Grandad and schoolgirl


Grandad and schoolgirlA refreshingly brisk breeze entered the quiet hospital room. A girl dressed in a school uniform dashed straight to her grandfather’s side. The girl plopped her young ass into the sitting man’s lap, kissed his cheek, and rattled off questions, “Hi Pops, how are you? How’s Grammy feeling? Don’t you wish she’d hurry up and get to feeling better? How long has she been asleep?”Pops smiled and hugged his precocious granddaughter. Katie always brought a joyous thrill to this man’s heart whenever she was near. He could hardly believe she had already turned 18 and would be going go off to college in a few months. The girl was a perky and petite handful of infectious fun.Kissing a soft cheek, Pops answered, “Katie girl, she has been asleep for awhile. Your Grammy had a hard day, but the doctor came in and said she’ll get better and will be able to come home soon.”The girl’s face brightened. She smiled and said, “Oh, that’s wonderful, Pops! Hey, guess what? Mom’s busy, so I’m supposed to come by and drive you home. How’s that for a surprise?”Pops twisted so he could hold the girl a little more comfortably. Although Katie only weighed somewhere near a hundred pounds, she was sitting precariously on the edge of his lap. Afraid she might fall onto the hard, tile floor, he placed a hand on her sock-covered knee to steady her. He answered the girl’s question with enthusiastic joy, “Why, that’s a fine surprise, Katie! You’ll have to promise to slow down so you won’t scare your ‘old’ grandpa.”Katie stared at the man and responded peevishly, “You listen here Mister, I don’t drive fast! You’re the one that’s lost his license because of too many speeding tickets! And, Pops, you’re not an ‘old’ man. All of my friends think you’re the coolest, hippest grandpa any grandc***d could have. I think so, too. You’re the only grandfather I know of who drives a ‘hopped-up’ Shelby GT Mustang! How many times have you been caught drag-racing with high-spirited high school boys?”The man smiled and hugged his granddaughter tightly. The girl kissed his cheek again then whispered, “Hey Pops, can I lay my head on your shoulder a few minutes? sister Mary Margaret had us girls working out too hard in gym class today. I’ve had a steamy hot shower, but I’m tired and sleepy.”Taking permission for granted, the girl laid her head on Pops’ broad, strong shoulder. One of her long, pigtailed braids fell across his chest. She scooted around and brought her legs up in a semi-fetal position. She felt the big chair move as her grandfather laid it back into a partially-reclining mode.When Katie had scooted around, Pops suddenly found himself facing an unexpectedly intimate dilemma. The hand he’d had on her knee had slipped above her sock and was now resting on the bare flesh of her lower thigh. u*********sly, his thumb had started massaging the tender, enticingly warm skin. Without his mind’s authorization or consent, a bulge was forming in the crotch of his pants.Goddamn his wicked soul to the fires of Hell, Pops was getting a hard-on! If Katie was feeling it, she was not saying so. Instead of following his grandfatherly instincts, he gave in to stronger urges of a man’s masculine nature. He allowed his fingers to join his thumb in gently caressing the young lady’s warm, silky soft skin.While Pops’ hand and fingers cautiously caressed his granddaughter’s leg, his eyes studied the young, feminine form in his lap. Twin braids of light brown hair framed a cherubic, angelic face. Pouty, luscious lips were half-open and the tip of a tantalizing tongue peeked out. A gleaming white blouse stretched tightly over a seductively alluring bosom. The girl’s gray, pleated skirt had climbed halfway up her thighs exposing tempting, beautiful flesh. White cotton knee socks leading to black patent-leather shoes completed the stimulatingly erotic schoolgirl picture.When Pops’ eyes reached the socks, Katie stirred and moved her legs. The girl used her toes to flip the shoes off her feet. She again settled back into her grandfather’s comforting embrace.But, something was now different. When the girl moved, Pops’ hand had slipped from her outer thigh and was now resting on the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Without thinking about what he was doing, he continued massaging the tender, soft flesh. His fingers were less than an inch away from his granddaughter’s most sacred feminine treasure.Pops knew he didn’t dare lay a hand on that forbidden treasure. No sir, this he would not touch! Oh no, he wouldn’t! No way, no how would he touch her. But, he did. The tip of one finger touched against a panty-covered mound. A second finger joined in and then a third. The fingers slowly traced a path around the puffed panty mound. The mound stiffened as fingers squeezed, tickled, and played. Did Katie move?Yes, she moved. Whether the girl moved voluntarily or as a result of reflexive action mattered little now. When she moved, her panties opened enough for several of Pops’ fingers to find their way inside the thin fabric. These fingers were drawn magnetically towards a wet opening. They worked their way inside where moisture attacked them and coated them with sticky feminine wetness.Pops’ fingers explored the hot, wet, feminine recesses. Suddenly, his fingers touched an obstruction. He’d hit Katie’s hymen. He had been fairly sure of her virginity, but his own fingers now confirmed the fact. Perhaps he should stop? Shouldn’t he leave the innocent girl alone? His masculine mind rebelled and silently answered his questions, “Hell no, don’t you stop! If she wants you to stop, she’ll tell you so!”She didn’t tell him to, so he didn’t stop. He played with the fresh, young pubic flesh. He probed and prodded the girl’s swollen vaginal mound. His teenaged granddaughter’s entire pussy was his to enjoy with his fingers. She was making no objections, so he played and enjoyed.Katie’s pussy convulsed and released a torrent of vaginal moisture. Her panties became soaking wet and so did Pops’ hand and fingers. Her grandfather’s fingers were squeezing hard and digging in as deep as possible without breaking the innocence of her hymen.The girl’s pussy convulsed again and spasms constricted her vaginal muscles. Her body jerked and her pussy sprayed the probing hand and fingers with feminine juices. Katie was cumming. Orgasms rocked her petite young body.Katie’s breathing became labored. Pops could feel the warmth of it against his neck. With an unstoppable determination, he continued playing with the pussy in his hand. He felt her body shaking and knew she was cumming hard.Pops intensified his manual manipulations. His fingers ravaged the hot, wet, feminine flesh. Katie began cumming again. Earth-quaking orgasms sped through her loins and raced throughout her body.Katie wanted to scream in orgasmic release, yet she knew she dare not make a sound in the quietness of the hospital room. She bit her lip and forced herself to be silent. Soft whimpering noises escaped unchecked. She’d had orgasms before. She’d played with her pussy and made herself cum many times. But, as good as her self-administered orgasms were, they were nowhere near as good as these her grandfather was making her have!Just when Katie thought the blissful pleasure was ebbing, Pops’ fingers savagely attacked her virginal flesh again. Her body attempted to jerk away, but it came right back for more of the sweet, hypnotic punishment. Unbelievably, her insatiable feminine flesh began to spasm with more orgasms! She gritted her teeth and dug her fingernails deep into Pops’ neck and back. She allowed herself to be swept away into a netherworld of enjoyable enchantment.Pops held on tightly as türbanlı burdur escort the girl’s body absorbed the orgasms. He continued to hold her as the passionate pleasure slowly subsided. His kissed the top of his granddaughter’s head and rubbed his hand up and down the back of her shirt. He withdrew his other hand from the soaked panties and softly whispered, “Hey Sweetie, your old granddad needs to wash his hand. I expect you need to wash something, too.”After a quick peek at the sleeping woman in the hospital bed, the two entered the small bathroom. They didn’t speak. What was there to say? Forbidden fruit had been plucked. Forbidden passion had been aroused.Pops washed the vaginal wetness from his hand. Katie sat on the commode and did the best she could to clean up the mess coating her pubic mound. The girl took off her soaking-wet panties, wrapped them in paper towels, and put them in her oversized purse.Katie stood and looked uncertainly at the bathroom door. Pops’ eyes followed hers and he said, “Go along girl. I’ll be out shortly. I’ve got to take a piss.”The girl did as her grandfather instructed. She headed for the door. Just as her hand touched the door handle, she heard a zipper unzip. She froze in place. She heard the sound of pee falling into the toilet bowl.Katie didn’t open the door. Instead, she put her head against it to steady her nerves. She took several deep breaths. Her ears heard the peeing sound stop. Abruptly, she turn around and said, “Pops, don’t put that thing back in your pants just yet. I’ve heard it said that ‘one good turn deserves another’. Haven’t you ever heard this old saying?”Without waiting for an answer, Katie stepped toward the commode and grabbed her grandfather’s elongated shaft. She wasn’t shocked to find out he was hard and erect. No man could have done what he did to her without getting a hard-on. The fingers of one of her hands attempted to surround Pops’ surprisingly long and thick muscular manhood.Katie had never given a man a ‘handjob’ before. She silently asked herself, “How hard could it be? Don’t you just grab on and pump? But, do you pump slowly or do you pump fast? Should I ask Pops? No, he’ll think I’m just a c***d, so I’ll teach myself!”Using her grandfather’s cock as her ‘handjob’ guinea pig, Katie began pumping. She started slow with long, steady strokes. She watched as Pops’ eyes closed and his face lit with radiant jubilation. She smiled with the knowledge she must be doing something right.Pleased with herself, Katie held on and pumped. Pops’ cock felt rock hard to her small, velvety smooth hand, yet at the same time, she’d never felt of anything so tender and soft. Her hand could feel her grandfather’s blood racing through engorged, extended blue veins.Pops’ cock was floating on a billowy cloud high in handjob heaven. A long time had passed since he’d had a teenaged feminine hand stroking his meat. The skin of Katie’s palm and fingers was as supple and smooth as a proverbial baby’s behind. And, damn well it should be! Why, it hasn’t too many years since this girl was just a c***d. But hell, she’s not a c***d anymore! She’s now a hot-blooded young ‘babe’ with the age and the maturity of a woman fully grown!Katie noticed the look of pleasured delight on her grandfather’s face. She was now convinced this handjob work wasn’t hard to catch on to at all. Why, it’s as easy as pie and lots of fun, too! So pleased was she with her progress that she began pumping with vigorous, quick strokes. She felt the meaty rod stiffen and swell with an impending eruption.Pops felt the pressure rising, too. His testicle fires had been lying dormant for too long. His seminal fluids were bubbling and boiling. They were gathering heat from the energetic friction of a soft, feminine hand beating his meat.The eruption came with an unexpectedly strong seminal ejaculation. Pops’ testicle fluids shot out and overshot the commode bowl. The toilet tank and bathroom walls received a full load of thick, milky, white cream.Katie tamed the unruly liquid torrent and directed the stream to the commode. She held on tightly and continued pumping. She knew she was giving her grandfather the same kind of glorious orgasms as he gave her. She heard the whimpering cries he was trying to quietly subdue.Pops was cumming harder than he had cum in years. His orgasms made his legs weak with their shattering intensity. His granddaughter’s young feminine hand was the perfect tool to make his cock sing with orgasmic glee.After one last drippy drop of cum shot from his stimulated manhood, Pops knew he was spent. He pushed Katie’s hand away from his now empty shaft. The girl smiled at him demurely, turned, and left the bathroom.Katie was talking to Grammy when Pops came out of the bathroom. The two were having a lively conversation about school and the weather. The teenaged girl moved to the opposite side of the hospital bed from where her grandfather stood. The man wondered if maybe this c***d was afraid he might want to touch her again.Grammy was happy with the news she might be going home soon. She’d spent many long, happy years there with her man. Her only regret was she could no longer sexually satisfy the man she loved. Her long illness had robbed her of the sexual stamina and vitality she’d once had to give and share. Her involuntary impotence didn’t prevent her from recognizing the fact that her husband was still a strong, healthy, virile man. She had begged him to find sexual solace with another woman, yet he had steadfastly remained faithful to her. She knew he often beat his meat to get some measure of relief. With love in her heart, she wished he could find some pussy to play with, and eat, and fuck!After visiting for awhile, Katie kissed her grandmother’s cheek and said, “Grammy, I just came by to see how you are and to give Pops a ride home. Mom and I will be back to see you tonight. Love you bunches. Pops, are you ready to go?”Pops kissed Grammy goodbye and followed Katie out the door. They rode the elevator in silence. This unspoken quietness continued on the drive back to the house where the grandparents lived.Katie maneuvered her car into the driveway and stopped. She dropped her hands to her lap and sat staring straight ahead. She had something to say, but her mind was swirling like a whirlwind twister out of control. She had to calm herself down before she spoke.Pops was also staring. He had turned towards his granddaughter with the intent of saying he was ‘sorry’. He’d gone too far, he’d done too much, and she was now fearful of him. His breath caught in his throat and instead of speaking he studied the girl with the eyes of a mature, horny man.Young, hell yes she was young, his eyes told him, but the girl was blossoming into a fine figure of womanhood! She had all the right female equipment in all the right places! A ripening bosom strained against her white blouse. Her legs were thin and short, but the sock-covered limbs stretched out seductively. Her gray, pleated skirt had pulled up while driving and several inches of feminine skin was again showing above the knee socks.Memory reminded the man that this schoolgirl had on no panties. The wet garment was in her purse. God, he wanted to run his hand up the girl’s silky, soft leg and capture again the womanly mound hidden there! He reached instead and took a thick braid of hair in his hand. Here an emerald green bow ribbon added adornment to match the sparkling green of the girl’s eyes.While this man played with her hair, Katie summoned her strength and steeled her nerves. Words tumbled from her mouth, “Pops, do you…do you want to türbanlı burdur escort bayan take me to bed? I want you to…if you want to. Mom has told me that my ‘first time’ should be with someone special and someone I love. Pops, you’re special and I love you.”Pops expelled a breath. Hell, this girl wasn’t fearful of him! She was openly inviting forbidden intimacies. The man followed his instincts. His hand slid up her leg and fingered the feminine mound he found there. He played for a minute or two and then huskily said, “Honey, let’s go inside.”Once inside, Pops led the girl to the master bedroom. He jerked the bed coverings down, turned and grabbed the girl, and sat her on the sheet-covered mattress. Without saying a word, he unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, and tossed it aside. Reaching behind her, he unhooked the bra, stripped it off, and tossed it aside, too. He gazed in thankful appreciation as two well-formed, young breasts bounced out of their confining enclosures.Pops desperately wanted to touch those tender young tits, but good god he wanted her completely naked first! He pushed Katie back on the bed, unsnapped the skirt, and removed it. There were no panties to pull off. That left only the knee socks.Pops dropped to his knees between his granddaughter’s legs. He reached for a sock, but then stopped abruptly. His eyes told him to just leave them on, at least for a little while. She looked so erotically pretty with nothing on but two emerald bow ribbons in her hair and two long socks on her seductive legs!Until today, this man hadn’t touched teenaged female flesh in years. Before him now lay a bountiful feast of feminine delights. With his mouth hungering for pussy, his head lowered and grabbed a mouthful of protruding clit. He kissed and licked the delicate fruit. He sucked greedily. So cunt-hungry was he that he forcibly tugged and pulled on the clit with his lips and his teeth. Katie didn’t struggle or pull away. She sighed contently.Pops’ tongue flicked and licked in a frenzy of pussy-crazed lust. He kissed and sucked with unrestrained zeal. Not one inch of this girl’s pubic mound was spared this oral assault. He scratched and pulled the thin bush of pubic hair. He spread the delicate wings of her inner pussy lips with his fingers. His tongue darted inside the slippery wet vaginal void where feminine orgasms are born. He licked the pink flesh and swallowed the girl’s moisturized juices. Katie’s hips squirmed and she moaned uncontrollably.Granddaughter be dammed, Pops had a wanton ‘woman’ in his bed! He reached over and sat her up erect. His mouth and tongue transferred their oral assault from her pussy to her breasts. He attacked the tender mammary mounds with a savage tit-hungry lust. Tittie flesh and nipples were kissed, bitten, licked, and sucked.Pops threw the girl back on the bed. Undeniable magnetism drew his mouth back to the sweet, young pussy he was growing to love. Love, hell, he adored the magnificent, swollen mound! As he began eating again, he felt Katie’s sock-covered legs encircle his shoulders. She pulled his face closer to her throbbing womanhood.Pops ate his granddaughter’s pussy with a ravenous wantonness. Katie whimpered and cried with tears of enjoyment. Suddenly, her legs constricted around him. She pulled him so tightly against her pussy he couldn’t breathe. Her voice begged, “Oh Pops, please don’t make me cum just yet! I thought you might want to fuck me!”Katie was right. Pops most certainly did want to fuck the sexy young lady. There on the floor he stripped off his clothing. When he stood, the girl grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times. She winked and mischievously said, “Wow, this big fella looks a lot nicer here than it did sticking out of your pants in the small bathroom! Would you believe it Pops, in all my eighteen years, I’ve never seen or touch a cock until today? I think they’re really nice things, at least yours is. Would you mind if I sucked it for a few seconds? Will you teach me how to be a good cocksucker?”Pops was amazed at the girl’s unbridled sexual curiosity! He pushed his granddaughter away from him, climbed on the bed, and lay beside her. He answered, “Damnit girl, I’ve got to lie down for this! You’ve made my knees so weak I can’t stand. You can suck if you want, but I’m not teaching you how. You can learn on your own just like your grandmother did when she was your age. Now there was a girl who loved sucking my cock!”Katie watched her grandfather’s eyes close. His mouth grinned with eager anticipation. She became determined that she would not disappoint this ‘special’ man she loved. Scooting down on the bed, she took hold of the swollen, erect cock. Her tongue timidly touched the bulging round head. Moisture ran from her mouth and down the length of her tongue. Saliva dripped on the pulsating penile head.This girl’s steaming wet tongue began to lick the tender cockhead. She made slow, lazy circles around and around it. Finding the pee hole, she flicked it and tried getting inside it as deep as she could. Her lips closed over the throbbing bulge. She licked and sucked frantically. She felt Pops fingers digging into her back and heard him sighing deeply.Without really knowing what to do, Katie lowered her mouth onto the hard, meaty shaft. She lost her balance and fell forward. The saliva-coated, steel-hard rod plunged deep into her throat. She pulled back and regained her balance, but the cock was still imbedded in her mouth. Instead of pulling away, she started bobbing her head in an up and down motion. Her grandfather’s manhood was hers to eat and enjoy. Eat, lick, kiss, and suck, this young woman did. She heard this man’s ecstatic whimpers and cries.Pops hung on for dear life as his granddaughter hungrily sucked. Her ‘few seconds’ was running into several minutes. A teenaged mouth had not sucked his cock in many, many years. Good god, he’d nearly forgotten how glorious it felt! Hell, it was beginning to feel too good! He grabbed hold of a braid of hair and forcibly pulled the mouth away from his ready-to-shoot erection. He whispered gruffly, “Damnit Katie, you need to stop sucking if you want to do some fucking!”Pops’ schoolgirl granddaughter giggled with merry excitement. With saliva still dripping from her mouth, she jumped astride her grandfather’s reclining body. She laid her young breasts against his heaving chest and threw her arms around his neck. Her lips sought his and found them. She passionately kissed the naked man lying beneath her. She kissed and kissed and received kisses in return.Katie abruptly stopped kissing and rose up on her arms. Words spilled from her mouth, “Pops, I’m not going to let you fuck me! This is my first time and you are being a little bit too rough. So Mister, I’m going to fuck you!”Without awaiting approval of her plan, Katie laid her head against her grandfather’s chest. She raised her hips and guided his blood-swollen shaft to her dripping-wet pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto the muscular rod and felt the bulging tip touch her virginal hymen. She moved around ever so slowly and felt her orgasmic heat rising. Unsure of what to do next, she stopped.Pops was aware of her virginal hesitancy. A girl only had one ‘first time’. But hell, she’s come too far to stop now! Perhaps she just needed a little assistance. Slippery vaginal juices were coating his cock and running in a torrent down onto his pubic hair. His hands reached for Katie’s smooth, soft ass and gripped her ass cheeks tightly.His granddaughter needed assistance, so Pops gave it. With strong arms, he jerked the girl’s naked loins against türbanlı escort burdur his. His cunt-hungry cock ripped through Katie’s hymen and penetrated deep into the subterranean recesses of her femininity.Katie screamed as the long, thick intruder tore through her virginal veil and spilt her pussy apart. She might have rebelled and pulled away from the pain, but strong hands were holding her ass and a rigid rod was thrusting in and out of her. Besides, the pain was ebbing and another sensation was taking its place. Her young body recognized it immediately. She knew orgasms would be coming soon.Katie realized that, even though she was on top, her grandfather was fucking her. She spoke angrily, “Damnit Pops, stop fucking me! I’m supposed to be fucking you! Now you behave yourself and let me do my job!”Pops relaxed and let the girl have her way with him. Hell, if she wanted to do all the work, then it was fine with him! She’d taken to handjob giving and cock sucking with a natural, instinctive talent and now he’ll just wait and see about her instinctive cock fucking skills. He began worrying about whether or not she might need a little more of his assistance.This girl’s grandfather needn’t have worried. Feminine instinct was alive and well inside this young woman’s mind and body. Katie raised her breasts up off Pops’ chest and settled on her elbows in the bed. Her hips began moving up and down in a slow, rhythmic carnal dance. She raised and lowered her slippery pussy on the man’s engorged, slick, lubricated shaft.Virginal pain was forgotten as Katie’s cock-hungry cunt rode the long, rigid rod between her grandfather’s legs. She bucked and bounced upon the swollen meat forcing it ever deeper inside her vaginal void. This sacred place had never before been touched by a man and most certainly no cock had ever had the pleasure of visiting this hallowed feminine sanctuary!Good god, a man’s cock was now taking its pleasure inside this girl’s last vestige of virginal innocence! Pops was having trouble catching his breath. His granddaughter was pounding against him relentlessly. He reached out for Katie’s breasts and roughly gripped the dangling mounds. He squeezed and fondled the beautiful boobs. He tugged and pulled. He pinched the pretty, pink nipples so hard they began turning purple with loss of circulation.Katie paid scant attention to her grandfather’s roughness. Yes, he was hurting her and yes, goddamnit it was a little painful! But god, the ecstatic feeling between her legs was blocking out all other sensations. The feeling was growing stronger, so she increased the tempo of her rhythmic thrusting. Her hips raised and lowered franticly. Oh god, she loved the feeling of this man’s cock inside her pussy!This girl’s erotic sensations were building to a climatic peak. As the magnitude of the heavenly bliss intensified, she rode her grandfather harder. A violently wondrous orgasm hit her and then another and another. Katie was cumming harder than she had ever thought possible. With the single-minded thought of prolonging the pleasure, she continued to determinedly fuck the man beneath her.Pops knew his granddaughter was cumming. Joyous thrills shot through his throbbing loins. His bloated, distended cock let go and released a shot of seminal fire. This sexy, young cock-teasing schoolgirl was making him cum! Orgasms, sweet awesome ecstasy, swept throughout his body. He grabbed on to the girl above him and hung on for the most ‘mind-blowing’ orgasmic ride of his life.The heat from her grandfather’s pressurized seminal fire spurred Katie into another fit of orgasms. She whimpered as rapturous delights consumed her mind and body. Her feminine passion reveled in her newfound womanly pleasures. She continued cumming as she thrust against this man again and again. She cried aloud, “Oh god Pops, I love the feel of your cock buried inside my pussy! I love the meat and cream filling me up!”Katie’s hot, wet, slippery pussy was milking every last drop of manly juice out of Pops’ meaty manhood. He felt the girl’s tight vaginal muscles grip his shaft with incredible force. His cock gave one last convulsive spasm and he orgasmed once more inside his granddaughter’s cunt.Suddenly, the girl above him fell flat onto his chest. Her breasts smashed against him without warning. The two of them lay exhausted with their chests heaving and their lungs fighting for breath. A sticky, wet mess of cunt and cock juices coated their loins and stained the sheets beneath them.Pops turned on his side and his granddaughter cuddled against him. The two lay together and ardently embraced. Without speaking, they allowed the euphoric elation of orgasmic afterglow to sweep them away. Inspired by illicit lust and love, succulent forbidden fruit had been plucked and shamelessly devoured.Katie fell asleep in her grandfather’s arms. Pops allowed the girl to rest for awhile. Finally, he kissed her awake and climbed out of bed. He pulled off her knee socks and then picked the nude teenager up in his muscular arms. He carried her to the bathroom shower. The two bathed in the hot, clean, refreshing water.Taking turns, they dried each other off. Pops again picked Katie up and then carried her back to his bed. He insisted on redressing the sexy young lady himself. He knew Katie’s stained panties were in the purse she left in her car. Reaching inside a dresser drawer, he pulled out a pair of his wife’s ‘granny’ panties. He put the panties on his granddaughter, grabbed a few tissues, and stuffed them inside to catch the sex-wetness still dripping from her pussy.Bra, blouse, and skirt went on next. Pops bent down on his knees and began putting the long knee socks on the girl. Katie tenderly laid her hands on his head and whispered, “Oh Pops, this has been the best day of my life! I never knew sexual intercourse would be this great! I can now say that I’ve been satisfyingly ‘fucked’ by a man! But, wait a minute! Why, I wasn’t the ‘fuckee’, I was the ‘fucker’, wasn’t I? Oh Pops, when can we do it again?”The socks were pulled up and the schoolgirl’s shoes were slipped on. Pops stood and lifted his granddaughter to her feet. He answered her question, “Girlie girl, we can do this any damn time you want to! But for now, you’d better run along home. You and your mom can pick me up this evening and we’ll go see your grandmother.”After Katie sped off, Pops lay on the bed with the intention of taking a short nap. A blowing horn awakened him three hours later. He hurriedly dressed and rode to the hospital with his daughter and granddaughter.Grammy was in high spirits and feeling much better. Pops kissed the love of his life then took a seat while his wife, daughter, and granddaughter giggled and gabbed. He realized he was sitting in the same big chair where earlier he’d played with a sweet young pussy. He closed his eyes and reminisced.Grammy glanced towards her man sitting in somber, lonely stillness. Her thoughts rambled silently, “Damnit, it’s his own damn fault for being alone! Why doesn’t he get off his ass and go find himself some pussy? Why, if he only knew it, there are sweet pussies available all over the place!”While dreaming of young pussy, Pops had fallen asleep. His daughter, Katherine, shook him awake and asked, “Dad, have you eaten? Come down to the cafeteria with me and we’ll get something.”Katherine sat across from her father at the cafeteria table. She looked around the room and saw nobody within hearing distance. She laid her soft, feminine fingers on her father’s work-calloused hand and softly asked, “Dad, can you come over tomorrow after Katie leaves for school just like you did today? I’ve been shopping and I bought a new pair of lacy, hot-pink panties. I’ll model them for you. I know you won’t let me keep them on very long. You’ve been pulling my panties off me ever since I was a teenager and I never want you to stop! I like to get naked for you and I love how your eyes light up with lust for me when I’m nude. Oh god Dad, I love having your cock inside my pussy!”

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