Guest Service


One of my duties at the holiday camp was to check the units and cabins to make sure there were no maintenance problems. I’d do random checks each day after the units were cleaned and unit specific checks whenever one has been vacated. The daily checks were just to ensure that the cleaning staff were doing their job properly, thereby heading off customer complaints. The unit specific checks were to ensure that the departing guests hadn’t trashed or cleaned out the unit prior to leaving. Even bolting a TV to the wall doesn’t stop them from walking.

If I’m checking a place that’s currently occupied I don’t bother if there’s a do not disturb sign out. If there isn’t, I always knock and wait in case someone is home. If no answer I open the door and announce that I was part of the cleaning service, just in case someone hadn’t bothered to answer the knock. Then I check the place out.

If a place has just been vacated I waltz straight on in, ready to do a quick inventory. That was the situation with number ten. They’d checked out and I’d actually seen them leaving. Also, the cleaners went in right after the occupants left, so I was free to just saunter in and do a full inspection.

Here’s me, sauntering in to a vacated unit. Here’s me, hearing a clunking sound as my mouth fell open and my jaw hit the ground. Here’s me taking a quick photo for a treasured memory. There’s her, lying down asleep.

A pretty young thing had pulled the roller bed out from under the couch and was lying on it, dead to the world. She wasn’t exactly flat on her back, more partially on her back and partially on her side. One leg was straight and the other bent out and away from her body, giving me a complete view of a very charming body.

When I say complete, I mean complete. She didn’t have a stitch on, not even a sheet to cover her lovely nudity. Actually, she did have a sheet. It just wasn’t covering her, having slipped to the side and onto the floor. She looked quite fit, having a fine, slender, figure. Even with gravity causing her breasts to pool against her chest it was plain that when she stood up she’d have a lovely pair to display. Her skin practically glowed with a nice even all-over tan and her mons and labia were so smooth I wondered if she’d had a professional wax job performed.

The biggest question in my mind was what was she doing there? Being an intelligent young man I didn’t leap to the conclusion that we had a trespasser. I assumed someone had made an error. I quietly departed without waking the young lady and headed down to reception, after hanging up the do not disturb sign.

“Marie,” I said as I walked into reception. “Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t number ten vacate this morning?”

She replied in the affirmative and I broached my second question.

“Do we have a new tenant for that room yet?”

“Yeah. I let it out again almost immediately,” she told me.

“Uh-huh. So I can expect them to check in at about three,” I observed. “Plenty of time for me to do a post exodus inspection.”

“Oh. Ah, no,” Marie said quickly. “The woman was really tired so I said they could move in straightaway. The cleaners had already cleaned that room. The husband was going fishing but she said she just wanted to sleep as she’d been driving for ages.”

“Did it occur to you that there is a reason for the three o’clock check-in,” I said, putting some ice into my voice. “It gives me time to inspect the unit for damages before the next lot of guests move in. It means I can walk in and not find myself facing an irate guest who is getting ready to scream blue murder. Perhaps a heads-up next time so that I know the unit is occupied.”

Marie blushed and so she ought to. If that woman had been awake I’d have been in deep shit.

“Sorry,” she said. “Ah, is the customer likely to raise a complaint?”

I shook my head.

“No. I noticed her moving about through the window just as I was about to barge in. Potentially we could have had a problem. I’m not telling you not to permit the occasional guest in early. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do. It’s just a case of letting me know that you’ve done so. Not to get permission but to make sure that I don’t screw up.”

I was tempted to tell Marie what I’d walked in on but wiser councils prevailed. She’s a gossip. She’d have embellished the story and passed on her own version.

I officially met the lovely Peri Norton the next day. Her husband was down for the fishing. She was an add-on to his holiday, the way a number of wives seemed to be when there was a keen fisherman in the family. I have to admit that when she was standing up her breasts were every bit as large and shapely as I’d guessed they would be.

Peri was a bit of a minx. She was quite happy to mildly flirt with any man who came by, including me, which did not bother me at all. What did bother me just a little was that she also tended to flirt with men who had wives attached. A few of the wives found this a little irritating.

“Hey, Peri,” I said, coming up behind her. “Did you know that Mrs Higgs was looking the exchange izle for you?”

“Ah, no,” she said. “Um, which one is Mrs Higgs? Do you know what she wants?”

“You might know her as Beryl,” I said, indicating with my hands a woman about five foot high and possibly four feet wide. That was Beryl. A very large and rough looking woman. “She was saying something about punching you on the nose.”

Peri blanched. If Beryl punched her she’d stay punched.

“For god’s sake, why?” she said in a half scream.

“She’s sort of got the idea that you’re hunting the husbands. She’s looking to warn you off any attempts to flirt with hers.”

Peri went even paler. Mr Higgs made Mrs Higgs look small, and that was no mean feat. He always hired a motor launch to do his fishing. Smaller boats would sink under him.

“But I wouldn’t. Tell her I wouldn’t. Why does she think I would?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Possibly the fact that you’re flirting with all the other husbands? She feels that her husband will be next and he’s very susceptible to youthful charms.”

“Oh, god help me. You’ve got to stop her. Tell her I wouldn’t have him if he came gold plated.”

“That,” I mused, “would take a lot of gold and would make him a very wealthy man. You may relax. I assured her that I would speak to you and let you know that husbands are off limits. One per customer and you’ve got one. Leave it at that. Flirt with the singles.”

“Easy for you to say,” she grumbled. “If you flirt with a single man he thinks you want him and expects you to go to bed with him.”

“I don’t flirt with single men,” I pointed out. “I don’t swing that way.”

“You know what I mean,” she said, a little snarky.

Peri,” I said with a sigh, “if you flirt with a husband they think the very same thing as single men. They’re just more careful about how they express it as they don’t want their wives catching them.”

Peri grumped a bit but she admitted I had a point. Mrs Higgs was a very telling argument.

The next couple of days were reasonably peaceful. The men tended to go fishing and the women found their own amusements and grumbled about the men. One afternoon I was just wandering around attending to business when I happened to drop by the game room. The game room is a common area that all our guests are entitled to use. We had a pool table, darts, board games, and cards available.

When I wandered in there were five young ladies there. Make that four young ladies and Mrs Higgs, who was neither young nor a lady. There was an argument going on, four against one, which tends to suggest that the one was the person in error. The one just had to be Peri, didn’t it?

The way Mrs Higgs was glowering at Peri I thought it might be wise if I offered to arbitrate.

“Problem, ladies?” I asked, politely including Mrs Higgs in the generic term.

“Yes, her,” snapped Beryl. “She’s a cheater.”

“Really? Would someone care to explain in more detail? No, not you,” I quickly headed off Beryl who was more than willing to serve up a mouthful. “Perhaps you, Mrs Gordon?”

Mrs Gordon was another young wife, very close to Peri in age.

“We were playing poker,” she explained. “Beryl was teaching us. Not for money. We’re using the pieces from the drafts and chess sets. At first we all played about the same, badly, I have to admit. Then Peri had a run of luck and took all our pieces in a few games. We shared them around again and Peri cleaned us all out. Again! We’d just started a third round when Beryl stated that Peri was winning because she was cheating.”

I looked over at Peri and the little minx was smirking. I gave her an inquiring look.

“Hey, we weren’t playing for money,” she was quick to point out. “Besides, it’s only cheating if you get caught.”

“If you kept going and winning you might have suggested playing for money,” I pointed out, “and it seems to me that you have been caught.”

“No, I haven’t,” Peri said smugly. “Just because Beryl said I was doesn’t mean I was. I say I wasn’t and you can’t prove I was.”

“So you’re prepared to swear that you weren’t cheating?” I asked.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” she said rather childishly, still with a great big smirk on her face.

“I wasn’t going to kill you,” hissed Beryl. “Make it hope to be spanked and I’ll prove it fast enough.”

“Fine,” said Peri giggling. “Hope to be spanked, but by Jase, not you.”

Now it was Beryl’s turn to smirk.

“She’s sitting on an ace,” she said. “I saw her slip it under her seat when we were dealing out the pieces.”

“I am not,” protested Peri. “Look.”

She stood up and we all looked at the ace lying on her seat.

“Forgot about that, did you?” asked Beryl, sound very sweet.

“B-but, I didn’t put that there,” protested Peri. “I don’t know how it got there.”

I’d picked up the pack and was shuffling through it.

“Only three aces,” I pointed out. “That ace is part of this deck. Are you suggesting that one of the others the family pile izle lifted you up and slipped it under you without you noticing?”

“Beryl must have done it,” protested Peri.

“I assume you mean that’s not how you were cheating?” I asked sympathetically.

Peri nodded, looking indignant.

“But you just admitted that you were cheating so I don’t think how that card finished up where it did really matters.”

The look on her face was lovely to behold. The others were laughing.

“Justice,” Mrs Gordon announced, “must not only be done but must be seen to be done.”

“What do you mean?” Peri demanded.

“Why, just that we, as your victims, are entitled to watch while Jase spanks you,” Mrs Gordon said happily. “How nice that you agreed to a punishment that’s so easy to carry out.”

“Whoa! Hold on,” I exclaimed. “You can’t really expect me to spank her. She’s a guest and as she pointed out it was just a friendly game. No money was being staked.”

“It’s the principle of the thing,” was the lofty reply from Mrs Gordon. “Besides, you agreed.”

“She’s right,” said Peri sounding smug again. “I agreed that if I was caught you’d spank me and it seems I’ve been caught. I don’t see that you have any choice.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” I said, looking around at the five of them, but they all started insisting, even Peri, although she was giggling so much it was hard to tell what she was saying.

“Fine,” I finally snapped. “Happy to be of service.”

That brought more hilarity from the women while I sat down on what had been Peri’s chair.

“Come along,” I said in what I hoped was a nasty voice. “Naughty girls get punished. Over my knee.”

Peri moved to bend over my lap, hurried along by my taking her arm and helping to pull her into position. She gave a little squeak when I lifted her dress clear of her bottom. She gave an even bigger squeak when I invited Beryl to pull down Peri’s panties.

“Certainly,” agreed Beryl at the same time as Peri cried, “Hey, wait a minute.”

“What’s wrong,” I asked, as Beryl made short work of those panties, not that there was much there in the way of panties. As a matter of fact Beryl took them right off and stuffed them in a pocket. I think she was collecting a souvenir. Peri’s hands were now behind her trying to cover her bottom.

“I didn’t agree to having my panties removed,” she hissed at me.

“Well, really, what did you expect? If a man’s going to spank you it just naturally has to be on your bare bottom. Isn’t that right, girls?”

There was a chorus of laughing agreement and I took Peri’s hands and moved them away from her bottom.

“Now just relax,” I told her. “It’s just a spanking. It’s not as though I’m going to be doing something like this.”

‘This’ was me casually poking her in a very sensitive spot that was not part of her bottom, to applause from the audience and a squeak of outrage from Peri.

“Ah, listen, girls, we didn’t actually agree to how many spanks I should give her. Any suggestions?”

I casually drummed my fingers against her bottom as the girls debated how big a spanking should take place.

“If you don’t mind,” Peri hissed at me.

I glanced down at her. She seemed to be breathing a bit harder.

“Your hand,” she hissed at me.

“Oh, my bad,” I told her, moving my hand slightly so it was on her bottom. An easy mistake to make. It wasn’t as though I was actually looking where I was touching.

“We decided we should go easy,” said Mrs Gordon. “Two spanks each will suffice.”

“No worries,” I said. “Eight spanks coming up.”

“Ah, there are six of us here,” Beryl promptly pointed out. “That makes it twelve spanks.”

“What, you’re including me and Peri in your count?”

“Of course. Peri because it was her idea to be spanked by you. You because you’re being put to the trouble of spanking her.”

“OK. I take it only spanks here count?” I asked delivering the first hard spank to her bottom and hearing Peri give a loud squeal. “If I slip and spank here, does it still count?” The second spank was really just a bit of a slap against her mound, cupping it neatly, but the accompanying squeal was louder.

I idly massage her mound while the girls debated the significance of where the spanks landed.

“Number of spanks is what counts,” they decided. “Position doesn’t really matter.”

“Yes it does,” snapped Peri. “Backside only, thank you very much.”

“That’s odd,” I said, delivering another firm spank. “I don’t actually make a habit of spanking our guests, or anyone for that matter, but I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t normally thank me for spanking them.”

Peri made some spluttering sounds while I delivered a few more spanks. They were mainly on her bottom. I don’t suppose she really noticed that a couple of them were a little aberrant in direction.

There again, the way Peri was squirming and muttering I suspect she was well aware of where each spank landed.

“That’s the first lady izle twelve,” she said quickly when I’d finished. “Let me up, damn you.”

“In a moment,” I told her, lightly rubbing her bottom, and this time I do mean bottom. “Was there anything else I should be doing while I’m here?”

Mrs Gordon got up and strolled over to stand behind Peri.

“Um, yes,” she said, giving a startled Peri a pussy poke. “It seems poor Peri is all excited and aroused. The gentlemanly thing to do would be to fuck her now to relief the tensions she’s feeling.”

“Ah, yes, well I suspect that might be considered above and beyond the call of duty. Of course if Peri wants to stroll back to her unit with me I might be able to help her with those tensions.”

“No,” came the flat reply. “By the time we reached my unit I’ll have lost all that tension. You’ll have to take care of it here and now.”

I’m like, bloody hell. I’m supposed to whip it out and fuck her right now in front of the others? She’s got to be kidding me. I said so, loud and clear.

“Why would I be kidding you?” she demanded. “He deliberately got me worked up, didn’t he? He owes me this.”

The others were giggling and agreeing. I’ll tell you this, watching Beryl Higgs giggle was a horrible sight.

She was bluffing, I was sure of it. No way would she let me fuck her in front of the others. She was just trying to score one off me and make me back down.

“OK. Take off your top and bra and bend over the table,” I told her.

Now we’d see who backed down.

Not Peri, it turned out. She whipped off her top and bra in nothing flat, those lovely breasts standing out, nipples already erect. She really was ready to rumble.

When you’re out of options you just do your best with what you’ve got. I had one hand on Peri’s back, encouraging her to bend forward, while the other hand was down between her legs, massaging her and ensuring that her arousal wasn’t dying down any time soon. With her positioned I unzipped and whipped out my equipment to appreciative comments from the audience.

I’ve always found that if you want to get something done it’s best to buckle down and get right to it. I suppose Peri might have changed her mind when she found my erection pressing against her pussy but I didn’t give her a chance. As soon as I was lined up I drove firmly in, my hands going around her to claim her breasts. She made a shrieking sound as I plunged in but it was way too late to register a protest.

Mrs Gordon had been right about one thing. Peri was aroused and ready and I slipped easily into place, her passage hot and slippery, sufficiently lubricated that the tightness was just an advantage, not a hindrance. That first potent thrust put me full length into her.

If Peri had had second thoughts they were dropped after that first thrust. My second thrust was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, Peri’s bottom lifting as she pushed back to meet me. I thrust away with great vigour and Peri’s bottom bounced eagerly as she worked with me.

I flicked a glance at the others to see how they were reacting to this little interlude. Beryl was looking smugly satisfied. Peri was getting done over and as far as Beryl was concerned life was good. Mrs Gordon on the other hand looked both interested and aroused. She was finding the action exciting. The other two ladies looked on with horrified fascination. I couldn’t be sure of their names, they were just two women who appeared to fade into the background. Although they’d been urging this very thing it never occurred to them that it might actually happen. Now they were quite shocked. Not that that stopped them watching the action.

I established a rhythm that was hot and fast, pushing myself and Peri to the limits as quickly as possible. When you got right down to it we were in a room open to all the guests and who needed to be caught entertaining a guest so intimately? I could imagine the furore if a bunch of guests came wandering in, catching us in full action.

I roughly handled Peri’s breasts as I moved in her, and she seemed to absolutely love it. Gasping and pressing her breasts harder against my marauding hands, at the same time pressing her groin even harder against me, urging my cock to greater efforts.

It quickly became obvious to me that Peri was going to climax at any moment. A very sensitive young lady, reacting vibrantly to each thrust, eagerly anticipating the grand finale. When it came she gasped and clamped her mouth closed tightly, only letting a muffled scream break through.

Seeing she was climaxing I was quite willing to unload and promptly did so, spraying her internally for all I was worth.

Afterwards all I had to do was zip up and I was all neat and tidy. Peri’s dress, a skirt really, had been bunched around her waist and when she stood up it fell naturally into place. She made short work of putting on her bra and top, displaying amazing sangfroid, right up to the point where she reached for her panties and they came up missing.

“Ah, my panties?” she asked, receiving blank looks and shrugs from everyone. Beryl’s face was a study of innocence and I didn’t like to give her away. Let her have her little victory. Peri said something rude and stalked off, presumably to retire to her unit and replace the missing item. I also went on my way, content to know another potential problem had been resolved.

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