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Chapter 39 “What are you playing at?!” Rick demanded. Will looked a little shocked at Rick’s attitude. “Defending our son’s friend, of course,” Will replied. Rebecca said, “Impersonating an officer of the court is a serious offense.” “I know it is,” Will said, “which is why I’m not.” Will handed Rebecca and Rick a business card that read “William H. Parker, III, Attorney at Law.” “I thought you owned a tech business,” Rick said. “I do,” Will said, “But, I’m also a lawyer. You’d be amazed how much spare time prison gives you.” “How can you be a lawyer? You’re a felon and a sex offender.” “He can,” Rebecca said. “As long as his felony conviction occurred before he took the bar exam, he can practice law in this state.” “Exactly,” Will said. “I have also passed the bar in şişli travesti several other states. You wouldn’t believe how much money I’ve saved in attorney fees.” “Is this a game to you?” Rick snapped. “Not at all,” Will replied. “In fact, I need to confer with my client before the sergeant comes back. Rebecca would you bring your client, as well, please?” Will confidently walked past Rick towards Ry, who was crying uncontrollably. When Will asked Ry to come with him, Ry looked panicked and then turned his gaze to Rick, who nodded. The three adults and lone boy went into the kitchen. Kyle and Charlie tried to follow, but Rick told them to stay with Terry and Lydia, who were still in the living room. Once they all sat down, Will looked at Ry and said, “Do you have a dollar?” “No,” Ry said, confused by the question. “How about a penny?” “No,” Ry said firmly. “What’s going on?” “I’m wondering that, too,” Rick said. “I need to accept a retainer of some kind. I could do it pro bono, but I would prefer some form of payment.” Rick pulled a dollar from his pocket and tossed it to Will, who then passed it to Ry. He then asked Ry for the dollar. Ry shrugged, which Will took as a yes. “Okay,” Will said, “Ry, I told the sergeant that I’m your lawyer. They want to hand you over to your father and mother–” “No!” Ry nearly shouted. “They can’t!” Will said calmly, “Actually, they can, but I told them that your father abused you.” “You told!” Ry accused Rick. “No!” Rick said. “I swear I didn’t say anything.” “Then how does he know?” “Lucky guess,” Will said, plainly. All eyes turned on Will, who seemed to glow from his own cunning. “It was easy to assume your dad abused you, since your babysitter said you weren’t here. I spoke beylikdüzü travesti to Officer Mitchell, who affirmed the statement. I overheard your father talking to Officer Lopez about you having been here for a couple of weeks. Since you hadn’t come out to him immediately, it was easy to put it together. I don’t know how he abused you, but it must have been bad enough for you to have practically moved in. Mind telling me what he did?” Ry was reluctant, but Rick encouraged the boy to tell Will. Will pulled a notepad out of his pocket and took some notes. I asked to see if there were any marks or bruises. Ry lifted his shirt, and Will asked Rebecca to take pictures of what evidence there was. Will asked a few more questions about Ry’s home life, physical activities, and so on. He then excused himself and left the house. “Who the fuck is that guy?” Rebecca said. A couple minutes later, Will returned. The cop cars began to pull away. “I have some good news and some bad news.” He looked at Ry and said, “Your father is going to jail for attacking you, and your mother is heading to jail for public intoxication and a few other minor charges. I am also taking legal custody of you until your mother is released and approved to take you by Child Protective Services.” “I don’t want to go anywhere with you,” Ry spat. Will ignored his client’s words and pressed on. “I’ll be leaving you in the care of someone I trust to look after you, since he’s raising our son and all.” To Rick, he asked, “Unless you don’t think you can continue taking care of him?” “I think I can manage just fine.” “Great,” Will said, sounding pleased with himself. “What’s the bad news?” Rick asked. “The bad news is that I can’t stop Ry’s mother from taking istanbul travesti him. From what I can tell, she’s never abused him, so I can’t make any claim that would immediately take Ry from her custody, provided she’s sober when she comes.” “When do you think that will be?” Will looked pensive then said, “I’m hoping at least 30 days. I’ll be contacting CPS on Monday and filing a report with them. Until then, Ry’s in your hands.” “I don’t know what to say,” Rick said. “You don’t have to say anything,” Will said, dismissively. “Ry means a lot to our son, and Kyle means everything to me, even if he doesn’t feel the same way. I’d do anything for him, so if protecting his friend is what’s needed, then I’ll do everything in my power to do so.” Will put the notepad in his pocket and walked towards the front door. “See you in two weeks, Kyle?” “Yeah,” Kyle said. Kyle didn’t know why he did it, but he got up, ran to Will and gave him a big hug. Will was very shaken by and gingerly returned it. “Thank you for helping Ry.” Kyle muttered. “You’re very welcome,” Will muttered back. Once Kyle let go, Will left swiftly. Rick thanked Lydia and Terry profusely and kept apologizing for everything. They told Rick that they were glad to help, and Terry said that next time, he could leave the crazy bitches at the bar like everyone else. Lydia swatted her husband, reminding him that Ry was only in the other room. “Sorry, little dude,” Terry called. “It’s okay,” Ry called back. “I know she’s crazy. Plus, I got to spend time with your wife, so we’re even.” “Alight, alright,” Terry laughed. “I got you.” Rebecca and Antonio stayed a few minutes longer to go over Rick’s statement to the police and how crazy everything was. Rick escorted the pair out the door, as a tow truck pulled up with Rick’s truck on the bed. Apparently, Will had called in another favor. “Seriously, who the fuck is this guy?” Rick asked. “I don’t know,” Rebecca said, “But we need to find out.” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 40***

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