Grace’s New Life


Grace looked at the naked reflection staring back at her, and wondered who that saggy, wrinkled old lady could be, for it couldn’t be her. But of course, she knew it was her and she couldn’t believe where her youth had gone. When she and Hank had married thirty-five years ago, Grace had a striking figure with beautiful skin that she had worked hard to keep. She could only guess that married life had eased her into relaxing a little too much on keeping her girlish figure. Besides, Grace was a now a woman in her late fifties and it was the time in her life where she deserved to let her looks go.

The problem was now Hank was gone, a sudden heart attack and Grace was alone. Luckily, he had a good insurance policy and by the time, she had sold Hank’s little business she had enough money, not to be rich but at least to live comfortably. The thing that surprised her was how much she missed Hank. It wasn’t as if he was around that much, he spent more waking time at work than at home. Yet she always knew he would be home and somehow that had been comforting. Now she was alone, her bed empty, maybe she, and her husband did not have an active sex life but they did have sex.

That was exactly the reason she let Irene talk her into a ‘Mature singles night’. She told her that was how she had met her latest fling and after finally illegal bahis wearing her down, Grace accepted. As she stared at her reflection, she knew she had made a big mistake that no male would ever be interested in her. Still she was committed to Irene and she went to her closet to search for something to wear that would help hide her flaws. When Irene picked her up, she told her she looked great but Grace knew she was lying.

At the mixer, she did feel a little better for there were women there who looked much worse than she did. When she met Sam, he put her at ease right away and she found she liked him. They talked as old friends and their age alone gave them much in common as they discussed the old days and the problems with the current state of affairs. He invited her for coffee, she accepted and before she knew it, she was back at his apartment. It wasn’t the kiss that surprised her it was the ease in which he took it. She remembered Hank and their first kiss as he fumbled foolishly and she finally had to take the initiative and kiss him. Sam was not shy in the least and soon he was inviting her to his bedroom.

Although Grace was ready for intimacy she could not get comfortable enough with Sam to let him see her naked. She did go with him to his bedroom but requested the lights to be off before she would undress. illegal bahis siteleri His reply surprised her,

“No Grace, I want to see you, I don’t think of you as an old lady but rather as a woman who is the same age as I.”

He sat her on the bed and kissed her then as he looked into her eyes, he began to undress her. Although she was now completely embarrassed she allowed him to continued. With both her blouse and bra removed, he had her lie back on the bed and she lay there with her eyes closed. She felt his mouth on her nipple and it brought back memories of times long ago when Hank would kiss and play with her breasts. She felt the heat in her body start to rise and when she opened her eyes, she saw his head at her breast. She ran her hands through his hair and told him how good he was making her feel. He looked up and kissed her again and in a bold move, she pushed his head back to her breast.

He sat up and suggested that they both take the rest of their clothes off and she did so without hesitation. She was now naked in front of a man who was not her Hank, she wondered for an instant how long it had been but then put it out of her mind. When she looked at Sam’s nakedness, she realized that he had been right and rather than looking at an old man she was looking at someone her age. When Sam went down canlı bahis siteleri on her, she marveled at the sensuous feelings he gave to her and when she orgasmed she gave a little silent thank you to Irene.

As for the sex, when he was finished she felt that something was lacking and then realized that Hank had been the better lover of the two. Grace did not think about how maybe Hank and she had been more familiar with each other’s bodies and thus they were more in tune to each other’s needs. Still and all Grace enjoyed their evening and having someone in bed with her as they slept together.

In the morning she cooked breakfast for them both and after eating he took her home. She gave him her phone number, but hoped he wouldn’t call and then felt guilty about her feelings. It was just now that Grace saw that there were men out there who found her still attractive and yes, alluring and she wanted to sample some more of them.

In what could only be called, an amazing turn around; Grace became a regular at these mixers for mature adults. She went out with those she found attractive or at least interesting, sleeping with many of them. She found she wasn’t interested in finding a life mate as she had once thought but instead only sought those who could give her carnal pleasures. She realized she had married the first man she had slept with and although she had lived a pleasant life, she now wondered what she had missed out for all those years. One thing she knew for sure, she now was going to find out. Grace decided that she was doing just fine for an old lady.

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