Growing Together Ch. 02


Alisa panted heavily as she relaxed atop her bed. She was stained in her seed, thick dollops of her ejaculate coated her skin, sticking fast to her flesh and joining the older piles. Beneath the deep-set stains, her skin was flushed scarlet from the exertion of her masturbation. She grabbed her phone and checked the time, bolting upright as she saw that she had spent the past three hours pleasuring herself. And yet, for all that time, she didn’t feel sore. Worn out of course, but her cock felt fine.

“Must be my time of the month or something,” Alisa sighed and stood up, cooing softly at the feeling of her fresher doses of seed drooling down her face and body. She brought her hands to her breasts, massaging her potent fluids into their petite expanse, tweaking her cum coated nipples absentmindedly. Even after her marathon of self-gratification, Alisa still felt pleasure smoulder within her. When she finally managed to wrest her hands away, Alisa headed into the bathroom. She needed to go shopping later, since the fridge and pantry were almost barren.

Alisa looked down at herself as she waited for the water to heat up. If she hadn’t cum so often in such a short amount of time, she doubted her cock would have remained flaccid for long. She was still semi-erect after her lengthy session, though her prick didn’t feel hard in the slightest. She shrugged and stepped under the stream of soothingly hot water, sighing at the sensations against her cum crusted skin.

As much as Alisa adored making a mess, nothing quite compared to the feeling of washing the evidence from her body. It felt almost naughty to scrub away at her copious ejaculate, watching it run down her body and into the drain. She eventually began to wash her docile member, unable to help but moan as she gently gripped it in her soapy hand. Her actions paused, though, as she gave it a slight squeeze. She was completely soft. Not even a hint of arousal.

Yet she was bigger than she recalled. Alisa frowned and raised her cock to look past it, seeing her balls were also noticeably larger. How? Why? She continued washing herself, while continuing to contemplate just what caused her apparent growth. Maybe she had somehow stretched it out? Was that even possible?

There wasn’t much of a better explanation. She was twenty-one after all, too late for her body to start growing again, and her cock hadn’t gained even a fraction of an inch since she was seventeen. Alisa shrugged and rinsed her hair thoroughly. If she really did stretch it out, then she doubted Bianca would complain. An extra inch or two would probably be cause enough for her to celebrate. Alisa giggled to herself and began drying off.

Bianca, in the meanwhile, was in near agony as she sat with her parents at a local diner. They had insisted on taking her out for lunch and she couldn’t say no without seeming ungrateful, despite her strange, unignorably potent desire to masturbate again. And now she was suffering the price for not speaking up.

Her pussy felt like a star on the cusp of going supernova. Just a small push would be all it needed and she’d cum, hard, but that was also what kept her from so much as grinding her thighs together. The last thing she needed was to come home and act like a nymphomaniac. If she pushed her indominable arousal aside, however, her day had been more than pleasant thus far. Her parents were overjoyed to have her home, as were so many of her family friends that lived nearby, and she rarely ate out for lunch. The weather was warm and clear too.

Indeed, were it not for her body’s endless lusts, Bianca would have only one gripe with the day’s events; that being the fact that Alisa was so far away. Big mistake, Bianca realised and gripped the table until her knuckles turned white, as her pussy burned with longing at the thought of her lover. Or, more specifically, her lover’s cock. Stop, stop, stop, Bianca silently pleaded with her brain. It took all her willpower not to reach down into her pants and at least sneak a small measure of relief.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Bianca’s mother looked to her daughter, “You mentioned that you met a girl. Tell us about her.” Bianca almost groaned in frustration toward her mother, but held it back. There was no way she could know the torment talking about Alisa would cause.

“Um, sure… she’s, uh, she’s really nice.”

“Come on, you’ve gotta give more than that,” her mother, Stephanie, demanded, falling into her neighbourhood role of gossiper, eager for any information that she could gleam. Bianca sighed.

“Her name’s Alisa. She’s about a foot shorter than me, kind of thin, but cute. She’s studying biology as a major and English for her minor,” and she has a cock and pussy and we fuck almost every day. Bianca added silently and regretted it instantly as her body fell deeper into desire’s embrace. Her mind conjured all sorts of memories to fuel the fire of her lust, including the first time she’d let Alisa cum inside of her. There had been so much cum, she thought with a wanton sigh.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Y-yeah. Fine, why?” ankara eve gelen escort Bianca jolted back to reality.

“Your face is really red,” her father pointed out.

“Huh?” Bianca then realised her opportunity to escape, “Oh, yeah. I think I might have caught something yesterday,” she made a show of yawning, “I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep either.”

“You should’ve said something,” Stephanie admonished and waved down a waitress. “You rest up for the day,” she later advised when they were home, ushering her daughter upstairs and to her room, “I made sure everything’s all clean and set up for you.”

“Thanks, Mum,” Bianca quickly accepted the reprieve and slugged up the stairs, both to maintain the façade of illness and to avoid stimulating her hot pussy any further. Not before she was safe behind a locked door and under her covers.

Alisa dug her nails into her forearm as she waited in line at the grocery store, a basket of food draped over one arm. She felt so hot, though she knew it wasn’t simply the weather, as her cock strained against its cotton prison. It had only been an hour since her shower, which she thought would have marked the end of her day’s masturbatory lusts. She’d never cum so many times before either. So why was she already eager for another orgasm?

“Next please?” Came the cashier’s voice. Alisa jolted back to reality and headed forward, eager to get this over with before she made a scene. The cashier was just as inclined to finish their interaction, scanning the items as quickly as they could.

“Are you okay?” They politely asked her as she handed over the money.

“Y-yeah. Just a bit warm is all,” Alisa smiled reassuringly.

“Okay. Well, drink plenty of water.”

“Will do. Bye,” Alisa didn’t waste another second to wave goodbye and practically sprinted from the store to her car. She tossed the bag of groceries aside and leaned back against her cheap, faux leather seat, panting in both fear and arousal. Did someone slip her something at the bar last night? An aphrodisiac? One that had a poor reaction to the alcohol. Alisa felt her cock throb powerfully against her panties and groaned.

“Fine, whatever,” she relented and started driving off back to her dorm, glad that she hadn’t wasted time cleaning her bed after that morning’s escapades. A red light forced her to come to a stop, however, earning a frustrated shout from Alisa. Her cock had decided to abandon all sense of decency over the drive, as it bulged out against the crotch of her jeans. Alisa glanced around impatiently and soon realised her mistake as she caught sight of a stacked blonde walking along the sidewalk, “Shit,” Alisa hissed under her breath and felt her dick reach its full erection.

The blonde was clearly fully aware of her erotic figure. She strutted down the street, hips swaying hypnotically and her breasts bouncing without restraint. Alisa gulped, noticing the similarities in body type between this stranger and Bianca, unable to help but picture her girlfriend in this woman’s place. If Bianca were there, what would she do, Alisa wondered and moaned at the scenes playing through her mind.

Bianca, sat beside her with a hand on her cock. Blatantly in view of any who looked through Alisa’s window. Or perhaps she would be even more daring? Alisa unconsciously bucked her hips as she imagined her lover leaning over and wrapping her mouth around her turgid prick.

“Fuck,” Alisa rasped, practically able to feel her lover’s lips and tongue. What if Bianca went even further? “Stop,” Alisa panted as one of her hands abandoned the wheel, moving to her tormented prick, however her body refused to heed her words. She could picture Bianca in her mind’s eye so clearly. Her busty lover would flip up her skirt to reveal a ack of underwear, then straddle Alisa’s legs in plain view of all, before reaching down and fishing out her desperate dick. It’d slide into her pussy so easily and cum immediately.

“Oh, fuck!” Alisa clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her climatic cry. Semen spurted from her cock, up into her shirt, sticking fast to it and her skin. Her hips bucked against thin air, grinding her spraying member against the insides of her jeans, urging torrents of her seed to further saturate her torso. Alisa glanced out of her car to see the blonde looking in her direction, sending a shudder of shock and taboo delight through her. One final blast of cum arched across her chest.

The light turned green ahead of her. Alisa ground her teeth together and ignored the afterglow, speeding down the road as if she could escape her embarrassment that way. Her cum continued to drool down her torso, leaking out to stain her jeans and car. There’s so much, she noted when she finally parked outside of her dorm. Alisa had always been highly prolific, however this exceeded anything she’d seen before. She looked and felt like she had just walked off the set of a bukkake scene without cleaning her chest at all.

“Hope Bianca’s okay,” Alisa breathed as she realised that her lover might gaziantep escort have been similarly drugged.

“Shit!” Bianca barely managed to smother her face in her pillow as she sharply cried out in her fourth climax of the past half-hour. Sweat dripped down her skin and matted her hair. She hardly noticed, though, suffused in the ecstasy of her body as she was. Ragged pants were all she was capable of, exhausted after fingering herself for so long without a break.

“Finally,” she eventually sighed, no longer feeling the urgent need to touch herself, though exhaustion quickly claimed its place. Bianca pulled up her sheets and curled up, ignoring the squelch of her pussy-soaked mattress. She noticed that her breasts felt heavier against her arm than she remembered, however — yet again — couldn’t find the energy to care as she drifted off to sleep.

Alisa dug her nails painfully into her thigh as she sat at her desk. This was ridiculous, she thought in fury. Even if the alcohol and aphrodisiac didn’t agree with one another, there was no reason for her to be so horny so often. Not to mention that her cock was definitively bigger than before. There had be some form of explanation, yet she couldn’t find any drug or reaction that would affect her in such a way.

The pain eventually failed to dissuade her from her arousal as her hands strayed to her tits and cock without command. Alisa bit the inside of her cheek, drawing herself from the haze of lust, and hurried to the shower. She turned the cold water on high and stepped under its spray, yelping at the freezing droplets landing on her sensitive skin. Her plan worked, however, as her arousal receded.

At least she had a way of controlling herself. Alisa set about cleaning up the mess she’d made earlier, throwing her sheets into the hamper and replacing them with one of her many clean sets. She and Bianca had stocked up on them after being forced to sleep on the floor after ruining their beds time after time.

Alisa passed the rest of the day surfing the internet for any hints as to what she was drugged with. The sun soon set outside and the day’s exhaustive events caught up to her, slowly weighing her eyelids and drawing weary yawns repeatedly from her lips. The futa gave up on her search and went to take a final cold shower, before lying down and falling asleep.

Bianca stood in her family’s bathroom, staring at her naked body with a worried frown. Her breasts were unquestionably larger, pulling her once comfortable bra taut around the mounds, as was her hips and ass. She could barely pull her panties on now, when they had fit her just that morning. Was she having a growth spurt? Couldn’t be, she hadn’t grown since the 11th grade, she was sure of it. But there were no other explanations for it.

Unless… Bianca looked through her family’s medicine cabinet, finding an unopened pregnancy test. Her parents were always prepared for such a thing, making little attempt at hiding their exploits after she turned fifteen. Bianca considered the box for a moment longer, before shaking her head and putting it back. She’d finished her period just a few days ago and it was impossible for her breasts to grow so fast just from pregnancy.

“What the hell’s going on?” Bianca sighed, leaning forward onto the sink, watching her heavier bust sway with her movements. Her body flushed with desire as if in answer to her question. She grinned despite her worries, “Oh no you don’t,” she climbed into the shower and made it as cold as she could. A strong shudder passed through her as the icy water rained down on her, but her arousal quickly dissipated. Bianca shut it off once she was in full control. This, whatever it was, wouldn’t control her. Of that she was absolutely certain.

With that thought strong in her mind, Bianca settled in for the night. She snuggled against her old pillow, breathing in its comforting scent and ignoring the musk of her pussy. This couldn’t be allowed to happen again. She would enjoy her weekend with her parents, regardless of what her pussy desired. Besides, Bianca thought as her mind slowly drifted off to sleep, the hornier she became the better the sex with Alisa would be. A soft smile lifted her lips.

Alisa came to life with a groan as she rolled onto her stomach to avoid the sun’s rays. Her eyes darted open in shock as a surge of pleasure rocked through her, forcing her to sit up to avoid the intense sensation. She quickly found the culprit, bulging out from her sweatpants, a hard spire of unsuited masculinity that throbbed longingly. Dampness turned the crotch of her pants to a dark grey and spread further as more moisture was added. Alisa clutched at her bed sheets.

It was a miracle she hadn’t cum in her sleep. She carefully removed her pyjamas to observe her cock, gasping as it sprang free of its prison to slap her stomach wetly, leaving a splotch of pre-cum in its wake. It hadn’t grown overnight, dispelling the chances that she was experiencing a growth spurt. The only thing that had altered was her sensitivity, as she could feel the air ankara gerçek resimli escort on her glans, almost like Bianca was there caressing her. Alisa’s hand began to stray towards it, until she pinched her arm.

She wasted no time in ducking into a cold shower. Alisa panted as the water bombarded her, icy streaks of fluid running down her overly sensitive body. Whatever was happening to her was clearly still in effect, she thought, hoping to preoccupy her mind, not only that but it was getting worse. Even the frigid water took longer to chase off her desire, leaving her a shivering mess before she was certain her cock was flaccid.

“Later,” Alisa panted, recalling her promise to send Bianca a video of her masturbating. It would be good for her as well, to relieve some of this insane lust that refused to fully evacuate her body. With her arousal under some semblance of control, Alisa allowed herself the luxury of a hot shower. She steered clear of her erogenous zones, snapping at herself when she noticed a finger or hand drifting towards any such region. She doubted many others could wield such self-control.

Bianca robotically ate her breakfast with her parents. Her rigid movements were the best she could manage, lest she release all restraint. Even after her cold shower upon waking up, she became horny within an hour, and that arousal was only spreading. It was in her head, she could feel it, like seductive tendrils trying to pull her toward relief; masturbation. There was no escape. Her mind was a prison, leaving her room to flee without respite. A single lapse in concentration would be all it took, she feared.

Her parents talked animatedly to her. Bianca only hummed or grunted in response, timing her mouthfuls of breakfast to excuse her from the conversation, for fear that she would let slip the desire burgeoning within. Just the mere thought of her parents unveiling the fact sent shudders down her spine. If only she could’ve stayed with Alisa, then she could help and probably even keep her satisfied. Unbidden, a wistful sigh slipped past her lips.

Stephanie caught the sound and fell silent.

“Sorry, sweetie,” she apologised with a tight smile. Bianca started at the words and swallowed her mouthful, coughing as some caught in her throat.

“No, no,” Bianca rasped, “It’s nothing. Just… Alisa said she had a mock test this weekend so I’m worried about her,” she explained, only half-lying. Alisa had an exam that day, but Bianca had no reason for concern. It was only a mock after all and she knew Alisa never got anything less than a B-.

“Oh? When’s it start?” Her dad inquired.

“Um, I think eleven o’clock,” Bianca answered with a glance to the grandfather clock that stood in the dining room corner, watching them like its namesake with a stern, unquestionable stare.

“Head upstairs and give her call then. We’ll wash up, right, honey?” Stephanie urged, nudging her husband in the side.

“You don’t have to coerce me into it,” he grumbled and stood, “Go call her.”

“Thanks guys,” Bianca stood and hugged them both, doing her best to ignore how her luscious thighs brushed against her pussy as she walked, then jogged upstairs. Once there she pulled out her phone, but didn’t call. She knew a better way to encourage her girlfriend than simple words.

Bianca stripped down to her panties — none of her bras would fit without great discomfort — and set her phone, camera side up, on the bed. She climbed on and knelt over it, knowing her needful pussy filled the lens. A soft moan escaped her lips as a faint breeze slithered through her window and brushed against her tender snatch, urging her to unconsciously angle her hips towards it. She snapped a picture before her self-control could decay any further, but pouted at the disappointing result.

Her body occupied the frame, offering a glorious low-angle view of her engorged pussy and a glimpse of her voluptuous curves. Yet it didn’t strike her as she had wanted. She needed to give Alisa something she could really use as motivation. Bianca bit her lip. There was one thing she could try, something she and Alisa had done once before, though her girlfriend’s hands were so small by comparison. Bianca set her jaw determinedly and laid her phone against the far wall, camera poised to capture her entire bed.

It was set to snap a photo every minute. Bianca crawled onto bed and raised her hips like an animal in heat, then spread her legs wide to pull her pussy open slightly. Alisa had told her repeatedly how she adored this position, even going so far as to prolong their foreplay just to keep her like this, and had several pics for her own personal collection. Bianca inhaled as she laid her cheek on a pillow and reached back with her hands, parting her shapely ass cheeks. She heard her camera snap a photo.

A groan reverberated in her throat as her fingertip connected with her sensitive womanhood. Electric pleasure sparked through her, zipping along her nerves toward her hand and urging it lower. She was helpless to resist as her finger dipped down and into her snatch, eliciting a grunt of shocked relief. It had never felt this good to be penetrated by one finger before. Even the car ride over, where she had been so sexually charged after seeing Alisa’s picture, hadn’t had such a potent effect on her. Bianca bit her lip to quiet her moans as she added a second finger.

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