Gridiron Lolita


This story is purely fictional and should be read as such.

The other night I was looking around for a game of Madden 2004 online. For those of you that don’t know Madden is the premiere football game right now. After a few minutes I get a challenge from some with an 0-6 record, to me that says free win. I also happened to be in the headset 420 room at the time so when that quiet little voice came up I was surprised. Now in my time I have run into a few younger kids usually around 13. For the most part it is ok but I would rather play with people my age. So intrigued by this voice I ask “how old are you man”, when she replies “I’m 18 and I’m not a man.”

At first I was skeptical but I heard her talking to her Dad, and no Dad in his right mind would let his son say he was a 18 year old girl. Of course as I had predicted I was stomping on Christina pretty badly, and after the first quarter her Dad decided to hit the sack. We conversate over the headset for a little while talking about nothing in particular, and then she says to me “you know that I’m really weird.”

I knew the second she said this she was baiting me into something, but what and why. I decided to take it and ask why; her response was not untrue to the statement. “Well I like to get online and get wet.”

“What?!?” I said more calmly than you would think. My heart rate began to rise a little as I sat there in disbelief. “You know, she said, I like to get wet.”

Still very taken back I couldn’t accept what this girl was saying and let it go. Knowing me though I wasn’t about to let a statement like that go untested. We talked a little, me still not really having any ideas if you know what I mean. I asked what she looked like and what she liked to do, simple buttering up topics. I even mentioned my girlfriend a few times in my protest of what she was trying to do, and in my denial of what I was trying to do. Soon enough the conversation found its way to sex. I said “What’s your favorite position.”

Her response was not unnatural in that she liked to be on bottom. Of course she then asked me “What’s your escort bostancı favorite position.”

I smirked because just as she had baited me in I was now baiting her in. “I like to have sex standing up, to take a girl put her back against the wall and fuck her good.”

We talked a little bit more about things like that when she said something I was, and wasn’t ready for “You’re making me so wet.”

I told her that if we kept this up she wouldn’t be the only one who was horny when she said the magic words “You know what I really like?”

“What?” I said almost drooling.

“I like it straight through the ass.”

Two things happened when she said this, I got confused as to if she meant I like in the ass, and I got hard as a rock. I just went with it and assumed she meant that she liked to be fucked in the ass and asked her “You like to have a guy cum in your ass?”

“I love it.” She replied.

I can’t think of a better reply to that question, and whatever web this little Lolita was weaving I was caught. Throughout this entire conversation we were playing madden and the game was close to being over. She said I wish there was a way we could just talk, I told her we could press pause and just talk as long as we wanted. When she paused the game I knew what I was in for. I am 19 and I was about to have phone sex with a 18 year old while playing a football game online. Really what more could you ask for.

For the better part of our conversation she had been pushing the envelope, but she told me earlier when she did things like this she liked to listen, and she liked lots of description. It was weird then because I like to write stories for , hence I specialize in sexual description. I took that little girl and I laid her on her back with my voice. I began to kiss her neck slowly and run my hand along her tight stomach. I sat up and looked at her lying there in shorts and a t-shirt. I admired her body, her perfectly smooth skin, her small petite breasts, and her ohh so innocent face. These were all just a fuel for my lusting fire which was ümraniye escort out of control. I ran my hand up shirt and played with her hard nipples looking at her with her eyes closed, back arched, enjoying every second.

I pulled her shirt off and began to suck on her beautiful body, I kissed her all over, touching her skin which was softer than silk. I relished in her young perfect body, but I knew I wanted more. I could smell her she was so wet, and I had to have a taste. I pulled her shorts off slowly leaving her in only a thong. I spread her legs and pressed my nose to her panties. I could feel her wetness through them as I pushed at them gently with my tongue. I finally removed her panties and stared at her wide open soaping wet cunt. I ran my tongue along it from the bottom to the top. She almost jumped her ass raised so high off the ground from the sensation I just gave her.

I placed my arms around her legs to help keep her still as I buried my face in her steaming pussy. I licked up and down those sweet lips, her juice dripping all over my face. I flicked her clit gently sending shivers up her spine. When I remember she told me she liked it in the ass. I slowly flipped her over and kissed her ass cheeks. I bit them softly as I pulled them apart. When I saw that pink puckered hole just waiting to be fucked I almost came.

I slowly started to lick her tight hole as I fingered her tight pussy. I was in heaven and so was she. I needed relief now, I needed to fuck her. I turned her over again and moved up her soft body. I kissed her sweetly as I slowly entered her hot box. I pushed in slowly because it was so tight, but I could tell she was enjoying it. I pushed all the way to the hilt and pulled almost all the way out a few times just to make sure she could handle me. When I knew she could I started to bang her hard. I knew that’s what she wanted to be fucked hard until she came.

After fucking her like that for a few minutes I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She was so light I could just bounce her up and down on my throbbing kartal escort bayan cock, kissing her in ecstasy. After she came hard I put her back on the floor but on her hands and knees this time. She had cum more than her share and now it was mine. I slipped my dick in and out of her hot a pussy a few more times just to make sure I was wet. I licked her ass to get it wet and placed my head at the entrance. I knew from past experience this wasn’t going to be easy, but if she was willing it could work. (I have a rather large dick is why.)

I ran my cock up and down her ass helping her to relax. I then began to push the head at her hole. Little by little her ass began to open for me, my dick head sliding in. I knew that if I could get my head all the way in we were home free, and just like that it disappeared. I continued on my slow pace pushing a little in and pulling a little out, getting deeper as I went. When I finally got all the way in I stopped, and I looked at her. Her back was perspiring her hair was a mess, and she looked so hot. I could see just the base of dick sticking out of her ass, and I had to be dreaming.

I slowly began to fuck her, I would only go in and out an inch or two but it was so fucking tight it didn’t matter. After a few minutes of fucking this hot little 18 year old in the ass I came hard right down her poop shoot. Back in real time I was just getting warmed up when she finally began to moan. She got louder and louder screaming into the headset. This was all I needed and I began to beat my dick hard until we both came. It was so hot listening to her I needed just a little more. “Did you cum baby?”

“Ohh yes, that was so good, no one has ever made me feel like that.”

“What were you doing to yourself when you came?”

“ I was rubbing my clit as fast as I could while I fingered my ass thinking of you fucking it.”

I swear I almost came again when she said that. We talked for a little while more and laid out some ground rules. She said her Dad liked to use her name so don’t say anything unless I knew it was her, and things like that. It’s been a month now and I still think about her when I masturbate. I haven’t talked to her since then and she deleted her name off of madden. I wonder if she’ll message me again, or if Ill always remember her as the Gridiron Lolita. If she does get ready for chapter 2.

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