Subject: Greek Getaway Chapter 2 Greek Getaway by RJ This multi-part fiction involves sexual contact between a man and a father/son duo. If you are offended by themes of incest, do not read. If you have any comments about my work, or even just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to message me. As always, please support Nifty in any way you can. ~ CHAPTER 2 ~ When we leave their apartment, I start paying extra-close attention to how they act with each other. It’s evident that they’re affectionate. Whether it’s a hand on the small of Nik’s back, or a head leaning against Dimitri’s shoulder, or a deep (and frequent) hug between the two of them, it’d be clear to anyone that they are close. Anyone else observing these little touches and the smiles that they share would think “Aw, how sweet to see a father and his son getting along so well.” Me? I just get hard. My dick is constantly in limbo all morning, stuck in a partial state of arousal when I’m around the two of them. And for good reason. This has always been a go-to fantasy of mine. Emphasis on the “fantasy.” It’s always been something to think about theoretically when I’m masturbating, or, if I’m unsure what kind of porn I watch, daddy/son themes are always a fallback option for me. It always does the trick. Since I was adopted by two women (neither of which who have much of an extended family), the option for a more personal fantasy is nonexistent. But never did I think I’d come across a real flesh and blood father/son duo, especially one such as stunning as the two of them. Now, their once sweet and innocent touches have all new meaning. I wonder if I’m reading into it way too much. But then again, why else would Dimitri be hard in his son’s hand? Why else would they have kissed so intimately this morning? That’s how Dimitri had kissed me the night before, on many occasions, in multiple positions. In a way, it stresses me out to think about it, but I’m so beyond intrigued that I never want to leave their sides save I miss something. It’s even more interesting to me because, even though he’s obviously very fond of his son, Dimitri spends most of his attention on me. Whatever touches he gives Nik he gives me tenfold — never anything inappropriate, but always intimate. He holds my hand. Plays with my hair. He touches my arm or my back when we’re walking, or when I’m speaking. It seems he always needs to have some physical connection to me, and honestly, I don’t mind at all. We spend some time at the market, which really isn’t a market at all. Nothing is being sold. It seems like it’s just a large, populated alley of art and an array of music. There are also stands of free fruit, so as we pass a particularly delicious looking raspberry stand, I snag some. Eventually, we get to where some of the dancers are entertaining passerby, and Nik points out Sal. Sal is a lanky looking man who’s almost fully naked, save for what looks to be a loincloth covering the goods. His body is fully painted to give the illusion that he blends in with the white wall behind him (save for dark makeup around his eyes). And he dances to eerie, macabre music that mostly consists of sharp strokes of the violin, much like in a horror movie. To me, it’s very strange. The way he can move his body, though, is completely captivating, and it’s nice to stand hand-in-hand with Dimitri while we watch. I see Nik support their friend by dropping in a hefty tip into his hat. “Love you, Sal!” he says as we walk away mid-performance, and Sal gives him a wink. After we walk through the entire market and back out onto a main road, Nik says he’s hungry. I concur, and so Dimitri takes a moment to look around, thinking about where we could eat. He decides on a nice little cafe nearby. It’s an easy walk to the restaurant, so we quickly find ourselves seated with drinks and food ordered. Once our order is in, Dimitri excuses himself to use the bathroom, leaving me and Nik alone. Nik barely wastes any time striking up conversation. “Dad seems to like you a lot,” he says, reaching towards the center of the table and grabbing a piece of bread. I smile slightly. “Does that weird you out?” I ask. “Not at all,” he says, taking a large bite out of the bread and nodding. “I like seeing him happy. He can be sad sometimes.” He swallows his first bite. “Do you like him?” “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like him a little.” He laughs, nodding. “Yeah.” He takes another bite before looking at me as he chews. “I know we only just met, and I don’t know you, but I have a good feeling about you.” “Really?” “Yeah. You have good energy.” I’m surprised. In New York, people usually say close to the opposite: not that I have a bad energy, but that I have no energy. “And my dad is a good judge of character. He’s always right about someone. Always. Me? Not so much.” He shrugs to himself before taking a sip of his water. I can’t help but picture Dimitri’s cock in place of that glass of water Nik is holding. “You should stay.” I blink. “Stay?” “Yeah. With him. It would make him happy.” “Did he put you up to this?” I ask, grinning. “No,” he says with a laugh. “But it would be fun, no? Plus I’ll be gone for the week and he’ll be lonely.” What does “lonely” mean, I wonder? “Really? Where are you going?” “This big science conference that meets in Poland every year.” That surprises me. “Interested in science?” He nods with a smile. “Dad kept all the artistic genes for himself,” he says with a cute little laugh before shrugging. “Anyway, I leave tomorrow night, so be sure to keep him company for me.” Keep him company FOR you? That could mean so many things. I’m still processing what he said and how he said it when Dimitri comes back, giving my thigh a little squeeze under the table and smiling at me. We enjoy our meal together, having a nice conversation about Nik’s schooling before we wander around the area a bit. I start to forget about what I saw this morning. At least, it’s not at the forefront of my brain. I mostly find myself just really enjoying their company, which is a pleasant shift from not being able to stand virtually everyone I work with back home. I start to recognize where we are as Dimitri leads us towards my hotel. I’m eager to change out of these clothes and freshen up a bit, but we pause outside the entrance to the lobby. Dimitri turns to his son. “Doesn’t one of your friends live around here?” he asks. He gives him a look that doesn’t go unnoticed by me. Nik looks confused before he has an “Aha!” moment and catches on to what his father is implying. “You’re right. I forgot we made plans,” he says, running his fingers through his hair and pulling out his phone. I resist laughing at their attempt to be sly. “Have fun,” I say. “Catch up with you both later,” he says, saluting us playfully before turning and heading down the street. I take Dimitri’s hand and lead us inside, smirking. He wants alone time with me, of course. And he’ll get it. We head straight for the elevator. I hit the button for the fifteenth floor, and as soon as it closes he turns to me. “You should just check out today,” he says with a slight smile. “Dimitri,” I say, laughing. “I’m sorry if I’m being pushy.” “I can’t stay with you,” I find myself saying. “Why not?” “We just met.” Honestly, though, that’s not the real reason. I’ve stayed with strangers before and I’d do it again. Especially with Dimitri. But I have this weird, deep-set fear of being a bother, which is why I generally do everything myself and by myself. I suppose I’m needy in the sense that I’d need constant validation that I’m not intervening, or taking up space, or asking for too much — but even that is asking too much. It’s something I’ve never been able to get over, and here it is again, blocking me from experiencing this sexy and illicit and wonderful situation to its fullest. “So?” “You don’t know me.” “Do you not feel it?” he asks, stepping closer to me. “What we have between us?” What exactly is “it” though? And sure, I feel something, but is it to the same degree that he feels it? I decide to try and be articulate. “Yeah, but–” But he cuts me off. “Then take a chance,” he says, putting his hands on my arms. I look up at him, at his calm, good-natured face smiling down at escort izmit me, and I can’t resist. He leans down and kisses me and I slip my hand to the back of his head to keep him from breaking it. I deepen the contact, press my body against his, and in response, his arms slide around me, holding me, grabbing me. We breathe each other in, push our bodies together to get the most contact, taste each other. I let out the slightest moan and then, the bell dings. I pull away from him just as the door starts to open, feeling flustered. But thankfully, no one is there. I glance at him, and he’s just grinning, still as calm as ever. Goddamn this man. Every time I kiss him I feel myself attaching to him a little more. Maybe that’s that “it” he was talking about. I feel it most when we kiss. The sensation is so strange. I’ve never felt this way before. I lead him down the hallway to my hotel room, grab the Do Not Disturb hanger (I don’t like people in my room without my knowledge), use the card to unlock the door, and let us both in. I wince slightly at the sight. My clothes are everywhere, and there are empty wine bottles on the nightstand, the dresser, and strewn across the floor. It’s a damn mess, and it makes me instantly forget about the prospect of sex. “I… uh… Sorry about the–” “Don’t worry about it,” he says with a comforting smile. I pick up some stuff off the floor and toss it onto the bed before running my fingers through my hair. “Do you want anything?” I ask. He smiles. “No. Just do what you have to do.” First things first. Change of clothes. I rummage through my clean clothes and pull out a pair of chinos and a thin, flowy short-sleeved shirt that I could tuck in. It’s pretty warm out there, and I want to wear something comfortable. Dimitri stands by the bed, watching me as I undress. I also change out of the jockstrap and put on actual underwear. I half expect him to say something, but he just runs his eyes all over my body, and I smile slightly to myself. Once I’m dressed, I grab my laptop and hop on the bed, connecting to the internet so that I can check my emails. I haven’t in a couple days, and man, my inbox is a damn mess too. I sigh heavily, and Dimitri comes and sits by me, putting an arm around me. His hand feels nice on my side. “I’m overwhelmed already,” I say, just scrolling through the list of emails without opening any. “Someone’s popular,” he says with a chuckle. “Wish I wasn’t.” I scan some of the subject lines. All have to do with the Fashion Week that I bailed on. Clients and partners asking about certain projects. Nothing that really seems like the message would say “Hey, you okay? We miss you.” I scratch my head, feeling heavy. “I don’t want to deal with this right now.” There are over a hundred emails. A hundred. Leave me alone, guys. “Do you have to worry about it today?” he asks, kissing the side of my head. “I mean, no, not really,” I admit, biting my lip. “It’s probably mostly about saving face at this point, which I’m not really interested in doing.” “Well, then, save it for later,” he says, shutting my laptop closed in my lap. I arch my eyebrow a bit but then feel his lips make contact with my neck, and I’m instantly calm. It’s like a magic touch thing. He changes me. I’m still me, but I’m a calmer, happier, hornier version of myself. I turn my head to meet his lips and he kisses me there instead, sucking lightly on my bottom lip. “Stand up,” he says softly. So I do. I get up, and he guides me in front of him, between his legs as he stays seated at the edge of the bed. He looks me up and down and then grabs my shirt, untucking it and exposing my midriff. He kiss is it softly before moving down to my chinos, managing to get the button undone just using his teeth. He snags the zipper between those pearly whites and then tugs it down slowly, looking up at me and then smiling. There’s something so esteemed about him, even during sex. He just looks so distinguished and respectable and straight-up beautiful that it’s almost hard to picture him get down and dirty. He’s more like a piece of art than a sexual being. But I think I like that about him. I like that a lot about him. He slides my briefs and my pants down slowly, letting my hardening cock swing free. He grabs it in a sure fist, stroking it and eyeing it from different angles. He shakes his head, laughing slightly. “Amazing.” I blush slightly. I’ve had plenty of guys fawn over my dick, but not quite appreciate it like Dimitri does. “You’re embarrassing me,” I say with a laugh. He chuckles. “Forgive me.” Then he gives my cock a long swipe of his tongue. When he gets to the head, my dick jumps a bit, twitching in pleasure. And when his lips finally wrap around the head, I have to hold onto his shoulder to steady myself. Suddenly my knees feel weak. He isn’t even doing much, that’s the thing. I’m so used to fast, passionate, steamy sex, but with him, he can just look at me and I’d cum. He takes me deeper into his mouth and I moan out, feeling his tongue snake around the ridges. I move my hips forward a bit and he accepts it eagerly, his hands sliding from my hips to my ass and pulling me in as he bobs back and forth. We start to speed up a bit. He pulls my pants down as I work his mouth before going back to my ass, grabbing and squeezing and pulling on my cheeks just how I like it. I pull from his mouth and bend down to kiss him before he can really get a breath in. I kick my pants off from around my ankles and then climb over him. We maneuver ourselves more onto the bed with me on his lap as we kiss. I reach between us and undo his pants quickly, biting and tugging gently on his bottom lip as I pull his cock out. When I release his lip, he grins a bit, but I push him down onto his back. He’s mine now. I shift down his body, holding his cock up and licking my lips. This is so much sexier now knowing where his dick has been. Wondering if his dick has been other places. As I lean in, I close my eyes and lap at his member, imagining that I can taste Nik on his cock. When I breathe him in, I imagine I can smell his son. It makes my cock throb, and it makes my mouth wet. I spit on his dick and stroke every inch of him a few times before going down on him. I suck him with vigor, and he responds with deep moans. His cock throbs in my mouth and rewards me with his sweet precum. I slurp up the juice, lapping at just the tip before I dive in and take him all the way. I hear him inhale sharply, and after a moment, I feel his hand holding the back of my head. He grinds his crotch into my mouth and keeps me in position. I can feel his cock pulsing in my throat. This is bliss. But eventually I need to breathe. I grab his wrist and tug it off of me so that I can pull off and take a deep breath. I swear, licking my lips and swallowing spit before looking up at him. He sits up on his elbows, and I climb over him to kiss him again, both of my hands on either side of his head. We kiss deeply for a minute as I grind into him before I pull back and say “Fuck me.” It seems almost too direct and too lewd of a comment to make to someone who looks like Dimitri, but he grins and resumes kissing me. Both of his hands slide down my back and grip my ass. He pulls one cheek to the side and, with his other hand, lets his fingers slide between. I feel him teasing my hole before rubbing it in circles, causing me to moan against his mouth with need. Then, Dimitri pulls back and looks off to the side slightly. He has his thinking face on, and then he closes his eyes. “Damn.” “What?” “I forgot to grab a condom this morning.” He looks up at me. “Do you have one?” I grimace a bit. “I ran out.” “Damn,” he says, sighing and resting his forehead against my chest. His hands lightly play with my ass. “I want to, Benji,” he says, “but we shouldn’t.” “I understand,” I say, playing with his hair a bit, terribly disappointed. But I get it. It’s smart to play it safe. “Raincheck?” I ask. He looks up at me and smiles. “Yes,” he says with a nod. “But I’m not finished with you yet.” He slips his hand between us and grips my cock tightly and I moan a bit. Then he shifts us so that I’m on my back and he’s between my legs. He pulls my shirt off, leaving me naked and him fully clothed izmit escort still, which I find strangely sexy. He kisses my lips, the center of my chest, my stomach, and then my balls before instructing me to hold my legs up. I lift my legs, gripping the back of my thighs and letting him kiss right over my taint, right to my hole. My eyes roll back as his tongue works its magic. He licks, kisses, tongues, and spits on my hole, constantly varying speed and depth and intensity, keeping me on my toes. And once he thinks I’m wet enough, he offers me a finger that my hole eagerly accepts. His middle finger slips into me easily enough, and I swear loudly at the feeling. Dimitri knows what he’s doing. He knows exactly where to hit. I let out higher moans, closing my eyes as I enjoy the sensation of his finger while his lips kiss and suck on my balls. Then he adds another finger, and I can barely keep quiet. He fingers me back and forth, keeping them curled at the perfect angle, constantly nudging that magic button inside me as his lips kiss up my cock and then take it into his mouth. I’m so overcome with sensation. The only thing that would make this better would be if Nik’s cock were in my mouth. I wonder what his looks like. Does it match his father’s? I look down and watch Dimitri working me over. And I lose it. I cum. Something about just seeing him shoves me hard over the edge and I arch my back as I unload in his mouth. I swear I black out for a second, losing all sense of myself again. All I feel is my cock pumping and my hole clenching on his fingers. When I come to, my eyes flutter open slightly. His fingers are out of me and there’s not a drop of cum on my cock. He drank it all. I notice he’s quickly jerking himself off as he shifts up onto his knees, and before I can even move, he’s shooting his load all over my dick and lower torso. I smile at the feel of his warm cum splattering over me, and the sound of his deep, soft, cut-off moans as he cums. When he finishes, he breathes out and then catches my eye, smiling. “I knew you were good with your hands,” I say, “but damn.” He just laughs. “That finger thing you did? That was artistry.” “I had something good to work with,” he says with a slight smile, giving my thigh a squeeze. I chuckle a bit before he leans down and starts cleaning up his cum. But with his mouth. He laps up every damn bit of his cum he can find, swallowing most of it. But when he gets towards the end, I make sure to grab his chin and pull him up to me. When I kiss him, he gives me his cum, and we enjoy a slow, dirty, deliciously cum-filled kiss. I feel released after that orgasm. Lighter. I get dressed and gather anything I’ll need before we head out and explore. We see statues of ancient Greek gods. We visit the Acropolis and other historical sites. We walk through neighborhoods famous for Greek counterculture. We kiss in bookshops like corny teenagers and hold hands through a few art galleries and find a spot where we can sit and just enjoy the view. But my favorite part of the day is by far lounging on the roof of his apartment complex. He has access to it through a scaffolding outside a window in his living room, so it’s technically “private.” He’s made it into a garden with all the lovely green plants and multi-colored flowers surrounding us as we lie naked on a few beach chairs. The temperature is perfect, and the sun is surprisingly soft. As we chat and laugh and sit in silence, I realize that I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed. I almost feel like my old self again. At one point, I draw him, having brought my sketchbook with us. I sit cross-legged on my chair as he lounges in his naked glory. We talk about his inspirations as a kid as I sketch before he asks me what inspires me. “People,” I say. “People?” “Yeah.” I bite my lip, pausing on drawing for a moment. “I know it sounds vague, but it has to be.” “Must help with your fashion career.” I laugh. “Yeah. With fashion, sometimes it’s easy. If you cater the garment to the person, the person HAS to be your inspiration for it to really work. And even if I’m making impersonal clothes, like for a collection, I focus on personality traits, emotions, specific people I’ve met…” “What about with drawing?” “Same thing. I guess I like to capture a feeling.” He sits up slightly, trying to see what I’m drawing. “What feeling are you capturing now?” I shrug. “I don’t know. Probably just sexiness.” He laughs, running his fingers through his hair, which only makes him look sexier. His curls are amazing. Him and Nik are blessed creatures. “I’d love to draw you and Nik together sometime,” I say. He looks a little surprised but then smiles. “What, like this?” he says teasingly, gesturing to his nudity. My mouth is immediately moist as hell. I have to swallow my saliva as I think of a vague response quickly enough as to not sound suspicious. “You don’t HAVE to be, but… it would be a little more… raw,” I say, trying to think of a proper word. It all just sounds sexual to me. He just smiles before something starts ringing. His phone. He leans over and rummages through his pants before pulling out his cell phone. “Ah, speak of the devil–” He answers the phone. “Hey Nikky. Hm? Yeah. Yeah, we’re up on the roof. Sure. Okay.” And then he hangs up, pockets his phone, and lies back down. “Nik okay?” I ask when he doesn’t say anything. “Yeah, of course,” Dimitri says, nodding. “He’ll be up in a sec.” I blink. “Up? As in he’s coming up here?” “Yeah.” “But… I’m naked! You’re naked!” Dimitri just laughs. “Don’t be so American.” Is that really just an American thing, or is he just teasing me? Regardless, I have no time to think about it, or even reach for my clothes, because Nik appears. He says hello and I just blush, keeping the sketchbook firmly over my lap. Nik has changed his outfit. He’s wearing slightly shorter shorts, and a virtually see-through tank top that exposes lots of skin. It’s not an outfit that necessarily screams “I’m gay,” but definitely whispers “You might be right about me.” Fuck, he’s so good looking. Both of them. Don’t get hard, don’t get hard, don’t get hard… “Mrs. Costas invited us for dinner,” Nik says, focused on his father. “Not again,” Dimitri groans. “When?” “Tonight. In an hour.” “An hour? But I’m busy,” he says, gesturing towards me. “I know, but we can’t bail this time. I’m fresh out of excuses.” Dimitri sighs, pausing. “Damn it.” Nik chuckles. “I know.” “Okay, okay. I suppose I should shower,” he says, sitting up and then looking at me. “I’d invite you, but–” “No, no, it’s okay,” I say. No idea what this dinner is for, but I vaguely remembering Nik mentioning something about a sponsor for his education. She must be incredibly dislikable if even Dimitri doesn’t want to spend an evening with her. “I should go anyway.” He smiles sadly. “Back to the hotel?” “Yeah, might as well.” I can see on his face that he wants me to stay and maybe wait up for him, but he doesn’t push it. “I’d like to see you tomorrow,” he says. I smile a bit. “Yeah?” “I have work, though.” “Where do you work?” “I teach,” he says, “at UOA.” How has he failed to mention this? Now he’s a hot teacher fantasy. “If you’re not busy, please visit.” “I can just show up?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. He nods and smiles. “Just show up.” Nik interjects. “I’ll leave you to your goodbyes,” he says to Dimitri before chuckling. I blink. I had almost forgot he’s still here. He turns to me. “How long are you in Athens for?” Suddenly I remember that I’m naked, and I readjust my sketchbook. “Not sure, really. Probably ’til next Sunday or something.” “Well, if that’s the case, then I’ll see you when I get back.” He smiles that winning smile of his that he inherited from his father before extending his hand. “It was great seeing you today.” I smile, shaking his hand. “You too.” As Nik leaves, Dimitri stands up and starts pulling on his clothes. “He’s a good kid,” I say, setting my sketchbook down and getting dressed as well. “He really is.” “You raised him well.” Dimitri smiles to himself but doesn’t say anything further. I pull on my pants and, just after I pull my shirt over my head, Dimitri leans in and kisses me. It’s a soft izmit kendi evi olan escort kiss, but he holds it, and I smile against him as I finish putting my shirt on. When we pull away, I lick my lips slightly. As he leads me down back into his apartment, he tells me where the University of Athens is located and suggests I come to his office around noon if I want to get lunch or something (which I absolutely do). At the door, after I grab my bag, he kisses me again. This time, though, it’s shorter but much deeper — almost like a hint at what’s to come if I make sure I see him tomorrow. “Good night, Benji,” he says with a little grin. I laugh softly. “Bye, Dimitri.” I steal a quick peck before slipping out the door with a grin plastered on my face. I exit the apartment complex and embrace the evening air, feeling so light on my feet. Dimitri makes me feel so good. Or, rather, I feel so good when I’m around Dimitri. I decide to walk to the subway, to take my time and enjoy the sights. I pass by the cutest little bakery, and that’s when it hits me: I forgot my fucking wallet. I pause, checking my pockets and my bag, even though I know exactly where it is. I had stashed my wallet and my phone on the table when we got to his apartment, and must have been too distracted to notice either of them. And my sketchbook, too. I must have left that on the goddamn roof. I groan, rolling my eyes and turning on my heels, strolling right back up the street and cursing Dimitri for distracting me with his kisses. Thankfully it’s a no-nonsense walk back to his complex, so I find his apartment easily enough. I knock on the front door and wait. Then I knock again. And a third time. “Dimitri?” Did they leave for dinner already? I can’t get back to my hotel without my wallet. I bite my lip a bit, knocking once more before checking the doorknob. It’s still unlocked, thank fucking God. I sigh with relief, stepping inside and seeing that my phone and wallet are still there. I grab them and pocket them with a sigh, calming down. I consider whether or not I should get my sketchbook. Is it that big of a deal? Then I think, if the gods have their way and make it rain, it’ll be ruined. I should grab it. So I half-close the front door and step into the apartment more, heading towards the window in the living room that provides access to the roof. Their cat is poised in front of the window, gazing out at the cityscape. It meows at me but lets me scratch behind its ears before I pick it up and move it to the floor. That’s when I hear it. Giggling. It’s coming from down the hallway, where the bedrooms are. The giggle is followed by a heartier laugh — definitely Dimitri’s. I smile slightly before stepping through the open window out onto the scaffolding. I head up to the roof, find my sketchbook exactly where I left it, and stuff it into my bag. Now I finally have everything. I head back inside, shutting the window closed. Now that it’s closed, the noise from the street isn’t coming through, and I can hear that the giggling has been replaced by other noises: moans. Definitely moans. My heart starts racing, and my dick starts pulsing in my pants. Is what I think is happening actually happening? I should leave. It’d be wrong of me to snoop, especially on something so private. It’d be rude… But fuck, it would be hot. I make my way down the hallway slowly, the heavy breaths coming from Nik’s room getting louder and louder, punctured only by the occasional moan. As I get closer, I notice the door is partially open, which is why the sound is carrying so well. I can fucking hear my heart pounding, even over Nik and Dimitri — that’s how hard it’s pumping. And then, I get to the doorway and peer through the opening. I can see Nik’s bed clearly. And I can see who is on Nik’s bed. Dimitri is naked again, sitting up against the headboard of his son’s bed with his legs spread. And in between is Nik, who’s on his stomach, his pretty ass on display. I’m fucking drooling. From this angle, I can’t see much of the action. I mostly just see Nik’s blond head bobbing up and down in his father’s lap, encouraged by Dimitri’s strong hand. My cock hurts. It’s so hard that it hurts, but probably because it’s restrained. But I can’t take it out. I can’t make noise. And I’m too transfixed to look away for even a moment. Nik tilts his head slightly and I can see him a little better now. I watch his pretty lips work around Dimitri’s cock. He looks like he’s in heaven, that kid. Like he wants to do nothing else for the rest of his life than suck that cock. And I could watch for hours. Oh God. I’m such a pervert. And then, when I look up to see what Dimitri’s doing, I almost gasp. I duck away from the door, still trying to be as quiet as possible. My heart is fucking racing. He saw me, didn’t he? We made eye contact. He saw me. I freeze and silently panic in my head, my whole body tense as if I’ll make a noise by shifting even slightly. He must have seen me. He was looking in my direction, right at the door, right at my face. Or maybe he didn’t? Maybe he thought he saw something? It’s dim enough in this hallway and in Nik’s room for it to be possible that he didn’t. Or maybe he thinks he imagined seeing me. I think about it. If he had seen me, wouldn’t he have come run after me? Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know anything. But regardless, they’re still going at it. I hear shifting on the bed, sheets rustling, followed by more wet noises. Then I hear Nik moan out a little more insistently. Then again. And again. Gradually, I start notice there’s that unmistakable sound of hips slapping against ass, and my mouth gets all wet again. Do I risk it? Of course I’m going to risk it. I can’t miss this opportunity. I look back in through the ajar door and am treated to the sight of Nik being mounted by his father, Dimitri’s ass high in the air as he bucks down into his son over and over. They’re muttering things to each other between moans, and I can’t tell if they’re speaking another language or I just can’t discern the words but regardless, it’s hot. It’s so so fucking hot. Nik’s hands slide up to the headboard and curl around the wooden bars for support as he takes it, takes his daddy’s cock, eagerly accepts it with a clear, joyful smile on his face. I think about recording this. I would never need porn again. All I’d have to do is pull out my phone from my pocket and record a little snippet of this. But I can’t even take it that far. I’m immobile. And I can’t bear the thought of looking away and missing a single millisecond of this. It’s almost beautiful to watch them. Like strange, X-rated art in motion. Nik pushes his hips up to meet his dad’s thrusts, and even though I can’t see Dimitri’s expression, I can envision it well enough. They start talking again. I can’t hear at first, but after a slight pause in Dimitri’s thrusts, I hear him ask “Yeah?” and Nik in turn nods, saying “Cum in me.” I don’t think my dick has ever ached so much or so longingly. My sights are now totally focused on the penetration. Father and son, skin to skin — I notice there’s no condom to keep them separated. Dimitri’s about to unload. It doesn’t take long, and he presses deep. I see his balls tighten, and I see his asshole clench and unclench as he empties himself inside of his boy. He collapses slightly, groaning before starting to gently kiss his son’s neck and shoulder. Nik still has that pleased, very-satisfied smile on his face, and he leans his head back to kiss Dimitri’s lips when they get close. Then they laugh. It’s that cute, post-coital laugh that happens after good sex. “We’re gonna be late,” Nik says, reaching back and patting Dimitri’s hip. “Your fault,” Dimitri says before pulling out of his son. I get a glimpse of the load leaking from the kid’s hole before he turns over onto his back. Dimitri sits up and stretches before standing, and I take that as my cue to get the fuck out. I walk as quickly and as quietly as possible to the front door, making sure I have all my things before I step out and gently shut the door. I practically bolt down the couple flights of stairs until I make it out of the complex and breathe. Breathe. Holy shit. I bite my lip hard, keeping my bag over my crotch as I start to walk. It’s a long walk to the subway, and it’ll take time before I’m able to lie comfortably in my hotel bed and jerk the fucking life out of my cock after witnessing those two Greek beauties commit the sexiest sin.

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