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Chapter 47 Rick got the boys up early, hoping to find last second gifts for Will’s brother, Kenny, while Will and Billy picked up the 55-year-old from the airport. Rick gently woke Ry, who was groggy, but got up without a hassle. He then crossed the hall and knocked on Charlie’s door. No answer. Rick knocked a little louder, and still nothing. He slowly opened the door, not knowing what to expect, given the previous morning, and he was happy to see both boys covered up. He smiled at the sight of Joey spooning Charlie and how peaceful they looked. Rick walked over and ran his fingers through Charlie’s hair. Charlie snored in response. Rick did the same to Joey, who opened his eyes, and smiled looking at Rick. “Morning,” Joey said, squeezing his red-headed friend. “What time is it?” “Way too early,” Rick said, sitting on the edge of the bed. “We need to go to the mall and get a few more things before lunch, so I need you and Charlie to get up and ready, okay?” Joey kissed Charlie’s shoulder and went to move the blankets before realizing he was naked again. Rick saw the look on the boy’s face, and said, “I’m in your room, and I figured you two were naked before I came in. If you want me to leave, I will, okay?” “You’re fine,” Joey said, throwing the blanket aside, exposing his small, circumcised erection. He felt it was only fair that Rick saw him hard and naked, since he had a video of Rick getting a blow job. As Joey moved about the room getting dressed, Rick took his time waking Charlie up. It was essential to take his time, as being too harsh or mean might trigger the boy’s post-traumatic stress disorder, making the next few days difficult for everyone. Once Joey was dressed, Rick told the boy to find Ry, while he stayed to coax Charlie awake. He climbed over Charlie and pulled his baby boy into his arms and just held him. Charlie was still small for his age, though he was still chunky in weight. Rick stroked Charlie’s hair and kissed his son’s head, whispering for Charlie to wake up. Eventually, Charlie groaned and rolled over, burying himself against his dad. “It’s time to wake up, Little Man,” Rick whispered. “I don’t wanna get up,” Charlie eventually mumbled. Rick smiled and said, “But I can’t do this without my big, strong boy with me.” “I have faith in you,” Charlie said, just before snoring again. Rick couldn’t help but laugh, which earned him a disgruntled noise from his son. “Come on, Baby. I need you to wake up.” “No,” the boy said, trying to snuggle further against his daddy. Rick rubbed Charlie’s back and kissed the boy on the head. “Then I guess I’ll have to give away your puppy….” “Puppy?” Charlie asked, his eyes opening wide. “I’m getting a puppy?” “Well,” Rick said, teasingly, “only good boys who wake up when their dad asks them get puppies.” “I’m up, I’m up!” Charlie said, sliding out of the bed, not caring that he was naked in front of his father. Rick waited for his son to get dressed. He picked Charlie up and brought him downstairs. “Ry! We’re getting a puppy!” Charlie called out, as he saw his eldest brother eating oatmeal. “Really?” Ry asked, looking at his father with suspicion. “Since when?” Before Rick could respond, Charlie said, excitedly, “We’re going to get him today!” “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Rick said to Ry, before setting Charlie down. Charlie looked horrified at his father and said, “You said!” “We already have a puppy,” Rick replied, getting Charlie a bowl of the hot cereal. “We do?” Charlie and Ry said. “Of course,” their father said, setting down Charlie’s bowl. To Joey, he said, “Isn’t that right, Puppy?” then patted the boy on the head. “Arff!” Joey said, as if on cue. Charlie looked shocked then bitter, while Rick laughed and kissed his sons good morning. Charlie refused to acknowledge his father, as they walked around the mall. It was pretty easy considering the noise of the crowd. Anytime Rick would ask the boy a question, Charlie either pretended to be deaf or tell the answer to Ry (Joey was on his shit-list for being “a bad puppy.”) Rick knew the joke wouldn’t land well, as Charlie had always wanted a dog. He and Ronda decided to wait till the boys were old enough to take care of any pet they had, since the parents were already taking care of the kids; however, when his ex-wife went to prison, Rick decided that pets weren’t going to be allowed, since he didn’t have the time to take care of an animal, assuming the boys would eventually fuck things off, leaving him with all the tasks. They grabbed lunch in the food court before leaving. Rick made sure that everyone got Kenny a gift, and Joey was a little less hesitant about accepting money for the purchase. Rick wasn’t sure what to get the wealthy man, so he had the boys get some clothing items, like ties, while he purchased a cologne that seemed okay. Most places closed early, so the employees could be with their families, which didn’t leave many options for dinner, as Rick promised şişli travesti Ry that he wouldn’t have to cook. He managed to find a take-n-bake pizza place and bought a couple of pies. Luckily, his boys loved pizza, so he was certain nothing would go to waste. Will, Billy and Kenny arrived at the house around seven. Kenny had flown in from London, Ontario and was suffering some jet lag. Kenny was taller than Will but still shorter than Rick and Ry. He had a mass of thick, gray hair, which was nicely trimmed. He wore glasses and was very polite. “Nice to see you again, Rick,” Kenny said, extending a hand. “You too, Kenny. I hope your flight went well.” “It did, thanks.” “Uncle Kenny!” Charlie said, running into the room and giving the old man a hug. Kenny chuckled, hugging Charlie back. “Hello, there, Charlie. My, you’ve gotten bigger since the last time I saw you.” Charlie beamed at the man and then stared daggers at his father, who rolled his eyes. “Dad lied and said we were getting a puppy,” Charlie said to Billy. “But, we already have one,” Billy said, before calling out, “don’t we, Joey?” “Arff, arff!” Joey yelled back from the kitchen. Looking scandalized, Charlie firmly walked upstairs to his room, while everyone laughed. The pizzas were already cooked when Billy and the older men arrived, so dinner was consumed quickly. Kenny said he was going to be in town till just after the new year, and when Ry’s birthday was mentioned, Kenny offered to take everyone out to dinner that night. Everyone, except Charlie, talked till about eight. Billy called up to his baby brother that they were opening some of the presents, but he got no response and just shrugged. “Your loss,” he called back before walking to the couch. Has had been the tradition since their first Christmas as a family, each person got to open a single present, while leaving the rest for the following morning. Billy opened his gift from Rick. It was a set of sockets and wrenches. Billy was hoping for something a little more…personal…but accepted the gift with grace. Ry opened his gift from Joey next. It was a set of really fancy, yellow brass dice, with green and black inlays. They were very heavy and loud when rolled. Ry hugged the boy and thanked him. Rick opened his gift from Ry and found a gift card for a full treatment at a day spa. Rick gave his son a whimsical yet confused expression. “You look like you could use some pampering,” Ry said to his dad, shrugging. “Well, thank you, I think.” Rick hugged his son and kissed the young man’s head. “Here you go Uncle Kenny,” Billy said, handing over a small present from Rick. “Oh, this is very nice, thank you, Rick,” Kenny said, looking at the bottle of cologne. “You’re welcome. Had we known sooner–” “–Seriously,” Kenny said, dabbing some of the contents on his wrist. “It’s perfect. I’ve been trying to get Spencer to buy this for me for ages.” “How is Uncle Spencer?” Billy asked. “He’s fine,” Kenny said. “I offered to bring him along, but he decided to visit his family in Berlin instead. Speaking of family gatherings. Billy, you’ve been invited to the annual Parker Picnic in Central Park.” Everyone but Billy looked impressed. “Is Dad invited?” Billy asked, already knowing the answer. “Sadly, no,” Kenny said, also expecting his nephew’s response. “Then that’s my answer,” Billy said, handing his birth father his one gift. “You don’t have to do that, Billy,” Will said, taking the package. “Well, you couldn’t’ve reached it, otherwise,” Billy said, with a bit of snark. “You know what I mean,” Will said, not finding his son funny. “I don’t mind if you go.” “Except, I do mind that you’re not invited, and that’s the point. I’m unwilling to accept anyone who isn’t willing to accept you.” “I will let them know,” Kenny said. “I don’t blame you, to be honest; in fact, since you’re not going, I’ll be skipping this year, as well. The amount of drama and gossip that flows through that crowd is more than I’m wanting to deal with this year.” “That’s fair,” Billy said. “Open it!” He demanded of his father. Will chuckled and opened the box. Inside was a gold pocket watch from Billy. Engraved on the back were the words: “I love you, Dad. –Billy.” Tearing a little, Will hugged his son, who gladly returned the hug. “I suppose that only leaves Sir Pouts-A-Lot,” Rick said, as he stood. Charlie had flung himself on his bed. He wasn’t thrilled with how everyone was in on his dad’s joke about the puppy, especially Joey, who was supposed to be on his side. He didn’t really pay attention when he heard Billy’s voice, so he just stayed in the room not knowing what else to do. There was a soft knock on the door, and his dad’s voice said, “Can we come in?” Charlie wanted to tell his father to go away, but he also didn’t want to get in trouble. “Fine,” Charlie compromised. His frozen heart melted the second the door opened and he heard the whimpering of the small, grayish-brown puppy in his dad’s arms, fighting to get down. Rick set the pup down, and relished the pure joy on Charlie’s face, as the boy broke into tears as the puppy licked him. Rick wished he had a camera to capture the moment. He closed the door and sat on the bed, letting the boy and his dog bond. The puppy was purchased during the boys’ trip to see Ronda. Joey helped pick the pup out, and they brought it over to Will’s. To make sure the puppy would bond better with Charlie, Rick took some of his son’s old, dirty clothes and made a bed for the dog, in Will’s garage. The upside to Charlie never cleaning his room was the boy’s inability to notice when things went missing. “Thank you, Daddy,” Charlie cried, as he futilely tried hugging the overly energetic pup. “I love him so much.” “And I love you, Charlie,” Rick said, kissing his son’s head and scratching the puppy behind the ears. Once Charlie was ready, father, son and pup went downstairs. Charlie broke down again, seeing beylikdüzü travesti his uncles and brothers. He hugged and thanked everyone, including his best-friend. “What are you naming him?” Kenny asked. Charlie already had a name when he first heard the struggling pup. “Little Joey.” “Arff,” Joey said, making everyone laugh, as Little Joey ran away and hid behind Charlie. Will and Kenny left around nine-thirty, as the elder Parker brother was starting to fall asleep. Will promised to be back around breakfast, giving the kids each a hug good night. Rick and Charlie took the puppy for a walk around the block. They talked about the responsibility of caring for a pet, including getting up in the middle of the night to take the dog out, feeding and training him. Charlie wasn’t thrilled about having to wake up and wondered if he really could, but he was already too attached to Little Joey and couldn’t dream of ever giving him up. It took quite a while before they got back to the house, since Little Joey had to sniff and pee on everything. Charlie was amazed at how much pee his little puppy held. Rick took the boy and dog into his bathroom, so he could teach Charlie how to bathe the pup, without disturbing everyone else, since they were already in bed. Charlie’s heart pounded as Rick told Charlie to remove his clothes, as his father began to disrobe. Rick was naked before Charlie and started to the shower, while also trying to keep Little Joey from getting into everything. The puppy playfully pounced and nipped at Rick’s toes, which Rick didn’t appreciate, since puppies had very small yet sharp teeth. “Here go, you little brat,” he said, tossing the pup into the tub. Little Joey didn’t know what to think of the water falling on him. He whined and desperately tried getting out of the steep tub. Rick looked at Charlie and said, “Sorry. I hope I didn’t upset you.” Charlie wasn’t necessarily upset. He didn’t like his dad calling his dog names, but he was too transfixed by how attracted he was to his father’s naked form to say anything. “Are you okay?” “Huh?” Charlie said, snapping out of his fantasies. “Yeah…sorry…I was just thinking about when I should take him out again.” “Okay,” Rick said, as he kissed his boy on the head. “If you think you can’t handle taking care of him–” “–I can! I promise!” Charlie said, hugging his dad at the waist, fully aware how close he was to touching his dad’s penis again. “Alright then, in that case,” Rick said, picking Charlie up and putting him in the tub with the dog, who got excited at his new master being with him. “Ouch, you jerk!” Charlie said, as the puppy jumped up and scratched his leg. He decided that his dad calling Little Joey a brat might not have been that mean, after all. Rick got into the tub and showed Charlie how to clean the dog properly. Rick also took the time to show Charlie how to make Little Joey sit, while explaining that it will take a lot of training. “You need to stay consistent with it, okay? Eventually, he’ll do it every time, but if you aren’t consistent, he’ll be a huge pain in the ass and too much to handle.” Charlie worked on Little Joey while Rick took his shower. After rinsing, he held the dog, while Charlie washed himself. He cried out a little as he got shampoo in his eyes, while looking at his dad’s dick, so he decided that it was just best to finish. Little Joey was happy to be out of the tub but hated being towel dried, as he was roughly manhandled by Rick. Rick used the same towel to dry off his son, and like with the puppy, he roughly dried Charlie’s hair. Unlike the dog, however, Charlie laughed and then hugged his dad again, not caring that his fully naked body was pressed against that of his still naked and wet father. “I love you, Daddy.” “I love you, Baby Boy,” Rick said, kissing his boy on the cheek. “Now, get to bed. I suspect that Big Joey is missing you.” “What about Little Joey?” Charlie asked. “He’s sleeping in your room, since he’s your dog. If he needs to potty, though, you’re to take him out to the backyard only. Keep him on his leash until he’s trained enough to be let out without it. Deal?” “Deal?” After one final hug, Charlie and the puppy ran from Rick’s room and to the room next door. Joey was already in bed and laughed as Little Joey licked his face non-stop. The next morning came too soon for Charlie, who was woken up twice to take Little Joey outside, only to wake the final time because the puppy defecated on the floor, away from the training pad he had laid out. Charlie was frustrated with his dog but determined to do a good job. It helped that when Little Joey wasn’t being annoying, he was cuddly and loving. Just like Big Joey, Charlie mused to himself. Charlie and Joey ran down the stairs, while Little Joey barked from the top, unable to get down himself. Charlie called out to his dog, but the puppy was too frightened. By the time they got to the living room, Joey and everyone else were opening presents. Charlie handed Billy his gift, when Ry asked, “Is that another massager?” “Shut up,” Charlie said, disgruntled, making everyone laugh, except Joey, who didn’t get the joke. Will and Kenny came over as they were halfway through the gifts, adding Kenny’s to the pile. Will got everyone, including Joey, a new computer. Rick and the boys were used to this, but Joey was very overwhelmed as he never owned his own computer but had to use his father’s when the elder Bell wasn’t on it. Will hugged Joey, who was too choked up to properly say thanks. Little Joey kept getting into things, so Charlie put him in a box and left him there till everyone was done and everything cleaned up. Billy was annoyed by the dog’s whimpering, but Charlie said that Little Joey needed to get used to not always getting his way, something Will was quick to point out that his own kid needed to learn. Everyone, except Billy, laughed. Ry and the boys made dinner, while the adults watched istanbul travesti the football. Ry slaved over the turkey, while showing the others how to make the sides. Things went better than they had at Thanksgiving, as Joey was catching onto things quickly, while Billy’s attitude was much better than before. They all ate around the table, though it was a tight fit. Charlie was told off by his father for giving Little Joey scraps from the table, something Rick said would make training the pup even more difficult, so he had Charlie put the puppy in the garage. Charlie did as he was told, except he quelled the puppy with a big piece of turkey breast. After the meal, the boys went upstairs. Billy went to his room to video chat with Trevor, who was in California visiting relatives. Ry and the younger boys went to Charlie’s room to game with their new supplies. The adults sat, very full, in the living room talking and catching up. “That was an amazing meal,” Kenny said for the third time. “And Ry has always cooked like that?” “He’s improved a bit over the years,” Rick replied, “but he’s been consistently good at it. He’s a natural chef, my kid.” “You should really push him into going to culinary school, Rick. He could own his own restaurants with his skills.” “We’re trying,” Rick said, indicating he and Will. “Ry just doesn’t seem all that interested in it.” “What about Billy?” “He can’t cook. He’s too much like me.” Kenny laughed and said, “No, I meant as far as college goes. Does he know what he wants to study?” Will said, “I don’t think he’s gotten that far. He’s very involved in his high school aspirations.” “We’re encouraging him to find work before college, so he’ll have practical experience and won’t waste his time floating around from major to major trying to figure things out.” “That sounds sensible,” Kenny conceded. “And how about Charlie?” Rick laughed, “He’s ten. I think he’s more concerned about graduating to the fifth grade without getting suspended again.” Rick explained Charlie’s school problems and admitted that he didn’t handle them the way he should have, promising to do better, which was more for himself than the other men in the room. “I just want Charlie to be a kid while he still can.” “But he has a college fund, correct?” Will said, “We’ve made sure he has some money to go. He doesn’t have as much as his brothers, who received their money from past legal issues, but he has enough between the two of us to go to a great community college or well-ranked university.” “I see,” Kenny said. “Well, I’d like to make sure Charlie can get into a good university if he can get accepted.” Rick looked confused, not sure if he was guessing Kenny’s words correctly. “Are you offering to pay for Charlie’s college?” “Well, Spencer and I don’t have kids, and since I’ve let Will back into my life, Julie and her wife have all but cut ties with me. For a gay-friendly dyke, our older sister can be a real bitch.” “That’s why I’m happy to be the baby of the family,” Will said, smiling at his older half-brother. “Anyway,” Kenny continued, “my husband and I can’t think of that many people and charities to leave our money to, so we’ve decided that we’d leave something to the boys we’ve come to care about as nephews. After everything is sold off and a set amount is donated to various charities for tax purposes, the rest would be divided between your boys, and a nephew and niece on Spencer’s side.” “Not to sound greedy or rude,” Rick clarified. “How much are we talking, roughly? I don’t want them thinking that they no longer have to earn their way in the world. I mean, since the move, they’ve grown accustomed to the better life than we had before, they know they have to earn everything they get. I just want them thinking that they can just fuck everything off, especially at the expense of you and Spencer dying.” “I completely understand,” Kenny said, “which is one the of the reasons my husband and I feel that this is the best course of action with our estate. Everyone else in the family, Will not included, are a bunch of spoiled jackasses who would fall apart the second their money was taken from them. Most blew their trust funds before they turned twenty-five and are living off of either their parents or someone else’s parents. “You’ve proven yourself to be a very capable, resourceful and caring person, Rick. You adopted a boy from a shattered home for Christ’s sake. Julie and her brood never would’ve considered it. You raised Billy as your own without treating him as anything other than your own flesh and blood. And of course, despite your recent bumps with Charlie, it is very clear that that boy adores you, and you can’t get a love like that without doing something right. “And is Joey next on the list? Because it’s not too late for Spencer and I to add another name.” Will laughed and said, “Joey is on loan, while his father recovers from a car accident. Once he’s out of the hospital and able to care for his son, Joey will be going home.” “I see. Well, if things ever change, just let me know. Look at the time,” Kenny said, looking at the clock on the wall. “I think we should be going, don’t you, Will?” “Absolutely,” Will said, before going to say goodbye to the boys. Having a second alone with Rick, Kenny asked, “Has my brother seemed different to you lately?” “What do you mean?” Rick replied. “He seems, I don’t know, distracted. He goes off in the middle of the night and is constantly on his phone. Will says he’s working, but it just seems odd to me.” “He is a lawyer. I don’t know how things work in Canada, but lawyers can be called to the jail day or night.” “That’s fair, I guess. I just worry about him sometimes, as all big brothers do.” “Ready?” Will said, coming down the stairs. “I think so,” Kenny said. He shook Rick’s hand before walking out the door with his brother. Rick was about to consider Kenny’s words about Will, when he heard Charlie yell. “Goddamnit, Little Joey! Not again!” “Language!” Rick yelled back, amused at his son’s mounting frustrations. “Remember: You wanted this!” He grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and made his way upstairs for the night. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 48***

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