Growing up


Growing upGrowing up, it was just my mother and I, and she was a busy woman, being upper management for a local aerospace company. I was a good student and seemed well – behaved, so she pretty much allowed me to “run free” from the age of 12 or 13. As long as I did my chores, did well in school, and she had no problems to worry about at home, I was rewarded with plenty of spending money and time to explore my interests. I was confused for a long time, and did a lot of reading on the internet. I knew from a very young age that I liked wearing my grandmothers clothes that were piled up in a spare bedroom closet since she passed when I was an infant. I knew I liked wearing the shorter skirts, and jacking off while bending over the couch, thinking about getting fucked like the whores I saw in the porno movies online. On the other hand, I still liked thinking about fucking those same whores. I had plenty of girlfriends, and was very “manly” with them, often doing to them, what I wanted done to me! I also figured out that it was only black men that produced the “bitch” feeling in me.Being paranoid about being found out in our small area, I relegated my activity, for the most part, to dressing up around the house and fucking myself with just about every foreign object I could find! I also came across some bondage porn and immediately became rock hard and so horny, there was no doubt that I had found another strange turn on to add to my arsenal. I began spending time putting wrist and ankle cuffs ( home made ) on myself with clips and other items that I could izmir escort easily get out of myself. I know once I snapped the last one into place and relaxed, the feeling that I was bound and helpless immediately would take over and turn me into a nasty little whore!About this time, I also discovered free phone sex chat lines, and became a big fan of talking to other men while getting off. My adds always described myself as a big, black cock lover who was a submissive bitch with a beautiful ass and a camera phone to prove it. I talked to many men who said they were dominant, but it was rare that I found a real dominant daddy. The first time was a 56 year old black man who was from Baltimore. He messaged me and was talking so rudely, demanding that I live chat with him and telling me what my bitch ass was going to do for him, I almost came all over myself! I hit number 3, we were connected and I was in love. I tried to speak, he told me to shut the fuck up and speak when spoken to, then told me my name was “bitch” and I was to do everything he said, without question. It took him yelling at me a few times to figure out I was to answer him with “Yes, Sir” and to answer promptly. He asked for my cell number, I gave it, he told me to hang up the phone and get ready for his call.That first encounter turned out to be my hottest sex encounter up to that date – and he was 60 miles away! By the end of the call, I had sent him photos of me sucking off a cucumber, fucking myself with the handle of a hammer ( with a rubber on it, didn’t want any splinters!!!) escort izmir and begging him to let me jerk off and cum. He also made me pledge that he was now my owner, I could not have sex with anyone else, unless he allowed it, and that I was now his property. It all turned me on to a degree I had never felt and I looked forward to our in person meeting that he promised would happen within a few weeks.Roughly 2 weeks later, I was told to rent a room at a Motel 6 that was half way between where he and I lived. I drove to the motel excited as hell, while extremely nervous, also. He told me what color stockings to wear, garter and that I be clean and ready to fuck. After checking in, showering and douching, I waited anxiously for his call. The room phone rang, I answered, and he said “Ready Bitch?”. “Yes, Sir, I am.”It wasn’t even a minute and he was coming in the door I had left cracked open. I began to say “Hi” as he walked in and he pulled a beautiful, black cock that must have been 10 inches out of his pants and said “Suck my cock, bitch” as he grabbed my hair. I tried to get as much as I could down my throat, I had practiced for a long time on my dildos and other toys at home, but the thickness made it difficult..”Yeah, you a good little bitch. You like that nigga dick fuckin’ your mouth, don’t you? You’re a nasty little cock loving fag, aren’t you, boy?”I continued to do my best to blow that beautiful cock while he held me by my hair until he let go and said”Get up on that bed, on your back, bitch. Let your head hang off the edge of the bed.”I izmir escort bayan barely had to move myself, as he manhandled me around and into position.”Lick Daddy’s balls, slut. That a good girl, lick those balls. Now, open up” and he dropped his cock down into my mouth and continued his assault on my mouth from that position.He then grabbed my leg, turned me around and held me by my ankles, raising my legs high and wide, as he moaned and said”Now, you’re going to take this big, black cock right up that ass, bitch, all the way up that white ass”I was a little worried about the size, but so horny and everything was happening so fast, I just did as I was told. How he buried that huge cock in me without hurting a bit, I will never know. I guess my practice on my 14 inch double headed dildo and his years of experience came together to produce a tight, white ass that had a huge, black cock buried it in it and all I could do was try ramming my ass against him as he came in on every stroke to make sure I got it all! The pounding continued with me moaning like a bitch and telling him, on command, how much I loved his black cock in me. Eventually, he let go of my legs, climbed up on my chest and dropped his cock in my mouth as I felt the hottest, biggest load I could imagine fill my mouth and drip out the sides of my lips a little, as I tried to swallow it all. “You’ll make a good little bitch for me.” He said that as he grabbed his shirt and hat and headed for the door. By the time I came to my senses, it felt like he was there for about 5 minutes, when in reality, it had been just over an hour. I stroked off, having one of the best orgasms I had ever had and did not stop thinking about his cock, our encounter and my orgasm for weeks……..until his next phone call came.

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