Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03


First of all, I would like to thank my readers to have read the second part over 10,000 times. You guys are great. Secondly, this part was getting pretty long so I decided to cut it and the next part will be coming soon-ish. In this, you will find some female muscle-growth added to the usual expansions. The intro is quite long but you will enjoy it nonetheless I feel.

As always thank you for reading my crazy fetish stories and know that any feedback is more than appreciated.


A few months had passed since our encounter with Laura’s high school bully, Maddie, and the relationship between Laura and me grew splendidly. We had confessed our love to each other and were spending almost every day together, if our uni obligations allowed us to. Even if it might have sounded premature I asked Laura if she wanted to move in and she accepted jumping of joy. We were not only having sex all-day, I promise. Although that was taking much of our time, indeed, we were still going out to watch movies, have a walk in the park etc. The constant in these “outside activities” were the stares we were the objects of.

I had decided to stay at 6’3″ and as wide as a cupboard, since I was enjoying the presence it gave me. However, it was Laura who was receiving the most attention. She was a statuesque 5’9″ tall girl with massive G cup breasts, a small 24-inch waist and a huge and round 44-inch butt. Everybody who had passed puberty couldn’t help but stare at us no matter their gender or sexuality. Horny men were trying to look her up without being seen, in fear of possible retaliation of her huge boyfriend, envious girls didn’t know whether to feel hornier because of me or angrier because of her. It often happened that we would cross some quite good-looking girl, who was trying to rationalise her clearly inferior looks by arguing with herself, “Nobody would want to be with a bimbo like her. I mean those breasts are too big to be comfortable, surely.” Every time I told Laura about their thoughts and every time she enjoyed being the centre of sexual attention and knowing that “her man” was the non-plus-ultra amongst the stronger sex.

Our evenings were usual couple stuff. Sometimes we’d watch a movie sometimes we’d play a game. No not that kind of game. One evening Laura decided she wanted to teach me how to play Magic: the Gathering, since, according to her, “I will have to revoke your nerd card if you don’t even know the basics.” And after some confusion due to the game’s complicated rules we were both having fun, despite of her kicking my metaphorical butt.

After a while I recognised the look she has when she is thinking about something she doesn’t know how to phrase perfectly. “What’s with that concerned look? Scared to lose?” I joked.

She initiated a smile but stayed serious. “No, I was thinking about something. About us.”

“You know you can say me anything, right?”

“I know but this may sound terrible and selfish.”

“Try me!”

“Ok. I would like our relationship to be open. Now, hear me out. I love you and I love spending time with you, but ever since we met and you transformed me I haven’t had the chance of having fun exception being with you. Of course, I know that nobody will ever fuck me like you but I would like the change of scenery. But it’s totally ok if you don’t want to. Just don’t hate me.”

“Hating you for wanting sex? I could never,” I tried to reassure her. “I have never been in an open relationship before, but I don’t see anything against you having your fun. But are you alright with me going about having sex with girls who aren’t you?”

“Well, I find the idea of you utterly destroying other girls super hot. You could sometimes tell me your stories. Also do you really believe you would have more sex than me?”

That was a clear challenge, so I replied, “Remember the last time you challenged me? My dick was 35 feet long after that. You should maybe reconsider your wording.”

She approached me sensually and said, “I would never forget that huge tree trunk, but that was using your abilities. So, I propose. For two months of bragging rights, I challenge you to have sex with more people than me next week.”

“Well that won’t be har-.”

“WITHOUT mind controlling people.”

“Fine,” I agreed. “However, yes you always are the hottest girl in the room, but I mean look at me.” I made a dumb pose, that made her laugh.

“You are right, sweetie. You will certainly be the hottest piece of man any girl will ever have fucked. However, for girls there is a lot between the first eye contact and sex, while I’m pretty sure that a bit of this,” she jiggled her heavy breasts, “will captivate any poor man’s soul.”

“We will see. But until then, let me demonstrate what many lucky girls will be playing with.”

What followed was a steamy session of love making. I picked her up and took her to the bed where I quickly removed her top and marvelled at her tits, “I guess it will be hard for anybody to resist these beauties.” I squeezed ankara eve gelen escort them and Laura let a silent moan escape her mouth. I began licking and sucking at her nipples, while she stroked my junk threw my trousers.

“Speaking of hard. I think I will never get tired of feeling this monster.”

“I think it’s time for my monster to meet yours.” I cupped her tits, barely holding half of each.

“I agree sweetie, let me take these unnecessary trousers off.” She did as said and pulled my dick out of my pants. “I love you, Rick, because you’re an amazing man, but damn if this giant pussy-destroyer does help your case.” To this my dick jumped up a bit. “You liked it, huh? Well here is a place you will like the most.”

She began titfucking my pole in her usual great way, commenting, “You know what the best thing is, about your boyfriend having a dick that’s more than a foot long? That even though my tits are always the biggest in the room and any man would get lost in them, I get to do this.” And she started giving me a blowjob combined with her titjob. Man. This girl is so sexy and erotic.

After a few minutes of this heavenly treatment I started to twitch indicating that my climax was approaching. “Come on, Rick. Cum on these tits you made. Cover them with your ridiculous load.” Her words brought me over the edge and I indeed flooded her bust with my semen. Laura began cleaning my tip and scooping all the cum from her tits. “I love your cum, sweetie. It’s so manly and there is so much of it. Plus, look at this.” She freed my cock, “After coming buckets you are still hard as a rock. Maybe I know a place where it could eventually get softer.” She lay down on her back and offered me the incredible view of her pussy. “Take what is yours and make me scream in pleasurable agony.”

I put her legs over my shoulders and entered her slowly, beginning with only the tip. “Fuck. Even with my pussy enlarged you always feel so fucking huge. Go on. Fill me up!” I continued my way to her bottom and as I reached it I accelerated the pace. As I started pounding her love cavern her tits began bouncing rhythmically and Laura’s moans got louder and louder, “Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. More. Fuck I love that huge dick of yours. I’m already coming. I-I-I…” Her climax was powerful, but I did not stop nor did I slow down. Laura’s ecstasy was recognisable as thoughts were a confused sense of pleasure and bliss.

I finally started feeling my second load of the day coming up. I grabbed her by the tits, squeezed hard and came inside her filling her to the brim. I then lay next to her for a couple of minutes allowing her to recover a bit. She looked at me and said, “I will never get used to this, you know. I would love it if we kept going at it, but I’m depleted. Sorry that I can’t fully satisfy this today.” She grabbed my, as always, still erect cock. “I will go and wash myself. Do you wanna come?”

“Of course, hon.”

So, we entered the bathroom. She pulled me in by the dick and we stepped into the bath tub. During the last months, I had asked my parents if they could finance a tub upgrade for “reasons”. They immediately understood and accepted. It was very comfortable even for two very large people. While we were waiting for the water to fill the tub, Laura kissed me very softly and gently. I exchanged the gesture gladly and after a couple of minutes where the only sound was the sloshing of the water, Laura said, “Rick. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“I know I may be sometimes a bit too eager when it comes to our sexual life, but I would be in love with you if you were the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

“You know I know it. Why all these clarifications?” I asked gently.

“Because I get to have the best sex anyone could imagine and I do not want you to believe that I stick around because you made me attractive or because you make me joy like no one else.”

I held her cheeks, kissed her and replied, “I told you but I will tell you again. To me looks are secondary. They can be fun for sex but nothing more. I was struck ever since you asked to do a good job on that uni project. Plus, you stick around, even if I suck at Magic: The aggregation.”

“Gathering. It’s Magic: The gathering.”

“Same difference,” I said jokingly. “Want to hop into the water?”

She first hugged me tightly and then nodded in agreement.

I entered the tub first, sat down and then Laura leaned against my chest. I massaged her tummy and breasts until she asked me, “I think it’s not too weird to ask this now, but you don’t have to answer.”

“What is it?”

“How many girls have you slept with?”

“How many would you say?”

“Well, I believe all social rules do not apply to you, even if you never forced yourself on anybody with your powers. I would say around fifty would not surprise me.”

“Well I’m flattered you think so highly of me. But no. Not by a long shot.”

“What? More?”

“Nonono. The contrary. You are gaziantep escort my ninth. And only second significant girlfriend.”

“Man, you are lame. Even without mind controlling the whole female sex, you could get all the pussy you want and I am only the ninth?” She said grinning. “Although I am kind of stupidly pleased by this, I am eager to know of all the prey you will have next week.”

“Well how many guys have you had?”

“You are my sixth. I have only had sex with previous boyfriends, but as you know those relationships ended quite soon.”

“The male gender has something to be grateful for starting next week.” I kissed her on the neck, while cupping a tit and massaging her nether region. She grabbed the tip of my cock from under her crossed legs and we played with each other for a bit before drying and going to bed hugging one another.

Monday morning came and before starting our day we made the final plans for the competition. “First of all,” Laura started, “Until Sunday evening we will not be allowed to have sex with one another. Only random people we meet.”

“Fine by me.”

“Secondly and most importantly. Could you tighten my pussy to her normal dimensions, since I would like to feel at least something in the next days and I’m sure I won’t find anyone close to this.” She cupped my bulge in my trousers. I laughed a bit at her bluntness and agreed. “Finally, we mustn’t speak about our conquests until Sunday.”

“I agree. Good luck.” And so, we started our week.

Not knowing what Laura’s strategy would be, I decided to look for partners in the most superficial places ever, since I did not have the time to engage in meaningful conversations with any girl but only planned to have sex with them. To find girls being willing to only have one night stands, I selected the best visited clubs in town and decided to visit one every day and flaunt the goods.

It worked pretty well in fact. Out of six nights out I ended up having sex four times with four different girls. I will not tell about them, since compared to what Laura and I do, they were pretty tame. All were understandably surprised by my size, stamina and load (or loads). Since I did not want to share my abilities, to them they “only” had sex with the biggest stud they ever met. But again, nothing worth noting.

Come Sunday evening I was pretty satisfied about my performance and as soon as both Laura and I came home we kissed and she immediately asked, “So? How many pussys have you ruined for other men?”

“Four,” I said almost smugly. Then I noticed the winning grin in Laura’s face and said, “You have beaten me, haven’t you?”

“Yup. By quite a bit in fact. Hee hee.”

“How many men have you slept with?”


“Eight? How? It’s been six days and a half.”

“Well I have had sex every night and on two of those I have had threesomes.”

“Man, I don’t know whether to be impressed or jealous.”

“Impressed is fine. I think I am owed bragging rights, right? Know what? Let’s make dinner and discuss our conquests over it.”

“I’ll be more than glad.”

While preparing the food we started talking about it. She began, “So, did you like the week of unhinged sexual freedom?”

“Honestly. Not particularly. Not to sound too cheeky but I think I have been spoilt by having sex with you both when we use and abstain from using powers.”

“Aww, that’s surprisingly sweet. But what didn’t you like about it or them, the girls, rather?”

“Three of them were just surprised by me and were at a complete loss. It almost felt like work having to be so careful, since I also did not want to use my powers, except for temporarily enlarging them a bit.”

“Well can you blame them? Do you think I should add more pepper? Anyway, tell me if I say anything wrong but form their perspective their evenings went like this. Let’s say a token girl Jane is your lucky prey. She goes out with her girlfriends just looking to have some fun with them. After a while a total stud half a foot taller than her and twice as wide asks her if she wants to dance, because of course you would ask to dance at a club, and she meekly replies, ‘Y-yes.’ Am I right for now?”

“Almost in every single detail, but go on.”

“Well, you dance and grab and touch one-another and after a while she feels this hard thing on her lower back. She looks at you in shock and possibly asks you if it’s your dick. You fake an embarrassed answer and if she is adventurous she immediately asks you to bring her to her place where she will get the pounding of her life. While, if she is a bit shy she just waits for you to ask and doesn’t even let you finish the question, before pulling you outside of the club to a cab.”

“Jesus Laura. You have described the three to a tee.”

“Well I know how girls think. But only three, huh? What about the fourth?”

“Well she was actually the third chronologically speaking. And yeah, while she was also quite overwhelmed she was spunky, chirpy ankara gerçek resimli escort and adventurous. She did not just concede defeat in front of me and lay like a dead salmon.”

“Was she hot?” I looked at her suspiciously. “I don’t want to trap you. I am genuinely interested.”

“Fine. I don’t know if hot is the right word. She was certainly sexy though. Redhead and quite short at 5’3″, small B cups and a nice, tight 36″ butt, which she clearly knew was her best feature. She was clearly stealing the show while dancing on the floor. Also, she approached me and not the other way around, knowing what she wanted. Could you pass me the large wooden spoon?”

“Here. Did she say something?

“Yes. ‘I like big guys and you are the biggest in the room. If you are fun to dance with I will show you a different dance later.'”

“Damn. She really knows her shit. Here, taste.”

“I think it’s ready. Yes, it was quite interesting to say the least. She was also the only one who managed to continue after my first load.”

“Impressive. Let’s sit and I will tell my bits.”

We moved the food, set the table and started eating. Laura interrupted her eating to say, “Before I begin, would you say it has been fun? This week I mean.”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t want to do it regularly. But enough about me. Tell me about your dozens and hundreds of conquests,” I teased her.

“Dickhead. Well I think I should start with the first guy. I went to a bar and was quite nervous, I must admit. I sat at a stool and ordered a drink and instantly a guy came over. I had never been the receiver of dumb half-drunk advances, and while this guy was desperate and I let him down immediately it was quite flattering in a way.”

“Well, I am sure you were the hottest girl in the bar.”

“Not to sound too modest, but yes, by a lot. I think most guys approaching me did it due to a bet with their friends without really hoping to achieve anything. It was fun, surprisingly. Though not something to do regularly. I decided to go home, since in my mind I had made enough steps forward, when next to the exit I heard a charming voice saying, ‘You know you’re the item of desire of all guys there and probably some girls too?’ I immediately understood his game and after looking at him, he was relatively handsome by the way, I decided to play along, ‘Of course I know. I mean, have you looked at this?’ I gestured through my curves jiggling more than was necessary. He then said I was at least funny and conscious of my attributes and he offered to go back in and offered me a drink. We talked about this and that for not too long and then we went to his home- “

“Where he fucked you.”

“Correction. I fucked him. Royally. It’s been a bit of a theme these last days. I have always been the more dominant figure.”

“Weird. Except for when we had Maddie over I never have experienced you as dominating.”

“Because it is impossible with you. And do not misunderstand me. I love you in charge and being at your mercy even if you are always very respectful. But you are more man than all those guys this week combined, so I think subconsciously I thought I will not go down to their level and treat them as I treat you. I think in my mind I belong to you, sexually of course, and everything else is below me. If this makes sense.”

“In a weird and confusing way. Kind of.”

“Well, this was the first evening. Starting Tuesday I didn’t want to waste any time, so I approached guys and said directly I had a bet with my boyfriend regarding who can fuck more and whether they agreed to help me out. All except for one accepted. He said he doesn’t sleep with dumb bimbos. Well his loss.”

“What an asshole. Did you enjoy your week on the whole?”

“Like you, I found it fun but not to repeat any time soon.”

“I’m glad we agree. Now I want to hear some details, at least about the threesomes.”

“Honestly, all men were passable, but not great. You really spoiled me, Rick. There were some interesting bits though. The Wednesday guy had a pretty big dick. I’d say seven and a half to eight inches. He thought he was the biggest alpha male, even saying things like ‘I bet your boyfriend is tiny compared to me.’ I did not reply in fear I would have laughed in his face. Unfortunately, he was a total butt man and as soon as he took me from behind to appreciate my ass, he came instantly. The most fun I had though on Saturday which was the second of the threesomes. I asked this guy whether he wanted to fuck me and he replied whether I would like for his boyfriend to join in.”


“Yes. They were both bisexual, so I agreed. We arrived at one of the guy’s flat and as soon as they removed their trousers I immediately understood the dynamics of the relationship.”

“How so?”

“Well, one was quite big. A bit larger than Wednesday guy. The other was tiny. Like two inches tiny. And seeing how his boyfriend teased him he clearly was into being humiliated. However, I established that I would have been the main attraction of the evening and not a guy with a mere eight incher. I rode him squishing his face with my tits and he came in a couple of minutes. Meanwhile the tiny guy was as hard as a rock, so I blew him. It was the easiest blowjob in the world, understandably. He also came quickly, but who wouldn’t?”

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