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Chapter 34 Charlie woke up the next morning with Joey’s arms around him. He smiled to himself glad to have cuddled without someone’s boner stabbing him in the butt. He kissed Joey’s arms and tried wrapping his friend’s long arms around him more. Joey stirred and kissed Charlie’s neck, which caused Charlie to giggle; Charlie was very ticklish. Joey kissed Charlie as he climbed over his friend, intentionally rubbing his own growing boner over Charlie’s hip. “Does this mean we’re boyfriends?” Charlie asked, his tone shifting from light and happy to somber and pensive. Joey’s face matched how Charlie felt. Joey, who was midway through pulling on his pants, didn’t look at Charlie, as he said, “I like you, but only as a friend. Please don’t be mad at me.” “I’m not mad,” Charlie said, feeling a sense of relief. “I think we should stay friends, too.” Joey looked up at Charlie and saw his grin and felt his friend meant what he said. “Good. Me too.” “Does this mean we can’t kiss and cuddle anymore?” Charlie asked, getting out of bed and grabbing his shorts, adjusting his own, small erection. “I don’t want it to stop, but if you want to stop–” Joey said. “–I don’t want to stop unless you want to stop.” “Then I guess we’re not stopping,” Joey said. He buttoned his pants, walked over and kissed Charlie. Both boys came crashing down the stairs giggling. They could smell the turkey in the oven as they entered the kitchen. “You’re finally up,” Ry said, as he chopped an onion. “You can peel the potatoes.” “What about breakfast?” Charlie asked, looking around the kitchen. “Breakfast?” Ry said, annoyed. “It’s almost lunch time.” Confused, Charlie looked at the clock on the wall near the table and saw that it was almost noon. “So, what about lunch?” Charlie asked hopefully; however, he withered under the look his eldest brother gave him. After Joey and Charlie peeled the potatoes, Ry had the boys help him with other menial tasks that his limited mobility wouldn’t allow him to do on his own. Several times, Ry had to tell off the boys for messing around, but by and large, they got the work done without much complaint or hassle. “It’s about time you got up,” Charlie curtly said to his father and middle brother. “While you’ve been sleeping, we’ve been busting our butts in here.” Rick and Billy looked at each other, wondering if they were seriously being told off by a 10-year-old. “Ignore him,” Ry said, as he showed Joey how to roll out pie crust. “They’ve only been up for an hour.” Charlie şişli travesti laughed and said, “You should’ve seen the look on your faces.” “But since you’re up,” Ry said, taking a more serious tone. “Billy, I need you to go to the store and get some heavy whipping cream, and Dad, I need you to rotate the turkey. I’m not sure the boyfriends here can do it without dropping it.” Joey looked at Charlie as if to say, “Did you tell him?” Charlie for his part returned the look and just shook his head. Will came over around four. He brought a berry pie, which annoyed Ry a little given that he and Joey had successfully made a pumpkin pie; however, he let it go and thanked Will. Billy got upset when Ry asked him to help out, as well. As he had a job, he felt that he shouldn’t have to help prepare the meal. After Rick’s interference, Billy helped, though he refused to move at the pace Ry wanted. “Is Brenda coming?” Will asked Rick, as they watched the football game. “No,” Rick said a little too sharply. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like that.” “It’s alright,” Will said, drinking a glass of the wine he brought. “I haven’t heard the boys mention her, so I was more curious if you two are still together or not.” “We are. I just don’t bring her around the boys or discuss her with them. I hate having to live two lives, but it seems to keep the peace around the house.” Will heard the resentment in his co-parent’s voice. He understood all too well what it was like living a double life, but he didn’t feel bad for Rick in the slightest. Brenda was universally disliked, and nobody could figure out what Rick saw in her. “I’m sure it’s not easy,” Will said, “but it’s probably for the best.” “I guess so,” Rick said, not sounding at all convinced. Billy walked into the living room, looking very annoyed and said, “Against my will I am sent to bid you come to dinner.” Will laughed and said, “I thank you for your pains.” Billy spat, “I took no more pains for those thanks than you take pains to thank me. If it had been painful, I would not have come.” Still chuckling, Will said, “You take pleasure then in the message?” “Yea,” Billy said, sarcastically, “just so much as you may take upon a knife’s point and choke a daw withal. You have no stomach, signior? Fare you well,” and Billy stormed off into the kitchen. “What the fuck?” Rick asked. “It’s for his English class,” Will said without further explanation, as he got up. Joey sat between Ry and Charlie. Ry asked what he wanted, but Joey was overwhelmed by the sight of so much food; he didn’t know where to start. Normally, his father would drive around until he found a burger joint and get something there. Ry saw the confusion and mounting frustration on the boy’s face and fixed Joey’s plate for him with a bit of everything. As he handed the 10-year-old the plate, he told Joey that it was okay if he didn’t like somethings and not to worry about cleaning his plate, which was something Joey’s father insisted. “Ry this is a wonderful meal,” Will said, “I don’t know how you learned how to make all of this.” “The internet,” Charlie said, teasingly. “Ha ha,” Ry said to his baby brother. “But yeah, I look a lot of stuff up online and watch videos, too.” “Have you given thought to culinary school?” “Not really,” Ry said. “I don’t think I’m good enough to get in.” Everyone, including Joey, looked at Ry as if he were mad. “What?” Ry shot back. “You were cooking full meals at 12,” Rick said incredulously. beylikdüzü travesti “By 14, you were cooking some very complex dishes that even the chefs you watched had some difficulty with, and all of that was self taught! So, don’t give us this shit about how you’re not good enough.” Ry blushed but countered, “Fine, but that’s not saying much, since you burn water.” Will, Billy and Charlie laughed, while Joey only looked confused trying to figure out how that was even possible. It was Rick’s turn to give a snarky laugh, and then said, “I’m serious. You should give it a serious thought. You have more than enough to get into a really good school, and your grades are fantastic.” “I’ll think about it,” Ry said, as he went back to eating his meal. After dinner, Billy, Rick and Will continued watching football, while the other boys went to Charlie’s room to continue their own game. Their adventures continued with the crossing of the cobalt blue sands of the southern deserts of Estryne. They pursued a djinn who had cheated them out of some wishes. The search was long, as Charlie and Joey couldn’t agree where to look. Ry almost called the game off due to them fighting so much; however, after several stern warnings to behave, the pair worked together enough to end the game for the night. Ry opted out of cuddle time because he had to get up early again, so he could get ready for lunch with Amanda, as it was their anniversary the next day. Ry hugged his brother and kissed him on the head goodnight, and gave Joey a hug as well. “I like your brother,” Joey said, as he removed his shirt, “but I didn’t think he’d ever leave.” Charlie chuckled and said, “It was mean of us to be jerks, so he’d leave early.” “Yeah,” Joey said, feeling bad. “We can apologize tomorrow.” Joey removed the rest of his clothes down to his briefs again. He looked over and watched Charlie get undressed. Joey felt his prepubescent dick get hard once more. Once Charlie was only in his underwear, Joey removed his own briefs and walked casually over to the bed. “What are you doing?” Charlie asked, with a look of shock on his face. “I usually sleep naked. Is that a problem?” Charlie thought about it for a bit. He had slept naked with Justin and Ry, and it was only an issue because their dicks were really big and poked him really hard. Joey’s dick was about the same size as Charlie’s and was circumcised like Ry and Billy. Charlie remembered that he slept better naked, too. Thinking that Charlie’s silence was disapproval, Joey bent over and picked up his briefs. He gave Charlie one last look and smiled as he saw Charlie pulling down his briefs and getting into bed. Joey turned off the lights and got into bed next to his friend. Joey pulled Charlie into his arms and loved how Charlie’s flesh felt against the head of his penis. He leaned in and kissed Charlie, who returned the kiss with a tender one of his own. Joey felt a lot more comfortable using their tongues. Joey liked how Charlie tasted and assumed Charlie felt the same way with how much his friend explored his mouth. With a shaking hand, Joey explored Charlie’s back, trying to remember every curve of the chubby boy’s body. Charlie felt warm all over his body at Joey’s touch. His heart beat heavily in his chest, and he could feel Joey’s heartbeat, too. Charlie shifted his hips and felt his very stiff and sensitive dick pump into Joey’s ball-sack. Joey moaned, which prompted Charlie to pull away from their kissing. “Sorry. istanbul travesti I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Charlie whispered in earnest. Joey chuckled and said, “It didn’t hurt. It actually felt good.” “Okay,” Charlie said. He thought it felt good, too, so he slowly rubbed the foreskin covered head of his dick against the hairless flesh of Joey’s privates. Joey moved his hand down along Charlie’s spine, causing the boy in his arms to shiver. Once more, Charlie broke their embrace and gave a shuttering gasp at the feather-light touch of Joey’s finger tips. Joey only stopped once his hand cupped and squeezed Charlie’s smooth butt. Charlie collapsed his face into Joey’s chest, breathing in his friend’s boy-smell. He felt like he wanted to melt into Joey, to be part of him in a way he had never felt before. It dawned on him then that he wanted to feel that way with Justin, but there was something about the teen that prevented that connection from happening. “Are you okay?” Joey asked. He wasn’t expecting Charlie to react the way he did. “Yeah,” Charlie said. He brought his hand down between himself and Joey. Charlie tilted his head up and started to kiss Joey’s neck, as he slid his free hand down Joey’s smooth stomach and lower abdomen, till he touched Joey’s twitching dick. Charlie had seen the move in one of his dad’s adult videos; although that video had a man and woman doing the maneuver, Charlie thought it might work with two boys, and given how Joey’s body instantly reacted (very similar to his own when Joey touched him), Charlie knew he was on to something. The preteens went back to kissing, as Charlie touched and explored Joey’s genitals. Joey kept his hand on Charlie’s firm, bubble butt. He liked how it felt in his hand, and he didn’t want Charlie to stop touching his boner quite yet; plus, he was loving how Charlie was kissing his neck, as it gave him goosebumps. Still kissing Charlie, Joey moved his hand from his friend’s ass and used it to gently push Charlie onto his back. He gave Charlie’s soft lips one more kiss, before kissing his cheek and then Charlie’s neck. Charlie’s body tensed at the sensations of Joey’s lips, tongue and warm breath over his already excited skin. However, Joey didn’t stay at his neck. Joey kissed Charlie’s collar bone and chest. He continued to kiss the boy down to his stomach and hips. Joey only stopped kissing when his lips kissed the small, hard and fleshy appendage he was looking for. Charlie gripped his sheets and inhaled sharply as he felt Joey’s hot, moist mouth envelop his boyhood. His body went rigid and his breathing became labored, as Joey moved his lips and tongue up and down Charlie’s short, hooded shaft. Charlie almost cried out as Joey’s tongue explored inside of Charlie’s foreskin. Being circumcised, Joey didn’t understand how sensitive the natural, skin covering was, but he took secret pleasure in how it made Charlie softly moan and writhe. Joey had once been with an older boy who was also uncircumcised, and he was taught how to be careful and not hurt the boy he was sucking off. It was clear to Joey that Charlie had never had a blow job before, so he took his time letting Charlie relish every second of pleasure that was being offered. “Stop, stop, stop,” Charlie frantically whispered. His dick was becoming so sensitive that it hurt. Joey asked if Charlie was alright, and Charlie responded by kissing Joey with a passion he hadn’t known existed before then. Satisfied that he hadn’t hurt Charlie, Joey moved himself back up the bed and pulled Charlie into his arms once more. The young lovers kissed and fondled each other till they fell asleep, with Joey wrapping his arms around Charlie and Charlie’s face buried in Joey’s neck. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 35***

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