Graduation Day


I’m new to the world of erotic writing and this is the first story I have ever published. Lately, I’ve been lurking around and reading some of the pieces of art that people have been kind enough to share. I found it inspiring and I decided to start writing again. It’s been a long time since I have been able to sit down and write creatively. I revisited an old piece that I haven’t touched in years. I ended up deleting it and writing something totally different.

To my, surprise and slight embarrassment, it ended up erotic. I have shared my creative writing before, but, well, never an erotic piece. I mean, I have written erotic stuff in the past, but I have only ever shared it with three other people. Feeling a little inspired, I decided to take a risk and share my short story. I found it fun to write and I plan to write more in the future….my series stories about my little confessions. I mean, some of these things I post could be true, or they could be fantasy, or perhaps I will write something as true and it really would have been a fantasy, or, I may write something as a fantasy that is totally true. I will leave that decision up for your own enjoyment.

Two more thoughts. First, I will beg your patience as I’m stretching a muscle that has been long unused and any issues of flow, structure and grammar I apologize for in advanced. Secondly, a matter of a more practical nature, so I don’t have to continually elude to my physical dimensions and looks. I have green eyes, long red hair that reaches about mid back. I wear glasses and stand at, *gulp*, 5′. I have curves, but I am also an active person. There with that out of the way, please enjoy my little confession.

Thursday nights are always a great night to stay late. The third floor is usually empty of clubs and most of the activity is on the first floor or outside. This afternoon was particularly nice, as a cool breeze was blowing across the field and I was able to open one of the windows to cool down my room. Now, with just the sound of running students outside, I was able to finish grading some of those final essays. I really only had to enter the grades. That was where they found me, busily clicking away at my computer; deep in concentration.

“Hey Ms. C,” Ben’s baritone’s voice carries through the empty classroom, “I’m sorry to bother you, the door was open and I just thought…”

I swivel away from the computer, turning to face Ben; tall and blonde in his lettered jacket, a sunny smile on his face, “Oh, it’s no bother, what brings you…” My eyes caught his friend Adam, brown hair with a similar ready smile, standing behind him. Further back I could see Rodger, standing quietly in the doorway…” Just as blonde as Ben but slighter of build, “…What brings all of you to the school at this late hour?”

Ben laughs again, “I needed to get some things from my locker and Rog had to bring his sister to soccer practice, so he offered to give me a ride.” Ben points a thumb at Adam, “Him, I just think he’s bored.”

Adam chuckles and rolls his eyes, sliding his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans. Rodger steps more into the room, brushing his lanky hair back from his face. “Come on Ben, I wanna get out of here.”

Ben turns, “Ok ok, just a minute.” The normally gregarious Ben goes quiet for a moment, rubbing at his temples, “Well ya see Ms. C, I just, hoped to catch you before the ceremony tomorrow. We…I mean…I’m graduating and…well I just wanted to thank you,” the rest of Ben’s words come out in a rush, “I mean, when my dad passed and my grades…I had the athletic talent, but your letter of recommendation; it really meant alot to me and my Mom. I don’t think I would have been able to go where I wanted to, or to get the scholarship…so…uh…Thank you Ms. C.”

“Oh Ben…” little tears form at the corner of my eyes. Yes, I’m a softie and a sucker for sentiment. I stand up, smoothing my dress over my hips as I do, “I’m really happy for you, you are a wonderful student and a brilliant writer.”

Then, there is a moment where a line gets crossed. This was the domino that knocked down the others. I step in and give him a hug. Innocent and kind. I have hugged other students before, usually an arm around the waist sideways. I’ve known Ben for a long time and his emotions rang true, so I did what comes naturally, and wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed him into me with a full hug.

It didn’t take him long to put his arms around my shoulders and press his hands against my back. I’m a little more than a foot shorter than him and found myself pressed against his chest. I could feel the steady beating of his heart, and could feel when it suddenly speeds up. A little blush spreads across my face and I look up at him through the lens of my glasses. His own blue eyes were quite wide with surprise, matching the surprise I felt at my own growing arousal.

Then he leans down to my upturned face and I kind of freeze. His mouth is upon mine, his lips pressed against my own. illegal bahis His hands slide from my shoulders to my cheeks, cupping my face. I never realized just how big his hands were until now. I then, to the surprise of my rational mind, part my lips for him, for his tongue to dip into my mouth. And there it was, a friendly meaning embrace transformed into a passionate kiss. I could feel his warm body around me, pulsing through his shirt and the thin fabric of my dress. Then I felt it, against my stomach, his hard length, trapped in his blue jeans, growing harder and longer.

I had to pull away, becoming chill as I step back from the furnace of his body. It was then that I realized that Rodger and Adam had stepped closer on either side of us, mouths agape. I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m still a young woman, not much older than their own 18 years. I know the fantasies my students have about me. I can feel their eyes burning into me with barely concealed passion as they hunger after the silhouette my feminine form makes when I write on the blackboard. Rodger and Adam are no different from the other students.

I return to Ben again, his eyes are burning, but confused and questioning. I find myself between all three boys, well men, suddenly aware of my stature. All three were taller than me, forcing me to look up at each; the shortest having a foot upon me. I don’t think men can really appreciate the sudden vulnerability that a woman can feel being towered over. The loss of physical space, the sense of power that their weight and height can give them.

Listen, I know I’m perseverating. My rational mind really doesn’t want to make this choice. Luckily, at least for this story, my primal instincts take over and makes the decision for me. I drop to my knees, uncaring what the floor would do to my green dress. I feel like I’m watching a movie, as my hands go to Ben’s belt buckle and deftly undo the clasp. I could hear all three quicken their breathing, my fingers flicking open the button and drawing down the zipper with a light metallic sound. Ben’s pants fall down the length of his muscular legs to pool around his feet; his hardness juts out, covered by the strained fabric of his underwear.

I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t decide what was turning me on more, to cause a moistness to build between my thighs; the fact that there were three sets of eyes watching me as I have never been watched before, or that I was about to unveil Ben’s hard cock. His strong hands go to my red hair, still done up in an inverted ponytail. He works his fingers through my curls, tentatively…no…hopefully. My fingers trace about his waist with a cool touch, gripping his underwear and sliding them gently down.

Ben’s cock throbs and pulses before my eyes. The rigid length is straight and long, much like Ben himself. The shaft, framed in darker blonde curls. A droplet of clear fluid pools at the slit at the very tip. I couldn’t help myself. My rational mind cringed, but my animal mind raged with hunger. I part my pink lips and deftly suckle the tip of his cock head into my mouth, tasting the bit of liquid I could. Three audible gasps urge my efforts forward and I slide my lips down the length of his cock, feeling his virility slide deeper into my throat. I bury my nose in his pubic hair to smell his musky scent, to savor his taste.

Ben’s hands, whether by passion or an involuntary reaction, grips my head tighter. He flexes his hips, drawing his cock back out to the tip, then thrusting back into my greedy, warm mouth. As Ben began to fuck my face, my own hands, still under the control of my lustful drive, reach up to both Adam and Rodger’s pants. They fumble with eagerness and help me free themselves from their jeans. Blinded, as Ben’s frantic thrusts force me to close my eyes, my fingers grasp both their throbbing shafts, working my hands along their lengths.

We continue like this for several moments. My hands pumping both their shafts, Ben’s cock fucking my face, his heavy balls slapping against my chin. I could say that it was a sense of fairplay that drove me next, but really, it was pure lustful greed. I slid my lips from Ben’s rigid shaft, leaving it glistening with my saliva. My hand though goes from Adam’s shaft to Ben’s, to not completely neglect him as I shift my attention with the turn of my head.

Adam’s cock is different than Ben’s. It pulses with the same sense of excitement, it wasn’t as large or as long and was framed by dark brown curls. His cock curves upwards slightly, forcing me to arch my head up a bit with the stretch of my slender neck. There is no more tentativeness, I feel the ache building inside of me and swallow his shaft whole. Taking it in deep. I feel it press against the desperate suction of my mouth, inhaling his new scent. Adam freezes with a deep moan, my body sways slightly as I work my lips along his length, straining a bit up the curve and then swooping down again.

Adam’s sighs and the pulsing up the main vein of his shaft lets me know illegal bahis siteleri the extent of his passion, I can see his fingers closing in tense fists. We continue like this for a moment, my hands pumping two shafts, one covered in my own saliva, as my head bobs, swooping in. I shift my hips, listening to the sucking sounds of my lips; the deepening grunts from the three boys…well, again, that isn’t fair of me…men around me.

Impatience now catches up with my greed and I slide my lips up the curve of Adam’s shaft to pull off, leaving it to throb freely in the cool air. My hand though, leaving Rodger, goes quickly to comfort it, stroking it in time with Ben’s. I turn my green eyes to Rodger, passion and curiosity driving me on. His shaft is shorter than Adam’s, but much wider than Ben’s and Adam’s cocks. Dark black curls surround the base and the head of the shaft tapers a bit narrower. His throbbing cock has an angry glow to it as it pulses before my lips.

I continue to pump Ben and Adam’s shafts, I can feel their hands brushing at my shoulders and hair. I lean forward, making a tight circle with my lips and swallow Rodger’s cock head; tasting his flavor. Before I can begin my motions, Rodger’s hand cups my cheek gently, yet firmly, and he thrusts into me. His thick cock forces my lips to stretch as he quickly invades my mouth with a savage sigh. I can feel Ben’s and Adam’s hips thrusting a bit with my pumping hands, sliding slickly along their shafts.

Rodger continues to fuck my face with short swift stabs, his pelvis lightly slapping against me. My lips try to tighten, as he delves into my throat. I let him work out his frustrated passion, as he suffered much from my teasing fingers. It isn’t long before I pull away, needing air, and slide his cock from my lips. A sudden moan escapes Rodger’s mouth, his cock pulses and then explodes. Ropey white strands of cum land first upon my nose, then across the lens of my glasses, and another burst lands hotly upon my pale cheek. Before I can react, a final blasts arcs through the air, landing a long strand along my forehead and into my red hair. I do manage to capture his cock again, swallowing the last of his creamy seed.

My rational mind, in an odd alliance, works with my lustful one and slides my hands from Adam’s and Ben’s throbbing cocks. Rodger’s knees buckle slightly and he grabs a desk to steady himself; both Adam and Ben groan. I move quickly to my feet, my hands going to the other two boys’….men’s…chests and pushing them a little back. “We need to slow this down a bit,” I pause to bite my lower lip, a little blush rising, to inadvertently highlight the streaks of cum upon my face, “or we might all regret it.”

I can’t help but smile when I hear a chorus of “Yes Ms. C”. I turn away from them to face the board, to hide the growing flush of my face and neck. I let them see me as how they’ve always seen me, in command, in control of the room, even with my back to it. I know they have dreamed of me. My dresses can’t hide the curves of my body; the slenderness of my waist, the taut flair of my hips. I turn and glance at them over my shoulder. And yes, I’m careful to make sure that they can see the side of my face that is splattered with cum.

“I think at this point, you have all earned the right to call me Cuylie.”

The soft laugh of the seductress that I have turned into leaves my lips. My delicate fingers reach up to the back of my dress, drawing the zipper down. I can hear their breath still again as my shoulders slide into view. I give a little shrug, a little wiggle, letting the dress fall to the floor with the faint whisper of cloth against skin.

I stand there, in my dark, lacy underwear, long red hair, slightly undone now from the touch of enthusiastic hands, curving down my back. I reach up and pull some of the pins from it and toss my head, letting it tumble free down between my shoulderblades to my lower back. Their eyes watch me intently with the energy of a fantasy taking life. I twist about to face them, my red hair wild about me, my breasts rising and falling between the enclosure of lacy fabric. I reach behind me, forcing myself to arch my chest forward and unclasp my bra; letting it drop to the floor. The pink nipples of my breasts, full and heaving, pucker in the humid air of the classroom. I lean forward, hooking my fingers around the band of underwear and with a shimmy of my hips the black lace pools with the other clothes.

There I am, naked in the middle of my classroom. I’m letting them see the paler parts of my flesh that only a select view have seen before. They can see the red curls between my legs; they can see the dampness from my own excitement. Almost as one they move forward and I am surrounded by lips, hands and tongues. I feel their rough hands on my breasts, tongues and lips against my nipples. Another set of hands are cupping my ass cheeks, kneading the muscle beneath their grip. One brave soul cups my wet mound, his palm grinding against my red fur canlı bahis siteleri and he slides a finger into my vaginal channel.

I…I think I was nearly done right there. As they devoured me like hungry animals with their passion….no…maybe worshipped me like the goddess I am…or perhaps, they simply sensed the simple need of a woman craving for release. I could feel my thighs beginning to tremble. I think I grabbed Ben’s arm with both my hands to steady myself. It was his hand that was pushing into my pussy mound, teasing my silken tunnel. My thoughts catch up to the present and my head arches back, my lips part to scream, but instead, to my utter surprise, choose speech.

“Please, too soon,” I whisper with a whimper, “Step back….someone lie down…please”

I’m surprise that they heard. My whispers were perhaps louder than I realize or they were paying more attention than I understood. They remove their remaining clothes, tossing them on the floor in a makeshift bed. Ben, confident and proud Ben, lies atop the pile of blankets. His throbbing erection rises from his hips like a monument to youthful vitality. I Ignore the stares of the other two boys…men…and walk with an eager roll of my ass, moving to stand astride him. This allows him the full opportunity to look up the length of my body; along the curve of my thighs, soft mound of red hair, the tautness of my stomach, the rise and fall of my full breasts framed in my loose red hair, then finally the hungry gaze of my green eyes and cum stained face.

Any pretense of rationality is gone and raw need fills me. I could feel the yearning burning in me; the moisture between the petals of my pussy building. I sink downwards, resting my hands upon his broad chest. His blue eyes are intent on me, I can see them widen when the red curls brush against the tip of his cock. I know he can see mine widen as I settle onto him, pressing him between the lips of my pussy and into the depths of my vaginal passage. He groans, but I don’t hear it over my own whimper as I feel him press inside of me until my hips rest atop his thighs.

I begin to rock, sliding up his thickening shaft. Ben’s hands go to my flexing ass, gripping it to help me up to the tip of his cock, and then to only slide back down with a soft slap of skin against skin. I forgot we weren’t alone, until Adam stands before me with his throbbing cock at my lips. It takes little encouragement, but when Ben lifts me again, I part my mouth and swallow Adam deeply, pushing him back in my throat. I slide between them, my head bobbing along Adam’s curved cock. Ben just groans, pressing his hips upwards, sliding his heavy cock deeper inside me.

“I want to try something,” Adam’s cock slips from my lips. I barely register his words, I can only gasp with pleasure and need.

He steps behind me, kneeling down. Watching Ben’s balls slap against the curve of my ass, his hands gripping my cheeks with each thrust; spreading them wider. My rational mind tries to scream a word of caution, but my animal need doesn’t care. I rise up and start to stink back down, but not just onto Ben’s cock; Adam’s presses into my tightest tunnel. I continue to sink back, sliding Ben into my vaginal channel and Adam into my tight asshole. Ben’s hands continue to grip my ass as it quivers, Adam’s grip my shoulders, pushing himself forward.

I have never felt so full. I can feel both of them pulsing inside of me, stretching me. Jolts of pleasure begin to radiate through me, mingling with small quakes of pain. My mouth opens wide to scream, but Rodger is there for me. There with his own hardening cock. It gets choked off as he thrusts between my parted lips and into my throat. His hands going to my breasts, crushing them up into my chest as he begins to rock forward.

And there I was at the center of a maelstrom of passion, seesawing amongst a cacophony of grunts, groans and my own mewling sounds. We continue like this, with me falling back onto Ben and Adam’s girth, my pussy and ass stretched tight with a grunt. Then I slide upwards, my lithe form rocking forward. Rodger presses his cock into my throat, my lips stretching wide around. I can feel tears of pain, of pleasure, of wonder and release leaking from my eyes. The only voice I can give my passion is the flex of my thighs, the grip of vaginal muscles, and the desperate sucking of my mouth.

This moment could never last forever. These kind of moments aren’t meant to. My own passion was threatening to tear my body apart. My juices coat Ben’s cock and my hips start to gyrate with each rock, with each heave of my body. Unfortunately, in a moment of wild passion, I buck off of Adam’s cock, he slips back with a grunt and then I feel his heat exploding against my back and ass. Adam groans and steps a couple of feet back.

Rodger leaves my mouth and takes Adam’s place. I’m allowed to scream with passion, to scream when he presses his thick cock into my recently vacated asshole. I soon began to rock between them, my breasts swaying, with two sets of hands on my tender ass. My cries begin to echo. Ben and Rodger begin a frantic pace, turning my pale ass red with each powerful thrust. I feel waves of pleasure and pain rolling into me, rising with their frantic thrusts.

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