Guarding Miss Woodall


Marcus Evans sat in an armchair at the top of the stairs, eyelids feeling heavy as he struggled to stay awake. The house was dead quiet, the hallway pitch black. A glimpse at the clock told him it was after three in the morning. The night shift was brutal. It’d help if he had something to do to keep him up and alert, but his job was to quite literally sit and wait for any danger. As usual, there was none.

He exhaled and shut his burning eyes — just for a minute, he told himself. He was a light sleeper. If there did happen to be any trouble, he’d wake. Marcus leaned his head back against the chair and surrendered to the sleep he so desperately needed.

The next thing he heard was a scream.

Marcus’s eyes snapped open and he lurched to his feet before he was fully awake. Hand grabbing his gun out of its holster, Marcus sprinted down the hallway and burst into the last bedroom on the right.

“Miss Woodall? Are you alright?” Marcus asked urgently as he scanned the room, gun drawn, ready to fire at intruders. Still a bit drowsy, Marcus flicked on the light switch to help illuminate any danger. It took him a few extra seconds to realize nothing was amiss. He turned back to his charge and re-holstered his gun. She was sitting up in bed, face paler than usual, her blonde hair a tangled mess.

“Y-yes, I’m fine,” she panted out, hand pressed against her heart. “I’m so sorry, Marcus, it was another nightmare.”

Marcus slowly exhaled, allowing himself to relax. Nothing was wrong. Well, nothing except his charge having violent nightmares ever since her horrifying ordeal a few weeks ago.

“Let me get you some water,” Marcus said, needing to feel useful. She’d been having these damn nightmares every single night, and there was nothing he could do to help. Marcus walked into the adjoining bathroom and filled a glass with water. He returned and handed it to the frightened young woman.

“Thank you,” she whispered, taking a little sip.

“I’ll let you get back to sleep,” Marcus said with a nod, heading for the door.

“Marcus.” He paused and turned around. “Could you stay with me for a bit? I’m pretty shaken up.”

“Of course,” he replied automatically. Not like he could say no. Her wish was his command. Marcus stood near the door.

“Please,” she said, giving the side of her bed a little pat. “Sit with me.”

Marcus hesitated before slowly moving toward her. He perched himself on the edge of the bed near the bottom, keeping as much distance between them as possible. Marcus was a professional — he knew how crucial it was not to cross any personal boundaries, especially with charges. During his ten years in private security, he’d never had an issue with that. He was used to standing guard at the edge of someone’s property, or keeping an eye on their business after hours. Not much chance to get close to someone there.

But when he became heiress Evie Woodall’s personal bodyguard, everything changed.

Marcus had worked for Evie’s father for several years without having much contact with Evie at all. He’d seen her from time to time — and admired her beauty from afar — but he’d been able to keep a safe distance.

Not after what had happened, though.

A few weeks ago, Evie was kidnapped. A pretty straight-forward abduction with a high ransom demand. Mr. Woodall managed to hire some men with a certain skillset to rescue her. The problem was, that meant the kidnappers were still at large — and surely pissed that their meal ticket had vanished. Mr. Woodall was terrified of a repeat attempt, so he’d shipped his daughter off to a safe house in the middle of nowhere, with Marcus forbidden to leave her side. There were men guarding the outside of the property, but Marcus was Evie’s only protection on the inside.

The new assignment gave Marcus conflicting feelings. He was honored that his boss trusted him enough to put his daughter’s life in his hands, and it was a pretty easy gig — a lot less grueling than what he normally did. But the big problem was all this one-on-one time with Evie.

She was absolutely gorgeous. A young woman in her mid-twenties, Evie was radiant. She had beautiful blue eyes and a smile that was contagious. Marcus tried not to notice her shapely body, but he couldn’t help it. She had perfect breasts (when Marcus had helped her pack, he’d noticed her bras were a size 36C), a plump ass and thick thighs (her clothes, a size 8). Evie was exactly his type. And now, sitting on her bed with her, Marcus tried not to stare at the outline of her large nipples through the flimsy t-shirt she’d worn to sleep.

“You look uncomfortable,” Evie pointed out with a small laugh as she drank more water.

“I’m just worried about you, that’s all,” Marcus said quickly. It wasn’t technically a lie.

“You worry too much,” she replied. “You look exhausted. I know you’re not sleeping. You know, you have a bedroom for a reason.”

Marcus shifted, avoiding eye contact. “I’m fine in the hallway. It’s easier for me to be ready if something happens.”

Marcus didn’t have to spend his nights in that armchair — the exchange izle he chose to. He had a bedroom next door to Evie’s, with a monitor so he could easily hear if she needed help. He was allowed to sleep comfortably at night, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’d never forgive himself if something happened to Evie while he was sleeping.

“Marcus, we’ve been here for two weeks now, and nothing’s happened,” Evie pointed out. “I don’t want you losing sleep over me. Besides, if you’re dead tired, you won’t be sharp if something does happen.”

“Fair point,” Marcus said with a little laugh.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Evie said quietly. “I know this hasn’t been easy on you.”

Marcus looked at her like she was nuts. “Not easy on me? You’re the one who was kidnapped.”

Evie’s smile disappeared and she looked down at her lap. Damn it. Marcus felt like an idiot for bringing it up.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I shouldn’t have…”

“It’s okay,” Evie replied. “I try not to think about it, but the nightmares won’t let me forget.” She paused. “Before Dad sent us here, I wasn’t sleeping at all. Now at least I feel safe enough to get a few hours. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re very kind, Miss Woodall,” Marcus mumbled.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Evie?” She asked with a grin that Marcus could’ve sworn was flirty.

He needed to get that thought right out of his head.

It’s not like it would be impossible for Evie to be interested under normal circumstances. Marcus knew he was a good-looking man. At thirty-six, he was just old enough to look distinguished. He was tall and in fantastic shape, a basic requirement of the job. Marcus was biracial, his beautiful skin the color of a latte. He had warm, brown eyes under a set of strong brows, and a classic, masculine square jaw. If he and Evie had met out in the world normally, they’d be a perfectly-matched, attractive couple.

But inside this safe house, the circumstances were anything but normal. Marcus was employed by Evie’s father, which made her entirely off-limits. His job was to protect her, not try to seduce her. And after her ordeal with the kidnappers, he’d never risk doing something to make her feel unsafe or violated.

“I’m okay now,” Evie suddenly said. “Please, go to bed. Your real bed, too — not that chair.”

Marcus let out a chuckle. “Alright, if you insist. But I’ll be right on the other side of this wall if you need me.” He pointed.

“Thank you,” Evie said, reaching out and grabbing his arm gently. The feeling of her warm skin on his sent a rush of desire through him. For a few seconds, he thought about how it would feel to have her warm, naked body on top of his, her big breasts pressed tightly against his muscular chest. How it would feel to sink his hard shaft deep into…

“Goodnight, Miss Woodall,” Marcus said, standing abruptly as he felt his cock begin to stir at his thoughts.

“Goodnight,” Evie murmured, her eyes flickering shut as she leaned back against her pillows. Her breathing quickly deepened, and Marcus watched her for a moment as she fell into a deep sleep. She looked so peaceful — she trusted Marcus so much she was able to doze off right in front of him, not worried in the least that he’d try something. That made his burgeoning erection feel all the more traitorous.

Marcus switched off the lights, quickly exited Evie’s room and darted to his, shutting the door. Breathing ragged, he undid his pants and fished out his hard cock, leaning back against the door as he began to stroke himself. Marcus closed his eyes and pictured Evie’s soft hand wrapped around his cock instead of his own. He thought about that see-through shirt she’d been wearing, and he was embarrassed that that was all it took to take him over the edge. As Marcus came, he envisioned shooting his load all over Evie’s giant tits.

Fuck, he thought as he recovered from the orgasm. He wanted her. Bad.

Shaking his head, Marcus cleaned himself up and laid down on his bed, clothes and shoes still on, and closed his eyes. He did need rest. Maybe it’d help him get his head straight.


When Marcus woke, the sunlight streaming in through his window was blinding. He sat up in a slight panic, which only increased when he noticed the time. It was after ten. He hopped out of bed and sprinted towards Evie’s room. The door was open, the bed unmade, but she wasn’t there.

“Miss Woodall?” Marcus called nervously. No response. He dashed down the stairs, and relief rushed through him when he saw Evie shuffling around the kitchen, eggs frying in a pan, cup of coffee in her hand.

“Morning, Marcus,” Evie said sunnily when she noticed him. “Want some eggs? I made a lot.”

“Uh…” Marcus walked into the kitchen and perched himself on one of the barstools at the counter. Evie didn’t wait for him to respond. She put some scrambled eggs on a plate, poured another mug of coffee, and set it down in front of him. He could only stare at the food.

“What’s wrong?” the family pile izle She asked with a frown. “Do you not like eggs?”

“No, no,” Marcus said quickly. “It’s just…you shouldn’t be cooking for me. I work for you — not the other way around.”

Evie waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t be ridiculous. We’re both stuck in here. It makes no sense for us to live completely separately.” She paused. “I don’t like thinking of you like that, Marcus. Like you’re just my employee. It’s weird.”

While her words sent warmth spreading throughout Marcus’s body, they also filled him with dread. It’d be so much easier to resist her if she DID treat him like an employee — like he was just the help.

Evie sat on the stool next to Marcus with her own plate and dug into her breakfast. Marcus hesitantly ate his. She looked adorable in her short robe, her hair still a bit messy from sleep. She just seemed so damn comfortable around him. Marcus had dated women in the past who never let him see them in their “natural state”. Evie’s authenticity was incredibly attractive.

“So, I was thinking,” Evie started. “Maybe we could hang out today.”

Marcus nearly choked on his eggs. “Hang out?” Typically, Marcus lingered in the living room or out on the patio while Evie watched TV or read in her room.

“I’m just so goddamn bored!” Evie exclaimed. “I’ve gone through like six books since we’ve been here. And don’t tell me you’re not bored, just standing around all day.”

“Well, I…” Evie gave Marcus a look. “It’s my job,” he added weakly.

Evie shook her head. “I’ve decided that just because we’re both prisoners here, doesn’t mean it has to suck. We’re going to have some fun.”

Marcus didn’t say anything, but there was a frown on his face.

“Come on, Marcus,” Evie begged. “I can tell you’re a cool guy, if you just let loose a little.”

Damn it. Marcus did want to spend time with Evie — to actually interact with her instead of standing silently in the background. But this was a slippery slope. And borderline unprofessional.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked cautiously.

Evie flashed him a wicked grin. “How are your video game skills?”

An hour later, Marcus found himself laughing harder than he could ever remember as he and Evie played Mario Kart. When they first started he’d been embarrassingly bad, but he quickly got the hang of it. The moment Evie realized he was a worthy competitor, she employed questionable tactics to beat Marcus. She’d casually bump his shoulder or try to snatch his controller right out of his hands. Evie had no problem touching him. At first, it made Marcus nervous when her fingers would brush his hand or when she’d lean in close, but he allowed himself to relax. He allowed himself to enjoy her touches, or the pleasant scent of her shampoo.

It was during their last game that everything went to shit.

When Evie and Marcus were neck and neck in the last lap, Evie was trying her usual distractions, but Marcus was laser-focused. Just when he could see the finish line, Evie suddenly jumped into his lap, her blonde head blocking Marcus’s line of vision.

“You little cheat!” Marcus yelled, trying to see around her head, but it was too late. Evie’s racer crossed the finish line, and the victory music played. She turned to him with a sheepish smile on her face.

“Good game?” She offered.

“You’re so bad,” Marcus said with a grin. Before he could realize what he was doing, he brought his fingers to her stomach and started to tickle her.

Evie shrieked with laughter. “Stop, stop, stop!” She squirmed on his lap but made no move to get away, so Marcus didn’t relent. Evie threw her arms around Marcus’s neck and buried her face into his shoulder as she continued to laugh, breathless. Marcus slowed down on the tickling as he snapped out of the playful moment and realized that Evie was all over him. He fully registered her ass on his lap, her upper body pressed against his, her warm breath against his neck…and it was too much. Marcus couldn’t even try to fight it — he was getting hard.

He immediately dropped his hands and froze, having no idea what to do. He couldn’t just shove her off of him. All he could do was pray Evie didn’t notice.

But as she sat up straight, Marcus could see it in her eyes — she felt it. Evie didn’t look upset, necessarily, but she looked pretty shocked. Fuck.

“Uh, sorry I’m such a cheater,” Evie said, quickly sliding off Marcus’s lap. “You got really good at the end.”

Marcus could barely look at her, he was so ashamed. His face felt hot, and he hoped his skin tone hid his embarrassment.

“That was fun,” Evie continued when Marcus didn’t speak. “Thanks. I think I’m going to try and take a nap now.”

“Okay,” Marcus said, still unable to look directly at her. Thankfully, Evie quickly disappeared up the stairs. Marcus let out a giant sigh and put his face in his hands. He couldn’t do this — that much was obvious now. There was no being friends with Evie. He had to keep his distance, even the first lady izle if it killed him.


Marcus was laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling. It was late, after midnight, but despite his exhaustion, he couldn’t sleep.

He hadn’t seen Evie for the rest of the day. It seemed she’d decided to hide in her room, and Marcus couldn’t blame her. She was probably incredibly offended — maybe even afraid of him now. God, what if she told her father? Marcus would be out on his ass so fast…

Before Marcus could continue to beat himself up, there was a tentative knock on his door. Alarmed, he sat up in bed quickly.

“Is everything okay?” He was convinced something was wrong — why else would she be speaking to him after the incident?

Evie didn’t respond, but she pushed into Marcus’s room and shut the door behind her. In her bare feet, she crept closer to Marcus’s bed. She was in that godforsaken t-shirt again, which only came down to her mid-thighs.

“I’m glad you’re actually trying to get some sleep,” she said quietly. Marcus had decided hiding in his room tonight would be the best bet, and he’d even undressed. Right now, he was only in his boxer shorts — no shirt. Evie’s eyes were locked on his bare, muscular chest. Goddamn it, she was going to give him another hard-on.

“Do you need something?” Marcus asked slowly, incredibly confused. Wouldn’t Evie want to stay far away from him after what happened today?

“I had another nightmare,” Evie said, taking a few more steps towards the bed. “Can I sleep with you?”

The question sent Marcus’s cock rising even higher. He adjusted the covers to ensure she couldn’t see.

“Miss Woodall, that’s really not a good idea,” he said, convinced he’d misheard her.

“Why not?” Evie asked. She was standing right next to the bed now.

“Your father,” Marcus said. “He wouldn’t like this at all.”

Evie laughed. “Who cares what he thinks? I’m an adult. I’m allowed to make my own choices.” She paused. “Besides, how would he even find out?”

“Miss Woodall…”

“It’s Evie,” she insisted. She pulled back the covers and started to climb in bed. Marcus tried to stop her, but it was too late. Her eyes locked on his giant erection, straining against his underwear.

“Oh,” she said softly as she settled in bed. “Does that happen a lot?”

Marcus wanted to die on the spot. “Please, Miss Woodall. You need to go back to your own room.”

“It’s okay,” Evie said softly. “This must be hard for you. Trapped in this house, unable to have a personal life. Unable to…you know.”

“It’s fine,” Marcus insisted. “Men can survive without sex.”

What a lie. Sure, Marcus could technically survive without it — didn’t mean he didn’t still want it with every fiber of his being.

Evie considered this before settling down in bed very close to Marcus. He froze as she cuddled up beside him, her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his torso.

“Miss Woodall…”

“Do you want me, Marcus?” She asked quietly. “Earlier today, it seemed like you did.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. So much blood had rushed into his cock, Marcus forgot how to talk, or think.

When Marcus didn’t reply, Evie leaned up and planted a kiss onto his neck.

“Because I like you,” Evie said as she continued to kiss his throat. “And you’ve done so much for me. And I’d really like to show my appreciation. It’s the least I could do.” Her hand traveled down Marcus’s stomach and brushed over his erection. He inhaled sharply and grabbed her wrist.

“What?” Evie propped herself up to look into his eyes. “Do you not…are you not attracted to me?”

Marcus almost laughed — the question was so ridiculous. “That’s not the problem.”

Evie looked like she didn’t believe him. “My last boyfriend wanted me to lose some weight. He thought I was chubby.”

Marcus looked at Evie like she was crazy. “What? Fuck him,” he said emphatically, rage flowing through his body at the idea of some dumbass not appreciating her. Marcus didn’t understand some men’s obsession with thin women — he liked a little extra weight, he liked the softness of curvy women. They were nicer to hold, nicer to sink into. “You’re beautiful. You’re perfect.”

Evie sat up suddenly and reached for the hem of her t-shirt. In one swift motion, she pulled it off of herself. Marcus almost came in his boxers as he finally got a look at her perfect tits. Her pink nipples were already hard, just begging to be touched. Licked. Sucked.

“You’re making it very hard to say no to you,” Marcus said, still transfixed by her naked breasts, which were somehow both perky and heavy.

“Then don’t say no.” And with that, Evie grabbed his hand and brought it to her right tit. Marcus immediately tightened his hold on it, gently kneading, his thumb brushing over her nipple. Pleased by his response, Evie swung her leg over Marcus and straddled him. Automatically, Marcus’s other hand reached for her left tit.

“God…” Marcus murmured as he continued to play with Evie’s breasts. He couldn’t believe this was happening. It felt like a dream. Maybe it was — he didn’t care. Any lingering doubt left his mind as Evie slowly started to grind her hips against his. Worst case, he’d get fired. Finally fucking the boss’s daughter would definitely be worth it. She was already more confident, more fun than he’d ever imagined. This was going to be fucking fantastic.

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