Grandma’s butterfly tattoo

Grandma’s butterfly tattooMe Jon, Peter and Davey were yakking it up, and – as it always does – it got round to sex. The question was “who was the oldest you fucked?”.The best was Jon. 23, not bad for a teen. “No way!” we said, and he told us about a girl he’d met on his last vacation with his folks. She’d been in the next chalet at the resort, with a bunch of girl-friends. And he’d flirted with them all. Or, at least, THEY’D flirted with him. The way a gang of older girls might. And then, one day just one of them was in the room and she invited him in and fucked his lights out. Just once, and then sent him away again. They’d all left the next day. Nobody believed him but he had proof… pics on his phone….which he’d never shared before!!!! Everyone got on his case about that.Then it was my turn – and I had to lie. “Just Julie” I said. They all knew her. My ex-. We’d been Juniors and she’d been a Freshman. Sweet girl and I was crushed when her old man got a new job and they moved away before the start of our Senior year.But we’d never actually had sex. She’d let me finger her pussy and she’d jacked me off a few times, but she didn’t let me go all the way with her. And then she was gone. So it wasn’t true. I’d never had sex with Julie. But the truth could not be told. Not because I was still a virgin, but because… how can you tell your friend that you’ve been banging his gran?So… here’s what I couldn’t tell….I’d dropped round to Davey’s house a couple of months before. He was out. In fact they were all out except for his grandma. She’d recently gotten divorced and had been living there for a while. She answered the door in a house-coat and slippers. She invited me in and I followed her, thinking that Davey would be home soon. She sat me down in the kitchen and poured me coffee. Not what I would chose, but I liked that she considered me mature enough to drink it instead of a soda. “So Davey will be home soon, Mrs Masterson?””‘Jean’, Luke. Please. Call me ‘Jean’.”I was embarrassed to call her Jean, but….”OK, Jean” I smiled shyly, “Will Davey be home soon?””Actually, Luke, they’re all out for the whole day. I’m here all alone.” She smiled at me over the kitchen table.I wondered why she hadn’t just told me that when I came to the door. Strange. And not even properly dressed. I didn’t know what to do, then. I started to drink up my coffee and told her “well, I’d better leave you to it. I don’t want to intrude.” “No that’s OK, you’re not bothering me. In fact I like the company.”I thought she might be lonely there all day.”OK…Jean” I smiled and we stared at each other. I’d never looked at her before. It was Davey’s Gran, after all. But now that I did, I realized she was quite good-looking. I sat there trying to calculate her age. I knew Davey’s folks got married right out of high-school because she got pregnant so… if Jean was 20 when she had Davey’s old man… somewhere in her fifties, I guessed. My mind started wandering… “55””What?””I’m 55. I could see your mind working.”I blushed. “I’m sorry, Mrs Masterson.””Jean! I told you. And it’s OK. I’m quite flattered.”I had nothing to say. She’d read me like a book. There was an awkward pause. Awkward for me, I suppose. I think she enjoyed my discomfort. She broke the silence: “So your little Julie moved away….””Yes, two months ago.” I know I sounded a bit down.”Nobody else on the horizon?””No, not yet.””I’m surprised. Nice-looking boy like you.””Maybe I’m just unlucky. She was the only girlfriend I ever had.””So you and her… that’s your only experience? You never slept with anyone else?”I was slightly shocked by the personal question, but my answer was the truth…”We never even got that far. She wanted to wait. And now it’s too late.””No…. You poor boy. So good-looking and still a virgin. What a waste.””I just have to be patient, I guess.”She reached across the table and placed her hand over mine.”Maybe not, sweetie. I think your luck could change soon.”Her hand stayed over mine and she squeezed it. I looked up and her eyes locked onto mine.”I could bring a smile back to your handsome face, I think.” Her hand gripped mine and she stood. I sat there as she came around and stood near me. Very near. My hand in hers. “If you’ll let me, I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.”I swallowed, but said nothing. She took my hand and placed it against her. Against her crotch. Pressed my palm against her until I could feel the curve of her pussy through the material of her house-coat. She moved her hips and I was massaging her pubis.She took away her hand, and I left mine where it was. Looking up at her. Rubbing her. “Do you like that, Luke?”I had a massive erection. It was uncomfortably trapped and I had to fidget where I sat.She could see my predicament. And was toying with me. “I think you like it. I think you would like to see what’s under this….”…and she took each side of the coat in her hands and drew it open.The fabric slipped away under my palm which was still rubbing her… until now I was touching her bare skin. Bare and shaved. Smooth.Oh. My. God.She had tattoos. I’ve always thought females with tattoos are sexy and Jean has a lot.I took my hand from her pussy and just stared. There were Japanese geishas, pin-ups with perky breasts, celtic designs… some in color, some just black and grey. It was the sexiest thing I ever saw. Where her pubic hair would have been, there was a beautiful butterfly. And there were stars on her breasts, centered around her nipples – which I now saw had little metal bolts through them. And her body, under all these erotic designs, was wonderful. She turned away from me and drew back the coat so I could see that her back and ass were also inked. I reached out.. touched her fantastic bottom… finding it hard to believe that I couldn’t feel the drawings under my hand as I caressed her ass. “Do you like what you see?” she asked me.I found religion.”Ohgodohgodohgod……” I leaned forward and started frantically pamukkale escort kissing her soft ass. My hands were on her hips. “Ohgodohgodohgodohgod…” smothering her ass with kisses.She pulled away gently and took my hand back in hers. “Would you like to come upstairs with me, sweetie?” Ohgodohgodohgodohgod….. what a question. I stood, finally able to adjust the raging hard-on in my pants. She led up to her room. I followed like a puppy.When we got into her room, she stopped and turned to me. Stepped out of her slippers and shrugged off her house-coat. It crumpled to the carpet in a soft heap around her sexy ankles and calves. Now she stood with her hands on her hips and let me take it all in. “Do you like what you see?” she asked again. Teasing me. The answer was obvious.’Oh Jean!!” I reached out to touch her but she moved out of my reach. Her breasts swayed with the movement.”Not yet, Luke. There’s no rush. We have hours.” There WAS a rush. I could feel myself close to shooting in my pants. I was trembling as I stood there, watching her turn this way and that. Letting my eyes explore her nakedness. Taking in every curve, every image engraved on her skin. Aroused by knowing what this older woman hid beneath her clothes. “Does everyone know? About your tattoos?””No, nobody….. except for the men in my life. And women.””You like women, Jean””Sometimes. But today I like a sweet young virgin boy….”She walked to me and put her hands on my shoulders. Looked deep into my eyes.”Do you want me to show you? Show you how to love a woman?”I didn’t answer. I reached up with a hand and cupped her cheek and leaned towards her and put my lips on hers. Her hand went to the back of my neck and she pulled me tight. Crushing her lips against mine. Her tongue darted out and pressed between my lips. Moved into my mouth. Fucked my mouth with her tongue. Exploring, licking my tongue. Her other hand moved down between us and she rubbed my erection through my jeans. I came. From the first touch of her hand.Cum shot from my cock and soaked into my briefs as I stood there. Moaning. Shaking. She kept rubbing. She knew. “Ohhh.” I breathed. Disappointed. Ashamed. She knew! She knew I’d cum in my pants!She kept her hold on the back of my neck. Kept my mouth crushed against hers. Kept her tongue in my mouth. Kept rubbing against the erection in my jeans.I kept shooting cum into my pants. I was so ashamed by my lack of control. My hands dropped to my sides. Then I tried to pull away. I wanted to run away. Even while my cock was pulsing. Shooting my cum into my underwear. I wanted to get out of there and never come back. Never have to see her again, this woman who knew I was just a little boy who came in his pants.But her grip on my neck was tight. She kissed me harder. Tongue deep in my mouth. She kept on. Rubbing against my pulsing cock until my orgasm ended.Stopped rubbing, but still held me tight. Now with both her hands grasping my ass and pulling my damp jeans against her naked crotch. Humping her naked, shaven butterfly against me. My cock stayed hard, even through my humiliation.She pulled back from me and tried again to look into my eyes but, in my shame, I kept my head lowered.”Luke…” she spoke softly “Luke…. look at me” “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” I was almost in tears…She spoke soothing words “shhhhh there, sweet boy. It’s OK, it’s OK”I could feel the redness of my cheeks. Her hand came up to my chin and she lifted my head. Still my eyes were down. “Luke… it’s OK. Look at me.” Gently murmuring to me.I looked up to her. She was smiling kindly. “It’s OK. I expected it. I knew you would be quick.””I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” “It’s OK, really. We got that out of the way…. now we can take our time.” Her hands came down to the buckle of my belt and she began to undress me. This 55-year old grandmother of my school friend. She was undressing me…. “take off your shirt… I want you to be bare ass naked when we fuck.”…and I was going lose my virginity to her. She was going to let me fuck her.Put my cock into her. The thing that Julie never allowed. My erection had never softened, even with my embarrassment. Now it began to become painful in its intensity. I pulled off my t-shirt and kicked off my sneakers while Jean knelt down and tugged down my jeans and wet briefs. I was naked now. My erection glistening with the cum she had caused me to shoot a minute before.Jean stayed kneeling. “Oh Luke! It’s so big! And hard! Oh, we’re going to have such fun with each other.”Her hand reached up and grasped my meat and she began slowly stroking it. Sliding up and down the slick shaft. She began to stroke faster.I stood there, looking down at her gorgeous tattooed body, her breasts with the pierced nipples jiggling with the motion of her arm as she jerked my cock. She stopped…. took her hand away from my cock and licked her palm and then each finger individually. Putting the length of each finger between her lips and sucking. Slowly. Looking up at me.I didn’t know I could be this turned on.”Mmmmm I love the taste of a young boy’s cum” My erection felt like it would burst. “Did Julie ever suck you off?”Oh… I’d wanted her to. Tried to persuade her. Begged and wheedled like a only a horny teen boy can. But she always said no. Even when I offered to lick her cunt first. She wouldn’t let me do that, either.My cock twitched as I thought about it. I didn’t want to admit how inexperienced I was, though. But Jean knew. She could read me clearly….”I didn’t think so. Now, Luke… this might excite you and make you shoot again. Don’t worry about it being quick. First-time experiences often are.”I wanted to last longer this time, but I didn’t feel confident in anything. I clearly had no control over my orgasms with her in charge. She moved her face towards my crotch and opened her lips. Sucking my hard cock into her mouth.Her hands moved all over my lower body. gebze escort Gripping my ass as she sucked me. Caressing my thighs as she sucked me. Touching my tight ballsack as she sucked me.Going between my legs and reaching up. Sucking my cock and reaching up between my legs as I stood over her. I felt her fingers between the cheeks of my ass. The sensation…. just gently parting my cheeks that way…. I moaned again and again. Felt another orgasm begin to boil up…”STOP!!” I tried to pull away but she tightened her grip. “I’ll cum if you don’t stop!”But I was thrusting my cock into her mouth, even as I said it. Bucking my body. Pushing my cock between her lips.She gripped my shaft to stop me from choking her. Her other hand moved down from my ass and cupped my balls.Gently squeezing, caressing, fondling… as her tongue played over the head of my penis inside her mouth.Again I was looking down at her and just said “Jean!!!” and I came in her mouth.She sucked my cock the entire time. Spurt after spurt of my cum went between her lips. Firmly tight around the hard shaft of my cock. I sensed her swallowing as I pumped cum into that pretty mouth.Swallowing my cum. Swallowing until I had no more to give her….My orgasm ended. Her tight grip on my cock released and she stood to kiss me. I opened my lips to accept her tongue again and she released fluid into my mouth. Oh man, what was this?? She hadn’t swallowed all of my cum. I tried to pull away but she had me in a fierce embrace. Her face mashed onto mine.. her tongue fucking my mouth… swirling my own cum over my tongue. She held me that way until I swallowed and then broke away, laughing.”See? Young boy’s cum!! It tastes so nice!” laughing again.I was shocked. She was wild. I’d never thought to taste my cum before. It was beyond anything I’d fantasized about. I stood back. Jean saw my expression…”Oh Luke, I’m sorry! Did it surprise you?””Uh… yeah…” “I’m sorry, I was just having fun, I forgot that you’re so young. So naive… I’m so sorry.” She moved towards me. Took me gently in her arms and kissed my shoulder.”I get wild sometimes. Forgive me.”My arms came up from my sides and I responded to her embrace. We held each other. Nuzzling each other’s necks. And then I moved to kiss her. This time it was gentle and loving and soft and she let me take the lead. I was aroused again, kissing this woman as we stood there in her bedroom. Naked. Me and my friend’s grandma.A grandmother, tattooed and pierced, who rubbed my cock and sucked my cock and made me cum twice in about ten minutes. She excited me and my loins stirred again as I began to imagine the next thing she would show me.She led me to the bed, pulled back the covers and we lay down together, on our sides, kissing.We kissed and kissed and her hand roamed over my young body. She pulled me by my ass, tight against her. My cock, hardwning again, was trapped between us.Kissing those lips that had been sucking my cock. The taste of my cum still present in my mouth.Then she broke away and rolled onto her back.”Did you ever look at a woman’s pussy, Luke?”I hadn’t with Julie. We’d only ever been in a dark room because she was so shy.”Only pictures…”She spread her legs, lying beside me. Spread her legs and moved her hand down… touching herself.”I think I should show you. And show you what girls like.”Girls…. she was 55…. but she was as hot as any girl I’d known. Hotter. I wanted to fuck her so bad….”Come on… get yourself between my legs… it’s my turn…”I climbed between her legs and pressed my lips back onto hers. My hard cock was resting against her mound and I reached down to aim it at her cunt.”No, no, no, Mr Impatient… ” she pressed my shoulders down, making me move lower. Keeping me moving down her body… I stopped at her amazing breasts and she held my head and directed me first to one nipple and then the other, licking and flicking with my tongue. Nibbling with my lips and playing with those piercings. Her legs spread wider and her hands massaged my shoulders as I stayed there, toying with her titties.Then the pressure came back and she was directing me lower again. I kept my mouth in contact with her skin as I slid down.Past her belly-button… down until I was kissing the butterfly tattoo above her pussy.She lifted my face then and I was up onto my elbows, between her legs. My face about a foot from her hot cunt.”Stay there, sweetie. Let me show you what mama likes.”Her hands came down between her open thighs and she moved to the lips of her pussy. She spread them apart. Her excitement was clear from the wetness there. “My pussy lips are stiff because of what we’ve been doing, Luke” she said, touching the lips of her cunt.”Touch them.”My fingers reached out and I stroked her pussy lips. They felt firmer than when I had touched Julie’s. Rubbery.”You got me very excited, Luke, that’s why they are quite engorged. It makes it easier to get a cock between them when they are swollen and lubricated.”I took my fingers away and couldn’t resist… I put them into my mouth and I tasted her for the first time.”Luke!! Maybe you’re not as naive as you seem!!” I smiled shyly again. Becuae I knew I WAS naive. I’d never done that after fingering Julie’s pussy. Never tasted a woman before. Jean asked “do you like that?”I just nodded and she just whispered “good boy…”She moved her finger up and down between her pussy lips. As I stared closely, I watched it become covered by the slippery lubrication that was covering every thing down there. And then she came to the little button of her clitoris. Except it wasn’t very little. It was about he size of the last joint of my pinky, poking out from the glistening folds of skin surrounding it.”This is my clit, Luke. It’s very sensitive. Maybe that’s why I like sex so much.” I watched as she played with her clitoris and then she reached for my hand and told me.. “now you”I stroked her clit gently. ereğli escort The silky fluid of her juices making my finger tip glide easily over it. Round it. I slowly rubbed the pad of my finger with its whorls and loops across the top of her clit. The extra texture of my fingerprints giving her increased pleasure. I held her between my thumb and finger and stroked it up and down, giving her a mini-jerkoff.”Now I want you to kiss my pussy, Luke.” I looked up, between her legs… into her face. She looked down the length of her naked body at me and nodded encouragingly. “You’ll love it” she told me and placed her hand on the back of my head…. motioning me down to bury my face between her spread legs.”Mmm yes.” I kissed the outside of her pussy and then her hand made it clear she wanted more…My tongue came out and I started licking her there. Then between those lips. Tasting her juices. Slipping my tongue up and down her slit. She held my head… moved me down… I thrust my tongue now. Into her. Into her cunt. Her hole. Her pussy. Thrust my tongue. Tongue-fucking her.She gasped and shook. Then she released her hold on me slightly… “My clit… do my clit.” I kissed her clit. Then used my tongue to lick it.”Mmm yes. That’s it. That’s what I like.”I licked all around and flicked my tongue over the end of her hard little clit. Then her hand on my head pressed me tighter into her crotch and I felt her lifting her hips. “Suck it.””I started sucking on her clit. Clamping my lips tightly around it, I sucked as hard as I could, grazing the rough surface of my tongue across it at the same time. She moaned.”Oh Luke, your’e a natural-born cunt-sucker” Her hand held me tight and she lifted her legs and rested them over my shoulders, brought them together. Her thighs locked onto my head and I was again under her control. As her hips bucked up and down, I struggled to keep my mouth on her clit. Now it was between my lips, and now it was gone. She still held me tight and the clit came and went from my mouth. I realized she wanted this. She was fucking my mouth the way I had just fucked hers. I grasped the outside of her shaking thighs as she continued humping herself into my mouth. Sliding my palms up and then under her ass. Gripping a cheek in each hand, the way she had done to me. And then she began shuddering. Her thighs felt like they would crush my head. She was cumming. I had made her cum with my mouth and more juices were flowing from her wonderful pussy. I sucked them into my mouth and swallowed. Loving the taste. Relishing the intimacy of the act.My cheeks and chin were covered and still she shook and shuddered under me. She relaxed a little and I was able to lick and suck her whole pussy. Draw my tongue between her lips from her hole all the way up to her clit. And back down and into her hole and pushing my tongue into her. She twitched a few times and whimpered and said such sweet, encouraging things and then finally I felt her body relax and she opened her legs again and tugged me back up to her so our faces were level once more. I lay between her legs, my cock was resting on her tummy.She kissed me firmly and passionately. Tasting her own self on my mouth. I was covered in her.”Now Luke. Now I want you inside me.” She reached between us to grip me, to guide me to her waiting hole. But I was so hard and she was so wet… there was no need. I lifted my hips once and the lowered myself and my cock just slipped straight into her fantastic cunt.”Ohh ohhhhh Luke.””Ohhh fuck…”Like velvet. Caressing the entire length of my cock as I slid into her. One long movement. I felt myself move into a new dimension of pleasure. So this was what I’d been missing… She was wonderful. She was sexy. She was making my cock feel…. I couldn’t describe it. I just lay there between her legs and filled myself with the sensation of what was happening to my penis. Hot and slick and smooth and slippery and completely engulfed… all at the same time. “Fuck me, Luke.” she whispered. “Give it to me, like a good boy.”I came out of my personal reverie and started to move my hips. Sliding my shaft out of her wonderful hole and then back in. I didn’t want to come back out, but going back in was soooo good.Even after two orgasms already I knew I wouldn’t last long. Jean must have known, as well. Which is why she’d made sure she got hers in first. I loved every second of it, though. Bumping my pubic hair against her smooth butterfly. Grinding my young cock into her old cunt. Her hands were all over me. Pulling me into her. Legs locked around my back, and then up in the air. She pulled me down to her and we kissed passionately. Tonguing each other. She knew I was close. Stopped kissing and whispered fervently into my ear.”Cum in my cunt, Luke. Fill me up with your cum in my cunt. I want it. I love to feel a man shooting inside me”Her words, so dirty, from this mature grandmother… I came right then. Right as she was telling me to fill her pussy with my cum. Driving my cock deep into Jean’s wonderful, warm, wet, slippery, engulfing pussy. Loosing off a third orgasm into her. Bucking my hips against her body. She was squeezing my cock with the muscles inside her, milking the cum out of me while my own muscles seemed to be trying to push my entire self inside her. I couldn’t get deep enough. My cock felt huge. Engorged. And the cum, as it shot out, was boiling, seemed to be like lava. I felt it warming the inside of my penis as spurt after spurt filled her.After, after I had finished all the tics and spasms and had collapsed onto my back beside her and she had fingered her cummy pussy and brought her fingers up to our lips and we had shared the taste of our mutual arousal as we kissed in the afterglow….. after all that…. she told me she would like to make this a regular thing.I readily agreed. Of course I agreed. Now whenever she has the house to herself I go over. We don’t date, or anything link that. That would be weird.I go over and we kiss, we lick, we finger….. we fuck. We fuck and fuck and fuck. She is fantastic. Sexy. Inventive. Bold. Wild. I love her sweet butterfly. She has taught me so much. There is nothing she doesn’t like… hasn’t tried… hasn’t shown me… But I can’t tell anyone. Except you. You know, now. But keep it a secret.

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