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Chapter 34 “You need to get the fuck off my property,” Rick said through gritted teeth. Ry walked to the doorway. He peeked his head around the corner to see a short, well-built man. He was wearing glasses, nice clothing, and a baseball cap. He had light brown, facial hair with bits of gray in it. The man looked at him and then back to Rick before asking, “Is that Billy?” Rick looked over at Ry, who looked very confused. Rick turned his gaze back to the man at the door, then said, “There is nobody by that name here, so you need to leave right now before I call the cops.” The man seemed unphased by Rick’s tone. In fact, he gave a confident grin in kind and said, “I’m sorry. My mistake. Is Kyle here?” He looked at Ry and asked if he were Kyle. Ry could only shake his head and stair at the man. “Don’t look at him!” Rick snapped. “I’m sorry. I’m not trying to impose.” Without taking his eyes off of the man, Rick said to Ry, “Go to your room, now.” Ry was confused even more. He didn’t have a room there and he’d have to walk past the man, who gave him the creeps. “But–” Ry started, however, Rick cut him off with a sharp glare, slammed the door in the man’s face, took him by the shoulders and moved him to Kyle’s room. Rick shut the door behind them, knelt down and looked Ry in the eyes. Ry could see anger and fear on Rick’s face. “Ry,” Rick said, “that man is very bad; just as bad as Dan. I need you to stay in here, no matter what you hear. Do you understand?” “Yes, but who is he?” Rick thought about it, not knowing what Kyle might have said already. Taking a chance, Rick explained enough of the situation for Ry to understand and comply with his request, promising to give more details later. Before leaving the room, Rick gave Ry a brief hug–more to settle his own nerves than anything–which was returned. Rick opened the door to see the still pleasant face of William Parker. “I’m not joking,” Rick barked. “You need to leave now, before I call the police.” “Please,” Will Parker said, still grinning. “By all means, call the police. I have a right to see my son, and I would love for the police to tell you that.” “He’s one of your victims, and you can’t be anywhere around any of them, including Kyle.” “I think you’ll find that isn’t necessarily true, Rick.” Will Parker reached into a pocket and removed a piece of paper. “I was hoping your attorney had given this to you by now. I know she’s been working very hard trying to get it overturned, but until she succeeds, this visitation order still stands. Go ahead. Take it. I have plenty more where that came from,” Will said. Rick tentatively took the paper. şişli travesti It looked like a legitimate court order granting William Parker visitation with Kyle. There was nothing regarding a request for custody. It said that he was allowed a visit once, every 2 weeks to be supervised by Rick. Rick looked up from the document and saw the placide grin hadn’t changed. “This is bullshit,” Rick said. “You’re more than welcome to call your lawyer. In fact, I insist on it. Until then, I don’t mind waiting right here.” “I want you off my property. You’re trespassing.” “Fine,” Will Parker said. “Yes, I am trespassing, and I know that Billy–I mean, Kyle–should be at school.” He reached into his pocket and removed a business card. “Here’s my number. Once you have verified the validity of the order, you can have your attorney call me. When you’re ready to arrange a time and date, you can contact me directly.” Will Parker turned to walk away. As Rick started to close the door, Parker said, his grin faltered, “I’m sorry to hear about Ronda. I understand that she attacked the man who tried to rape our son. She was always very quick tempered. Unfortunately, her judgments are just as quick and the outcomes were always as reckless. Swing first and never ask questions later, because she can never be wrong. She’ll be fine in prison. Ronda’s a fighter, so you have nothing to worry about.” Parker’s grin returned as we walked to his car. Rick kept his eyes on the man until he could no longer see Parker’s car. Rick slammed the door shut and swore. Ry did the best he could to run out of the room. His ribs were hurting again, and he didn’t want Rick to be worried about him too. Rick called his lawyer and then the police. By the time he was done making calls, including calling in sick to work, it was almost lunch time. He was already exhausted. Rick laid back on the couch and took a nap. He woke with a small start as Ry called out his name. He saw the boy standing before him holding a plate with a sandwich on it. He thanked Ry and ate it. Ry sat next to Rick and quietly ate his own sandwich. He had heard enough to have filled in the blanks Rick left out earlier. He felt sorry for his friend and felt small pangs of guilt. “Rick,” Ry said softly. “Yeah, Kiddo?” “I need to tell you something, but I don’t know how.” Rick put his food down and turned towards Ry. Ry kept his head down, half-eaten sandwich still in hand. “Ry, you can talk to me about anything, you know that, right?” “Yeah, I think so.” “What’s wrong?” Ry steeled himself and said, “I think I’m a pervert.” Rick looked taken aback, and asked, “What makes you think that, Ry?” “Kyle was molested and almost raped by Dan, right? And I think it’s safe to assume his dad, the guy at the door, did the same thing.” Ry could sense that Rick was about to interrupt, so he hastily pressed on, “And then there was what Cody did to him, so I think that maybe I’m hurting Kyle like they did.” Tears fell from his eyes. He felt ashamed to be crying in front of Rick once more, so he tried to hide them. “Ry, you’re not a pervert.” Rick said gently. “You saved Kyle from being raped by Dan. You were Kyle’s only friend after what Cody did. I know for a fact you’re his best-friend, and you have been long before you two started having sex. I also know that he doesn’t feel pressured by you, which is so important. He loves and respects you. I think, if you were gay and interested, he’d probably leave Cody for you.” “But that’s the thing, isn’t it? He’s still with Cody, even after everything Cody did to him! He was having sex with beylikdüzü travesti Dan for weeks before the party. What if I’m hurting Kyle and neither of us knows it?” Ry couldn’t hold it back any further and broke down. Rick held Ry and said, “The fact you’re so worried about hurting Kyle only proves you’re not going to hurt him. YOU saved him. Not me, not his mother, not Cody. YOU did that. You could’ve easily just walked away and let Dan rape him, but you didn’t. You saved him, which shows that you could never do anything to hurt him.” Rick paused to consider his next question, then asked, “Do you love Kyle?” “What do you mean? Like a boyfriend?” “I don’t know, maybe? Love isn’t always about being in a relationship. You can love him like a friend, a brother, or a boyfriend.” Ry pulled himself together and thought about Rick’s words. “I think of him as a little brother, which makes sex a little weird at times, so I guess I love him like a brother and as a friend.” “And what about as a boyfriend?” Rick pressed. “I don’t know, at least I don’t think I do. I still like girls a lot, but I wanted to know what it was like to be with boys. I like what Kyle and I do, so I never considered stopping.” A small grin crossed his face. “Plus, there’s also getting Cody back a little for the way he treated Kyle.” “You really don’t like him do you?” Rick asked, meaning Cody. “Nah, not at all. I know Kyle has forgiven him, but I don’t think I ever could. He hurt Kyle really bad. Not just physically but also emotionally.” Rick hugged Ry tightly, and it took everything Ry had to not cry out. “And that’s how I know you’re nothing like those other guys. You only want what’s best for Kyle, while the others only thought about themselves.” Ry nodded and pulled away. He excused himself and went into the bathroom to get more aspirin. Charlie and Kyle came home around the same time. Rick and Ry had fallen asleep watching TV. Ry had laid his head in Rick’s lap. Charlie woke them up, making fun of Ry. Kyle wondered if something had happened between them, and made a note to ask Rick about it. Before dinner, Rick called Ry’s parents about Thanksgiving. He had a heated argument with Ry’s mom about Ry spending so much time away from home. Rick was certain she was drunk or on some kind of drugs. She slurred her speech and rambled a lot. Rick talked to Ry’s father after insisting. That conversation wasn’t any better. Though it didn’t seem like Ry’s dad was intoxicated, he was very bitter and angry. However, he said he didn’t care if Ry stayed for the weekend. He even insisted that Ry stay for the rest of the week. At one point, he even offered to help move his son into Rick’s place permanently before hanging up. Rick’s heart broke. He had one son that he might lose and another boy whose parents didn’t seem to care about him (at least one didn’t even want him). He was essentially the single father to three boys. He loved his sons, and he was starting to care for Ry like one of his boys. Rick also knew he had to play things safely from that point on. He and Kyle hadn’t had any private time since the trip to the coast, and he felt it was best to not do anything until the custody situation was settled. Kyle wasn’t going to be happy about it, Rick thought; however, with William Parker in the picture, Rick didn’t want to give the man any opportunity to take Kyle away. After Rick sent Charlie to bed, he asked Ry and Kyle to join him at the table. Rick explained to his son what had happened earlier in the day with William Parker. Kyle got upset, which was expected. Ry held Kyle’s hand istanbul travesti as Rick explained the custody order and that Rebecca confirmed that it was legitimate. Even though his own heart was breaking for his boy, Rick pressed on. “I have to supervise your visits, so you won’t be left alone with him. We’ll be doing the visits in Rebecca’s office with Antonio there, as well.” “Can Ry be there, too?” Kyle asked through his tears. Ry looked at Rick hopefully, but Rick only shook his head. “I’m sorry, Buddy, but no, he can’t. William Parker is a dangerous man, and I can’t put Ry at risk like that. It’s bad enough Ry was here.” “I can defend myself,” Ry said, a little incredulous. “I know, Tough Guy,” Rick said, ruffling Ry’s hair. “But I still can’t put you at risk like that. If your parents ever found out, they might not let you come back here.” “Not that they care,” Ry muttered under his breath. Once they were finished with their talk, Kyle and Ry got ready for bed. Kyle said he needed to use the bathroom and left Ry in the bed. Instead, Kyle crossed the hall and walked into Rick’s room. Rick was naked and getting into bed. He was startled by the door suddenly opening, but relaxed when he saw Kyle. “What’s up, Buddy?” Kyle closed the door and sat next to his dad. “I need to ask you a serious question.” “Alright,” Rick said. “Are you and Ry having sex?” Rick looked befuddled and then gave a small chuckle. Kyle looked annoyed, which only made Rick laugh harder. “I’m serious!” Kyle stated angrily. “I know,” Rick said, calming down. “And you look very cute when you’re serious.” “Stop laughing at me,” Kyle said, turning red and trying not to giggle himself. “That’s not fair.” “Okay, you’re right. It’s not fair,” Rick said, kissing Kyle. He continued, “to answer your question: No. I’m not having sex with Ry. It hasn’t even crossed my mind. Why? Has Ry said something?” “No, but you talked to him for awhile last night, were alone with him all day today, and he was asleep in your lap when I got home, so I was wondering if you were having sex with him.” “Would it be a problem if I did?” Kyle thought about it and said, “Yeah, I think it would be.” “Because I’m having sex with Ry?” “No, because he’d be having sex with you.” “Wow, Baby,” Rick said, holding Kyle tightly. “That’s very adult of you, but you know I only love you, right? I don’t want anyone else, not even Ry. You know that, right?” “I guess.” “I like Ry, but I see him more like I see Charlie and nothing more. I also think that Ry is only interested in you, anyway, at least until he figures himself out.” “I guess I was being jealous,” Kyle conceded. “And there’s no reason to be jealous. I am in love with you, and I know you’re in love with me.” “Yeah, I am,” Kyle said. He leaned in and kissed Rick, who returned the embrace. There was a knock on the bedroom door. Ry called from the other side and asked if Kyle was in with Rick. Rick and Kyle separated and Rick invited Ry into the room. Ry closed the door behind him and walked toward the bed. “I thought you were only going to the bathroom,” he said to Kyle. “I wanted a quick word about the weekend before Kyle went to bed. I’m sorry if I interrupted your plans.” “It didn’t. I was just worried, was all.” Rick gave Kyle a hug good night and said, “Alright monsters, off to bed.” Kyle walked past Ry, who hesitated for a minute before turning towards the door. Rick called out, “Ry, did you want a hug good night?” Ry turned and walked to Rick, who pulled Ry into his arms. Rick held Ry a minute longer and whispered, “Thank you.” Ry let go, sniffling. “For what?” “For being you,” Rick said. Kyle held Ry’s hand as they went back to bed. Ry softly cried himself to sleep, wishing that he had had a different life. Kyle held Ry, having similar thoughts. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 35***

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