ryan GOTTA LOVE THE BOYS CHAPTER ONE It was such a lazy Sunday afternoon in August as Johnny stretched out his legs inside his bed, and felt his cock strain violently against the front of his pyjama pants. Why bother even getting dressed when you knew you would be spending the day loafing around in bed? It was not like he had anything else to do. He smiled, more to himself than to anyone else. Not like there was anyone else in the room…but he could always pretend. A young boy…supposedly. With his phone glued to the inside of his hand, he once more entered the Nifty Erotic Archive and immediately clicked on his favourite section…namely Adult Youth. Oh man, he absolutely adored these stories. The sheer idea of a grown ass man having sexual relations with a boy young enough to be his son, was something that had always fascinated him and the sole reason, in fact, why he had paid a bunch of money over the years to perfect the art…of hypnosis. Johnny honestly didn’t see himself as a bad man. But how on earth could he ever convince a young boy of what…ten…eleven, even twelve…To willingly have sex with him? It wasn’t gonna happen! And certainly not these days, without some sheer dumb luck. To willingly enter his home, or even a public space and allow him to have his way with their stunningly beautiful boy bodies… Johnny finally decided on a story, once he had a little squiz through the several submissions on the Adult Youth section, and what had particularly drawn him to said story, was the fact that a older man of about forty, or there about, was doing his best to secure a little nine year old wonder. As he read further and further into the story, eventually came the part which made his already hard seven incher of thick male penis strength to his ultimate length…the part where the older man had finally gotten the nine year old boy naked on his bed, naked as the day he had come into this world. Johnny grabbed his dick from his denim prison and started to stroke his red hot organ as fast as he could. He had been reading Nifty all damn morning, and he knew this wouldn’t take long. He hissed in awe, as in the story, the man had taken the child’s immature little penis into his mouth, and as the writer had so diligently explained, the child nearly bounced off the fucking bed with the feelings that suddenly emanated from his kiddie dickie…the first ever time probably that the child had discovered that hanging kittle thing he has possessed, could be used for more than just pissing. Jacking off his cock even quicker, feeling the stretchy skin, and the hard pulsing of his heartbeat through his meat, he felt his legs shaking. He was now at the part where the man had gotten the boy’s dick and his balls into his thirsty gullet at the fucking same time. My god…how could that have tasted? A young boy…with no hair and virtually no sweat on his precious boy body …tasting the natural flavours of his kiddie cockie, just as nature had intended. He tried to put himself fully in the man’s position…knowing full well that it was only a story. How would those miniature orbs really feel inside his mouth… Probably the size of marbles, the poor things. Light years away from shooting the most previous elixir known to man kind. That’s if the little boy in question shot anything at all. Having a dry orgasm, with his precious little noodle trying it’s best to produce sperm that wasn’t quite there yet…reading all these stories on Nifty made my heart and his mouth ache. He also wanted to feel a boy climax inside him…so much. So…so much. ** Well, that’s me! I’m a paedo! I’m Johnny…and it’s nice to meet y’all. I got dressed as soon as I could and nervously decided to go, and test out what I had learned. I was fairly manisa escort positive and secure in the fact that I could perfect the art of hypnosis on a young boy…but as I learned, not every human could be placed under solid hypnosis. There were people in the world whose will, and conscious was simply too strong, and therefore had no chance to be hypnotized at any time. Wouldn’t know unless I tried, I figured. I decided to test out my so called powers, at the local mall, a few blocks from my house. I was still fairly young myself, at age twenty-nine, and hoped and prayed that I could achieve my goal. Entering the mall itself I decided to start at the one place in the entire mall where there would be virtually guaranteed to be several little boys of various ages…the one and only Wonderland. Where else but in that massive arena with its loads and loads of those old arcade games, ten pin bowing, the ice rink, as well as old fashioned bumper cars and copious amounts of food could be found? Enter kiddie heaven. Wow… It was nice to see that some teenagers of about fourteen and fifteen was still into these kinda outdated games, to be honest. For some of them playing the old Pac-Man and Space Control games must have been an entirely new experience There was so many young boys to choose from, I seriously didn’t know where to start…and of course…what really bothered me…Was that if I had finally decided on a certain little tyke that I wanted to have my way with…was his conscious going to be strong enough to avert my attentions? I bought myself a Coke and decided to walk my way around the place, giving the utmost impression that I was merely looking around at all that the Wonderland arena had to offer. When I saw him…that moment I knew…he was going to be my first conquest… The boy was about twelve years old, in my own humble opinion. It looked like he was having his birthday, there inside the arena. There were numerous other boys hanging around and although majority of them were handsome in their own ways, it was the birthday kid took the cake. Pun intended. Wow…he was quite a looker…well, if you could call a twelve year old a looker, that is haha. But for real, with his caramel brown eyes, a beautiful smile with full boyish lips, so classic to a tyke not yet in puberty, or rather in the process off. His hair was soiled in a modern quiff, and he seriously looked like he had a lovely body underneath his tight fitting white t-shirt. It was blazing hot outside, which meant, as I walked past him, careful not to cause suspicion, that I noticed a slight whiff of sweat spreading across his forehead. Make no mistake…he was thoroughly enjoying himself. And if I had anything to do with it, he would be enjoying himself even more… ** About an hour of watching my sexy boy out of the corner of my eye, I finally decided to make my move. I was giving a sheer halls pass when I heard him saying to his parents that he was desperately looking for the toilet. Having seen the bathroom of the arena when I came in, I walked over the short distance to where the birthday party of being held. “Sorry, did you guys say you’re looking for the bathroom? It’s right there in front of the entrance, before turning left. Hope that helps!” “Aww thank you. Patrick, don’t go talking to strangers and you get STRAIGHT back here after you’re done, you hear me?” his mother said, eliciting some shrieks and laughter from his friends he had bought with him. Little Patrick, red faced by now, scoffed at his mother and marched off angrily in the direction of where the entrance was. I waited a few seconds, before as casually as possible, I turned around and followed him. Halfway there, I turned around and quickly checked back at the family and his friends…looked like the dad had offered to buy everyone some popcorn and a slush puppy, so no one was actually checking what little old me was doing. I wasn’t a bad person. And I would NEVER hurt a boy. Especially not one as hot and sexy maraş escort ass like Patrick was. But…there wasn’t a chance in hell that he’d have me pleasure him sexually, willingly at that. If this worked, I’d make sure that he totally forget what I was gonna do to him. I swallowed. Hard. This could actually be it. I wished…damn well prayed that he wasn’t going to withstand my hypnotic powers…not this one. Not him. ** The boy was washing his hands. His parents had taught him well. He wobbled over to the machine that was used to dry stuff…and the rambling noise from said machine was enough so that I could enter without anyone seeing me. I quickly locked the door behind me, and turned my attention to young Patrick. The moment he was done and turned around, and looked into my eyes, I knew I had to act fast. “LISTEN…” Oh my god! It worked! It actually worked! He was immediately inside a total hypnotic sleep, he was very clearly not aware of anything around him. He still had his senses and feelings inside his brain, going on. I really hoped so. I’d hate for him not to feel me pleasure him. I walked towards him, and waved the palm of my hand in front of his face. His eyes were totally glazed over. He couldn’t even see me from inside the deep trance I had placed him. I had to be quick, anyone could want to use the bathroom. I carefully picked Patrick up inside my arms and took him inside one of the booths and again, locked the door. I gently, had him sit on the toilet, still and quietly. “Patrick…can you hear me?” Slowly, very slowly, he nodded his handsome face. “Yeees…” he breathed out, not anything like his normal voice I had heard enjoying himself all afternoon. “Good. You’re okay. I won’t hurt you. I just wanna make you feel good. What is it that I wanna do, Patrick? Tell me.” His eyes were looking at nothing in particular, before whispering… “You want to make me feel good…” I COULDN’T BELIEVE THIS WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING…! “Okay, Patrick. You, I need you to sit back, relax and enjoy what I’m gonna do to you. Can you do that for me?” Patrick breathed in, and out. His eyes still cloudy. “I will sit back and relax and enjoy what you’re doing…” he said, robotically as fuck, after me. I licked my lips. His boy cock was meters away from my face. Gently, I told him to lift up his arms, which he diligently did. I knelt down on my knees and pulled his shirt from his upper body. Jesus. He was ripped! Did this kid overdose on kiddie steroids or was he just out in the sun and on the sports field twenty-four seven? He was more ripped than I had seen on several teenagers of fifteen years old! Never mind a twelve year old! “Okay, Patrick, I’m gonna need you do lift up your ass from the toilet. Can you do that?” Young Patrick did what I had asked, and with shaking hands…god damn, I was so excited and so damn nervous at what was about to happen I couldn’t help myself! I have waited so fucking long and now all of a sudden it was right here in front of me… I gently placed my fingers inside the rims of the shorts he was wearing and removed them. Staring me in the face was a very nice boy bulge inside some Manchester United underwear. Cute as fuck. I took a deep breath, and slowly removed his underwear aswell. “Hooooly… holy shit.. ” I whispered in sheer awe at what I was seeing. A nice, plump, pre-pubescent twelve year old penis hanging limp as anything down from Patrick’s handsome and ripped body. I couldn’t believe it. Reaching out and touching his cockie with my right hand, came the first hiss from his throat. Apart from his parents and maybe his doctor, I had a strong suspicion that I was the very first person to touch this little piece of meat inside my finger tips. He might have been under a hypnotic spell, but as I had hoped, he could still FEEL and experience everything I was doing. I withdraw the foreskin from the top of his kiddie boy cockie…watching in sheer disbelief as his cockhead came into view. Unblemished. mardin escort Fresh. And I’d bet my house that this thing could spurt some twelve year old sperm… I couldn’t wait any longer. That thing belonged in my mouth. With a slight dip from my face into his groin area, I slurped up his kiddie boy penis and started to suck on it, as if it was a fucking chocolate milkshake… “Ohhh…ohhh…” I heard him say in his catatonic state…he could feel every lick …every caress, every damn flick of my tongue on that sweet kiddie dick of his. My god…I knew it would likely taste like heaven, but I didn’t for one moment think it would be THIS good! He was leaking some juice from his cockhead…whether it was pre cum, I didn’t know. And I really didn’t care. It was tasting fucking delicious. I started to move my head up and down in a rhythmic fashion, taking his small twelve year old four incher, balls deep in my mouth, while my tongue made love to every inch of his length. He was hard as hard could get…it was like his dick was made of solid damn steel. Patrick started to gyrate his hips into my face, as raw nature had to have taken over his brain. He fucked his cockie powerfully inside my mouth as I twirled and caressed his boy dick over and over and OVER. I kept my hands busy by feeling up his stomach, gliding my fingers over his mini six pack he had going on. I felt up his biceps…damn…how did he get those arm muscles so damn hard?? Man, he was a little stud! I saw his stomach clench. Suddenly his chest was heaving way too frantically …he must be getting ready to come… I doubled my efforts. It has been an experience I’d never ever forget…and I couldn’t wait to see if my dreams would even further come true, by giving me a good batch of little boy honey to enjoy… My head was like a Jack in a Box on his groin area. I wanted him to cum more than I wanted oxygen. I dove on him and fondled his balks, willing any sperm there was to come forth. His hips started to shake and so did his knees. I looked up at his beautiful face, still with his dick inside my mouth…his lips was wet and he was licking them over and OVER … Suddenly he grabbed my head with both his bare boy hands and held it tightly to his cock…I could feel his penis spasming and quivering inside my mouth…alas…no sperm. I nonetheless kept his boy dickie, which was still trying it’s best to pulse out non existent sperm…until I could actually feel it shrink back to normal size inside my paedo beak. I allowed his cockie to fall out of my mouth, red as hell, and full of my saliva. I stood up and for just a moment, I savoured the taste…rich…salty…sweet…all at the same time…I don’t think I’ve EVER tasted anything more delicious and more pure in my entire life. ** I almost forgot I had to bring him out of his hypnotic trance. I picked him up once more and thanked my stars that no one had come inside the bathroom in the time that we had been busy. I placed him directly in front of the dryer, as he had been when I had entered in the first place. As he woke up, he would have no memory of anything and hopefully he would not be suspicious at the sheer time lapse. As he was finally in position, I looked him in his ryes. “Okay Patrick…when I snap my fingers…you are gonna forget anything that I have done to you in these last few minutes. You will forget you have ever seen me. You will want to get back to your parents as quick as possible. Understood?” “Yes…” came the robotic reply yet again. And with that, my fingers clicked together. ** I could still taste his cock inside my mouth. I could still feel his rock hard six pack abs underneath my touch. How a twelve year old boy had possessed those marvels, I’d never know. He was enjoying himself once more. The was the life and soul of his own birthday party, as he should be. He had absolutely no memory of having been given his first ever blowjob that very same afternoon. Happy Birthday, Patrick. Who knows…maybe one day I’d run into young Patrick again…and when that day arrives, he’d have some yummy potent kiddie boy juices for me to bathe myself in and enjoy… ** THANKS FOR READING!! Any ideas on who Johnny should hypnotize and have a little fun with next?? Lemme know ail

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