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Chapter 26 Rick grounded Kyle for a rest of the weekend. Kyle remained pissed till about Sunday evening. Charlie had gone to bed, and Kyle knew he didn’t have much time till Rick went to sleep, as well. He sheepishly walked down the hall and saw his step-father, sitting in his underwear, watching TV. His words almost choked him, as Kyle quietly asked, “Can we talk?” Rick looked at his son and earnestly said, “Of course,” patting the seat next to him. Kyle nearly ran. Tears fell before his ass even hit the cushion. Rick turned bodily to face his lover. He pulled Kyle into his arms and held his boy, who shook and sobbed. Rick lovingly stroked Kyle’s dark hair and kissed him softly. “I’m sorry,” Kyle said, muffled by Rick’s hairy chest. “It’s okay, Baby. It’s okay,” Rick whispered. Rick held Kyle till Kyle pulled away and wiped his eyes clear. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” Kyle took a settling breath and said, “I don’t know. I feel confused; the air feels so heavy.” Rick grabbed Kyle’s hand and said, “Do you feel like there’s so much going on that you’re going to explode?” “Yeah.” “Do you feel like you don’t know how to feel?” “Yeah,” Kyle said questioningly, a little unsure if Rick was a psychic or something. “Do you feel like there’s so many emotions in you that you can’t get rid of them, and that you can’t find the words to describe how you feel?” “Yes,” tears started to fall from Kyle’s eyes, once more. “Baby, that’s just puberty kicking in. Your body is producing hormones that are messing with your brain, so it’s perfectly normal to feel like this, even though it sucks a lot.” “When will it stop?” “Around the time you leave high school, unfortunately.” Rick kissed Kyle’s hands. “That sucks,” Kyle choked, causing both father and son to laugh. Rick wiped the tears from Kyle’s face and said, “Yeah, it does, but it won’t last forever.” “I hope not.” “If things get bad, you need to talk to me, okay? I don’t want another repeat of Friday. Charlie and I were very upset.” “I’m sorry,” Kyle said. “I know, but it can’t happen again. I need you.” Kyle’s heart ached with guilt and swelled with love; Rick needed him, as if Kyle couldn’t have been more in love. Monday and Tuesday went by as normal. At lunch on Wednesday, Cody and Kyle sat at their usual table. However, they were joined by a sulking Ry. Kyle had convinced his friend to at least try getting along with his boyfriend. “So, what are you going as?” Cody asked Kyle. Kyle looked confused, so Cody added, “for Halloween?” “Oh, I don’t know, we still have weeks until then,” Kyle said. Cody and Ry looked at each other, as if Kyle had lost his mind. Ry said, “Um, no. Halloween is the day after tomorrow.” “You’re messing with me, right?” Kyle chuckled. “Nope,” both boys said. “Shit!” “Watch your language,” said Mr. Nader, who had been lurking nearby. The three boys waited for the vice principle to walk away before continuing. Cody said, “Do you şişli travesti want to coordinate our costumes?” “That’s gay,” Ry blurted. Cody’s eyes darkened, but Kyle said, “Then that makes sense, since we’re gay, but thanks for making sure we know our sexual orientation. I almost forgot for a second.” Ry turned red from the rebuke, grabbed his tray and left. “I don’t like him,” Cody muttered. “He doesn’t like you either,” Kyle added, “but you both like me, so you two need to get over it.” “I will when he does.” “You started it, remember?” Cody dropped his head and said, “Yeah, I remember, but how long do I have to be reminded?” “However long it takes. Some people don’t forgive easily.” “But I didn’t do anything to him!” Kyle sighed. “I know, and he knows that, too, but he’s protective of me after everything you and Dan did. He’ll come around. Just give him time.” “And if he doesn’t?” “Then…I don’t know,” Kyle said, throwing up his arms. “Can we talk about costumes instead, please?” Everyone came to school on Friday dressed in their costumes. Cody and Kyle decided to go as video game characters. Ry, who was dressed as one of his non-player characters, was very quick to point out that their characters were supposed to be brothers. “So,” Cody said defensively. “So?” Ry laughed, “You’re basically making out with your brother!” Kyle turned red. Like Cody, Kyle didn’t take incest into consideration. The sound of disgust in Ry’s voice was apparent. Imagine how he’d react if he ever found out about Rick and I? Kyle thought. Cody and Kyle made a point to avoid public displays of affection for the rest of the day, agreeing to go as something else for trick or treating. “Why can’t you just use the costume you already have?” asked a flustered Rick. He was out of his element helping Kyle apply make-up and product. “Because I don’t want people saying that I’m fucking my brother,” Kyle said, attempting to apply black lipstick. “Really?” Rick leaned in and whispered, “You don’t seem to have a problem with your dad fucking you.” Kyle lost his concentration and smeared a black line across his right cheek. Rick laughed and helped his son clean his face. “Come ON!” Called out Charlie as he was moving onto the next house. Ry, Cody and Kyle were rather bored. The night wasn’t going that well, as far as candy went. It didn’t help that it rained for about an hour, so Kyle’s and Cody’s make-up ran. “I knew we should’ve gone as something else,” Kyle said. “How was I supposed to know it was going to rain?” Cody said, wiping the mascara from his eyes. “Yeah,” Ry added, “you look more like emo clowns and not punk rockers.” Cody shot Ry a dirty look, which Ry ignored. “Come. ON!” Charlie shouted. He was already on the other side of the street. “Charlie, wait for your brother!” Called Rick, who was keeping his distance, with the Morrows and Ry’s parents. There was still some tension between Rick and Cody’s dad, which led to very little conversation. As for Ry’s parents, the Doernbechers were drunk. They were also quietly fighting…well, not very quietly. The kids couldn’t hear anything, but Rick got an earful. Mr. Doernbecher accused Mrs. Doernbecher of having an affair with one of her coworkers, while Mrs. Doernbecher claimed that her husband was sleeping with her younger (and apparently hotter) sister. Even though they didn’t physically fight, Rick could see why Ry liked having Kyle over every weekend. “Hey guys!” All four youths stopped, as a tall, slim boy from Kyle’s biology class walked up to them. Trevor Wimbish was one of the few black kids at the almost all white middle school. “Hey Trevor,” Cody said, “bro hugging” the boy. “Cool costume.” Trevor was dressed as Frankenstein’s monster. “Thanks! My mom helped with the makeup. Are you guys supposed to be vampires or something?” Ry snorted with laughter. Trying to stop Cody from snapping, Kyle quickly said, “No, the rain ruined beylikdüzü travesti our makeup. We’re supposed to be punk rockers, and Ry is a fighter.” “From your game, right?” Trevor asked Ry, who looked like he had swallowed his tongue. “Donny talks about it all the time,” Trevor added. “It sounds pretty cool.” “It is,” Kyle said. “Maybe you’d want to play sometime?” “Maybe. Swim team starts soon, so I don’t know how much I have to commit.” Trevor looked at Cody and asked, “Are you still going to try out?” “Probably. I think I will.” “Cool. I hope you do. Well,” Trevor said, “I’ll see you guys on Monday, then,” and with that, Trevor left. “I can’t believe you asked Trevor if he wanted to play in my game?” Ry said, a little annoyed. “I’m sorry,” Kyle said, shocked at Ry’s tone. “I didn’t know I shouldn’t have. Don’t you like him?” “I do,” Ry said, “but he’s, like, really popular, and I don’t need his friends making fun of us anymore than they already do.” “We get made fun of?” “Uh, yeah,” Ry said sarcastically. “Huh, I had no idea.” “Yeah, it’s because you’re the token gay kid who happens to be dating a jock, who also happens to be the son of a teacher. I’m a nobody, so that puts a target on my back.” “I’m sorry. I’ll tell him that I was wrong–” “Then everyone will think we’re racist,” interrupted Ry. Kyle didn’t know what to do, so he just gave up. It started to rain hard around ten o’clock. The Morrows called for Cody to get into their car. When Kyle and Ry turned around, they only saw Rick with his car. “You’re staying with us tonight,” Rick said to Ry. “Sorry,” Ry said, who sounded dejected. Rick took Ry by the shoulders and knelt down to eye level. “You have nothing to be sorry for,” Rick said, looking Ry straight in the eyes. “You can stay with us anytime you want or need. You’re always welcome, okay?” Ry was glad it was raining, since it hid the tears falling from his eyes. He got into the car and sat next to Kyle. Kyle noticed Ry’s face, reached out, and held his best-friend’s hand on the ride home. By the time they made it into the driveway, Charlie was already passed out. Rick carried his youngest into the house, while Kyle and Ry went into the bathroom to clean up. “Ugh, I’m going to have to take a shower to get all this crap off,” Kyle said, throwing the third blackened washcloth into the nearby hamper. “Yeah, you got it all over. I mean, how the hell did you get it on your back?!” Ry said, holding up a dirty finger he ran across Kyle’s spine. “I’m too tired for this! Maybe I should just do it tomorrow.” “No,” Ry said firmly. “I’m not going to wake up covered in your makeup too.” Ry began to take off his clothes. Kyle stood in mixed shock and horror. Despite being best-friends and cuddling nearly every weekend since the summer, Kyle had never seen Ry naked. “What are you doing?” was all Kyle could muster. “Taking a shower with you,” Ry answered, sounding slightly confused. “You’re going to need help cleaning yourself, and I doubt your stepdad will do it.” Oh, you’d be surprised, Kyle thought. Kyle relented and started to remove his clothes. Both boys got into the shower. Kyle saw that Ry was circumcised, as he was, but his dick was a lot bigger, almost as big as Rick’s. Ry had a thick bush of hair at the base of his cock, and his balls were large and also covered in hair, which contrasted with the rest of his nearly hairless body. “Done perving?” Ry asked bluntly. Kyle shook himself out of his thoughts and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to stair.” “Yeah, you did,” Ry said, grabbing a bar of soap and a washcloth. “But, it’s alright. You’re gay, so I’m sure you like looking at naked guys like I like looking at naked women.” “I suppose,” Kyle said, feeling very embarrassed and ashamed of himself. “Turn around, so I can wash your back.” Kyle turned, smirked and said, “Don’t drop the soap.” “Is that a threat?” Ry said, with a chuckle. istanbul travesti “Only if you want it to be.” Ry laughed and started to wash off the black lines from Kyle’s back, while Kyle washed his front. Kyle was fine until Ry started to wash his ass, then Kyle’s dick had something to say about it. Kyle tried to get his boner to go away, but like every other time it happened, his boner only got harder. “Alright, let’s see how well you got yourself,” Ry said, spinning Kyle around. Kyle felt his balance failing, so he threw out his hands to catch himself. He managed to grab the walls in time, but it left his boner pointing directly at Ry. “Well,” Ry said with a smile, “I’m going to guess that I did a really good job with your back.” Ry tapped the head of Kyle’s dick with a finger, causing his friend to softly moan a bit. Recovering his balance and pride, Kyle said, “Your turn.” Ry laughed as he pulled back the curtain. “Sorry, Captain,” he said, “I’m a pitcher not a catcher, but maybe next time.” Ry winked at Kyle as he stepped out. Kyle was so confused. They dried off, wrapped their towels around their waists, and grabbed their clothes before heading to Kyle’s room. Rick came out of his own room, wearing his night clothes. He looked a little taken aback at the sight of the two, very good looking, 12-year-olds. Rick gave Kyle a look that clearly said, Did you two fuck? Kyle gave a very quick and stiff shake of his head before heading into his room, closing the door behind him. Ry put his boxer-briefs back on, while Kyle put on a pair of pajama bottoms, opting to free-ball it for the evening. He was still hard when he and Ry got into bed. “If you don’t mind,” Ry quipped, “I think I’ll be big-spoon tonight. I don’t want to get stabbed with that,” he added, again, tapping Kyle’s penis, causing Kyle to moan a little and a bit of pre-cum to dribble out. It took a while for Ry to pass out. Both boys were laying on their left sides, and Ry’s right arm was sandwiched between Kyle’s right arm and his bare chest. Kyle’s boner had not gone away, and Ry breathing on his neck wasn’t helping. Kyle made the choice to jerk off, while Ry was still holding him. So, Kyle slid his right hand down and pulled back the front of his pajamas, exposing his hot, hard cock. Kyle took a hold of it, and very slowly, started stroking his dick. The copious amount of pre-cum he produced made it a lot easier. Kyle began to fantasize about Rick touching him. The roughness of his hands, the softness of his caressing. Kyle got lost in the moment. So lost, in fact, that he didn’t feel another hand move down his stomach. It wasn’t until a different rhythm took over that he was snapped back to reality. Kyle’s eye opened, and he started to roll over, when a familiar and unexpected voice whispered in his ear, “Just let it happen.” Kyle froze for a moment before letting Ry finish what he had started. Kyle’s cock was nowhere near as big as Ry’s, but his friend’s long, slow strokes made Kyle feel like he was at least a foot long. Kyle pressed his ass into Ry’s lap, but he couldn’t feel if Ry was hard or not. Ry then began to thrust his hips into Kyle’s waist, while holding his own hand around Kyle’s throbbing cock. Kyle followed Ry’s movements, effectively causing Kyle to fuck Ry’s hand, while Ry dry humped him. The movements, the sensations, the warmth of Ry’s breath on his neck and ear, combined with the total surprise of the moment was way too much for Kyle, who quickly jerked the blanket back just in time, as load after huge load sprayed his bedroom floor. Kyle’s body shook, and he began to whimper, almost too loudly, as Ry still stroked Kyle with his cum-covered fist. “Stop, stop!” Kyle hastily whispered, as his dick became very sensitive, breaking Ry’s iron grip. Ry giggled, reached over Kyle, grabbing the discarded towel he had dtopped earlier to wipe his friend’s jizz off of his hand. Kyle was paralyzed with emotions. What the fuck just happened? He thought. Kyle felt Ry lean over him, just above his ear. Ry said softly, “Don’t say I’ve done nothing for ya.” Ry kissed Kyle on the cheek and rolled over, leaving Kyle more confused than ever. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 27***

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