Grandpa’s naughty

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Grandpa’s naughtyThis story is fictional and is only used for entertainment only.My wife Patty and I finally got to retire and move into our dream house in New Hampshire. Everybody else goes to Florida or the Carolina’s when they retire, but we already came from the south, and having a home on the lake in New England seemed a lot nicer. Plus, it was very quiet and tranquil. There weren’t many houses,and the few neighbors we had, were friendly and caring, but left you to your own business.It was our first summer living paradise. Patty got a call from her daughter in law. She told Patty that her mom was very ill, and needed to be looked after. The only problem was that she couldn’t take her daughters with her, and wanted to know if we could watch them for a few weeks. We agreed. Just hoping they wouldn’t get bored with a couple of old farts like us. Not to mention, that ever since Patty’s son died, we never got to see her grandc***dren as much as we use to. The last time Patty saw her grandc***dren was about 5 or 6 years ago before her son Jake died. After she got off the phone, she went and got her photo album. She opened it up, looking at their school pictures. Tears ran down her cheek as she flipped through the pages, seeing their school pictures from each year. But her emotions really ran high when she saw Jake with the girls. We didn’t know how long they were staying, but we knew the’d be here in 2 days. The day was finally here that Patty was going to see her little angels. We saw a van pull up in the driveway. We saw her daughter in law Molly get out of the passenger side, as the k**d’s got out from the back. There was a man who got out the driver’s side. We didn’t recognize him as he opened up the side doors taking out suitcases and a bike. Molly ran up to the steps greeting us with hugs and cheek kisses. Her youngest, Becky, followed yelling ‘Grandma! Grandma!” as she ran up the stairs. While the oldest, Sara, slowly walked up the driveway onto the porch holding a cell phone that was attached to her earplugs. Molly pulled the plugs out of Sara’s ears. “Say hi to your grandparents!!” She said angrily. “Hi Granny. Hi Gramps.” Sara said giving us a kiss and a half ass hug. The strange man came up carrying the girl’s bursa escort suitcases. Molly introduced him as her fiance Paul. We got the girl’s settled in. They unpacked their suitcases, putting their clothes away. They were surprised to see that we had board games sitting on a bookcase in the dining room. Sara had just turned 18 a few weeks ago. Becky was five years her junior. You could easily tell Sara didn’t want to be here She missed her friends and that was understandable.She was in her last year of high school, and being a teenager, you want to spend as much time with your friends because before you know it, they’ve all gone their separate ways. Becky on the other hand was a spitfire. To her, life wasn’t about cell phones and social media. Becky loved being outdoors. Her eyes opened up when she saw the lake from the back porch. And there was plenty of trails where she could ride her bike. A few days later,it was sunny and hot. Becky wanted to go swimming. I thought I’d join her and even got Sara to put down that damn phone of hers and join us. Patty couldn’t swim, so she stayed in the house cleaning up after the k**d’s and making lunch. This made her feel young again. She missed taking care of her c***dren now that they were all grown up with families of their own. I waited for them to come outside. When they did,My eyes were fixated on their bodies. Sara was wearing a black bikini bottom and a tee-shirt covering her chest. But it was Becky who I stared at the most.She was wearing a hot pink bikini I could see how her top covered her tiny A’s. And when she turned to close the back door, the she had an ass to die for. The three of us all jumped into the lake off the boat dock. The water was cool for a day like today. Later, Sara would lay on the dock getting a suntan. While Becky would climb up on the dock, and jump back in the water. Becky and I were having fun in the water. I was getting aroused when she would jump on my back. I could feel her little tits pressing against me. But it was when she jumped up on me from the front, that I really began to get horny. She even jumped up unexpected where I accidentally grabbed her ass. She didn’t seem to mind my hand feeling her ass. She even looked toward bursa escort bayan where Sara was and at the house. Then she faced me and gave me a kiss on the lips. “I like you Grandpa.” She whispered I said I liked her too,but she repeated in a bolder way, “No!! I REALLY LIKE YOU!!” Now I knew what she meant. Swimming a little further from the sight of the house, she wrapped her arms around me and we began french kissing. Soon after, Patty called out my name. We swam back to the dock where we got out of the lake. Several days had passed since Becky and I”s little kiss at the lake.Patty thought it would be a great idea to take the k**d’s out to a nearby town. Becky said she wasn’t feeling too good, and decided to stay home with me. As they left, Becky went back to her room. It was about fifteen minutes later that I opened her door to see how she was. She was sound asleep on her bed. She was still in her pajama’s that had teddy bear faces on them. I gently sat on the bed next to her. She was sleeping on her side, her back toward me. I began rubbing her nice little ass. My cock was getting erect in my shorts as I imagined myself on top of her. I rolled her over on her back. Trying not to wake her, I started to unbutton her pajama top from the bottom up. Her milky white belly became exposed as her top was unbuttoning. Finally I did the last button. I opened up her top revealing her perky A’s. Now it was time for the bottoms. Carefully I got on the bed kneeling down by her feet. I carefully slipped my fingers under the waist band, and gently and slowly pulling down her pajama’s.Once I got them past her ass, I was able to remove on legging, then the other. Now her Little Mermaid undies were exposed. I could see her undies slightly wedged between the crack of her twat showing the outline of her little cunt.Again, I carefully slipped my finger under the waist band,slowly polling her undies down. Pulling them over her ass, I could see where her crotch was coming exposed. As I continued to pull down.dark hairs became visible. Then the little round dimple appeared just below her pubes. Next, her vulva was exposed as her undies slipped past her ass.Her undies came off the same way as her jammies. I sat there staring escort bursa at her somewhat bald twat. She had pubes growing, but they were sporatic around her pussy. Most of them were above her vulva, while a couple were growing on the inner part between her legs. Carefully, I spread her legs apart. Her vulva opened up just enough for me to see her pussy lips beginning to grow out. I took off my shorts, My pecker was straight and hard. I knelt in between her spread eagle legs, staring and admiring her sleek slender body. I so much wanted to taste her pussy. I was jerking off just thinking about it. Then I bent my head down. My mouth was right in line with her twat.Sticking my tongue out, I began to lick her little clam. Becky started to moan a little as my tongue went up and down her snatch. She still laid there sleeping as I continued to ear her out. Before long, juices began to flow out of her tiny hole. It ran out of her twat into her ass crack. Her scent was sweet and aromatic. It drove me crazy sexually and I really wanted to get my dick wet. I worked my way on top of her. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t woken up yet. I positioned myself, lining my dick to her twat. After a few pelvic wiggles, my cock found it’s mark. Slowly, I began to push my cock into her tiny virgin hole. Becky woke up making a loud painful yell when my dick went inside her. “Grampa!! What are you doing?” I didn’t answer. Instead I began to pump my dick up and down inside her tight little cunt. “Oh Grampa. Oh Grampa.” Was all she muster to say. Then it was “It hurts. Oh my god!! What are you doing tome.” Still, I said nothing. I looked at her as I continued to fuck this little vixen. I lowered my head making contact with her mouth. Kissing her seemed to put her more at ease. She eventually wrapped her arms around me as I continued to pound her pussy. Now she was into it. Her cries and questions soon turned into passionate moans. I was going to fuck her until we both climaxed together. Finally, I shot my load inside her. I could tell she climaxed too by the way she gave out a loud moan of relief. Getting up and grabbing my clothes, I told Becky this was our little secret. She pinkie swore as her promise that she wouldn’t. As I was leaving, Becky asked me a question. “Grampa? Even though it hurt, I did enjoy it. Can we do it again someday?” I just smiled as I closed her door. “Yes we can.” I whispered. And before she went back home, we were able to do it four more times.The end.

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