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Green Day

                                                by Sam The Ham




James jumped as his dad shouted upstairs. Glancing up at the clock, he saw it was past the time his dad was supposed to be home. Throwing a bookmark into the novel he was reading for homework, he quickly stirred, feeling a little twinge in his rear from earlier that day. Grimacing a little at the reminder, he called back down. “Coming!”

Bounding down the stairs, he ran into the kitchen seeing his dad place down some bags on the counter. His dad glanced over his shoulder. “Can you grab the rest?”

“Sure.” James said, crossing the kitchen to head out to the car. Grabbing the other two bags, he was back inside in a moment and started to help his dad unload the groceries.

“Mrs. G ambushed me at the car today. That woman can talk.” His dad said.

James smiled knowing that all too well. She had babysat him briefly after his mom left. “Sorry, I would have called your cell phone if I had seen it.”

“Luckily, I had it on vibrate.” His dad said, padding his pocket. “She told me you went over to Mr. Robertson”s today.”

There was something in the tone that set off his warning alarm. “Yeah, I was over there for a bit.” He pretended to browse around in the grocery bag for a bit, not yet ready to look at his dad.

“You do spend a lot of time there lately. At least now that I think about it.”

“I wouldn”t say so. I do work for Mr. Robinson sometimes.” His dad had always taught him to address people as Mr. or Mrs. It was why he would slip up and not call Mr. Robinson, Chris, sometimes. It felt weird.

“If that”s what you”re looking for, I”m sure Mrs. G could find something for you to do.”

Feeling a little relieved, James finished unpacking the bag. “Yeah, but I actually like Mr. Robinson. He has a PS4.” He thought that he would get a smile from his dad, but James just got a suspicious look.

“You know I love you.” His dad said after a few seconds. “That will never change. If you ever have a problem, you know you can come to me?”

James hesitated, “Of course, I know that. If I”m ever in ümitköy escort trouble, I can always go to a trusted adult.” It was something he had been told when he was little, that was when things were simple. “Everything”s fine, though.” After a moment, he was able to excuse himself, his heart starting to race. Did his dad know? No, that couldn”t be. There”s no way Mrs. G could have seen anything.

He tried to put the thought out of his mind. Later that night, when he went down to watch TV with his dad, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That night though, he had trouble falling asleep, worries running around in his mind. He needed to have a talk, and there was only one person whom he could talk to about this.

Of course, that was easier said than done. It was Wednesday and school had a habit of getting in the way of what he wanted to do. Chris didn”t manage to get home before his dad. He didn”t want to try to duck out right now. It would raise suspicions higher than they might already be. Thursday was the same. Friday, his heart jumped when he saw the car parked in the driveway. Running the rest of the way home, he dumped his backpack before going over to his friend”s house and ringing the doorbell.

“Hey, can I come in?” He asked and smiled seeing Chris. It wasn”t so much he thought the man was attractive, Chris was okay looking. He didn”t think of men in that way. He did like him just, not in the dating sort of way.

“Sure, you”re always welcome. I”m a little bit tired.” The man said as he closed the door behind him.

James barely heard the comment before he plugged it out. “I think my dad might suspect something.”

He had never really thought of the expression so quiet you can hear a pin drop, but this might have been a case where it would have applied. It took me over a man a minute to process the statement.

“I see. What makes you suspect that?” Chris said after a moment.

“He asked me if anything was wrong. Like, it”s a bit hard to explain, but I had the feeling he knew something or suspected something. One of the neighbors mentioned something to him. I”m not sure, but…”

“But it doesn”t matter,” Chris said with a little nod. He turned around and started walking towards the living room, sitting on the couch with a big sigh. “The way I see it, we have two options.”

James followed. Once he had given voice to his fears, they seem to be more real now. “That was fast.”

“It is something that has crossed my mind in the past,” Chris said with a little smile. “The first is we just avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort stop doing what we”re doing. That way, you can still come around without any worries. At least I would like to think I”m a bit more than just a quickie.”

“You are silly.” James said with a little laugh of relief.

Chris smiled. “That is good to hear. That leads me to the other option I think we have. I tell your father the truth. You and I have been sexually active with each other, and we would like to continue.”

James looked down at the floor, his cheeks turning red at the idea his father would know everything. “Everything?”

“Well, I think we could spare him some of the details.”

James stood up from the couch and started to pace back and forth. “I can”t do that. We can”t do that. What if he gets you in trouble? I mean, I know, I know…”  he trailed off, not sure what he was trying to say. Chris stood up, opened his arms. He didn”t remember flying into it, but he liked the embrace. “Can”t we just lie?”

Chris held him for a long moment rubbing his back. “No, that”s not an option for you. If you wanted to do that, you wouldn”t have told me. Besides, that”s not you. I think if I asked you to you would. It would hurt, though. It would change what we have. You”re not the type of person who would lie to your father. I don”t think you would like who you would become if you started lying like that.”

He wasn”t sure what to say to that. It sounded true. That was the hard part. He had put his worries upon the shelf in his mind hoping someone else would have the solution. He didn”t want to start lying, but he didn”t want to lose what he had. He wasn”t sure if there was a way of doing both. For a moment, he toyed with the idea of just having it be a regular relationship, but he would miss so much then. He didn”t want that either. “You will tell him?”

“If that”s what you want.”

It didn”t make James feel better. There was a part of him that just wanted to ignore it, but if his dad found out another way, well, he didn”t know.

“James, let”s go upstairs.”

Nodding, James felt the arms fall away for a second before he was picked up and slung over Chris”s shoulder. It was an odd sensation being carried up the stairs. In the bedroom, he was stripped down to his birthday suit � the strange feeling of vulnerability was somehow comforting. He was handcuffed, his arms pulled above his head. Chris kissed him, gently at first, and then he felt the tongue being urfa escort pushed into his mouth. His response was to open up, to allow whatever was happening to happen. He felt the tongue slide down his neck and then tickle his armpits before sucking on his nipples.

He loved this. He loved Chris. It wasn”t romantic. It was something else. This was part of him, feeling of vulnerability and safety as he felt the man”s tongue go down further, kissing, down his belly slowly circling to his backside, sliding his tongue between his cheeks. How many toys had been back there? How many times had he felt the man”s cock or tongue there before being pushed into?

Red, yellow, the colors were the things he would experience, but it was always a green day. Chris could do anything to him he wanted because James knew deep down that the man would never hurt him. He was safe. As Chris engulfed his cock, he tried to pull his hands down to grip the man”s head, but he couldn”t, and he loved it. His climax was teased out of him. The little fluid he had was sucked out, pulled from him and it wasn”t enough to make him go soft. Chris had to do it again. It left James feeling weak, but even as he pulled on his restraints, he felt the desire.

“I want to suck you. Please let me suck you!”

If the kids at school heard that, if anyone had heard that, what would they have thought? Cocksucker, cum guzzler, slut. Accurate perhaps, in his darkest fantasy, that would undoubtedly be true. It was arousing, but only because it was safe here. Chris would keep his secret. He would keep Chris” secrets. Nobody needs to know all the details.

Chris did not free him; he just gave him enough rope to get down on his knees and take the man”s organ in his mouth. He wasn”t allowed to use his hands, just his tongue to get the cum to flow from one to another. James did like the taste. It was a reward.

Afterward, the handcuffs were removed and the two of them stayed kneeling on the floor resting against each other. James felt as if he could almost fall asleep then, but there was a thought that prevented that.


“Yes?” Chris asked as he ran his fingers through James long hair.

“I”ll tell my dad if that”s all right?”

“It is.” Chris answered.

It”s not an easy thing to think about, but James put his mind to it. It was a tough conversation. It was an honest conversation. Yes, he was 100% sure he was gay. No, Chris never put pressure on him. He wasn”t in love with the man, but he did love the man. Yes, of course, he knew what others would think if it ever got out. He had to say a lot of words, to summarize a simple idea. When he was with Chris, it was always a green day. Trust and love were the order of the day. In that way, Chris was very much like his dad. He just had to convince his dad of that using a lot more words.


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